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  1. bazza


    It wouldn't surprise me if Mowbray picked Tosin at right back and Bennett at left back if he is sticking with a back four.
  2. bazza

    Academy & U21s

    Just for the record, Rovers 1 Wolves 2. (HT 0-0) A Chapman shot equalised for Rovers. Despite heroic defending with 9 men they conceded towards the end. Also Andy Fisher has gone on loan to Northampton Town.
  3. No government of this country of whatever colour is going to intervene in football matters. It's up to the football authorities. But they seem to be inept. Par for the course with regard to many things in this country.
  4. That's right. Blame the Tories. It's their fault for everything, including fires in the Amazon.
  5. bazza


    At the Charlton game I queued for 25 minutes in the fanzone tent to get a beer. At the Middlesbrough game I noticed several mini dispensers of Fosters all around the Blackburn End manned by two people at each one. That, to me, was a great initiative. Those just wanting Fosters wouldn't have to queue. And the main queue for other things would be greatly reduced.
  6. bazza

    Academy & U21s

    He looked more mature than the rest. He played left wing, did a lot of dribbling and frightened Leicester's defence often. He took the free kick from the left which Grayson scored from; a well-worked training ground move. A good work out for him.
  7. bazza

    Academy & U21s

    1-1. Second half we looked much better and really should have won the game. All the players looked very good. Well worked set piece for our equaliser. I think we were fitter than them.
  8. bazza

    Middlesbrough (H)

    A good performance by ALL the Rovers players! Not one of them failed to impress. Special mention to Gally on the wing who had a brilliant game and must have been a handful for their left back. Dack was a busy wasp. Couldn't understand Buckley being brought on at the double substitution and he looked a bit lightweight but such close control and intelligent play taking the ball towards their corner flag showed the lad has class. Lenihan and Williams, the two Irish CBs were immense, especially Williams who was my MOM and should be considered for the position of team captain. (But please don't play him at left back)
  9. Bought one today. Haven't read it yet. Give us a chance! Watched the game......delighted with result.........came home and chatted with wife................ate meal while browsing BBC Sport Football, looking at scores, tables, attendances, referees etc..................Not checked email yet..........only just arrived on BRFCS website...............Phew!!
  10. bazza


    The second Chesterfield home game. Yes, that was a real downer for me.
  11. bazza


    I've just watched it over and over and I'm not convinced. If he dived, why did the ref not book him? His heel was clipped.
  12. bazza


    I feel sorry for BB. If he had gone to PNE he would have been banging the goals in regularly, now, working for a proper manager. TM has destroyed him as he seems to be destroying others like Nyambe and Rothwell. Also, looking at the Oldham highlights, it's obvious to me that his heel got badly clipped.
  13. bazza


    Don't post a goal until you're certain😡
  14. bazza


    I feel sorry for Smallwood. He should have gone to a League 1 club in the summer.
  15. bazza

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    I was actually watching that snooker game on a B/W TV and it made perfect sense to me. Was it on the show called"Pot Black"?

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