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  1. bazza

    Rovers Trivia Quiz

    I didn't get Ben Marshall, Man City (didn't look at the year), Tugay, and had Sunderland instead of Man Utd. Good quiz, Tonyoz. More please.
  2. bazza

    Football rule changes - what would you do?

    Yep. Time should be away from the ref. Regards diving, it's difficult to tell if someone dives, is knocked off balance or loses balance innocently. I think a lot of refs get it wrong regularly because it is so difficult to tell the difference. I still regard MGPedersen with contempt since his blatant attempt at cheating.
  3. bazza


    It was just like Rovers away at Stoke. 3-0 up and we are struggling to hold on to the lead in the second half. In both games we could have and should have lost. However I'm as delighted with the result as an Iceland fan would have been when they beat England.
  4. bazza

    Academy & U'21's

    D'Margio, D'Margio, wherefore art thou D'Margio?
  5. Surely you have some Rovers history books. Bob Crompton, Syd Puddefoot, Harry Healless, Ted Harper and Eddie Latheron were well before my time but I am well aware of them and their contribution to the club. Incidentally I did see Albert Nightingale play. Around 1952. His modern day equivalent is Bradley Dack. Well, not exactly. Let's say Roy Wegerley. Remember him?
  6. bazza

    Bolton vs Rovers

    I thought we saw the game out better than normal today.
  7. bazza

    Bolton vs Rovers

    I was amazed at Mowbray's team selection and very pleased in the way it worked. OK, we lost momentum as Bolton came back at us. But that starting 11 needs to be repeated over and over again until they gel properly and dominate the opposition for longer. Never thought TM would pick such a team. I feel great tonight.
  8. bazza

    Bolton vs Rovers

    (You talking about Lowe) I thought that about Dack.
  9. bazza

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Are we on TV? I cannot find it on Sky or BT. Found it. We are on Sky.
  10. bazza

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Looks like no one can help you there, mate. When you come, can you bring the Swiss railway network with you to replace ours, please?
  11. bazza

    Championship 2018-19

    Would that have been "Lytham Kitchen" by any chance? Some years ago I saw him in the window there on a week day when he was Everton manager and wondered why he wasn't on the training ground. He wasn't smiling then. He was just normal. He was wearing what social media now call " a normal, relaxed bitch face". 🤪
  12. bazza


    I was surprised to see 14440 as the crowd v Sheff Utd according to BBC. Our crowd v Nottm Forest was 14440. Also on Saturday PNE had 14099 v WBA and Bolton had 14096 v Derby C. All very close but we had the biggest.
  13. bazza


    What sort of meat? Steak, steak and kidney, meat and potato, chicken balti or other?
  14. bazza

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Mowbray has been more than a manager to this club. If it weren't for him coming in and winning the total confidence of the Raos, we would be in League 2 by now. He has brought in not only better players but also reliable people to run the club as it should be run. It's work in progress. We must stick with him. One good thing about Mowbray which I didn't see from many previous managers is that he is not afraid to make changes in formation and bring on subs. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and go again on Saturday.
  15. I always look forward to these, Tony. Well done and keep them coming.

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