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  1. bazza

    Millwall Away

    Disappointment but one spark of hope....... JRC, Buckley, Davenport look good for next season. Let's hope TM gives the youngsters a good run out in our last two matches.
  2. bazza

    Millwall Away

    And this is why a lot of us want Mowbray out.
  3. bazza

    Millwall Away

    Shocking performance by Rovers so far. We are no threat to the Millwall goal whatsoever. Lazy sods.
  4. bazza

    Millwall Away

    Bloody ifollow!!!!!!!!!!! Showing umpteen replays of a near miss and we miss a goal. A f..cking Millwall goal!!
  5. bazza

    Championship season 2019-20

    That is just brilliant........🤣
  6. bazza

    Millwall Away

    We never know the full story. Maybe Nyambe is carrying a slight injury and Tony doesn't want him to start. Who knows? At least Bennett is at RIGHT back.
  7. bazza

    Championship season 2019-20

    Come on Wigan. Stay up so we can stuff you twice next season.😎
  8. bazza

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    I think it was the game where he missed a good scoring chance early on that Bradley Dack was co-commentator. Dack said that Ryan refuses to join in after training shooting practice. Can you imagine Brian Clough allowing that refusal? I'd by whispering in his ear that if he wants to continue being picked at full back he MUST join in shooting and crossing practice.
  9. bazza

    West Brom at home

    When a young Garner came into the first team it was the first time in a long time I saw someone who would shoot as soon as he got the merest sniff of the goalposts and net. For many seasons up until then Rovers forwards would pass, pass, and pass again in and around the penalty area. At that time Simon was a breath of fresh air.
  10. bazza

    West Brom at home

    What? I'd never post again.🤪 See...........Mowbray has a lot to answer for. Shame on him.
  11. bazza

    iFollow Thread

    I think the whole ifollow is very poor. Don't get me wrong, I think the camera work and commentary is extremely good but too often I get thrown out. The Leeds match I missed from 15 minutes to 75 minutes. I tried to "chat" to them but got no response. The screen goes a blank grey with a triangle in the centre with a diagonal line through it. I sent an email to which they responded telling me to clear the cache and cookies which I did. Next game was ok, Cardiff away but today, WBA at home, same thing happened at 15 minutes. No response from the "chat with us". What a farce that is! I came out of the browser, went in again to Rovers site and managed to get the rest of the game ok. I certainly won't be paying for this poor quality of streaming in the future.
  12. bazza

    Premier League Stuff

    So Howard Kendal knew and Sean Dyche knows how to do it.😉
  13. bazza

    Premier League Stuff

    Sheffield United are another club like that.
  14. bazza

    West Brom at home

    WBA are the best team to visit Ewood this season. Better than Leeds and Brentford. They are going up, no problem.
  15. bazza

    West Brom at home

    Mine was fine but it cut off at 15 minutes. I had to shut down and go into the rovers web site again, log on and got it back. If this and the Leeds game are examples of ifollow I wouldn't pay for it.

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