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  1. dwayne cage


    Watched A Touch of Cloth. Had me rolling around laughing in stitches. The guy next door must of thought I was on drugs.
  2. dwayne cage

    Dickson Etuhu

    "@CryerRovers: I am still being told don't expect any defenders. Etuhu can be fourth centre back apparently"
  3. dwayne cage

    Dickson Etuhu

    I agree with Patrick. Etuhuu also knows how to tackle unlike any of our midfield last season. Was like watching The Benny Hill Show most of the time.
  4. dwayne cage


    Hello i'm dwayne cage i have posted on few other Rovers forums and have been getting annoyed with different ones because of a big number of people being supportive of our shocking manager. I hear that a lot of people on here are against Kean so i thought "What the hell" and chose to startv posting here. I hope to become a fairl;y regular poster.

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