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    League Two

    That’s a good feeling. Top two without all the games in hand beneath us...
  2. Wimbledon v Rovers

    I’m in South East London but know Kingston well. It’s currently very cold but no snow in sight as of yet. Suspect the game will be fine unless London is covered in a light dusting of snow tomorrow morning, in which case London snow panic will kick in!
  3. Walsall at home 30.1.18

    Good timing!
  4. Walsall at home 30.1.18

  5. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Position with Bell seems clear. He can come if he wants to. He seems reluctant. If he doesn’t want to come, move on. Would rather not go into a game against Fleetwood Town looking like we are scrabbling for one of their players.
  6. Oxford away Tuesday

    Afraid I can’t understand this. We had a good view on Tuesday night. Didn’t feel tucked away in the corner at all. If watching a game on TV gives such an advantageous outlook, why do managers sit pitchside rather than in a TV room out the back...
  7. Oxford away Tuesday

    Completely agree. I went. Had a great view. And thought we played well. Thoroughly enjoyable match.
  8. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    Pretty solid day. Mulgrew and Lenihan still here. And Graham. Feeney - a player who causes me to groan whenever he gets anywhere near the pitch - out for now. No idea about the new players. Will take a view when they play for us.
  9. Southend v Rovers

    This was largely due to a very poor referee. He was terrible, but the further we move down the leagues (😬) the more I realise refereeing is largely based on who is the home team...
  10. Southend v Rovers

    Totally agree. I was a bit shocked by how well they passed it around and pressed.
  11. Southend v Rovers

    This looked like an issue to me. The advantage of league one is that you are very close to the action, and there was one point where Williams and Bennett were arguing about a corner that we had conceded and Mulgrew, who was standing between them, silently moved away. Wasnt impressed. I wanted him to tell them to start (rude word) focusing and get on with it. I like Mulgrew, but the team really needs someone tough leading them on the pitch.
  12. Pre-Season friendlies

    League 1 isn't a tough league. But it will be tough for us. You've got to at least assume that after the last few years right...
  13. Pre-Season friendlies

    I've followed the board for quite some time and admire Mercer's optimism! Mine just doesn't quite match it. Tbf, I'm pretty positive about the season ahead - even after being at the rubbish tonight - but it is going to be tough...