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  1. They did look very good with their passing and also closed us down well. Fully agreed that Graham coming on changed the game for us. I am reluctant to say this but I thought Dack was given the ball in good positions a number of times but chose to try and take on three or four players rather than pass to a better positioned teammate. He’s a great player at this level but it is frustrating to watch if he doesn’t beat seven players like he can sometimes occasionally do...because his instinct seems to preclude passing...
  2. Just got away from the ground and a really interesting - and entertaining - match. The starting lineup simply didn’t work. Armstrong just not capable of winning balls in the air or holding the ball up against a team like Derby. To be fair to Mowbray, he was decisive and took off Conway for Graham early on. How we weren’t two down at that point I don’t know. I thought all the substitutions - Graham, Bennett and Reed improved the side and the performance. Slightly less positively, a team including Conway and Palmer is way too lightweight for this league. I’ve now see Palmer a few times and he’s full of skill but too much of a liability I think. I’d personally keep him on the bench. Raya made some good saves (though distribution suspect at times) and I thought Nyambe and Bell were our best performers. I was certain we’d lose at half time so I’m seeing it as a good point against a decent side. Thought Derby passed it well and have a decent noisy home support. They will be up there at the end of the season. Overall, enjoyed waking away with the point, but our limitations this season are clear.
  3. Rob1981

    Loan Window

    What’s particularly pleasing is that there is a strategy in place - young players, good team spirit, some who will command big sell on fees. We’ve spent the last few years trying to survive but Mowbray deserves all the credit for the approach now. This is EXACTLY what a team in our position should be doing.
  4. Rob1981

    Loan Window

  5. Rob1981

    Loan Window

    A bit harsh. He did a job for us last year...
  6. Rob1981

    Loan Window

    I agree. Whatever your view on Mowbray - I’m a big fan admittedly - he seems to be a realist. I assume he has spoken to the player and various other contacts he has and decided it’s worth a try. Feels low risk to me, with a small chance - worth taking - that we get someone intent on trying to re-prove himself and undoubtedly with natural talent. At the least some useful cover. If there is an inkling of him upsetting the strong team dynamic, I’d assume he will be binned quite quickly. In my view, Mowbray has earnt trust by building a team of players that is as cohesive as it’s been for years.
  7. Rob1981

    Thursday deadline.

    We’ve kept all of our better players and they’ve signed new contracts. Made a couple of decent additions. Still have the loan window available. Thought we looked decent enough against Ipswich on saturday too, even if we do need some more strength in depth. So a couple of loans important. Personally struggling to panic about this transfer window after some of the ones of the last few years.
  8. Rob1981

    Thursday deadline.

    Just out of interest.. are you from our auditors or something? Lots of certainty on the finance front 😂
  9. Rob1981

    Thursday deadline.

    This journo has strong West London football links - QPR and Brentford mainly - so I’d guess some truth.
  10. Rob1981

    Ipswich away match thread

    Not sure I’d agree with entirely. Thought he ran and chased things down. Just wasn’t very effective doing it...
  11. Rob1981

    Ipswich away match thread

    Have just about recovered after my trip back last night. This is spot on for me. Thought Graham and Dack played well. The substitutions really caused us problems though. Palmer looked skilful but quite naive and gave the ball away a couple of times to invite pressure. I’m sure there is much more to come from him though. Overall a promising start though and some potential for a decent season.
  12. Rob1981

    Thursday deadline.

    Can we do both? 😝
  13. Rob1981


    It may just be me but you don’t seem to be being very positive about the fact we got promoted...
  14. Rob1981

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    After the last few years - and I know we shouldn’t have been here and I know it doesn’t make up for it all - this is just so wonderful. Let’s all enjoy tonight and give the credit that’s due. If we catch wigan it will be the icing on the cake. 😃 I’d love to beat those #%<£&!!

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