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  1. OJRovers

    Rodwell signs

    I'd like to see Mulgrew given a try at LB. When we're defending it would be a back 4 with Benno at RB. When we have the ball we shift round to more of a back 3 with Bennett having some freedom to get forward. Did something similar earlier in the season with Williams.
  2. Ipswich very poor, if it wasn't for Collins at the back they would be shipping a lot more goals. BBE top corner in good voice today, long may that last.
  3. OJRovers


    Momentum is a huge factor in this league. If we finish the season bottom half with a poor last few months, this is going to be carried forward to next season. I think we need a couple of additions just to freshen it up, give us a boost to finish the season strongly. Look at the impact Travis had. A pacey winger and maybe another striker would lift everyone.
  4. More and more I see I think that we’re a quality left back short of a decent side.
  5. Do those goals count as 85mins+ ? We've thrown this away with the formation and couple of weak moments from Raya (and Dack).
  6. Conway has been solid enough the last few games.
  7. Brereton should be nowhere near the first team. If he's not going to play U23 then he needs loaning out to league 1. Would anyone take him??
  8. Yeah it's not his fault he keeps getting picked. As he misses a sitter. Way way way out of his depth.
  9. Right get Brereton off and Grayson on. Go back to 442.
  10. It's been like playing with 10 men with Brereton. Hopefully Dack on at HT or Nuttall.
  11. £10 still a p1ss take with the team/formation that Mowbray has put out.
  12. I thought you meant David May for a minute there! More chance of Therese going to Man United!
  13. OJRovers


    Millwall had some useful 'proper' wingers, who were quick and ran to the by-line and got crosses in. You don't see a lot of that these days. I'd like to see someone like that come in this transfer window, because we haven't got anyone like that at the moment. Apart from that, i'm glad Mowbray has woken up to the idea of throwing academy players in. There's nothing to lose if they fail, however most times they actually out-perform expectations. Shame that Brereton has been in the way of Nuttall/Butterworth this season so far.

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