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  1. You can see the Mackie/Givet clash Here Watched it a few times and it's hard to tell exactly what happened but it looks to me that Mackie gets there first, but goes over the top of the ball and takes out Givet before he can get to the ball (hence the path of the ball doesn't change).
  2. Cousin is supposed to heading to England isn't he? Is that to Fulham?
  3. About 20 mins - directions here. I'd say it's not a good idea to wear colours either unless you're going by coach.
  4. Can anyone tell me where will be the best place to watch the United-West Ham game in town before kick off?
  5. Yeah, which means a Chelsea-Cardiff final would have given an extra UEFA spot to the league! Which is annoying considering I was supporting Barnsley thinking the chance of that had gone when United went out.
  6. Got a fiver on Bents to be first goalscorer at 12/1!. Do us proud lad.
  7. Same as me! I assume its cause of the Christmas post. Anyway I phoned ticket office this afternoon and they were very helpful and said if I haven't recieved them tomorrow to phone them and they can arrange duplicates to be picked up at Wigan.
  8. I haven't seen the incedent in question on TV but I'm sure there doesn't need to be 'daylight'. The rule states 'a player is offside if, at the moment the ball is touched or played by a team mate, he is nearer to the opponents' goal line than both the ball and the 2nd last opponent. If any part he can play football with is nearer than any part the defender can play football with he's offside.'
  9. I'm led to believe by a Liverpool supporting mate of mine Voronin will be a replacement for Fowler rather than Bellamy.
  10. Great work from Benltey for the goal.
  11. I think Peter is our fastest player. I'm sure he actually made a yard or 2 on Cristiano Ronaldo when he chased him back 50 yards in the 90th minute of the United game. He got booked ensuing for the challenge but still.
  12. I thought Henry ran his socks off. Should have buried those chances but you can't accuse him of lack of effort.
  13. I have a horrible feeling about this one. I keep thinking back to 01/02 when we lost to Leicester away from home late in the season when they were all but doomed. That said, this team does seem to be a lot stronger mentally then under Souness.
  14. Seems to be tactical. Emmo on for Bentley.
  15. Danny Murphy would have been ideal, but I think a central midfield pairing of Reid and Savage is plenty creative enough, for away games at least.