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  1. Neal

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Rovers have scored more goals at Deepdale than Preston.
  2. Neal

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Lewis Holtby is a Rolls Royce of a player in this league. Mentally head and shoulders above anything I've seen this season. I've not seen a more effortless, classy display for some time from a Rovers midfielder. Dont think a Preston player could even smell him.
  3. Neal

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Thinking of that Preston fan who said we'll "never do anything with that Dinosaur Mowbray in charge"... Alex Neils side were embarrassing. Looked like a league 2 side who we'd drawn in the cup.
  4. Neal

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

  5. Neal

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    I dispair I really do. I went on a PNE forum on deadline day where they were discussing our transfer business, they were all p*ssed off. One poster chimed in and said "don't worry, they won't do anything with that dinosaur Mowbray in charge" Despite my elation, deep down, I knew he was right.
  6. Neal

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    What did he say??? Please don't tell me he expected them to "come at us" because that would confirm the fella has been scratching his arse, eating biscuits and telling the kids how good they are.
  7. Neal

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Manager needs to take some shit for this. He didn't do his homework at all. This lot had 35% possession against Rotherham and won 3-0. They've just done EXACTLY the same thing to us. Have some f*ckin nous about you man. Bloody ameteur hour. Can't just high press every team, got to sit in sometimes and maintain shape. I don't know if it's arrogance, stupidity or both.
  8. Neal

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Seen enough of him. Acts like a leader but doesn't play like one. This is an assessment of his past 2 years. AVERAGE at best. Chris Wilder can order him a taxi, he's another face along with Evans and Gallagher I could gladly not see again. Another ineffective try hard, long ball merchant with no ability. Take any money and run.
  9. Neal

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Lennihan is f*cking garbage. Overrated and liability.
  10. Neal

    Coventry v ROVERS

    To me, it just looks like he's focusing on taking a better first touch and playing more simple passes to get into the game. Last season it was almost like every touch he had was like he's trying to prove something and beat his man before he's even received the ball. If you don't have a good fist touch then you won't have a good 2nd. It also seems like he's learned to use and know his body and be comfortable with someone up his arse when receiving the ball. This season I'm seeing him control it whilst holding off a man, then if the space is there he'll attack it, if it's not he just finds feet. Sounds simple, which it is, he's just generally doing the basics better. Lad is big, quick, capable of finishing, now he's doing the simple things well, the his natural attributes are showing through... It also helps that everyone works their balls off and presses together...
  11. Neal

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Lewis Holtby was unreal. Actually looked like a German international had turned up for a game. Class act.
  12. Neal

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Ruthless from Mowbray. This is a must win game, as they all are from now on I suppose. Looking forward to seeing Trybul because he looked a class above anything when he came on against Watford, his passing range looked exceptional. Him and Holtby should be interesting to watch today. Shame Ayala is out because I would have liked to judge what the manager likely considers our strongest back 4. I'm expecting a solid win today. Anything less is just not acceptable from the players we have. Good to see Evans and Gallagher on the bench, hopefully I don't have to look at their faces today.
  13. Neal

    Summer Transfer Window

    Phil Jones left out of this seasons United squad... Possible pay out and return to Ewood?

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