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  1. Bennett had a decent game at left back; far better than I expected. Never a penalty.
  2. Same with Harry Chapman when he did his hamstring at Ewood and played on for a while. What are our medical team thinking of? They aren't up to it methinks.
  3. bazza

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    What a lovely, intelligent footballer Holtby is. Keep picking him, Tony. Bennett at left back??? He played better than Bell would have done IMO. Nyambe has got to keep his place. First Rover to get to the by-line several times for ages. Adarabioyo played very well. Keep him in, Tony. Kudos to Dack who had the chance to shoot but passed it across to Holtby to score. I love watching a team game. I forecast a defeat. We should have won but I'll settle for the point.
  4. bazza

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    I wish I'd never posted that. I always exaggerate. Like when I said my wife needs to drink six million cups of tea in a morning before getting out of bed when she actually has two cups.
  5. bazza

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Poor Sunderland. They never seem to get it right.
  6. bazza

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Ability-wise, Bell is a million times better than Goulon was in our blue & white shirt. No-one will ever be as bad as Goulon for me. Similarly no striker will ever be as bad as Chris Brown.
  7. bazza


    1966 at Goodison. I was there in the pouring rain watching Hungary beat a sorry-looking Brazil side. Florian Albert was the Hungarian centre forward who kept tracking back, winning the ball and ploughing forward wreaking havoc in the Brazil defence.What a great game! I watched it on TV and it sounded like booing whenever Rashford got the ball. Then there were boos again when Sterling got the ball. Other players didn't get it. Must have been monkey chants. Then the cameras showed a group of people dressed the same in black, with open mouths, and giving nazi salutes. They had obviously been allowed into the ground and they had a banner. The authorities were very weak IMO for allowing this. Looks like the Bulgars are dealing seriously with it, though.
  8. bazza

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Is it the personality of the lad? Surely he can be coached by someone. Maybe our coaches aren't good enough.
  9. bazza

    Damien Johnson

    I thought Grabbi came on as a sub against Liverpool and scored a great header at the Blackburn end. Surely that's not the disallowed goal, is it?
  10. The 1960 cup final with that bar steward Derek Dougan. Cringeworthy? It made me want to vomit.
  11. bazza

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Whenever I see this sort of statement I always think of Herold Goulon.
  12. bazza

    Other Football League 2018/19

    I see the match between Kidderminster Harriers and Farsley Celtic was postponed due to "international call-ups". Are some of their players from San Marino and Liechtenstein by any chance?
  13. bazza

    If Tony goes...

    Hence I went for Damian Johnson. I'd love to see what he would do as manager and given full rein.
  14. I think Cunningham will be out for the season. As to our season, it's not over by any means. A battle to avoid relegation has just begun.
  15. bazza

    Preston Away

    Yep. On paper they should hammer us. But, as we all know, football is a funny old game. I think we might get something from this one.

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