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  1. Fair play to Anderson! Deserved it and glad he won it after letting himself down a bit in the World final. Lewis did what Anderson has been guilty of in the past and bottled it a little in the final. A good start from Anderson, and the relentless heavy scoring effectively put Lewis away early. At 6-1 you could clearly see Lewis had given up and just wanted to get off stage! Good final but a shame Lewis didn't dig in and put up a bit more of a fight.
  2. Yeah he would've been annihilated by anyone in half decent form. Terrible standard last night for those two. I woulda beaten Mawson last night!
  3. northernrover

    Chip Shop

    I don't think i've found one down here that do steak pudding. And sorry, but i think it shut a few years ago. Not sure if it's now 'The Frying Machine', or if thats just another chippy nearby......but its not as good.
  4. northernrover

    Chip Shop

    McGoldricks ??
  5. northernrover

    Your Current Starting 11 For The Season.

    I think LeChuck almost has it with Robinson Salgado Samba Nelsen Givet Emerton N'Zonzi Pedersen Dunn Olsson Kalinic EDIT: But i think Dunn needs to be more advanced. Robinson Salgado Samba Nelsen Givet N'Zonzi Emerton Pedersen Olsson Dunn Kalinic
  6. northernrover

    Lads Holiday Destinations

    Sugggestion justified
  7. northernrover

    Lads Holiday Destinations

    It's not too late for Pikeydorm with us lot in a few weeks. Should be cheap enough. Flights are the dearest part at the moment - about 100 notes. And our last experience of Spain provided some lasting memories, didn't it!? Failing that, Amsterdam.......and failing that,somewhere like Tallinn or Ljublijana (sp)
  8. northernrover

    Gamer Tag - Ps3

    TAG: MEYERSY81 GAMES: Fifa10, Uncharted 2, COD MW2
  9. northernrover

    Villa Semi Final 2Nd Leg

    I expect we'll be in there. Where is it mate?
  10. Whitlock was very good last night. Fair play to Osbourne, he showed a lot of grit just to win the set he did. Shame he couldn't force it to go all the way. Unfortunate to lose players as good as that in the 1st round.
  11. northernrover

    We'Ve Got A Semi (Thread) On

    Is anyone planning on staying over? Cheap Digs in Broad Street Travelodge (or similar) and out for Student night ;-) after whats going to be a great game Probably about 8 of us coming up
  12. northernrover

    Burnley Home Game

    Yeah i thought that would be the best way. Ha ha fair enough, i doubt we'll be having too much Sat night - i know what we get like. We'd be out til 4 and be hanging Sunday morning, so just a quiet one so we're up and ready early on sunday. We try and get to about 10 a season, normally a couple of aways in there too against the midlands sides. We all play footy locally and it always turns into an expensive weekend when we go for a night or 2, so that stops us going any more often.
  13. northernrover

    Burnley Home Game

    Heading up from Dursley (near Stroud). Do you go M4 to M5, or M5 via Ciren, Malmesbury, Tetbury, etc? Yeah we're travelling up Saturday too, but we've all got footy that day, so not until about 6ish.
  14. northernrover

    Burnley Home Game

    Sounds like i'll be getting in there early aswell then. 5 of us coming up. We've even decided to stay in on the Sat night so we're up and fresh by 9am Sunday.
  15. northernrover

    Footy Bets 09-10

    Bloody West Brom did me. Damn annoying as you'd prob say they were the most odds on. Liverpool West Brom Charlton Bournemouth Oxford Celtic

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