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  1. booth

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    1 in 7 - and I can only attribute that to poor signings and bad management.
  2. booth

    Barnsley v Rovers

    So glad I saw sense and didn’t watch it.
  3. Agree with everything but this. I thought he was one of the ones who put a shift in. Absolutely baffling substitution.
  4. Yep he went for a nil nil against a crap team, with a prayer we may snatch a win and once again dropped a bollock. Got two forwards who can’t score week after week and left the man who scored last week sitting on his arse.
  5. Typical Rovers. Getting beat 2-0 by an awful Wigan team. We were better before Holtby went off. Baffling sub. Bennett is now becoming Keith Andrews levels of bad. How Gallagher keeps getting picked I don’t know. Some nice football from Brereton but he still doesn’t look like a goal scorer, never mind an expensive striker. We are still paying the price for that luxury and Tony not strengthening were necessary. Bennett should have been replaced years ago. I understand we are stuck with Bennett but how Gallagher gets a starting place I’ll never know. Same with buying him. Buying Brereton & Gallagher and not replacing Bennett. Ultimately those decisions will likely cost us a play off place.
  6. I've used it before and apart from the odd blip it's been fine. Today it was terrible. Only issue I had before was that I couldn't screen cast it to my tv on ios.
  7. Mine kept going off, I missed over half an hour's worth of the game in all. And nothing to do with my connection.
  8. It's not, mine has stopped working and my connection is completely fine. It's back on, so far I've missed almost 30 minutes of this game.
  9. It's back on? I've still got half time water fountains. iFollow is really really shite.
  10. I can't screen mirror the ifollow video stream on iPhone, is this something I can fix or is it a known issue? I get audio but not video. Why do they not just provide an app for smart tv's? It's not like football is a billion £££ industry.
  11. Mine's just gone, they should give the next stream free. Oh it's back on, we're getting beat.
  12. Well I've managed to sign in now, I'm at the bouncing ball.

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