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  1. Pretty much agree with your analysis. Didn't think Alexia Bliss and Nikki Cross deserved the titles. My god Nikki Cross is annoying. The end to the Lynch Bazler match was just crap. No way did Lynch deserve that. The cinematic Taker v Styles match was cool, but my god did it make Styles look weak. Really enjoyed the Rollins Vs Owens match. Had a great twist and ending. Corbin Vs Elias - meh! Ladder match, pretty much same formulaic routine as every ladder match in recent years. No really big moves, same shite of everyone going up the ladders together. As per all PPV, too much filler but even more for this one, just to make it "Too big for one night" Still, think they've done a pretty decent job with the restrictions they've had and no crowd.
  2. LlMAO so BT sport still want £19.99 for the abomination that is going to be wrestlemania? Absolutely having a laugh. Should be on BT Sport 1 at best. Guess I'll just sign up for the free month of Network again. Going off the amount of wrestlers pulling out and the flat atmosphere of the PC, it's going to bit a fast forward job. Too big for one night though!
  3. Biddy

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    I binged watched this on the day it was released. Really enjoyed it as the light drama it was. Fell asleep during the middle parts with the rioting. Wish it had been a bit more factually correct and the football scenes were appalling. I think Escape to Victory had better action. I think it is getting unfair reviews in most media. It passed the time quickly enough. Also, appreciating the posts on here which have filled in some of the back story.
  4. Biddy

    Football League Suspended

    Sorry, but I'm stealing that for Facebook as I have some Liverpool fans I'd like to annoy 🙂
  5. So the beast has gone. I didn't expect that but I did say that his failure to vote for Brexit would be a big thing here.
  6. A very good point. Bolsover which has been red for as long as Dennis Skinner has been around had a +16% shift to the Tories in 2017. They gained that from UKIP. There is a massive pro BREXIT following here helped in no small part by Dennis himself always saying he did not like the EU machine and would always vote to leave. Well, he voted at every turn to block all BREXIT deals and his campaign leaflet says he would continue to block any Tory deal. It might be a closer run thing here and the conservatives are out in force canvassing. Not seen hide nor hair of Labour.
  7. Well that was a boring post 😉 (waits for post to be hidden)
  8. This is one thing that gets me about any possible plan by SNP and Labour to join forces to get the Tories out. If and when the SNP get another independence vote, if they vote out, Labour will lose any working majority. Possibly for good. Surely it's in Labours best interest to not allow it.
  9. It's missing the WASPI pledge which John McDonnell has already said he would need to borrow for. That is not costed in the Manifesto at all.
  10. Sounded like you wanted to stop Brexit and there's only one party promising that.
  11. But the Government cut funding even though we still all pay the same BBC Tax.
  12. Only because the bankers and business are salivating over a conservative government which will give them carte blanche to do whatever they like.
  13. I would agree with the opinion poll postings. They take up endless screen space for no benefit at all. However, my point came from the fact you stated " I got tired of his black and white view of the world. You know, Tories good; everyone else bad". Which suggests you simply didn't like his alternate view to yours.
  14. Wow. With that level of conviction, I hope you are voting Lib Dem?
  15. So, I looked into my Independents. One I could find no policies for at all. The other had policies but the first google article about him says that he had to pay a £1500 fine back in December last year after pleading guilty to wasting police time about falsely accusing another counsellor of hitting him. They are all as bad as each other.

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