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  1. damo100


    Just wondering what your thoughts are on Rovers current attendances, what you think we'll be getting for the Charlton game and what do you think the club could do to attract more fans to attend Ewood.
  2. damo100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I'm sorry Mercer, but you don't half spout nonsense.... Coyle was an absolute joke, both in how he set us up to play and his lieing media interviews. That idiot is a close second to Steve Keen when it comes to awful managers.
  3. damo100

    Kit Manufacturer

    As long as they revert back to a sensible blue i ain't particularly bothered. That light blue just doesn't seem right and was obviously used so the gastly bet 10 logo was visible.
  4. damo100

    Blackburn Ladies

    Make it 12 points clear now, still with a game in hand after beating Fylde ladies 3-0 tonight at BB. GD= +63.
  5. damo100

    Blackburn Ladies

    Been to the last couple of home fixtures, these girls are brilliant and deserve more recognition. Be great if a few more went to support them, they deserve it.
  6. damo100


    He's one of the boys, he always has been. Loved by the fans and players down Ewood.
  7. damo100

    Riverside Stand

    Steve Waggot mention a few weeks back that the Riverside Stand is to be modernised! Any one got any updates regards this?
  8. damo100

    Dominic Samuel

    Is it me or does this guy ever add anything of value to our team? He seems lazy, poor in the air for a big lad, and when I see his name on the teamsheet or if he comes in as a sub I'm never excited by him. What are your veiws?

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