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  1. ossyian

    Reading v Rovers

    That looks weak tbf. How the hell is Conway worth a start over Rothwell?
  2. Ha ha yes I think you are right! Think Ray was disgusted that a team supposedly fighting for survival never had an "offensive' attempt over 90 minutes
  3. Nah our last 2 away games were against Spuds where we infamously had no attempts at goal despite that tunt saying "Wor stats were good" and then Chelsea away after Wigan sent us down. Seem to remember beating West Brom when Kalinic scored 2 then got sent off and never featured again? May be wrong on that one
  4. ossyian

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Ha ha. That's exactly why they were called gobbiners. The mill workers considered the miners uncouth and uneducated
  5. ossyian

    Bolton vs Rovers

    If you were born higher up ossy than the lamp outside the library you were a gobbiner. Mainly coal miners. Bottom ossy was cotton
  6. ossyian

    Bolton vs Rovers

    A manc is a citizen of manchester and Lancastrian. I am from Ossy so am a gobbiner and Lancastrian. Bolton folk are not mancs - they are Boltonians and Lancastrian. By your deluded logic Blackburn is not in Lancashire
  7. ossyian

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Sorry pal but you're wrong again as usual. But hey ho nothing new. FACT
  8. ossyian

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Don't be such a cock. Simple as. Manchester is part of Lancashire. Greater Manchester is a Metropolitan Council not administered by LCC. Look at your history books. Simple as.. Oh and Liverpool is not Lancashire? Leeds is West Yorkshire not Yorkshire,? Do your homework first. Simple as
  9. ossyian

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Absolutely right. The boundaries were changed in 73/74. Means nothing really regards county boundaries. Folk in Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool etc are Lancastrians. Just not governed by LCC. As Blackpool and Blackburn aren't. Lancashire pronounces boundaries on the exit roads from Blackburn
  10. ossyian

    Loan Window

    Yes I think I probably did. You are dead right it should of or have followed by a curly thing with a full stop underneath
  11. ossyian

    Loan Window

    Defense though! FFS that is so wrong
  12. ossyian

    Loan Window

    Sorry! Must try harder!
  13. ossyian

    Loan Window

    For goodness sake oldgregg86. What is your problem! I was just saying think yourself lucky you have only seen Jack days and beyond. Oh and btw it should read "correct my spelling". Not "correct spelling" as that refers to a wider misspelling from the posters. Don't take things too seriously!
  14. ossyian

    Loan Window


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