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    Rovers Provide Season Ticket Sale Update


    Rovers have announced that 7500 season tickets have been sold up to the 1st July prize freeze deadline.

    Tony Mowbray has been encouraged by the season ticket sales  “Hopefully it's indicative of the fact that we've seen support for me, regarding the signings and being able to retain our players from last season. We now have to try and get the team together as we aim towards the start of the season and then get off a good start.

    “We will do our best and hopefully it’s an enjoyable season for everybody who is going to invest in coming and supporting their team.

    “For me, we have to try and make the team exciting for the fans on paper, so they look at the signings and want to come along and watch. Then, when they do come along and watch, we play entertaining winning football and they want to come back.

    “I understand some people are waiting, because it's still early. Some people will want to wait and see what the team might look like and if they think that they want to come along, then great.

    “The more we've got in the stadium, the more support the players have got, obviously it helps. A partisan crowd at any home stadium is really, really important, as we saw on numerous occasions at the end of the season – the crowd driving the team on to get a result.

    “So hopefully we can get a few more new signings. We’re very conscious we need to fill up the top end of the pitch, where the goals are going to come from, and we're trying hard to do that and hopefully people will make their minds up and want to come and support the club.”

    Rovers kick off their league 1 campaign on 5th August with a trip to Southend.  The first home game of the season is on 12th August when Rovers host Doncaster.


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