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  1. Big Tony still on hoilday back in on Monday his secretary back in today. From what ive been told no players will be sold unless its a silly offer . keeper to come in next week and than a couple of defenders and a utility midfielder before start of season . This is what ive been told from a friend who's well in down ewood . He's been right before but i don't post stuff on here because it gets silly. But us fans need a bit of hope so i thought why not fingers crossed
  2. Lets put the blame on TM not Gallagher he's a young lad and needs to be played has a forward and Bennett snaked his way back into the team so frustrating . If Venkys had any idea about football they would thank TM in the summer and get a new manager in
  3. Too be honest Stoke, Swansea and Brentford are hard games and to come out unbeaten is not that bad . But when his TM going to be brave ? he really needs to have a go against Derby next game and he needs to stop playing forwards out wide get Nyambe on the wing and play R C at right back Lenihan will be back too . If w can get too the last weekend of the season still in the race you never know
  4. Head says No but heart say yes .January will hurt us in the end not strengthening will cost a playoff place. Top ten will be seen has progress but the summer will be a real test for TM can he hold on too Travis, Nyambe , Armstrong , Dack if he's back in training . Walton and Tosin will leave other players are out of contact . And too add too this we are in need of reinforcement right winger a stricker a keeper two Defenders and a creative midfielder . Bennett , Williams Smallwood Evans need too be offloaded and we need somebody in who can get the transfer over the line TM admitted it
  5. The balance of the team was off last night . The need for paces down both wings showed up again last night positive the defence as tightened up over the last few months and Nyambe as become one of the best right back in the championship
  6. Good result today would have been happy before kick off with a point could have been 3 points but nevermind. Travis and Armstrong are going too take some holding on too in the summer. Walton made some cracking saves too TM should have change it when Brentford overloaded the left side and Bell had two running at him. Going into the summer Lenihan Nyambe Travis Armstrong are good young players for teams with money I hope Venkys hold firm and show ambition. And the way the City lad has come on i hope the club are going try and get him back on loan from City they must be very happy with
  7. Chapman hasn't had enough game time so he can't be judge Bennett has had plenty of game time and he can be judged he's been poor
  8. Its been a frustrating season so far . Tonys over use of Bennett , Williams as had me pulling my hair out. Gallagher and Armstrong on the wings when we have wingers . His stubbornness with Rothwell and Nyambe up too November . And the kids Buckley, Travis , Rankin-Costello, have made up for the money thats been wasted in the summer . I hope Chapman gets a run and Davenport get a chance but these young lads have lifted my sprites these last few months i hope we can hold on too them in the summer
  9. Head says No, heart say Yes , But Gallagher must stop playing has a winger, i don't want see Bennett on the bench when there are better younger players around the frist team . I still hope Chapman gets a run off games . And Walton has had a cracking few weeks in goal and shut a few up on the way
  10. Lad needs a run of games get him flying and the winger we need in January will de a distant memory
  11. When Gallagher does come back in he has to play up front not on the wing . The midfield was well balanced to day and bossed the game onwards and upwards
  12. Great result today Keeper had a brilliant game back four have looked good and compact Travis and Johnson broke up play, Samuel needs a run of game and he's better on the ball than Gallagher and we look more balanced in the midfield. Buckley will be a player and Armstrong worked hard just one little moan why ? Bennett when Davenports on the bench and he's a proper midfielder
  13. If you look at the team and FFP we got four players who would bring money into the club , Lenihan , Travis , Nyambe , Armstrong . would have been five but Dack won't be ready until next year . So something got to give im not looking forward too the summer at all and i dont trust TM with the rebuild
  14. Williams , Smallwood, Samuels, Mulgrew , Bennett , Butterworth , Wharton, Brereton on loan. Club need Keeper left and right back, 2 center halfs. right winger to balance the side up and a new stricker, Nyambe and Travis and Lenihan will be sold Dack will be sold next January The question must be ask can TM build a new team theres a lot to be done
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