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  1. Neal


    Simply the best.
  2. Neal

    Hull away

    My dad and I are off to this one. First away game for a while for me. Need a win.
  3. Neal

    Hull away

    Travelling up for this one. Can see TM starting Armstrong through the middle for this one.
  4. Neal

    Loan Window

    Anyone else thinking this player isn't going to materialise before tomorrow?
  5. Neal

    Loan Window

    Christ, just trawled back 5 pages thinking we'd signed Brereton way folk are going on. 🤣
  6. Neal

    Loan Window

    Only 19 pal. People were speaking about Gallagher like he's the finished article, he and Brereton are nowhere near. This would be a great group of players for those lads to develop in.
  7. Neal

    Bradley Dack

    Number 1 is Bradley Dack, number 2 is Bradley Dack, Number 3 is Bradley Dack...
  8. Neal

    Loan Window

    I can see what you mean tbh... Even if they were sold for profit it would be swallowed up by the debt the bastards have accrued.
  9. Neal

    Loan Window

    Has to be an option to buy otherwise look elsewhere. Perhaps agreeing a fee is the hold up else a simple loan would have been done by now.
  10. Neal

    Bradley Dack

    Folk are starting to notice... https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/this-stat-suggests-bradley-dack-could-be-the-best-player-outside-the-premier-league-194902
  11. Neal

    Carlisle Away

    Cheers for the report. Really interested in Rothwell, far too long we've had wishy washy centre midfielders with no defining characteristics as footballers... This lad seems to have some ability on the ball at least. Hopefully gets more opportunities for us, Mowbray seemingly rates him.
  12. Neal

    Carlisle Away

    Agreed, in fact it more or less confirms that he's not in Pulis first team plans for the league. If it's going to happen I can see that one dragging out till last knockings.
  13. Neal

    Loan Window

    To be fair, it was rumoured they wanted 7 million but did anyone actually sign him? A player is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay. Take Armstrong for example, Newcastle dangled him out on transfer list for double what we wanted to pay with no takers so we got him at a more reasonable price. They're just playing the game, don't blame them but they will be lucky to sell him for 3 million. He isn't going to get anywhere near the first team to drive his price up either. Similar one to Armstrong this one, I wouldn't be surprised to see it pan out a similar way.

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