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  1. Neal

    World Cup 2018

    A lot of negatively after a solid performance IMO. Kane did his job. I'm not a big Henderson fan but played some great passes. Players looked like they understood the formation, we pressed well. Their penalty decision was a joke, we should have had 2 that were more penalties than theirs. Stones and Lingard should have both had goals, on a different day they might have finished them. Thought at the back 4 (bar a few mistakes) we were sound, couple of nervy mistakes but rather they get them out of the way early doors. I actually enjoyed watching England for once in the first half, can't remember last time I enjoyed England playing. Only negatives for me were Dele Ali and Young. We carried Ali in the euros and we carried him yesterday, he looked leggy and lacked creativity, didn't look like he suited that formation at all, slowed us down on the counter, not quick enough. If Southgate is picking players based on form then Rashford should be starting instead of him. I think it's absolutely crazy that Young is playing ahead of Rose, he's clearly a better left back, he's actually a left back for a kick off.
  2. Yeah, people used to say the same about Josh King.
  3. Isn't Chapman in his last year of his contract anyway? I'd say that puts us in the driving seat with regards to signing him.
  4. Neal

    Sir Kenny Dalglish

    Personally hoped he'd say "no thanks". Top bloke regardless.
  5. Worst ever professional footballer.
  6. Tony with a Chris Kamara classic type comment on Rovers website... "Things are progressing on a daily basis and I think ultimately with transfer dealings it’s getting people to sign," Pretty much the name of the game Tony! 😂
  7. Really don't understand why more clubs don't explore the German market, you could get Anthony Ujah at a snip and his scoring record over the years has been outstanding. Huddersfield and Brighton have bought from the Bundesliga recently and those signings have been great. The last time we explored that market we signed Santa Cruz and Samba, Bowyer was keen on Sandro Wagner who now plays for Bayern. There are hard working professionals with the right attitudes to be found over there at competitive prices, even more so in the Bundesliga 2.
  8. Not exactly going to say "it went shit and they're a bunch of tight bastards" I suppose...
  9. He'll have gone all the way there, they will have congratulated him on doing well and will have answered nothing he asked and come back being non the wiser about how much money he has to spend.
  10. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11728/11374906/blackpools-kelvin-mellor-and-clark-robertson-interest-wigan-and-blackburn
  11. Neal

    Pitch Invasion of sorts

    Some real picks support Rovers.
  12. Neal

    Oxford Utd at home

    He was especially annoying tbf Gav, a real gob shite, me and my mates actually pointed him out but I don't want to be seeing people getting assaulted though when kids are there pal. Perhaps I've gone soft because I've got a little one now so I empathise with those people a little more.
  13. Neal

    Oxford Utd at home

    I was stood right there, this is what happened.
  14. Neal

    Oxford Utd at home

    Ok mate fair enough but all I'm saying people's reactions could have been a bit more civil considering the circumstances.
  15. Neal

    Oxford Utd at home

    To those fans I simply smirked at him and thought "all right dickhead, you've had your fun now get yourself off now"... I didn't think I needed to go and physically assault someone in front of families with young children on a day we should be celebrating nor did I feel the need to verbally abuse them either... What does it achieve? Sorry but i don't see how people can defend it.

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