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  1. We’re currently sat on our joint highest points total ever in a season
  2. £200 season tickets in the Premier League were the norm back then
  3. The stick he gets/got was because he wasn’t good enough and was inexplicably played week after week regardless of his lack of quality. Absolutely right to say he did his best and it wasn’t his fault he kept getting picked, was a decent honest pro. Should never have been near our midfield in the Premier League though. Actually the dislike for him was blown out of proportion by some fans being frustrated at his performances and the fact that there were other fans that defended him. I was one of those frustrated fans. Seems silly looking back given where we are now. The very real concept that we had many disgruntled fans during our “dull” mid table premier league years, and how ridiculous a problem that seems now, could quite easily be termed as the “Keith Andrews Paradox”. Oh yeah, and Orr was a @#/?.
  4. T4E

    [Archived] Walsall v Rovers

    17 years almost to the very day - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/1184772.stm
  5. T4E

    [Archived] Walsall v Rovers

    Our superior squad has already come in to play - on 21st October we were 14 points behind Shrewsbury, so have accumulated 15 more points than them in the time since. We just have to carry on as we are and we should see them off no problem.
  6. Yes he will act. Have fun with Big Sam.
  7. I hear voices in my head. They counsel me. They understand. They talk to me.
  8. If it ends like this there will be plenty of beef round here
  9. A message from Jason. Now that's rare.
  10. Dont worry, we'll be back on our rump by the end of today
  11. Rooney must have taken plenty and I can remember him missing a few so I'll go with him
  12. T4E

    [Archived] Jordan aka Orville

    Not sure you can say Jordan winning fan of the year at the time he did was anything short of well deserved. As I recall he'd done something in the area of 300 consecutive games, possibly more, throughout the European years as well. He was extremely dedicated. I would imagine the same thing happened that happens to plenty of others - when you're in your early 20s, have a full time job, no wife and no kids you can spend every spare penny you have on following Rovers. Then you grow up, get married, have kids and a wife to support and spend time with. If you live in Blackburn, fine. Going to Ewood takes up a few hours of your Saturday and you're back home in time for tea. Those that live further afield don't have that same luxury. I'm glad to hear he's doing well. He was a really nice lad in my experience and very dedicated to the club. Even if he didn't know how to spell Orville.
  13. I don't think they should have sacked him. Had they given him a bit more time I'm pretty sure he would have kept them up.

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