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  1. COYLE OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!
  2. dunny81

    Gary Bowyer

    BOWYER out. Need a new manager fresh ideas. Getting fed up now with Bowyer and his tombola machine to pick his team Hanley, Lowe guarantees the rest of the starting 11 whoever he pull out of the tombola. Clueless inept no idea 😡
  3. dunny81

    Rovers V Bolton 28Th August

    Wonder which players bowyer plucks from obscurity to start on Friday you can guarantee a few eye brow raisers 😭
  4. dunny81

    Brighton Away 22Nd August

    BOWYER gone yesssssssss
  5. dunny81

    Huddersfield Away. 15Th August

    BOWYER OUT!!!!!!!!!!
  6. dunny81

    Rhodes Wants To Leave

  7. dunny81

    Tonights Game

    BOWYER OUT!!!!!
  8. dunny81

    Transfer Talk Part 2

    Another Blackpool situation I'm afraid chaps
  9. dunny81

    Replay tickets

    Gutted to be missing it on holiday in New York but will deffo be there for the semi if we get there. Anyone know we're we can watch it in NYC heard we have a NYC supporters club
  10. dunny81

    Wolves vs Rovers

    Hi guys sorry for being pessimistic but this will definately be a lose on Friday. Rovers always seem to play teams when they on a dire run, Wolves lost 5 in a row I think then play us and get a win always happens.
  11. dunny81

    Nottingham Forest v Rovers 3/10/12

    Going Forest 2morrow any 1 know how many tickets we sold. Hope we take a good following COYB

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