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  1. Neal

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    I personally think Nyambe hasn't changed that much, he's just being played and has 2 decent centre halves along side him rather than a panicy Mulgrew with poor positioning. I watched him when we got relegated against Brentford and he was, by a long way, the best player on the pitch. I don't want to criticise the manager after an outstanding result but in this case he got it horribly wrong and its cost us an unknown amount of points.
  2. Neal

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Nyambe is frighteningly good.
  3. Neal

    Ben Brereton

    Hahaha... Tell me I'm wrong though. Everyone I know thinks the same. I feel tight saying it but lad seems a bit of a simpleton. I've said my bit. All the best!
  4. Neal

    January transfer window 2020

    This fella comes out with some amazingly stupid words. He'd just pay the money clubs are asking if we had it to spend... Seriously? Who can afford to spend that sort of money besides the top 6?
  5. Neal

    Ben Brereton

    I don't want this to come across as a personal attack on Ben but one thing that concerns me with him is... He doesn't seem the brightest lad, I'm not sure he has the intelligence to learn how to be a successful player. Perhaps this is unfair because I don't know him personally, its just observation but he comes across as a nice lad but a bit of a wally. I'm going to get pelters for this...
  6. Trying to keep my mouth shut whilst this run is going. Foresee a score draw here but if we're actually serious about challenging then we need a win. Picking an 11 after Saturday is going to be tricky.
  7. Neal

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    Think Gallagher has had some harsh critisnbsince coming back, hung out to dry on the wing on many occasions, too many games where all he's received are floated balls up to him where all he can do is jump with the man. First real occasion I saw proper crosses from the byline into him was Preston away and he smashed that header. Feed him these types balls and he will score us goals.
  8. Neal

    "Mandela Effect"

    Thought Sutton scored over 30 goals in a season more than once
  9. Impressed with the boys after these 4 wins, very willing to let Mowbray make me eat my words. Who'd have thought playing a right back at right back, putting our best forward (Graham) and our best winger (Rothwell) would have brought us results? (Sarcasm) This finally looks like a team that knows what they are, I just hope that Tony doesn't discard it all after one defeat. Swansea away is always going to be a tricky game, I know they're not in best form and our confidence is high but I would definitely be happy with a point to keep this unbeaten run going.
  10. Played well. The manager needs to put aside his stupid obsessions about what sort of football we should play and just play to our strengths. He's wasted yet another almost half a season messing around and it's taken for it to get to crisis point with the fans against him to make the changes we've all be crying out for. Only now does he realise Graham is our best option up front, Rothwell is best when you just let him play his game, Bennett's best position is on the bench and Nyambe is a good full back. Just leave the team alone now Tony, you don't know what's best, leave your failed experiment alone and sign some defenders and a goalkeeper in January and maybe... You might win some trust back.
  11. Heard something but that's about as much as i can say. Could be way off, hoping someone who may of heard the same might come forward and give it some more substance.
  12. Been a while since i posted, almost totally lost interest. Got this one down as BTTS, seems to be a good bet for Rovers. On a separate note, has anyone else heard of any take over/buying in talk?
  13. Neal

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Rock and hard place with this one. Buzzing about the win but the Mowbray mediocrity train rolls on.
  14. Neal

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He's never known his best 11.

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