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  1. stinny1

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Not to much wrong with today i still don't like Gallagher on the wing and if Nyambe stays fit i would say he be in the top 3 right backs in the league . Young lads where very good today and need more game time. Evans and Bennett Williams are getting under there feet and stopping there development . We've got some talented kids still think a left back and a keeper and right wing would help. And Armstrong and Downing where brilliant i hope TM sticks to this team and stops messing
  2. stinny1

    Preston (home)

    To be honest i think TM got off lightly i remember the fans turning on other Rovers managers in the past and this was nothing like that . The fans are frustrated with the way the team is playing and personally i feel this season could and should have been alot better than its panning out
  3. stinny1

    Preston (home)

    God help TM If Rovers don't turn up today it will go nasty towards him Fans have had enough win or nothing no more bullshit and play Chapman and Armstrong on wings for fooks shake
  4. stinny1

    January transfer window 2020

    He scored some cracking goals then he missed that head against Chelsea in semi final at old Trafford . But he had gone by 12/13 season he could be brilliant and crap in the same movement he was a good player but not a great player
  5. stinny1

    January transfer window 2020

  6. stinny1

    January transfer window 2020

    How much of the 12 million has been paid up front anybody know
  7. stinny1

    January transfer window 2020

    Have we signed anybody yet as TM walked yet have Venkys sold up yet just asking
  8. stinny1

    Ben Brereton

    The lad needs a loan spell away from the club and the suicide bit was a silly
  9. stinny1

    Brum FA Cup

    His TM on crack or does he talk out of his crack .
  10. stinny1

    Brum FA Cup

    i want the crowd too fooking wake up . Well alot of the old lads are going so it should be fun
  11. stinny1

    Brum FA Cup

    Buckleys a young lad starting out Williams his a embarrassments 90 mins played and he just lets forward run past him when he should have taken him out its crap fellas
  12. stinny1

    Brum FA Cup

    Do Venkys still watch the live streams because its fooking crap
  13. stinny1

    Brum FA Cup

    Two thing that pissed me off about the goal ball breaks Williams should wipe the lad out but just sticks hes leg out . Lad runs 20 yards into the box and Lenihan doesn't get out to him he drops back to goal lads kicks the ball at the Lenihan and it goes through him and the keeper aswell . Its shocking but this his happening everyweek and unfortunately Williams , Bennett , Bell , Gallagher and Brereton are nowhere near good enough . And Bennett his stopping a good young defender from starting games. Both keepers are crap 3 years of TM and the end can't come quick enough I'm going PNE game and god help TM if Rovers don't show because we are coming for you TM where shit and where sick of it Tony out will ring round Ewood
  14. stinny1

    January transfer window 2020

    TM pushed Bennett forward and when the ball was lost it was a foot race with Lenihan who couldn't catch him , Tosin was coming across to the Forest lad and Bell was 20 yards off the lad running on to the cross at that time in the game Rovers had gone to three at the back and then TM put Rothwell at right back crazy management
  15. stinny1

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    where did the crosses come from was it from the wings by any chance . TM needs to get width in the team if he could get both wings working Rovers would get more chances per game

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