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  1. Like any game in this league you have to work hard and concentrate for the entire 90+ mins. You then rely on a little lady luck going your way in games like this, and boy Rovers are due some luck. Fine margins...Let's hope it goes our way for a change
  2. damo100

    20/21 kit

    It's an Umbro thing I think?
  3. damo100

    Summer Transfer Window

    How many realistic available targets? I ain't seen many
  4. damo100

    Summer Transfer Window

    Same old frustrating window started really by a poster a few days ago who told us all to brace ourselves. You then get the managers who seemingly can't wait to slate Mowbray . Instead of whinging all the time come up with a player who is available that is better than what we have. Last two days have been boring as hell.
  5. damo100

    Summer Transfer Window

    Is it only me who feels like they've just gone through yet another Rovers anti climax groundhog day?
  6. damo100

    Summer Transfer Window

    Is anyone else still 'bracing' themselves over this imminent transfer?
  7. damo100

    20/21 kit

    Well not really when we'd wear our home kit?
  8. damo100

    20/21 kit

    Anyone got any idea what the away kit is this season?
  9. damo100

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not even funny
  10. damo100

    20/21 kit

    What a shame EG Garages ain't gonna be our main sponsors. A Billionaire local company who are unbelievably wealthy and successful globally. What a great partnership it would be.
  11. damo100


    I entirely agree with your suggestions, Waggot seriously needs to improve the matchday experience at Ewood. I remember getting to Ewood always before 2 p.m now I'll arrive at 2.55. What do fans suggest when they have the opportunity to ask Waggot on fans forums etc? Irrespective of what happens between now and the rest of the season, Waggot seriously needs some positive ideas to address this. Waggot Tax? Away fans top tier? Catering on concourse? Better matchday experience/atmosphere!
  12. This is a hard one and most probably our toughest game left. However, i hope Mowbray and the players do not give Brentford too much respect and let them worry about us. They will be wary regards Rovers by simply looking at the form table and recent results away. If you compare last season (5-2) i would argue we look much more settled at the back, lenihan and Tosin look a good partnership right now, as does Nyambe and the much improved Bell. Travis seems to improve each week and is unbelievably energetic, Armstrong is on fire and if i was part of Rovers coaching staff I'd be making sure Downing, Nyambe etc pepper Brentfords goal area, we know Raya is a little suspect when it comes to commanding his area. I'm going for a close entertaining match with 1 goal either side nicking it.
  13. damo100


    I think we will with Preston and Leeds to come. If we can stay around the playoff places are home gates will improve Away fans 7.6k Means 12.4k home fans and you don't think we could reach that?
  14. damo100


    Highly doubtful those heights will be reached even if we had the Wigan prices for Boxing Day. I'd say a decent crowd of around 18k.

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