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  1. bazza

    Kasey Palmer

    Glad we got him for the season. Nice to see a player in a Rovers shirt who is tricky, greedy, comfortable on the ball, full of confidence etc. I want to see more of this "fancy dan" stuff.
  2. bazza


    Good point taken from a strong Millwall side. Smallwood is out of his depth intros league. Rothwell looks very good and Palmer, who played on the right wing in the first half and in the middle in the second, also looks good. We never seem to win headers. And we don't look to try different things like other sides do. When Rothwell had that shot I had been crying out for 10minutes for someone to try a shot. Thought Bennett might have. Anyway, good point. Happy with that.
  3. bazza


    Millwall will be a very difficult team to beat. They surprised a lot of teams last season and should have beaten Middlesbrough last Saturday. I'm looking forward to the game. Not looking forward to seeing the players in the new drab colours though. Let's see what Rovers are really about in this division. I think a narrow hard-fought victory is due.
  4. bazza

    Thursday deadline.

    Is Brereton any better than Nuttall or Samuel? Strange offer from Rovers.
  5. bazza

    Thursday deadline.

    I won't be too disappointed if we sign no-one. If we cannot get the right players in then don't just sign anyone. Otherwise we'll finish up with more Gladwins and Harts than we can afford. Also I want to see the youngsters come through.
  6. bazza


    Seriously, they cocked it up big time in their naiveté. It took them a long time to learn. And, yes, they are totally arrogant and have never heard of the word "humility". But we are doing OK with little interference from them. But we must admit they are bankrolling us. So far so good since we got rid of Jerome Anderson and his cronies.
  7. bazza


    Never thought I'd say this but thank goodness we're owned by Venkys and not Oystons.
  8. bazza

    Thursday deadline.

    Are you related to Ken Furphy by any chance?
  9. bazza


    No. Gary Bowyer. Wrong thread.
  10. After watching the highlights on Quest TV I've changed my mind (which I made up after reading comments on this board) Rovers looked OK. Williams got skinned a few times by their excellent Edwards and failed to cut out the cross for their first goal but did well in crossing for Dack. Palmer's miss wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Danny Graham played well. Their second goal was an absolute fluke; no-one to blame. I don't know what Rothwell, Davenport and Palmer can add to that starting team. I'll have to judge them when I see them. I think we'll be fine in this league and I'm looking forward to the Millwall game; Lions not to be taken too lightly though. They are a good, tough side.
  11. bazza

    Championship 2018-19

    Apparently Channel 5 didn't have enough viewers so Quest has now got it. Quest have a deal for four years. A 90 minute programme at 9pm Saturday, shown again at 10am Sunday. Personally I'm familiar with channel 5 but I've never heard of Quest 'til now.
  12. But I would NEVER have started him on the wing😅 Actually Shearer was a brilliant all rounder, as was Simon Garner. Pure footballers.
  13. Williams and Samuel for me.
  14. bazza

    The BRFCS 2018/19 Predictions Thread

    Where will Rovers finish this season? : 11th Player of the Year : Lenihan Young Player of the Year: Travis Top Goalscorer: Dack Championship Promoted : Stoke, Derby, Leeds Championship Relegated : Bolton, QPR, Reading Dark Horse : Ipswich Town Hey....Stranger things have happened : Preston very close to winning the play-offs Miscellaneous : Joey Barton to lead Fleetwood to promotion
  15. bazza

    Pre Season Matches

    9 changes for Everton. Their first team are now on.

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