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  1. Congratulations to Blackpool and Gary Bowyer. Best of luck in the play-offs. No I don't want him back, but have no problem him doing well elsewhere.
  2. We should have been straight on it the minute relegation was confirmed. These delays are damaging, unhelpful and unprofessional. To be expected of course with this lot in charge, but zeepers it irritates. I will be amazed if Mowbray stays.
  3. Phil Neal was another. Scored in massive games as well. Anyone remember what a dedicated right back looks like?
  4. Strange old goings on with Rhodes. Was it because it was Huddersfield? We all know he is dynamite from 12 yards. Apparently Wednesday have commited to buying him for 10 million. Wonder if they are having 2nd thoughts. I would be totally aghast and flabbergasted if my star striker didn't want every single penalty that came available. And most free kicks. I've seen lada fight over the ball.
  5. Thanks very much DE. Will look forward to part two.
  6. It all started for me a long time ago in Division Three. Don Martin, Bobby Svarc, Kevin Hird, John Bailey, Tony Parkes, Stuart Metcalf, Derek Fazackerly. Gordon Lee and Howard Kendall. Duncan Mckenzie! Happy memories of managers and players that gave their all. I have attended matches back then with only 4/5000 fans at home for some mid-week games and with about 150 Rovers fans on long away trips. Often travelling to watch us get beaten at some lonely footballing backwater. Shame to be now back down amongst the dead legs, but it is richly deserved by the Raos. However I remain very thankful. Back then, I never imagined we could win the Full members Cup (yippee what a day out), nor have a number of play off attempts, (Chelsea and Palace and Swindon), nor eventually get promoted to the top Division. Our biggest games back then were always in the Cup (United - Liverpool), or against the local rivals. To get promoted, then finish 4th, 2nd and 1st (yup 1st), visit Europe, win the Worthington Cup, numerous good cup runs and top 6/7 finishes. Brilliant times for any Rovers fan and an array of star names to watch week in, week out. Dreading our team for next season! Southend, Rotherham, Fleetwood, Gillingham, Rochdale, Wigan, etc. Deary me, I am not even confident of finishing above all of these! Looking forward to the honesty and transparency of the Division below. Disgusted by the Raos. As someone else wrote, I would love to see an empty Ewood and packed out away venues. And I mean away venues rammed with Rovers fans taking over everywhere. That's a plan I could support. League One here we come. Holy Mackeral!
  7. Yes, I've met him a few times. Might buck the trend a tad, if i say i found him to be a thoroughly decent guy.
  8. Lost it against Burton, Preston and Barnsley? 46 game season and we lost it all under Mowbray in those three matches? Two of which we drew. No mention of the countless defeats earlier in the year. Great argument Stu, couldn't agree less!
  9. Yup. Credit to our away fans all season. The best thing about the club at the moment.
  10. When Mowbray came in and we did the maths most thought 51 would keep us safe. Well done to Tony Mowbray in his efforts to keep us up. Before the draw at Burton gets mentioned, or dropped points at home to Barnsley and Preston, or the limp display at Wolves, let it be clear the reason we have gone down is 16 defeats in 31 matches under the stupid clown some idiot thought was fit and proper to manage our club. Meanwhile our millionaire superstars should hang their heads in total shame. Disgrace to the badge. No-one is going to convince me they have tried their utmost this season. They can all go for me. The lot of them. I have no affinity with any of them. Wasters.
  11. Well done Rovers. Three goals scored is great. All we could so was win. Need a bit of luck....
  12. No pal, there are loads of us. JB is just having a giggle and no-one wants MM to leave. Come on Bristol!!!!!
  13. If Mercer has to leave for getting match-day scores and table predictions wrong then I had better get my coat as well. Come on Bristol!
  14. Today should be fun. Cheers Venkys. Roast chicken for tea later on.
  15. Come on Rovers you useless bunch of total shysters. I wish I felt the players cared as much as me! I never felt more like singing the blues....the Rovers win, the Brentford lose oh got me singing the blues. The blues are staying up, the blues are staying up... The football league, the football league, is upside down, is upside down.... Win or lose, I still don't really like our owners very much.