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  1. For two or three seasons we broke transfer records and competed financially against the biggest and best around. Yes we bought the league, simply by buying the better players around at that time. Just like City, Chelski, United, Arsenal etc. Perhaps the only exception since we won the league would be Leicester. All else it could easily be argued they bought the league, but that title seems reserved for little old Rovers for some reason. We can't even buy a win against Wimbledon nowadays.
  2. Any chance of a clean sheet and go from there? Just a thought.
  3. On Saturday the 28th July we lost 3-1 at Carlisle. On Saturday the 5th August we lost 2-1 at Southend. On Tuesday the 8th August we won 3-1 at Coventry. On Saturday the 12th August we lost 3-1 at home to Doncaster. Nine goals conceded in those four matches. Six goals scored. Five goals conceded in two league matches. Two goals scored. In my opinion, we remain very lob sided in our squad and the deficiencies highlighted for a long time still need to be addressed. Our sourcing policy has confused for years, unless third party payments are considered. I am a tad older and believe that any team should be built from the back, not the other way round. I also dislike intensely our approach to pre-season and the fact we are never organised when the season starts. I cannot remember when we last had a big commanding goal-keeper, nailed down as number one, who actually had the ability to not only save the odd game, but was actually good enough to win us games. The last three in Kean, Steele and Raya all have a major weekly mistake in them and it is hugely costly with such small margins involved. I remain of the opinion that this is a key position and cannot for the life of me understand the attitude of recent managers to recruitment in this area. I would like us to buy a quality keeper, preferably very tall who can command the box. I also keep reading we have enough centre halves, plus cover, plus players who can fill in, but we are currently shoe-horning players into this position and it is foolhardy. I would like us to buy a commanding centre half and play midfielders in midfield. Our full back positions have supposedly been professionally addressed, but this is currently open to debate as teams find it easy to get down our wings and create chances. I appreciate it is early days but I would also like a quality full back please, preferably one who can cope on both sides. Getting greedy now and moving away from defence but where are the speedy wingers of yester-year who beat a man and cross the ball? However scoring goals is largely irrelevant if you let three in each week. Bowyer was unable to understand there are two goals on a football pitch and we needed a decent keeper and qualified right back, hence conceeding almost as many as we scored each season with him in charge. Coyle loved being a goal down and the players happily obliged. Lambert tightened things initially but at the expense of flair going forward and Mowbray seemed to have sorted some of the defensive weaknesses in a higher division last time round and I therefore fully expected us to be hard to beat and score against in a lower division. Not still conceding against all and sundry and now being wide open at the back. Those suggesting the immediate removal of Mowbray need to calm down a tad. No prizes have been given out as yet. I know it is not easy however as I was gutted at weekend following this latest reverse. Equally waiting way too long like we did with Bowyer and Coyle does not make any sense either. I fully expect Mowbray to continue with his preferred mode of playing and believe in his signings and would think less of him changing after only two games. Bowyer had 17 points from 16 games, Coyle even less if my memory serves me correctly. I would give Mowbray at least 8 - 12 games before making any decision with lasting consequences. A tad ironic the calls to focus on defence and clean sheets, hump it forward, 4-4-2, get a target man in, play free-kicks long into the box and fight for second balls. Pity our fans didn't get it with Allardyce in charge.
  4. Best of luck to Robbo. Did us no harm and knew what was right and wrong within the context of his employment.
  5. Yup. The trust lost an absolute fortune through basic business negligence. And so it began.
  6. Cheers. Hopefully a few more to come.
  7. Been working away and just got back. Does someone mind quickly jotting down who has come in and who has gone out? The Rovers website is useless and there are 500 pages on here.
  8. Agree 100% with the Mayweather stuff. I am a bit behind schedule, but Ward did a top job on Kovalev, who was found seriously wanting. Moving on, two or three weeks after the Mayweather show there is a genuine boxing Mega Fight seemingly forgotten about in the excitement of MMA v Boxing. GGG v Canello. A fight I have looked forward to for a long time. Kelly v Davies seems to have passed everyone's attention as well. Decent fighter Kelly, one to watch and it was pleasing to see Ohara Davies brought back down to earth. Looking forward to the Super Middle Weight tournament and the Cruiserweight version of same is absolutely top notch with all the big boys (except Bellew) joining in.
  9. Pleased for Eubank Junior. Dominated the fight from start to finish and his willingness to throw punches was always going to be a problem for Abraham. Won all 12 rounds on one card and 10 on the other two. Not sure what Abraham was up to, struggled to make weight and then looked to survive presumably hoping Eubank would tire. I wouldn't read too much into Eubanks punch power on this showing. Better boxers and harder punchers than Eubank have failed to put a dent in Abraham.
  10. Yeah recruit enough and some inevitably will come good.
  11. Moyes in my view remains a very good manager. If this is true I think it is a cracking move for PNE. Grayson has done a very good job and a decent platform is in place. North End just need some proper dough chucking at them and a proven operator to lead the way. Decent bloke Moyes. Gritty. Like him a lot. Sunderland should have gone down five years on the spin, following Ferguson a tad tricky, working abroad subjective for a dour Scot. Poor career moves rather than poor manager. Hemmings and his wad. Been talked about for years.
  12. Of course, providing they meet your requirements. No one player ever took a team down and some cracking players immediately come available. The question is who will buy our relegated players? Relegated from Division Two. I'm not sure that has fully sunk in yet for me. Jeepers.
  13. Very pleased for Groves, on the fringes of world class for a while and has now achieved his ultimate ambition. Much improved under Shane Mcguigan and acts, looks and talks with increasing maturity. A handful for anyone at that level, unless Ward comes back down in weight. Degale having shoulder surgery out till Xmas. Smith fighting Dirrell away from home, but I fancy him to get the job done. Abraham fighting Eubank Junior at Super Middle. As long as Eubank wins some cracking fights to be made at that weight in the UK. Well done to Joshua as others have mentioned. Especially seeing as Klitchko came to fight. Interesting how his ass totally fell out against Fury. Guess credit to Fury for the physcology employed prior to that fight as he did a real number on the former champ. Learnt a lot about Joshua in that fight, some good, some not so good. Every other heavyweight will have taken note at how easy Joshua gassed, his immaturity celebrating the win after the first knockdown and the fact he is often very square on with ponderous feet. Struggled to get his jab going at times as well. Like Fury said, "Joshua has just gone life and death with a guy who couldn't even lay a finger on me". Don't fall for the Matchroom spin, Fury is just as likely to jab Joshua's head off for 12 rounds as Joshua is likely to land his big right hand on Fury. If it does go to points there is only one winner and I am genuinely looking forward to that fight if it ever happens. Egg = face = learning curves.
  14. Sounds about right to me. Is it 5 million we have to reduce off our wage bill? Have to imagine the focus is on lowering our wage bill rather than raising it. We will soon have a team of players that no-one has ever heard of.
  15. What were you right about? Bowyer has been promoted from Division Four, Lambert relieved of duties in Division Two. The reason for that is when leaving Rovers one had to lower his expectations and aspirations considerably, whilst the other was afforded a seemingly better opportunity at a decent sized club at the same level. The football world seems to view respective performance and achievements differently than your version of 'right'. Not too fussed either way if you really feel vindicated. Bully for you, I say, albeit a tad confused. Credit to Bowyer, very good achievement. Sometimes you need to take a step back to go forward. Different challenges lower down, all laid on a plate for him at Rovers waxing twenty five million per year in the chase for ninth. Crazy in that division. The tea lady also doubles up for the half-time massage and your supplying your own tangerines. Giving it a right good go indeed is Gazzer and I am chuffed for him. I hope we batter them home and away.