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  1. Impressed with the boys after these 4 wins, very willing to let Mowbray make me eat my words. Who'd have thought playing a right back at right back, putting our best forward (Graham) and our best winger (Rothwell) would have brought us results? (Sarcasm) This finally looks like a team that knows what they are, I just hope that Tony doesn't discard it all after one defeat. Swansea away is always going to be a tricky game, I know they're not in best form and our confidence is high but I would definitely be happy with a point to keep this unbeaten run going.
  2. Played well. The manager needs to put aside his stupid obsessions about what sort of football we should play and just play to our strengths. He's wasted yet another almost half a season messing around and it's taken for it to get to crisis point with the fans against him to make the changes we've all be crying out for. Only now does he realise Graham is our best option up front, Rothwell is best when you just let him play his game, Bennett's best position is on the bench and Nyambe is a good full back. Just leave the team alone now Tony, you don't know what's best, leave your failed experiment alone and sign some defenders and a goalkeeper in January and maybe... You might win some trust back.
  3. Heard something but that's about as much as i can say. Could be way off, hoping someone who may of heard the same might come forward and give it some more substance.
  4. Been a while since i posted, almost totally lost interest. Got this one down as BTTS, seems to be a good bet for Rovers. On a separate note, has anyone else heard of any take over/buying in talk?
  5. Neal

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Rock and hard place with this one. Buzzing about the win but the Mowbray mediocrity train rolls on.
  6. Neal

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He's never known his best 11.
  7. Neal

    Character (or lack of)

    Made in the manager's image...
  8. Neal

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Chris Hughton surely has to be the name at the top of the list? Like Mowbray he's a good guy but is a much better manager.
  9. Neal

    Preston Away

    You don't see any manager resign these days do you... Fucker is just wasting everyone's time now as far as I'm concerned. If he's as decent a guy as everyone says and genuinely cares about the club then he should so the decent thing and step down. Go out with some dignity FFS Tony.
  10. Neal

    Preston Away

    And who brought him in exactly? A shite manager bringing in a shite goal keeper. This is on the manager.
  11. Neal

    Preston Away

    I'd long had enough of this bloke before this past 5 games but this 2nd half sums him and his useless set off bottle job w*nkers up. I can't stand to look at that bunch of dinosaurs in our dugout, Alex Neil hasn't shut up all game. Just go.
  12. Neal

    Luton Town home

    Adam Armstrong can f*ck right off. I've had enough of him. Gallagher was awful.
  13. Neal

    Luton Town home

    This is Rovers... We always have a good opportunity to throw down the gauntlet but bottle it.
  14. Neal

    Reading (A)

    Top win that.

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