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    https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/16908899.tony-mowbray-feels-a-warmth-from-fans-to-rovers-players/?ref=mac Felt sorry for Mowbray here and thought was a worthy topic for some open and frank discussion. As many of you are aware, I was a big advocate of the NAPM movement and numerous other protests, particularly when the club was on its arse under Ke*n and Coyle. In these situations, as the saying goes... Desperate times called for desperate measures and if in some way our actions helped to get us in the position we're in now then I don't regret it... If we're being honest though, it was Kean and Coyle's downright ineptitude that cost them their jobs. These days things are much more positive, (on the footballing side at least) yet the aftermath of the damage done by numerous poor managerial appointments, poor management by V*nkys is having a major effect on attendences at home. It's to be expected of course, some people lost faith, lost trust, lost the habit, lost the enjoyment, there are many variables I suppose. I lost most of those things but I always believed this club could find its way back somehow, that's why I still cared and fought for its future. Like many others, under Tony Mowbray I've found something to believe in again, I feel as if he's trustworthy, honest, decent, commited, all the things that I can't say about hardly anyone at Rovers since they took over. Because of this, I feel as I can find some identity with the club again, I look at the way he conducts himself and how the players perform and personally can't help but feel they deserve my support. I can see how other fans of this club and of others would see this as fickle or such like, fair enough, that's their opinion but it's as simple as giving the fans something to believe in, which TM has done both off and on the pitch. Yes Venkys are still the owners and yes they are ignorant but it works both ways and 2 can play that game, I'll ignore their existence as much as they ignore ours but as long as they support TM I couldn't care less. I'm not so short sighted and naive to think that this couldn't all fall apart in the drop of a hat and I doubt many reading this are either, the debt is still there and they still own the club... Whilst V*nkys are in charge anything is possible as we all know. That aside I feel this is a great opportunity to get back to supporting the club whilst there is something/someone worth while to support and make the most of this opportunity... Which bings me on to my main point... The club also needs to do something to seize this opportunity, look at the Oxford game, it doesn't take a scientist to work out why there were so many fans. Empty seats are no good to anyone so why not just do something absolutely radical like season tickets for £150 or a tenner a game? Yet prices increased, I just don't get it. There was an opportunity to really capitalise on that Oxford game that was obviously completely overlooked, perhaps its the decision makers being out of touch with the previous years and general damage that has been done but to use the phrase again... Desperate times call for desperate measures. The club need to try something new, look at the Bundesliga prices, try something like all tickets from Christmas onwards are £10 and fill the ground as much as we can, it could be pivotal to keeping us up or pushing us up the table. I hope people at the club are reading this and if you are... Be radical, talk to the fans, give everyone of every income the opportunity to support their local team, be pioneers against pricing poople out of football. Don't look to other clubs as measurement for value for money, set a new standard. We are fighting an ever more losing battle against ifollow and the red button and we have nothing to lose! TMBWA.
  2. Neal

    Luton Town home

    This is Rovers... We always have a good opportunity to throw down the gauntlet but bottle it.
  3. No lessons learned. No possession football. No plan B. No Joe Rothwell. No defence. No defenders signed. No method. No Ryan Nyambe. No positivity. No progress. No idea. You're a nice bloke, you've done a good job but this is as far you will take us. Don't ruin your legacy, do the right thing and step aside. Charlton are relegation fodder so what does that make us? Go.
  4. I'd written off this season after Brentford. I suppose to say it's a write off is a bit far as we could still use this season as experience for the younger players. This squad is going to need some investment to match the ambitions of the manager. Who would you like to come in? First bit of summer transfer speculation to kick us off... Apparently sourced from one of the red tops... https://the72.co.uk/125258/derby-county-blackburn-rovers-among-sides-interested-irish-defender/
  5. Neal

    Reading (A)

    Top win that.
  6. Neal


    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2019/september/tony-on-rothwell-influence/ Got to play him for him to score goals and create chances, genius. It's not like Adam Armstrong is smashing them in is it? Same goes for a few others too. I really don't get this fella. You've already wasted him for a full season and you still don't know where you want to play him? What is he going on about? I ask myself that question at least twice a week... Talks absolute bollocks.
  7. It's strange, I dislike many things in football, diving being the main one but I was asking myself what I actually enjoy about football these days having left old trafford yesterday, after a disappointing but unbelievably enjoyable day out. Great banter, people not taking themselves too seriously, I haven't laughed at a sporting even as much as that ever. I'm not a massive cricket fan, that was my first time at a match but it highlighted some major flaws in football as a spectacle. The prices for 90 minutes of football and how much of it do you actually enjoy? I guess I find it somewhat interesting watching premier league and champions league football, I played at a good standard when I was younger so I appreciate the skill of it. I watch Rovers because I was born into it, I support them out of passion and habit but I've not enjoyed football as much as that for a long long time. Venky's are probably to blame, they've given us absolutely nothing to be positive about or hardly anything for us to play for since they took over.
  8. Neal

    Club vs Country

    Who gave the guy an opinion in the first place? In what way is he more qualified to be giving an opinion? If it was a player from recent times I might be interested. Waste.
  9. Neal

    Club vs Country

    Rovers news must be slow on international week, there's another opinion piece by Simon Smith. Anyone else open the link, see his name and immediately close it?
  10. Neal

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Aye, got to make those 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th spots...
  11. Neal

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Skrtel has left Atalanta after falling out with the manager.
  12. Neal

    West Brom Away

    That's weird, my dad was at the game and said he changed the game completely.
  13. Neal

    Bury FC rip

    Take a bow. Might be worth while BRFCS twitter account sending this to talk Sport.
  14. Neal


  15. Neal


    Me and my dad got tickets for the 5th day at Old Trafford.
  16. Neal


    Thing is, we know what he's capable of and so should the manager. One game shouldn't change that opinion.
  17. Neal


    Think I missed that one, play poor?
  18. Neal


    Hasn't started a game though...
  19. Neal


    Would have taken a point before the game so can't complain really. Seems this attempt at changing style has left them struggling at creating clear cut chances. For me, the biggest problem is more players need to be trying to get shots off in and outside the box, make defenders and keepers make more decisions. It's difficult when you're playing sides who sit so deep I suppose but I do feel Joe Rothwell is one of the few capable of opening teams up by breaking through the lines to drag players out of positions, cameo appearances from the bench aren't enough to get the best from him.
  20. Neal

    Hull (A)

    Had to work tonight so didn't get chance to watch the game but by all accounts it was a great performance. Just want to go on record and say well done to the manager, 2 clean sheets and 2 wins is a good return so fair play to him. I still have my doubts but If he can keep this up then I'll gladly eat humble pie if it means he has us challenging for promotion but I'm still pretty sure he won't. Another thing, I've always said I think Williams is a decent centre half and apparently put in a great performance tonight, I think many still judge him off his performances at left back when it's clear to both him and the fans that he's not a left back. With that said, I hope we get a deal done for Cunningham, exactly what we've been looking for, just a shame we lose him and have to go back to Bell for Cardiff when we all know Bell is finished here, he's never going to be our first choice full back and needs moving into the deadwood pile to ship out.
  21. Neal

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Personally think our lack of attacking threat is getting midfield runners in behind the forward, couple of times that happened in the last 20 mins and we looked dangerous, there's a lack of fluidity in our decision making. Almost like the midfielders are so conscious of holding their position on the pitch that they're not willing to be brave enough make offensive runs, the odd occasion they do it really opens teams up.
  22. Neal

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Good result, felt we got away with it a bit with Boro missing that sitter. Some good performances out there too, can't really fault anyone, Walton doesn't convince me.
  23. Neal

    Middlesbrough (H)

    On top here, got to make it count. All this talk of change of style of play is total nonsense, Lennihan has only knocked it long at every chance. Lot of long balls in general but personally I couldn't care less as long as they're picking up results. I think the manager has made a rod for his own back by making such an issue out of change of style.
  24. Neal

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    It's only been 3 games! 😂 *Awaiting stick from Pro Mowbray posters.
  25. Neal

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    It's only been 2 games... 🤣

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