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  1. Neal

    Cardiff away

    And yet, he benches him in favour of his 2 total wasters to justify spunking money we don't have. Genius. (That could also apply to Graham)
  2. This is garbage. 2 down in a crucial game, no f*cking pressing at all and can't string 2 passes together. Centre midfield has been a joke, going back to the days of Lowe watching players wander through the middle unchallenged. Sh*trun of form incoming, mark my words.
  3. Neal

    Stoke City home

    This is the way.
  4. Without Watkins and Benrahma they have very little. Everything went through those 2. Would have liked to see of Armstrong was clearly offside because it didn't look like he was right at the end. Dissapointed but would have taken a point ore match.
  5. I think folk need to calm down about Samuel. Couple of decent performances, one bench cameo in a game already won and one against a side we were a class above. I'm sure he can be useful whilst injuries plague us, no doubt.
  6. Over hyped this lot. Decent side no doubt but teams give them too much respect. We gifted them points last season with Bennett at right back, was a 90 min car crash. We can hurt them.
  7. Neal


    Bradley Johnson absolutely ran it today. Totally dominated. Won everything and pressed high. Looked fit. If we can have that version of him for the rest of the season then it is well and truly game on.
  8. Neal

    Rovers v Hull

    Armstrong will be back at Newcastle by the summer at this rate.
  9. Neal

    January transfer window 2020

    Don't understand why he's a target at all. He won't want to come here for a kick off and hasn't shown anything that should interest us. A player living off his former wondekid status.
  10. Neal

    January transfer window 2020

    I've watched him many times and he's all of the above. Pish. Exactly what we don't need if we have any promotion aspirations.
  11. Neal

    January transfer window 2020

    Don't think Atsu would be a good signing personally.
  12. Neal

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    I personally think Nyambe hasn't changed that much, he's just being played and has 2 decent centre halves along side him rather than a panicy Mulgrew with poor positioning. I watched him when we got relegated against Brentford and he was, by a long way, the best player on the pitch. I don't want to criticise the manager after an outstanding result but in this case he got it horribly wrong and its cost us an unknown amount of points.
  13. Neal

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Nyambe is frighteningly good.
  14. Neal

    Ben Brereton

    Hahaha... Tell me I'm wrong though. Everyone I know thinks the same. I feel tight saying it but lad seems a bit of a simpleton. I've said my bit. All the best!
  15. Neal

    January transfer window 2020

    This fella comes out with some amazingly stupid words. He'd just pay the money clubs are asking if we had it to spend... Seriously? Who can afford to spend that sort of money besides the top 6?

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