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  1. Neal

    Derby V Rovers

    My intention wasn't to coin a phrase, it's my genuine belief. Derby on paper look garbage, followed by a performance at Luton to back it up. If (like the manager alludes to) we intend to have a go at promotion then yes, we need and should be beating sides like Derby. If you look at many of the sides who have been promoted, they look to win their next game, not take a point, go and win. We have the ability to match the expectation.
  2. Neal

    Let's Talk Tyrhys Dolan

    That was delicious.
  3. Neal

    Derby V Rovers

    Got to be looking at beating teams like Derby if we have any aspirations. Hardly a single player of theirs I'd swap for ours.
  4. He's looked better than Lennihan at centre half on many occasions last season. I like Lennihan but he's definitely overrated due to his no nonsense attitude. Amount of goals conceded don't lie.
  5. Neal

    Summer Transfer Window

    I'd be looking to move Rothwell to a left wing back and potentially play a back 5 if we can lure someone like Tosin back. Failing that, moving Rothwell to centre mid. I'd have no worries that he'd be better than Bell as a left wing back.
  6. Neal


    Wow, they seem to really rate him.
  7. Neal


    Daniel Ayala! DANIEL AYALA! He hates the Saudi's He loves the Rovers DANI AYALAAAAA! He's signed... Discuss.
  8. Neal

    Bournemouth away

    It's all too nice. Was the same under Gary Bowyer and other managers. Come away from games thinking they haven't played badly but concede 2 and 3 yet always look like scoring. You have to do whatever it takes to get points, playing nice football and getting beat counts for Jack sh*t. Foul high up the pitch, take a yellow card, sometimes take a red if it's late in the game. There's still after almost 10 years of Champ football no commitment to a particular style of play, it's just, get some decent players in, wander out in to the pitch and see what happens. The only real style of play I can recall from Mowbray is when we were knocking long balls to Graham with Dack picking up 2nds. Worked really well to be fair, not the prettiest but it was a plan, then he mucked that up by trying this false 9 nonsense. Been saying for 3 years now, I quite like the fella but I've never known a manager make football so much more hard work than it needs to be. He likes the sound of his own voice way too much. Just shut up talking for once and sign some decent defenders man. Its a waste of good attacking talent.
  9. Neal

    Bournemouth away

    Shouldn't be discouraging Dolan from trying something in the oppositions half. Let the lad express himself. He didn't cost us the game, the defence is just too sh*t to cope, that's the problem. Another season under this fella who has consistently failed to sort the defence out. Either sort the defence out pal or step aside for someone who can.
  10. Neal

    Summer Transfer Window

    We bid for him. He didn't want to come here. He wanted to stay down south, missus wanted to stay near family. He would have signed for us as a last resort if no one else bid.
  11. Neal

    Summer Transfer Window

    Who else is hearing strong rumours of Armstrong to Newcastle for 10 million? If we look at Eze, surely he's worth the same... If true.
  12. Neal

    Cardiff away

    And yet, he benches him in favour of his 2 total wasters to justify spunking money we don't have. Genius. (That could also apply to Graham)
  13. This is garbage. 2 down in a crucial game, no f*cking pressing at all and can't string 2 passes together. Centre midfield has been a joke, going back to the days of Lowe watching players wander through the middle unchallenged. Sh*trun of form incoming, mark my words.

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