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  1. Oklahoma

    RIP Tashor

    RIP Tashor One of my favourite contributors in here. My condolances to his family and friends.
  2. Oklahoma

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Ronaldo just scored 3 goals. Portugal are qualified. Tough luck
  3. Oklahoma

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Wrong, Portugal has 2 that qualify directly plus the 3rd that has to go to playoffs. This year, the 3rd place is Paços de Ferreira, a small town club that had a great season and doesn't have any debts. Major investiment after qualifying: improve their stadium. They will be easy targets for the european big teams in the qualification round.
  4. Oklahoma

    [Archived] News Article -> Rovers v Palace

    just ended. 1-1
  5. Oklahoma

    [Archived] News Article -> Rovers v Palace

    Exactly. Supporting a team that is winning is easy! It's when we are losing that the team needs support.
  6. Oklahoma

    [Archived] News Article -> Rovers v Palace

    COYB!! Let's win this!
  7. Oklahoma

    [Archived] News Article -> Rovers v Palace

    I'm not sure if some of the players may recover for tomorrow. Haven't read any news of today's training.
  8. Oklahoma

    [Archived] News Article -> Rovers v Palace

    Team news for saturday's game: Injured/doubtful: CKR (shoulder), Dunn (ankle), Markus Olsson (hamstring), Lowe (knee), Givet (hamstring), Martin Olsson (ankle), Bentley (knee) Out 'til the end of the season: Robinson, Kean, Henley, Campbell, Best and Etuhu. it gives little options for GB to chose from. So, I think it will be something like this (if no one recovers): Sandomierski Kane, Hanley, Dann, Morris Stewart, Jones, Williamson, Pedersen Goodwillie, Rhodes Bench: Usai, Rekik, King, Gomes, Murphy, Orr, Slew
  9. And it is over... GB was good today. Shituu was sent off after the final whistle. Another one with early summer vacations.
  10. It seems we are actually more threatning then them. Whatever GB said al half time, please remember it for the next 2 games.
  11. 1-2 RHODES!!!! Keep it up, guys!!! Great comeback! With this goal, we just exchanged the league position with them. We are currently 15th, they are 19th.
  12. And one is gone and the other hardly plays... Maybe only Rhodes is allowed to score in the team.
  13. If you consider their real worth, we would still have only 8 or 9 men lol

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