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  1. Great team result. Lost to a worldie and a dodgy penalty. I take the 2-2 and a point each. Defensively we weathered the storm. Half time table looked so pleasing. Shame we cant hang on for 3 points but im not complaining. Definitely progress especially when we don't have the luxury of our 3 creative players.
  2. yellowsubmarine


    Really pleased for Samuel yesterday. A goal will be nice to cap off a good performance up front. A couple of times he controlled the ball brilliantly, good movement off the ball too, has pace and definitely not shy to take a shot on. Hope he can finally kick on after such a long time out.
  3. yellowsubmarine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Actually, Johnson is so off the pace, it was painful to watch. This just show how vital Travis is to us in CM at the moment.
  4. yellowsubmarine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    We neutralised Fulham and brought them to our level in the first half. 0-0 i guess overall its a fair score for now. Can't see where our goal threat is. Gallagher again ineffective on the wings. Johnson guilty of quite a few misplaced passes. Travis and maybe Walton probably the standout players so far.
  5. yellowsubmarine

    Lewis Holtby

    Maybe we should just use the second half of the season to blend the youngsters in. Armstrong has been stepping up. But can't see where else the goals are coming from - unless we focus on set pieces and utilise Lenihan and Tosin more often. Or get Mulgrew back in for freekicks/corners.
  6. yellowsubmarine

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Bennett and Graham were pointless subs. Only remembered Graham trying to cushion a header for Armstrong which he failed to control. Bennett is just a waste of space. Walton earned us this point with that save. Gestede came on and has 2-3 very good chances to win the game for Boro. Still think its a very good point considering we lost our creative players Dack, Rothwell and Holtby. Decent showing from JRC personally from me. Armstrong, Travis, Bell all had a good game. Gallagher worked hard (as usual).
  7. yellowsubmarine

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Our other winger Chapman is nowhere to be seen, is he injured?
  8. yellowsubmarine

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Agreed. For Bell to be the stand-out Rovers player for this half - it means the rest of the team has been shite really. I thought we looked quite comfortable and working hard trying to break Boro down just before JRC got his head injury. Since then, it has been a bore.
  9. yellowsubmarine

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    In Mowbray's world, Bennett is an automatic sub for any position on the field.
  10. yellowsubmarine

    January transfer window 2020

    Forget Atsu, wages was always a stumbling block. Personally, the one whom i wanted us to sign is Marcus Maddison.
  11. yellowsubmarine

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Hope JRC will get more opportunities. 1 appearance 1 goal. does everything so simple. Great to see Davenport too, looks composed and not shy for a shot.
  12. yellowsubmarine

    January transfer window 2020

    Hidden in somewhere in India.
  13. yellowsubmarine

    January transfer window 2020

    Can't trust Mowbray with more money to be honest. Keep the war chest for the next manager!
  14. yellowsubmarine

    January transfer window 2020

    All the best to Dom if its really true. Rate him more than BB to be honest.
  15. yellowsubmarine

    Preston (home)

    Felt so bad for Gallagher playing on the wings. This guy works really hard but everyone can see he is not a winger, cant take on players, cant dribble, so wasted on the wings. He can't shoot nor head either so not really sure what his attributes are. I still blame Mowbray for turning Gallagher into such a horror show.

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