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  1. bazza

    Republic of Ireland 11

    Damien Johnson.
  2. bazza

    Player Signatures

    Rothwell seems to be the only player who can write proper. The others are pretending to be doctors.
  3. bazza

    Republic of Ireland 11

    Agreed except Duff would be playing in front of Beglin and Reid in front of Kenna. And, was Given better than Alan Kelly?
  4. bazza

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    My dad turned 18 in 1920 so it would be a bit like me watching Rovers in 1961. Unfortunately I don't know much about which games he watched. He spoke mostly about the current times (for me) i.e. 1951 to 1965 when he died. I don't even know whether or not he went to the 1928 cup final. I doubt it. He did have a very good friend who was a professional footballer and played for the Rovers around 1929 and later Burnley. I wish I had questioned him more about players like Crompton, Latheron, Healless and Ted Harper.
  5. bazza


    I'm not sure how many of us understood the government's briefing on moving to "delay". Britain seems to be tackling the epidemic in a completely different way to those of Italy, Spain and Ireland. What Britain is doing, on the advice of its senior medical and scientific officers, is to accept that the virus cannot be stopped from spreading through at least 80% of the population. Most of those will recover easily. The most vulnerable are at extreme risk. In order for our medical services to cope with treating and caring for the vulnerable ones, the government has given us measures to take in order to hold back the inevitable spread of the epidemic so that all the vulnerable ones can be treated rather than just a few, thereby saving more lives. We don't want the peak of the graph to be quick and high. We are trying to make it slow and lower; flattened out.
  6. bazza

    93-95 third kit

    What a good game. Lovely football from both sides.
  7. Maybe the last time we see Rovers lose for a while.😬
  8. It wouldn't cost that much to make the match day experience in the riverside a little better. Toilets, TVs and food & drink. Simples! I mean you can't buy a sausage roll now FFS.😂
  9. If Waggot improved the match-day experience on the Riverside for supporters he might find more people going on. For example we've spoken about the toilet facilities which need upgrading as far as possible under the circumstances. Other matters are:- TV screens at the rear to show what the big screen shows all the time. Food and drink to improve and be reasonably priced. The rear fire escape exit to be re-instated and made available for normal exit as it used to be. If the fire escape is deemed to be unsafe, then they are contravening the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Possible hot air blowers to put some warmth into the top rear passage. Finally, sorry for hijacking the Bristol City match thread.
  10. bazza

    Away shirts

    It's time the club commanded respect for itself and its supporters. We are Blackburn Rovers. We will play in our home kit whenever we can, changing the shorts to blue if necessary. If we need a change, red and black (or navy) halves with red or black/navy shorts should be it. Our owners are multi-billionaires and we needn't rely on shirt sponsors to dictate to us. Our pride and integrity must rise above marketing desires. N.B. I use the term "halves" because everyone else does. I still refer to our shirts as "quarters". A shirt cannot be divided into four halves. 😉
  11. Never had hot water and I don't expect it. But modern effective hand driers wouldn't cost as much as Brereton, would they.
  12. "Wash your hands thoroughly using alcohol based soap/gel and water." In the Riverside bogs? And stand for 10 minutes trying to dry them with these antiquated hot air driers? Not me. I've decided I'm going to give this match a miss. I'm knocking on. I'd hate to catch this virus and pass it on to my better half who is of similar age. Also, when I buy my season ticket, I expect to miss the odd game or two during the season without expecting the club to re-imburse me.
  13. bazza

    Rovers Trivia Quiz

    This must be Mark Atkins.
  14. bazza

    Academy & U21s

    I'm so glad to hear they played so well. It sounds like we have a really good squad of young players. But, as far as progressing to the first team is concerned, there may be two or three if we're lucky. I think back to the youth cup winners of 1958 where all the players were excellent. Only Pickering, Newton and England eventually made it. Those three were outstanding and became internationals. But players like Mulvey, Daly, Griffiths, Ratcliffe ( who were the others...Leach, Wells, Simms?) didn't make it and faded from potential stardom. Hopefully the system has changed since those days and maybe more of the squad will develop thanks to modern coaching.
  15. bazza


    All this, to me, is an example of BBBP........bad behaviour of the British people. And there are loads of other examples which I won't go into right now.

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