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    Bradley Howard Friedel

    Surname Friedel
    Forename(s) Bradley Howard
    Position(s) Goalkeeper

    6'3 "   14st.3lb.
    b. Lakewood,Ohio (USA) 18 May 1971


    Debut  18 November 2000 (29y 184d) Final Game 13 May 2008 (36y 356d)
    First Goal 21 February 2004
    CAREER: Bay High School (Cleveland);Bay Village Sparklers;Bay Village Firecrackers, East West;UCLA'90;Celtic Aug’93 (trial);Dallas Sidekicks '93;Newcastle Utd May'94 (trial);Brondby IF (Denmark) '95;Galatasaray (Turkey) Sep'95;Columbus Crew (USA) Aug'96;Liverpool Dec'97 (£1,000,000)[25];Energie Cottbus (Germany) Oct'00 (trial);Blackburn Rovers Nov'00 (free);Aston Villa Jul’08 (£2,500,000)[114];Tottenham Hotspur Jun’11 –Jun’15(free)[50].
    INTERNATIONALS     USA   80 + 1 apps
    ’93 v Can,Rom,Aus,Hun,Hon,Sau,Bol,Uru,Ecu,Ven.’94 v Ice,Nor,Mex,Ukr,Cay,Ger,Swi,Den,Swe,SKo,Mol,Ice, Est,Gre.’95 v Eng,Sau,Bel,CoR,Nig,Col,Bol,Mex,Bra.’96 v Swe,Sau.’97 v RoI,Bol,Mex,ElS,CoR,CoR,Gua, Per,Mex,Den,Par,Isr,ElS.’98 v Ecu,Mex,Can,ElS, Swe,Cub,CoR,Yug.’99 v Ger.’00 v Sau,Mor(s),Irn, Hai,Per, Col,RoI.’01 v Bar,Mex,Hon,Ecu.’02 v Hon.CoR,Jam,Ita,RoI,Uru,Hol,Por,SKo,Pol,Mex,Ger.’04 v Pol.
    HONOURS Pan Am Games gold (USA) ’91.Tur Cp(Galatasaray) ’96.FLC win (Blackburn Rovers) ’02.FLC los (Aston Villa) ’10.USA Footballer of the Year ’02.
    SQUAD NUMBER  32 Nov’00 - 1 Aug’01

    Playing Statistics

    FL/PL    288 apps  1 gl  - 2 wdn                                                            2 ns
    FAC         29 apps                                                                                     1 ns
    FLC         20 apps                                                                                      1 ns
    UEFA     18 apps
    IT             2 apps
    Total    357 apps  1 gl   - 2 wdn   -90m et 60m                                   4 ns
    Penalty record  F 40 Sc 28 Sv 11Sv-R 1 (SO)  F 4 SC 3 M 1
    Minutes per goal  75
    Clean sheet %  33
    Longest unbeaten  333m First conceded  133m
    Most goals one game  5

    Autobigraphy – Thinking Outside The Box- with Malcolm McLean -Orion March 2009 256 pages
    ISBN 10   0753817683
    ISBN 13   978-1409100614


    Football is a game of opinions but there can be no argument on one subjective matter, Brad Friedel is the greatest goalkeeper ever to play for Blackburn Rovers. A superbly built player, with great agility and improvisation his form since coming to Blackburn has been a revelation. No player has had a greater influence on his team in the Premiership than Friedel and his list of outstanding saves is endless. Equally important the number of mistakes he has made has been few. Man of the match in the club's Worthington Cup final victory he has been amazingly consistent disproving all the doubts that arose about him when he was at Liverpool. It was a surprise when Souness brought him to Ewood, since John Filan was a good and popular goalkeeper but Souness knew his man well after a season spent with him in Turkey and his judgement has proved to be impeccable. In 2002/2003 he touched pinnacles of perfection few goalkeepers reach and to no-one's surprise was voted to the PFA Premiership team. He also contributed the first goal from a club goalkeeper for 120 years when he came up for a corner against Charlton and turned in a cross from the left. Probably the prime reason why the club entrenched its Premier League status, he caused a huge surprise when he indicated that he wished to leave the club in 2008. In 2012 at the age of 41, he was dropped by Tottenham in favour of their expensive signing, Hugo Loris, putting an end to his streak of 310 consecutive games. Even though he had reached the age of 43 his contract was renewed in 2014, the club also appointing him as their ambassador to the USA. A year later he retired, returning home to the USA to take up a position as a soccer commentator. In 2016 he was appointed coach to the USA Under 19s. In November 2017 he became coach to the New England Revolution but the appointment only lasted eighteen months. He was one of the seven original  inductees  into the club's Hall of Fame.

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