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  1. I said before Ayala to replace Lenihan. Now is the ideal time. Ayala and Williams as CBs and Lenihan can take over from the injured Travis. After all Lenihan is a midfielder who has been played out of position for seasons. It's time for him to show us his midfield skills.
  2. Not if we don't score goals we won't.
  3. Radio Lancs said Travis was hobbling. We had already used our 3 subs. Why was he allowed to continue thereby making his injury worse? Same happened to Harry Chapman when he was on loan. He did his hamstring and was allowed to continue for a while. Absolutely shocking management.
  4. Ayala to replace Lenihan at CB?
  5. We seem to have been on top so far. Why have we not scored yet?
  6. Both Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao were formed by Basques. Both used the blue and white Rovers colours and now both play in red and white stripes. 😊
  7. Why is everyone upset? Any team who wants to look like us because they admire us has to be applauded. Look at Athletic Bilbao who, at their formation, wanted the team strip of the greatest club football team in the world at that time which was the Rovers. The person charged with obtaining the strip went to Southampton, England but failed to get the Rovers strip so bought the strip of the local team; red and white stripes. The away strip is sometimes blue and white quarters I believe in honour of the Rovers.
  8. bazza

    Bournemouth away

    That is what I like about watching football. I love it..............as long as it's not the Rovers doing silly things.
  9. bazza

    Bournemouth away

    I'd personally be surprised if we did. Defenders are coming TM 😫
  10. bazza

    iFollow Thread

    I'm told to download the ifollow app. Tried from App Store. App is only for iPads and iPhones. I have a MacBook. Tried the Google one. I read the reviews 95% of which called the app a complete shambles. I shan't be watching this game. I'll listen to Radio Lancs. If they want people to spend money on these things surely they have to make them simple and efficient.
  11. bazza

    Bournemouth away

    But not too good for Tom.
  12. bazza

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    Middlesbrough to finish top six unless something happens to Warnock.
  13. bazza

    Summer Transfer Window

    What bothers me is how well Lenihan will play with Wharton alongside him. We've seen how the two Irish lads play well together as CBs. For this game I would have Bell at LB (ouch) and Wharton on the bench.............or even JRC at LB instead of Bell.
  14. bazza

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Perhaps you should remind everyone that your chosen name is not based on Steve Waggott but on that wonderful left winger we had some decades ago called David Wagstaffe? That is exactly how I feel and I suspect many others do too.
  15. bazza


    Southgate is copying TM. Trippier at left back?

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