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  1. Biddy


    So guess work and scare mongering with no real evidence then?
  2. Biddy


    Remember the Tories have no working majority. They are a lame duck government. They couldn't push anything through as proved by this Brexit fiasco. If we don't want Tory rule, all it would have taken would have been Corbyn to not be frightened by his own words and have a general election. But everyone, including him, knows he won't win.
  3. Biddy


    It's truly amazing. You are all talking about the Tories removing all workers rights and acting as though the world will end. What happened to the other parties we can vote for? Would they not protect workers rights or restore them at future general elections? Or are you admitting Corbyn and Swinson are effectively unelectable?
  4. Biddy


    Or.. simply asking them not to act on something they shouldn't have been asked to do anyway. We should currently be voting on the deal or having a general election. There should have been no whining back to the EU. Another extension with this point scoring pathetic parliament is pointless and the EU know it.
  5. Biddy


    But it was non-binding and it is still in law that we leave with no deal. So if Mays deal is rejected and the EU don't grant an extension, the default is to leave with no deal. The only other way out is to revoke article 50 in which could cause a small amount of civil unrest
  6. It's funny though, the more they shut down access from paying customers via VPN, the more it pushes people toward pirated streams where the clubs make no money at all.
  7. sound has just kicked in around kick off thankfully
  8. Sounds like the commentary is right today.
  9. I can't believe how loose the rights are that get this blocked even in other international regions. So just as this is on TV in Serbia etc, it gets blocked from EU regions. Utter nonsense. Well screw you iFollow, I've found a perfectly good free bein stream with English commentary. I would have paid for iFollow if it hadn't applied utterly stupid restrictions.
  10. I thought it would be mid-week, non televised games. Could be wrong though. Good to see they are ripping off domestic fans again when overseas match passes are only £5
  11. Biddy


    Ah right, you see neither of the reports you quoted mentioned anything about the UK at all. Therefore it just looked like you were randomly quoting 2 Malta based events and making your own link to Brexit. Although you still appear to be being economical with your facts. The DeLaRue website says that the banknote facility in Malta was shutting in 2015 to consolidate on 3 centres of excellence, the UK being only one. Along with that, even at that time, the Security print capability in the UK was moving to Malta. So there was actually a swap of services that happened pre-brexit vote. Again, on their own website, they don't mention having "not enough capacity" to win the contract for the new passports. They had the existing contract but the lost they recent tender due to being too expensive. This is turn has put 200 jobs in Gateshead potentially at risk but the existing contract continues for a further 2 years. Likewise, the new contract will potentially create jobs at Fareham and Heywood. I can't find any evidence of them having already cut jobs after the brexit vote or saying that they will.
  12. Biddy


    I'm sorry, but that has to be one of your most bonkers posts.
  13. Biddy


    I know you say you wouldn't begin to blame Brexit, but you are in the Brexit thread. Personally, I'm surprised either business has lasted as long as they have with people moving to online retailers for both of their core products. The writing was certainly on the wall for Toys R Us when the US arm went into chapter 11 back in September last year. So it was a failing business across the globe.
  14. I think the 12 months was only available before the start of the season. I think you just have to get match passes from now until the end of this season.
  15. Yeah, isn't it now the worst news when we are actually picked for TV. Damn you overpriced SKY!

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