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  1. bazza

    ROVERS v Boro

    We are due a win. Dare we hope? I'm optimistic.
  2. bazza

    Championship 2018-19

    Boy oh boy was I biting my fingernails during that semi-final between Arsenal and Man Utd. The only time I was right behind Utd and loving every moment of Roy Kean's aggressive play. Can we leave the Lambert/ Ipswich thread now? I'm bored. Great to see Bristol City win again. Rather they win promotion than Leeds, Sheff Utd, Boro or WBA.
  3. bazza

    Rovers V Bristol City

    Yes. Bring on Graham in second half, not necessarily for Brereton, though.
  4. If you are going to suggest Eckersley and Langton, two players who most on this board have never seen, then let me add Harry Healless, Ted Harper, Eddie Latheron, Danny Shea and Jack Southworth. Oh, and what about Tony Field and Dave Wagstaff?
  5. bazza

    Rovers V Bristol City

    Going to be a difficult game for us. I expect our lads to bounce back after licking their wounds and scrape a 2-1 win. I'd have Nyambe back and start Ben B up front.
  6. bazza

    Brentford v Rovers

    Grayson is a left back who is out on loan. butterworts is a striker who puts himself about a bit. Maybe he could replace Nuttall on the bench for a few games.
  7. bazza

    Premier League Stuff

    Malta G C. Lest we forget.🇲🇹
  8. bazza

    Brentford v Rovers

    Same team as last time. No Nyambe either. I like the way Reed and Armstrong swap wings.
  9. bazza

    Where Are They Now?

    Is he still pointing a lot?
  10. bazza

    FA CUP

    I enjoyed watching them kill-off Arsenal with simple football. I shall enjoy them doing the same to Chelsea. Perhaps it's because I've fallen in love with Rashford 😍. However, after the Chelsea tie I shall revert to semi hatred (probably).
  11. bazza

    FA CUP

    United get Chelsea away. Lovely jubbly. That's another London team and cup holders to boot knocked out. I must admit I'm rooting for Utd at present. Never thought I would have said this.
  12. bazza

    Where Are They Now?

    His managerial skills brought us down, though.
  13. bazza

    FA CUP

    Time to scrap VAR. Lunatics in football have made the whole process too complicated as I knew they would.
  14. bazza


    Yeah. Further back someone linked Tugay to Shearer and Garner. But although Shearer and Garner were brilliant at scoring goals, they didn't have the complete class of total control of body, brain, ball and awareness of opponents. Bryan Douglas was the only other one I have seen who had this. In other words, Tugay and Douglas are the only complete footballers I've ever seen in a Rovers shirt.
  15. bazza

    Where Are They Now?

    I just love these footballers who want to play the beautiful game for as long as they can even if it means dropping down to pub league football in their 40s. Frank Worthington was one of those. Good on ye, Pascal. I've no time for those who elect to retire from international football either. Thank goodness there was no lucrative magnet in USA or China when Kevin Moran was coming to the end of his career.

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