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    Personally, I don't see this as a normal season and therefore no way is this going to be a normal transfer window for the majority of clubs. With plans for an October return to grounds now abandoned by the Government, I fear it's likely to be next spring, at the earliest, before spectators are allowed back in grounds, although I suspect it will more likely be next season before we get large numbers back - if there is a vaccine. Under the circumstances, the majority of clubs, Rovers included, are going to have to watch every penny with income being drastically reduced. Whatever the manager might or might not have said in the past few weeks in now irrelevant. The reality is that the majority of clubs, including Rovers, are in a struggle for survival at the moment. Personally, I couldn't care less if we sign anyone or not over the next few weeks, as the bigger picture is the survival of football clubs during these bleak times.
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    Taken from that article.. This is why we'll never progress with Mowbray, if you're signing players for any other reason than improving the first 11 then what's the point? We have enough squad fillers as it is.
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    BB is knackered. What a shift from him today.
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    Is it just me or is it fair to say Bell has been okay today?
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    All that tells us is that you own Finance for Dummies.
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    Just wish social media would reign it in a bit ..Tyrhys this that tother ...off Twitter .. Sky ..EFL Team Of The Week ...Rovers own media ...even Sky Super Six bigging him up ! Lad even replying too ..lets not spoil a decent young prospect by going overboard about him. Quietly does it!
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    Can somebody point me to the transfer thread ?
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    Give over on the Bennett stuff. He's a model pro, gives his all, and is clearly a big part of the dressing room.
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    It’ll come. He’s been fantastic so far. Lewis Holtby in midfield is like having a cheat code, FAR too good for this league when fit and firing.
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    🙄 Took one for the team there!
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    He will do well to find a player less capable than Bell.
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    One of the best man managers out there was Kenny Dalglish. He always said, and I saw it on one of those old season review videos recently "we're always looking to bring players in that are better than what we have got, it's how a club moves forward". I'm certainly not having it that Mowbray is this master man manager.
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    “We have reached a precarious point in the club’s history and, right now, every penny counts, as we try to keep moving forward against a backdrop of uncertainty and challenging circumstances.” Our precarious situation is chiefly down to the decision making of the last 10 years. The lack of rallying round by fans right now is due to the utter contempt we are being treated with. What sacrifices is he personally making, while asking Riverside fans to pay JW upper prices for their own seat? The reality is the contribution that fans make doesn’t even touch the sides of what it costs to run the club - even before the current situation. Our loss of income isn’t a fan problem but a relegation-from-the-PL problem. £180m later here we are. COVID-19 is a red herring at this juncture. Our future depends on promotion and that relies on the huge wages we pay players and which Venkys are footing the bill for. For some reason. Loss of matchday revenue may hurt Waggott’s pocket though. Dig deep everyone!
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    Massive shout out this half has to go to Big Ben Brereton. His place isn’t in doubt for me AT ALL. Please score Ben - play like this every week and bag a few and even the biggest misanthropes will see your worth.
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    We are really taking the piss now, Johnson was trying to sneak in a wank while receiving possession and playing a pass!
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    As a supporter for some 50 odd years, I have renewed through blind loyalty to the club. I appreciate people's reluctance to commit for whatever reasons. My main gripe is the appalling lack of awareness of the club to the current situation. To withhold season ticket sales for so long, then put on sale days before an obvious tightening of lockdown rules is unforgiveable. Then to plead to fans as a form of blackmail , further strengthens the disconnect between Waggot and reality. Yes we are on the brink of a financial precipice, but an increase in prices for a diminishing product is financial suicide. I would dearly wish that we emerge from this crisis intact, but the blame is surely at Waggot's door.
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    That is precisely how Bennett should be used.
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    Holtby looks like the player I thought we were signing. Johnson looks like Johnson from 3 or 4 years ago. Rothwell is a revelation in centre mid. Finally fulfilling his potential
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    Email from the club today: ”As a valued Season Ticket Holder last season, we have adapted our package to ensure watching Rovers is as fair and safe as possible for everyone in what we know are uncertain times.” Patronising AF. And I only have one week to take them up on this generous offer. That’s how valued I am. Steve Kean Decimating our team - Ryan Nelsen in traction Relegation Shebby Singh and the Aggers and Shelvey pantomime Selling off our best players while promising to “absolutely honour the legacy of Jack Walker” Stagnation and regression disguised as stability under Bowyer - having blown our best chance with negative, ambitionless football Jason Lowe as captain of this club Owen Fucking Coyle and the Burnley fans’ wet dream of ruining us A second relegation to the third tier The manager ‘recommending’ his pal from his previous club - a third tier outfit where both failed - as the next CEO Promotion but with another price hike (season ticket holders weren’t as valued then obviously). More “stability” The unsackable manager despite the club’s worst EVER run of form The CEO allegedly (and I believe the poster who said he heard it first hand) saying that the only way Mowbray is leaving is by his own volition. “Defenders are coming” but they’ll be on the bench for a few weeks while they re-learn how to play football (if they don’t choose PNE first). No STs available with a narrative that it’s because they don’t want to be unfair to fans. A last minute change of tack, a price increase and a guilt trip. And now, not only not having a rethink but doubling down on pursuing fans to take up this very poor offer under the pretence that it’s a great deal and that if I don't it will harn the club. Every Summer I’ve renewed. This Summer I feel that we have all been lied to and treated like fools happy to be parted with their money. Enough is enough. I wonder what the tipping point is for other fans. No discount next season? Or will people just “understand” and hand over their money. Tell you what Steve: Leave or at the very least take a pay cut. I’ll renew as soon as you do. #arewetogether
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    Hi Chaddy, I thought I would help correct your misconception that it is schools sending children home. Firstly and most importantly schools are only following the government's own advice given to schools in the last set of guidance, which states that if a child tests positive or shows symptoms then the class, bubble or year group should isolate and get tested. This is not schools making decisions as they go along but following specific government advice. Secondly, many schools do not have the space or staffing to create bubbles. Therefore they have to do the best they can whilst being abandoned by the government. So to blame schools for not having bubbles is insulting to the heads and teachers who have worked tirelessly to have children back in. Look at your own government if you want anyone to blame for schools sending children home or closing as they are only following the advice your government has given them.
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    Evans is still out with a ‘bruised foot’.... keep yourself in that cotton wool Corry lad, almost time for the international squad announcements.
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    Unbelievable. in the light of the Government's (predictable) cave in on allowing fans back in to live sporting events, most rational people would be admitting they made a huge mistake and coming back to supporters on bended knee asking for forgiveness. Waggott has obviously never heard of the phrase "When you're in a hole stop digging." His response?, double down on the original mistake on 20, hope that people will miraculously change their minds and suddenly won't object to being taken for granted and to being asked to pay more for something they're not actually getting in the first place, and hope that that miracle ace comes out. It's mind blowing, it really is.
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    So by a combination of not putting memberships on sale early enough and when they were finally put on sale raising prices by up to 25% at a point in time when it was obvious that it would not be possible to attend in person for large parts of the season, Waggott has single handedly managed to decimate the season ticket base from around 8'500 to c1200. Hats off to the bloke, genius, that takes some doing even in the current climate.
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    Do you communicate directly to the serfs or go through your receptionist?
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    You say this every window about a "big" departure. What happened with that 10-20 million we desperately need to find by slashing the wage bill and selling players? You sold Rhodes more times than Nixon did

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