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  1. bazza

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Well some of you may have heard this before. When I was a lad in the mid 1950s I watched a free-scoring Rovers demolish Middlesbrough 9-0 at Ewood Park. Tommy Briggs, our super centre forward (striker) played but didn't score in that game. The only Boro player I remember was the goalkeeper, Ugolini. Poor fellow! I wonder if he ever got over it. 2018 Boro are a solid side who will not lose two home matches on the trot. Rovers to lose 2-0 I'm afraid to say.
  2. bazza

    How the table really looks

    It certainly does give a more realistic view of the league table, Blue n Whites. Thanks for that.
  3. bazza

    Premier League Stuff

    Good manager. I love the man. Was it the calendar year 1998 when he only won 4 games with us? At the beginning of the year we were top of the Prem and playing brilliant football. A wicked witch put a hex on us, and poor old Roy had us bottom by November. What a strange year.
  4. Thank you again, Tony. Keep 'em coming.
  5. bazza

    Blackburn Ladies

    When I see them mentioned in the media they are referred to as "Blackburn Ladies". No mention of "Rovers" at all. Can They change their name to "Blackburn Rovers Lasses". That sounds almost as good as "Guiseley Vixens"
  6. bazza

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Ever thought of applying for a managers job? I love that line-up. I hope TM reads this board. This post makes so much sense.
  7. It's all been said re the PNE match. Shocking selection and performance. From what I've seen of Brereton, and I'm no football scout, he looks very, very capable. He's big, fast, tricky. He needs to be starting regularly up front, with or without Graham. He and Dack seem to have an understanding. Rothwell needs to start as well. Williams is a good CB but hopeless at LB. Bell for me please; if not where is Caddis when you need him😉
  8. We play Wednesday Saturday too😎
  9. So, an ageing Finney coming to the end of his career rang rings around us. In his younger days he played right wing for North End, left wing for England and, towards the end of his career, played centre forward scoring many goals. What a superb player he was. That Rovers team looked a bit weak. Bill Smith(?) at left back, Ken Taylor at right back, Roy Isherwood on the right wing and no Ronnie Clayton. Hmmm.
  10. Thanks for the programme bits. Has anyone noticed that the referee was FINNEY? Allegedly from Hereford. That was the game that taught me a lesson never to leave before the final whistle. I left at 4-2 to Rovers and later Sports Report on radio announced "Eight goals at Deepdale". I was nearly apoplectic. Barrie Hole was superb as was Newton, Clayton, Rodgers, Ferguson and Connelly. Happy days! But happy days have returned under Mowbray.
  11. bazza

    Darragh Lenihan

  12. bazza

    Ben Brereton

    Why don't we just replace Graham with Brereton and see how things go. Dack seems to have a good rapport with Ben and Armstrong is no dunce. They will gel. Add to that Rothwell and Reed and we will have some mean attacking force. From what I've seen of Ben he really looks a good strong player and will only improve with more game minutes.
  13. bazza

    Bradley Dack

    Grealish is a better all-round midfield play-maker. Dack is another Jordan Rhodes; he scores goals even when having a poor game like against Rotherham. Know who I'd rather have in my side.................. Sir Bradley!!
  14. bazza

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    We are a small team. Why do we continue to lump corners in the air into the box? Surely some variety can be worked out on the training ground. And when they have a corner why Isn't little, fast Armstrong waiting in the centre circle?
  15. bazza

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Ref was David Webb who refereed Rovers v Crewe Alex in December last year and, when Rovers had raced into a 3-0 lead, decided to be on Crewe's side by sending off two of our players thus leading to the gallant nine digging in to earn a 3-3 replay. He was a shocking ref that day. Bonus points for naming our two players dismissed. At the final whistle today I was glad of a point. It began to look like we were never going to score and that it was to be one of those days. Still only lost 3 this season which I think is terrific. We have some good players in Rothwell, Rodwell, Reed, Raya, Nyambe, Brereton, Lenihan, Dack etc. As well as Evans, Mulgrew and Graham. It's just finding the right combination to make the team click Good to see the Riverside so full today. Good to be a Rover.

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