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  1. Definitely, he looks much better than Johnson and Travis.
  2. Brereton is too unselfish there! should have gone for a shot instead of looking for Armstrong!
  3. Credit to Mowbray, how he turned us into such an awful team in the space of a few months, is simply amazing.
  4. Stop blaming the pitch. Stoke is playing on the same pitch. They had more shot attempts than us, scored a goal, their general passing is still miles ahead of us, looked solid, disciplined. Too many of our players seems unfit, slow and uninterested. Only Branthwaite looks a breathe of fresh air, and thats because he just joined us.
  5. Dont worry, our play is based on an attacking system, we can score goals.
  6. Just saw Doncaster's goal. Their scorer started running from the middle dot of the field, unchallenged until outside the box before taking the shot. Pears should have done much better, but where were the midfield pair? Trybull and Travis were way behind the Doncaster player. Just sickening to see that gaping hole in midfield.
  7. Mowbray, just walk please. (I dunno who we should get in but im sick of him) Even a couple of a solid defenders (IF we even get them in) will not solve this tactical bullshit you are conjuring. As much as we are creating the chances, if we aren't putting them at the back of the net, it means nothing.
  8. Any idea how does overseas fans watch this game if iFollow isnt showing? Understand UK fans can use the FA Cup app, but overseas fans?
  9. Even when Dolan came on, I thought Gallagher will move to the centre, but Dolan was playing AA's role. And right now, he gets his RW spot weekly because he can do some defensive work and also his ability to be the "target" of long balls. Mowbray seems to have messed up Gallagher as a player/striker. I still believe Gallagher has the ability to finish and should be given the chances to take shots. He shouldnt be asked to take on and dribble past players. Gally seems like a nice and hardworking chap and i'm starting to feel sorry for him the way he's been used.
  10. Maybe even a bonus of any sort. Probably hurt him alittle but that save was crucial at that moment of time. He deserves the clean sheet.
  11. His distribution was awful to be honest. For me, don't think anyone stood out in particular throughout the match, maybe Travis. His energy and tenacity was so clearly missed.
  12. 1-0 to hoofball. Our defence frightens me. Another team will have shred us to pieces.
  13. If we need to boot Mowbray, it has to be now. Get a new manager in, get some defenders in the window and cross fingers for the rest of the season. I just don't see how Mowbray is the one to take us to the next level. Have some self respect and dignity and leave now.
  14. We need to string a few wins in a row to even remotely talk about getting near playoffs again.
  15. Is this the Sarr we rumoured to be interested in the summer?
  16. Huddersfield seems to play/pass like us abeit much faster and with a purpose. We are painfully slow. And we are not winning all the second balls, which makes it more frustrating. Taking out Holtby and Johnson for Travis and Dack, this is probably our best 11. We need to start clicking soon and put away those chances.
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