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  1. T.J.Newton


    A lot of the most tallented and respected directors, cinematographers and film crews are British
  2. T.J.Newton


    Its also filmed in Ireland and a few other places around Europe.
  3. T.J.Newton


    I so 'the handsome family' at the gorilla in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, pretty good if your after somthing a touch more laid back. (and they do have a lot more to offer than just the 'true detective' song!)
  4. T.J.Newton

    Movie Discussion

    Some really good action scenes in looper towards the end, but the film isnt half as clever as it thinks it is(or critics made it out to be) and im never going to believe gordon levit as a younger Willis(no matter how much make up they use)
  5. T.J.Newton

    Movie Discussion

    How does it compare to cloverfield or pacific rim, both great monster/disaster films in their own way(imo!)
  6. brfcs induced migrain

  7. T.J.Newton


    I cant even pronounce Mathews surname of the top of my head, never mind spel it.
  8. T.J.Newton


    Yea, most people already know now how great an actor Mathew mhonaghy(excuse the spelling) is but its good to see woody harleson finally getting some real praise now, ive always been a fan of him as a serious actor (aswell as a comedic actor)
  9. T.J.Newton


    I watched the 1st ep of true detective last night, the acting, writing and cinematography are more like that of a. Top class mainsteam film than that of a tv show. Its definitely a 'must watch' show.
  10. T.J.Newton


    you got my drift though I really do need to install a better spellchecker, any recommendations? p.s. im not buying the poirot thing, no worries though I have a very selective memory and ill forget I ever so your post by tomorrow.
  11. T.J.Newton


    can I please beg in advance, Please please no game of thrones season 4 talk(spoilers) pretty please, I want to try and wait until the seasons nearly over and then gauge myself on it.
  12. T.J.Newton

    Movie Discussion

    Sorry, I havent given any plot details away and it is only my opion(many people think the film is great whole the way through)
  13. T.J.Newton

    Movie Discussion

    I watched Wolf of Wall street tonight, it kept me entertained for the first 2 hours(in which it played out almost like a comedy) but I lost interest in the final hour when it tried to get serious, I just couldn't have cared less.
  14. T.J.Newton


    arrested development is the funniest show I've seen in a long long time, cant believe that I like so many others have only just found discovered it recently, even though it first started almost 10 years ago(Another thing we need to give thanks to Netflix for) (I never thought id laugh so much at somebody doing a chicken dance or just say "It's me, Gene parmesan")
  15. T.J.Newton


    Madmen is really exciting! just in a very subtle way(its all in the detail) its the best written, directed and acted show out there i'd say(now that breaking bad has ended, as I say) ive got 'True detective' lined up to watch, but first I need something a little lighter to cleanse the palette after just getting to the end of 'house of cards' season 2, so ive been watching SOA season6(which is a show that seems to like to think its heavy and hard hitting, when in fact its just ridiculously dump, but still fun) My guilty pleasure show is Supernatural, its frickin a brilliant(and still going strong after 9 years) p.s. ive also just watched the first two episodes of the walking dead season 4, it seems that show has really just disintegrated into nothing, don't think ill be bothering with it anymore(shame because I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons) p.p.s I'm actually really starting to look forward to 24 coming back in a few months, I hope its not crud.

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