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    We need their cash because they put us in a financial black hole. We were chugging along OK until they came in and burned everything to the ground - so forgive me if I don't fall at their feet in reverence. The least they can do is keep the lights turned on considering the destruction they've wrought in the past decade, during which the "highlight" has been promotion from a division we hadn't been in for decades previously.
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    It's all too nice for me, nobody falling out when things go wrong, no big bust ups. I very much see the running of the club from top to bottom as we will just keep riding this out for as long as we can and for as long as those idiots in India keep paying. It reminds me very much of the Sunderland documentary that no matter what happens on the pitch, in the transfer market, in the boardroom, it doesn't matter one jot as we will send a bill to India that gets paid (I'm not convinced it particularly gets paid more saddled with debt!) and they can all still enjoy the gravy train. Nobody involved with Blackburn Rover's current set up feel ANY ill effect of what happens. Mowbray should really be looking down the barrel for the signings of Gallagher and Brereton before we even start on any list of playing deficiencies. Waggott should be looking down the barrel for the drop in season ticket holders and attendances, and general crowd unrest. These two people who are at the very top of the tree at Ewood are so comfortable, they don't have to worry what happens on or off the pitch and that really worries me.
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    Laugh? No. Care? No. Ever since the football community turned its back on us when we were pleading for help against our horrendous owners and their stooge manager, my attitude towards other football clubs has been 'get to fuck'.
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    Wigan and Barnsley losing 3 & 4 nil, says everything you need to know. Get out Mowbray, you're eroding any goodwill you built up for the promotion season.
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    Sam Gallagher's Career: 144 games 22 goals Last two seasons: 66 games 10 goals How on earth did Mowbray look at the player and his record and justify 5 million pounds. How the hell could you justify 1 million pounds. We sold Raya, who Brentford hold as their best ever goalkeeper, for 3 million. Whoever is in charge of our transfer policy needs removing before they cause any more damage
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    Can I just say I love rovers literally more than anything in life with exception of my one and only child. I would miss the champions league final if I was playing for rovers and they reached the final to be at the birth of my daughter. Lenihan has absolutely done the right thing
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    As well as playing a false 9, we also play a false 1 in the nets, a false 3 at left back, a false 7 on the right wing and any number of other false numbers wherever the square pegs are being pushed into round holes. Even Mr Mowbray could be deemed a false manager..
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    He and the team have treated these games like pre season friendlies after the first sprightly game back. We were ONE point off the play offs for crying out loud. Absolutely nothing to lose just have a go at it but no he has to have them bumbling along like rabbits in headlights. Yes lost to a good side today and some fighting for points but we are supposed to be fighting for a top 6 spot. If you can't motivate your team in such a good position and just go for it or go down fighting then sorry but what's the point ? Those who remember when we were last similar to what we are now will recall that under Don Mackay this is when we stepped up to the plate. Didn't make it through the play offs because we weren't strong enough the best 11 picked itself. I can cast iron guarantee that he'd have had this lot getting into the play offs are at least die trying. I can also guarantee that this fella taking over a Mackay side in similar situation would end up with us 12th. This lot now exist just to look after each other. ENOUGH !
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    What are the FA going to do about that ! I think the initials are a clue.
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    3 defeats in a row, incredibly likely to be 5 after the next 2. Its abundantly clear that Mowbray isn't taking this squad any further. He's signed 2 absolute dollopers in Gallagher and Brereton and hampers Gallagher further by shunting him RW. And his binning of Raya for Walton is looking like the worst piece of business yet. Mowbray is stubborn and won't change, so as a result we aren't miraculously going to become a force to be reckoned with. Times up, he needs to go.
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    A competent club would take this as an opportunity to jettison the current lame duck manager and get in a replacement for the final few games of the season, bed him in with the current squad and give him a chance to experiment in the last few competitive games before the summer. Unfortunaely we have Waggott and Venky's, so, as you were.
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    Hate Leeds with a passion. No one had ever heard of them until the mid 60s and up until then, they hadn’t won a bean. For a city of 700k they have, in the main, greatly under achieved. Teams like Rovers, Bolton and Huddersfield easily eclipse them on the record attendance front and in their support, they have hordes of knuckle dragging neanderthals, intent on hooliganism. I can’t think of anything good to say about them. Wan*ers.
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    Chaddy dear boy, I was comparing the body language, enthusiasm and mental altertness of Pep with, IMO, a moribund Mowbray. I think it's pretty obvious why our players don't seem fired-up for many of our games. As for wage bill, Sheff U and Chris Wilder did pretty well on very limited resources. Face up to it lad, we have, IMO, a manager taking us nowhere and I hate every minute of being on the road to nowhere.
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    I would still hate it and probably egg it, but at least if they were putting on buses from Northern towns like Blackburn to Old Trafford and Anfield you could at least say they are choosing to still watch live football. Instead they just watch an odd game on TV and think they garner some reflective glory, yet it’s them losing so much by not being part of their local club.
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    Fair to say they've gotten on our nerves the last few years but that's the six fingered influence stoked it up on their side. Sad to see them in the mire though and it's a strange situation but just shows how finely balanced some smaller clubs finances are. Both them and Bolton were in good ownership for years until not very long ago. You just cannot help but think one day in the not too distant it'll be our turn. That's why we desperately need a trip to the land of milk and honey no matter how brief and painful it may be. And that's why the likes of 'i haven't got the balls to go for it' Mowbray boil my piss.
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    It was a joke Stuart..... But just to be clear, there is not one iota of criticism from me towards the lad for skipping the game. Nor would there have been had it been the playoff final at Wembley he missed. It’s not like Joe Root planning the birth of his child in the middle of the cricket season and missing captaining England for it, Lenihan planned for this to be off-season it would appear, so nothing to do with his commitment to Rovers. You don’t get a second chance to be present at the birth of your first child, it’s only football for goodness sake.
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    I may need to alter my prediction.
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    Waggot needs replacing first and foremost and the new man empowered sufficiently to hire and fire the first team manager. It's the only thing that will ever work with our absentee landlords. If that were to happen, then watch every bugger else wake up from their slumber!
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    Can we make a warranty claim to Southampton for Gallagher? He's not fit for purpose or as described and it's within 12 months.
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    I saw him minutes after we got relegated at Brentford as we were getting into the car for a miserable journey home. I have refereed him several times and know him reasonably well as we always used to chat about Rovers. I asked him outright about becoming our manager and he told me he expressed an interest when Coyle got the job but never got the courtesy of a reply. I find that symptomatic of the last decade. On the day he was with his son and daughter who were both decked out in Rovers kits.
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    What this whole sorry episode needs is not some wishy washy investigation by the toothless football authorities but a criminal investigation by the fraud squad and expose the whole 'fit and proper' sham and illegal operations for what it really is. Football really needs a new brush to sweep away the ineptitude and corruption that runs through it likes stick of rock. Unfortunately the likes of Wigan (and even ultimately us) could be collateral damage in the process.
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    Yep, fuck him, same with Moyes and the rest of the shithouses who crawled out of the woodwork. What happened in that darkest of dark times should NEVER be forgotten.
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    You mention being brave in the transfer market but ruthlessness has always been an achilles heel. Even recently hes dishing out temporary extensions for crap players like Samuel, Smallwood and Hart who are useless, useless and unused and useless and ineligible when we are amidst the economic tightenings of a pandemic. Last year he offered extensions to basically everyone and hes already given Bell an extension. We have to be especially efficient with our resources at this time and he isnt. Our squad is so imbalanced, 7 or 8 players are good enough and the rest arent. I dont swallow this about us having lower half resources as if we are overachieving in the top half as that isnt a true reflection. Just looking at the wage budgets is flawed for numerous reasons: - There are teams with far larger wage budgets because they have recently been relegated, so essentially a chunk of their wage budget is useless waste on Premier League wages, for example Stoke have Mame Diouf etc, Swansea have Routledge, Dyer etc. Its not as if its all an asset to the manager. - Further proof of a limited correlation between league position is that there are teams with much less wage expenditure right up there and performing better than us. Brentford and Preston have much more efficient recruitment, Sheffield United got promoted spending less on wages and Millwall were much higher and this season are on the same points. - Our wage budget I think will have gone up proportionally more than most with the additions of Johnson, Gallagher, Downing, Holtby, Adarabioyo, Cunningham and Walton. We will only know for sure when the next accounts are published. - A big way in which Mowbray has been lucky is the net spend available to him of over 10m since we came up. Not many teams can boast that but it has not been spent well. - No sales have been forced to halt our progress. Raya was the only sale and Mowbray was clearly happy to cut ties with a player he publically criticised and dropped for the inadequate sub keeper he signed. I am not Mowbray out consistently because I am aware that even if we could and had interested and logical owners, it wouldnt be an easy decision. Hes borderline either way. I just look at our squad and its consistent imbalances and I dont see Mowbray getting us into that top 6 before the promising core is broken up and we start all over. I feel its important to point out that in terms of resources he has plenty but it has not been used very efficiently.
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    Maybe we should spend money in the right places then... How are those £12m strikers going (+ their wages)? I’m not even sure what you’re arguing.
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    Nail, hammer, head. We're on the road to nowhere and if he was still here in ten years time we'd still be on the same road or have fallen off the road into the ditch at the side some years previously. It's the futility and pointlessness of plodding on with Mowbray that depresses me.

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