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  1. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    I fully understand your embarrassment. I would not like reminding of my stupidity either. I'm truly sorry, as I did not realise this was so important to you and failed to realise you were so upset. Genuine apologies as I don't want to spoil your day. You sound way too old to be all trembly. I'll jog on as requested. You can reclaim your self appointed role as BRFCS boxing Oracle. As long as no-one reads your words you will be fine. Joshua...ra ra ra ra.
  2. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Fury should retire. Jack shit else to prove. Held every belt and every award possible to win.
  3. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Hi KHod, hope you are ok and things go well. Bit of a weird reply to my post may I say. I don't post on the football as I don't attend any longer and don't feel qualified watching titbits from tv. I do follow the boxing, am still a member of this site, and could only post after the event last weekend. For some strange reason I am constantly being called a 'fangirl' by one poster simply because I rate Fury's skills as a boxer. The one who liked your comment. If I have upset you both I apologise. I am not Fury's manager or agent, I don't benefit from supporting him, it is only an opinion.
  4. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Fangirl? Oh dear. You seem to have taken my words personally. You would have seen Fury stepping in loads of times if you had followed his early career.
  5. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Some posts on this thread haven't aged very well.😂😂 A few on here still on a very steep learning curve! The 'Pillow Fisted' Fury, totally demolished Wilder. And stopped him. After flattening him numerous times. Tremendous performance from Fury, aggressive, skilful, heavy handed and completely dominant. Took the fight to Wilder from the off and within three rounds had him hurt, scared and dis-orientated. Absolutely no surprise to me, that Fury was head and shoulders above the most feared and supposed hardest hitting heavyweight for decades. Amazed that so many had Wilder winning, amazed that so many thought he would knock Fury out, amazed that no-one believed Fury was going to jump all over him, amazed that so few believed Fury could win. What did folk not understand? The only reason he got close to Fury the first time round was due to Fury losing ten stone in weight in the previous twelve months. Wilder believed he was finished, hence taking the first fight. By Fury's own admission he was only 50% fit, yet still took the fight and won 8 or 9 of the 12 rounds very easily. Fury has now fought and beat, two of the most feared and lauded heavyweight champions in history. Away from home. Let that sink in. Klitchko ten years undefeated. Wilder five years undefeated. Good that Fury is around to free the belts for all the lesser fighters to scramble after. Hope that Wilder forces the re-match. Looking forward to the press conferences already, with Fury reminding the plank how many times he fell over. Eddie Hearn already falling over himself to try and get Fury v Joshua. Forgetting all about his other fighter, mandatory for years for this belt.
  6. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Joshua runs around for 12 rounds poking his jab out, is out-timed and flustered every time they exchange and even though Ruiz is badly overweight and clearly hasn't trained, doesn't get close to putting him away. One, two, run away. Zero combinations. One of the highest grossing bore-fests of all time. Yet Joshua is suddenly lauded as a tactical genius and everyone marvels at his new found boxing prowess. His opponent was completely unfit and had no chance of winning. Joke of a fight, total non-event. Looking forward to the Fury v Wilder re-match very much. Fury had lost approximately 10 stone in the year leading up to that fight and in my considered opinion will be much better, fitter and more resilient this time round. Wilder presumably will also be better, knowing what he has to face. Wilder confident he sparks Fury out but I can't see it, even though most others have succumbed to Wilder's power. Fury saying he takes Wilder out. Fury also saying he has three fights left in Wilder, Joshua and Whyte. At least both fighters will have trained for this one and trying to win.
  7. onlyonejackwalker

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Me too, the locals have been pretty noisy this year. I keep reminding them it will all end in tears.
  8. onlyonejackwalker

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Thanks for the highlights and yes Wednesday were poor. But we looked good, carved them open with ease, got close to goal and took our chances. And yes it is The Rovers.
  9. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Clearly you don't like Dilian Whyte being caught red handed. Sorry about that, I didn't sell him the stuff. Pleasingly, it appears you've learnt not to fawn over Joshua any longer. Blather on all you like, but Fury clearly remains the best in the division, widely recognised by most, just not you. You will be telling me Fury will get flattened by Ruiz next. My hero ? Bless. Which three fights did Fury have on his return? Seferi, Pianeta and ??????????????????????????. I am easily confused.
  10. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Yet you like Dyllian Whyte? Who has he beat? Allen? Lewison? Hellenius? Lucas Browne? Chisora twice? I think you'll find Fury also did that, if you double check. Rivas and Parker juiced up? After the Wilder fight, Fury was awarded round of the year, comeback of the year, and fighter of the year in various boxing polls. Plus recognised quite rightly as the number one heavyweight around, something many have understood for donkeys. You are right about the division however. The robotic Joshua has been clinically and embarrassingly exposed, Wilder couldn't beat Fury even after he ballooned to 28 stone, huffer and puffer Whyte and now a reigning heavyweight champ with a beer back! Hilarious. Fury will completely dominate the likes of Ruiz, not get flattened four times and quit. TUE's for Joshua have been mentioned for years after he gained large amounts of muscle very quickly earlier in his career. Even body builders said it was impossible to grow that fast. Believe what you will.
  11. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Both Kovalev and Yarde sound very confident. Rumours of Kovalev partying and drinking a lot, but he is still a far better level of opponent than Yarde has ever faced. Tough gig away from home. I watched Ward v Kovalev 1 again last night. That version of Kovalev is a real handful. Cambell has weight and reach advantages on Lomachenko. Two former Olympians. Loma is obviously the big favourite, but Campbell is far better than most give him credit for and is very skilled technically. It will be a good achievement for Campbell win or lose, if the fight goes all the way.
  12. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Fury beat the man who hadn't lost for a decade. Convenient how that has been forgotten. Yes he was given a draw with Wilder, but most knowledgeable boxing folk gave it to Fury, including the vast majority of former pros. Wonder what Fury would have done to him without having to lose 142 pounds in the build up? If Wilder couldn't beat him then, he will struggle in any re-match. Whyte himself now revealed as a drug cheat. Somewhat ironic Whyte failing that test after constantly mentioning testosterone therapeutic use exemptions for Joshua for about four years. Regardless, now Joshua has been exposed by a journeyman, Hearn will be desperate to try and get Whyte off the hook. Looking forward to Luke Campbell and Anthony Yarde fights coming up. Glad BJS has signed with Hearn, loads of big fights on his platforms for middle-weights.
  13. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    I think both eye sockets went in those fights. As to why he is returning then I imagine he will still believe he has unfinished business and is good enough to regain a crown. Absolutely no disgrace losing to those two. I don't believe he is cashing out and still has three of four big fights left in him. Wouldn't fancy the Spence rematch, but he fought brilliantly away to Porter and now he holds a belt that would be an entertaining rematch. Not bothered about the Khan fight, 3/4 years too late. Fury did tremendously well. No real surprise to me. Clearly the best technical / defensive heavyweight around. Although a big fan of his ability, I did not personally believe he won the Wilder fight as easily as others have stated and was not unhappy with the draw. Getting up off the canvas twice did not help, nor the lack of punches thrown in the entire fight. Both fighters increased their standing however with Fury especially winning over a lot of new fans. What was absolutely remarkable to me was the level of Fury's performance after dropping ten stone. Shedding that type of weight, following two years of substance abuse, has a hugely deleterious impact on core strength, stamina, timing, reactions, power and punch resistance and it was of little surprise that Wilder managed to land. Those still twittering about performance enhancing drugs need to move on. Ortiz, Whyte, Canello, BJS, etc, etc. Its never ending. Drug User Fury or Drug Dealer Joshua? Bit of a moral dilemma, but for me the past, is exactly that. Looking forward to this year's boxing very much. Joshua will have to step it up again and fight either Whyte, Wilder or Fury. Interesting whoever he ends up against. Degale v Eubank looks entertaining, Callum Smith at Anfield beckons, Khan v Crawford in another tough match up for him, Broner v the Pac Man, the likes of Yarde and Buatsi and Dubois all coming along nicely as well. I think Matchroom are running 60 + shows, including Italy and USA and old fish eyes is loving being back in contention with BT support and a top fighter in his stable.
  14. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Believe it or not we get on fine. I'd win in the ring anyway. I'd jab his head off just like the Gypsy King.
  15. onlyonejackwalker

    Boxing Megathread

    Ok pal. I think you are being a bit of a cry baby regarding the Fury's in general and it has little or nothing to do with the boxing. Embarrassment to the sport etc. Maybe he should beat up his wife, or sell some Charlie for universal acclaim. Of course it is boring. Lineal champ, undisputed number one, the man who beat the man, yet in your reality he is totally useless and only ever had ONE fight. Dynamite.

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