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  1. yellowsubmarine

    Summer Transfer Window

    At the start of the season, I actually thought Bradley Johnson will be that "tough bastard" for us this season, but sadly no.
  2. yellowsubmarine

    Wigan Administration

    Is Jason Roberts still around?
  3. yellowsubmarine

    Luton Town away

    Mowbray will praise Luton as though we are playing Barcelona.
  4. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    Agree. If you don't shoot you wont score. I'm glad Rothwell took his chance. There was a couple of opportunities for Brereton during the game to pull the trigger but he opted to pass instead, wish he had the confidence and be a little more selfish and take on those shots.
  5. yellowsubmarine

    Summer Transfer Window

    A left back should always be played by a left back.
  6. yellowsubmarine

    Luton Town away

    Will be good experience for the youngsters to face a team battling to stay up and everything to play for. Tbh, I'm done seeing Walton, Tosin, Bennett, Samuel, Johnson and even Graham for the season.
  7. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    even though we conceded 3, i thought Carter did well. Everything he did was simple and not over-elaborate.
  8. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    Bowen must be telling the Reading players. Just get any shots on target, and we will score.
  9. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    All that fancy and good play come to nothing when you have a useless defence.
  10. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    3 shots 3 goals now.
  11. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    Reading 2 shots on target 2 goal.
  12. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    Totally deserved. the last 5 minutes of pressure was immerse!
  13. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    But i guess we can agree JRC > Bennett.
  14. yellowsubmarine

    Reading at Home

    JRC is also very right-footed too, seems abit unbalanced at the moment.
  15. yellowsubmarine

    West Brom at home

    Shame isn't it? Had we gotten 3 or 4 points from Wigan, Barnsley and Leeds games, we will still be in the running for the 6th spot. Sadly, we ran out of games.

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