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  1. OJRovers

    Mowbray’s Future

    If Mowbray is being honest and he's only just realised we need an overhaul in defence then that is a massive worry. It was plain to see in summer that we needed a CB and a LB. There are PLENTY of defenders available for a fraction of what we spent in summer (£7.6m). As much as I like Mowbray as a man, I don't think I'd give him the summer. He has messed up every transfer window he's been in charge of so far, I can't see that changing.
  2. OJRovers

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Part of me wants Mowbray to loan out Rothwell just to see what he does somewhere else who gives him a proper chance and run in the team. If he’s not going to play here then we might as well send him out. Ridiculous to single him out whereas Williams and Raya have been making errors week in week out. Another point is why did we bother signing Chapman in January? He might as well still be at Boro if he’s not going to play.
  3. OJRovers

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    I really don’t know why Mowbray buys the players he buys. There’s only Smallwood who is a Mowbray-style player. Yet he buys the like of Rothwell, Chapman, Armstrong, Brereton and just doesn’t play them in their proper positions or doesn’t trust them to play every game. He’s completely reliant on the players inherited from Colye. Despite spending millions.
  4. OJRovers

    Preston at Home

    I was expecting the replay to show Graham making more contact that it looked at the time. But no, it's worse. That decision is horrendous. Between that, the Nuttall one and Dack, you have got to question the integrity of the ref.
  5. OJRovers

    Preston at Home

    Summed it up for me when we're kicking the ball out TWICE for their players rolling around faking injury. This was a LOCAL DERBY, you don't kick it out, especially when it's obvious they are just time wasting. Pathetic.
  6. OJRovers

    Preston at Home

    There must be a left back in world football that would come to Ewood in January and play for £10k a week. What do the scouts do all week??
  7. OJRovers

    Preston at Home

    League One team right there. Zero progress from 12 months ago.
  8. OJRovers

    Preston at Home

    Come up with a league one team and finish safe in the championship is a reasonable success. However the £6m on Brereton changes it unfortunately.
  9. OJRovers

    Mowbray’s Future

    I’m really disappointed we didn’t go for centre back Souttar from Stoke in January. He went on loan to Fleetwood and has been brilliant by all accounts. Tony moaned about players not being available, but that’s not true, we just don’t seem to be able to scout players unless they’ve played well against a Mowbray team at some point in the past.
  10. OJRovers

    Rotherham away

    Back 3 now according to Sharpe. Smallwood already booked, going to be a long afternoon.
  11. OJRovers

    Summer transfer window

    Shocking but true. The biggest red flag was Whitingham who was meant to be the first XI signing last season. Was obvious from day 1 that he wasn't up to it. We can't afford to make a mistake like that again, because it will be expensive in this league.
  12. OJRovers

    Birmingham Away

    Damage limitation line up.
  13. OJRovers

    Birmingham Away

    My guess at The Full Mowbray team is: Raya Rodwell Nyambe Mulgrew Bennett Smallwood Travis Evans Bell Dack Graham
  14. OJRovers

    Mowbray’s Future

    Having no wingers does have a negative impact on the players that get stuck out there. Kasey Palmer obviously has something about him, he’s flying at Bristol, but I think his potential was restricted by constantly being asked to do the job of a winger. likewise Rothwell, Brereton, Armstrong, Samual (when fit). If we are going to carry on playing this formation we need to sign players who can play it.
  15. OJRovers

    An Evening with Tony Mowbray

    Good to hear that he is acknowledging the same weaknesses that we can see: - Lack of a tough centre back - Soft mentally and when under pressure - too loyal to the league one team - BB has been poor The fact is that that most of us could see this for a while... including the tactics pre-Oldham last season. I think he’s changed his approach if we are going after 24-28 year olds in summer. I wouldn’t sell Dack if at all possible.If we were a top 6 side scoring goals, Dack would be invaluable. You can’t replace him + buy 4 others with £15m.

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