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  1. stinny1

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I wasn't behind him i just wanted too enjoy the win last weekend . I'm sick too the back teeth with TM why say the teams going for a 6th place finish. With the piss poor Defensive record of last season the guys a clown the Season was over weeks ago thankyou TM
  2. stinny1

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Thats one of the problems Burnley went up just using 17 players . Every player new his job, no round pegs in square holes and a solid back four two good strong center halves and a left back and a right back and a good keeper .It hurts too give that lot any credit but its the ture
  3. stinny1

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    This league is very poor and if by some sort of miracle we end up in January where we are 6 too 8 points away . Will TM get the players in that he should have done in the summer. A center half a right back a right winger. And if we could get a goalkeeper and proven stricker in has well . It would be game on
  4. stinny1

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    My feelings on TM haven't change, But for a Change i'm going to enjoy this Saturday night
  5. stinny1

    Mowbray Poll

    Team talk at halftime TM to players , What you lot doing we didn't do plan A at training and we've scored two goals Gallagher yes you in the corner score again and you out, now get back on wing, ok boss . Bennett when we kick off for the second half get Preston back in it how Boss do what you did last week . Ok boss will do, can i still be captain OK but don't let me down ok boss. Travis shut up your not coming on right boss . Bell i told you before keep making mistakes sorry boss . Walton yes you stop thinking your a keeper right boss Can somebody tie his hands together will do boss . Now get out and make sure we go back to plan B alright boss go and gift them will do boss
  6. stinny1

    Mowbray Poll

    Only way to get him out of club is to save your brass for Christmas .And not go back untill he's gone he's not going too turn this round and his blind faith in players and the way we are set up is rubbish . Its going too be long winter with TM and co in charge
  7. stinny1

    Will defeat to North End see the end of Mowbray?

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo But the new way of playing his ground breaking don't you think
  8. stinny1

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    well his TM still in the house
  9. stinny1

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    I feel for the familys and lads and lases who paye good money too watch this crap . I take my hat off too you all, ive stopped going untill TM is gone i don't like the football and his bloody mindedness on Bennett , Evans winds me up. The Keeper isn't better then one he let go. Johnson legs have gone and he can't get round midfield . What a waste of the summer transfer window
  10. stinny1

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    TM is so negative yet again Bennett gives a silly penalty away .Dack went missing in secound half , Travis and Holtby where taken off why, Rothwell should have come on for Downing . Gallagher might has well have been in my front room watching rovers on sky . Keeper not good enough no one prepared to get stuck in for second goal he waltz round three and hits it through the keeper . ITS CRAP TM OUT
  11. stinny1

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    The playing out from the back doesn't work at all . Theres no press in the middle of the park at all and the keeper enough said . Sorry but Huddersfield haven't had too work for there goals silly penalty and nobody makes a tackle for the second the subs he's taken the engine room out of the team socking
  12. stinny1

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Can't see us winning tomorrow Huddersfield are a crap team but if i was there manager tomorrow i would Target Bennett and play a high pressing game and bully the Rovers from the get go . First ten minutes tomorrow are so important Rovers will come out of the blocks and if they don't get a goal early doors. It will just become a bore draw or a one nil to Huddersfield hope im wrong
  13. stinny1

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    To out of form teams a draw for me TM will take a point and say its a good results with the injuries
  14. stinny1


    The way people feel at the morement i think the only way too get fan numbers up his too give tickets away it feels like the season done already

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