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  1. Yes, and I stick by it, but I can't be bothered to argue it, Bowyer has a lot in common with with Kean, but the argument's lost...
  2. I did mean it, but I eased it slightly, as I can't be arsed arguing on here any longer - that's what I used to do before thinking of Rovers made me angry. Instead, it used to be a daily occurrence to think/post/read about them with pride. I don't think it's that harsh at all, Stu, and I think if you actually think outside out the box about it...and consider what I originally said..perhaps it would make sense. However, this board/club is a pittance of what it once was, so fine...Bowyer's trying his best...the fact that he's been employed by Venkys for years is irrelevant...him being promoted under them means nowt.... I stick by my last statement - I want them all out. Bowyer can bugger off as well. Survived AND promoted under Venkys?!? I say that as someone who can name every Rovers position in every season since they began, and their FA Cup/League Cup position. Doesn't make me better than any other supporter - and it does make me a Geek - but nobody can say I don't know/love my club. Unfortunately, all I feel these days when I look at Venkys Rovers is anger and impotent despair...
  3. FourLaneBlue

    [Archived] IT'S A BAD DAY!

    We both know it isn't going to happen, GAV. I trace back the end of Rovers solidarity to that very Pune trip. I wouldn't have gone, and I argued against it, but ultimately it ripped the support base apart. It was the end of the Rovers support against the Venkys. It was a brilliant tactic by them, I have to say. They completely fooled those supporters. In turn, they divided and conquered. A masterstroke by them, it did exactly what they wanted. They used our most loyal fans against us. We haven't been the same since. Will we ever be?
  4. FourLaneBlue

    [Archived] The Championship 2013/14

    I think your posts are commendable Longsider. You could have really put the boot in this week - of all weeks - and you didn't choose to do so. Funnily enough, you are like a lot of Rovers fans. They may not be the vocal ones, but both the Clarets and the Rovers have fans who do actually wish the best for each other. I like to see the Lanky sides do well. I prefer to see Rovers do better than all of them, but then, we are Lancastrians, and Northerners, at heart as well. Good luck in the Prem, I do think you'll get there...and, in return, I hope you do wish that we get rid of Venkys sometime!!!
  5. FourLaneBlue

    [Archived] Bowyer

    Love how you quote Rovers fans after they lose their first derby in 35 years in your previous posts...and pathetically try to use that as evidence of how they are "stupid" and "pathetic". Any decent Rovers fan/human being would understand the outrage and make allowances...
  6. What's all this proviso crap about Bowyer staying on in another capacity? The man has worked for years, and been rapidly promoted, under Venkys...and you think he is your friend?!? I'd be happy him staying on, but...come on...loyalty to a Bowyer as manager? Come on...this is nuts. We won't have our club back until they are ALL out, every one of the Venkys.
  7. FourLaneBlue

    [Archived] Bowyer

    The team and squad are good enough for the top six. Definitely. With the likes of Hanley, Dunn, Cairney, Evans, Rhodes, Gestede etc., we have enough certainly. It needs a settled line-up, however, and the will to attack. As we won't win games by attempting to sit back on a lead. An unbelievable job? 4-0 Bolton, 4-1 Forest, 1-2 Burnley in the last 6 weeks or so. Why is it naive to target the playoffs? Just because you try to downplay expectations doesn't mean you are right. The side and squad are good enough for the playoffs in what is a weaker league than last year. We have some very good players at the club still.
  8. Nope. Allardyce was experienced, knew his best team and generally got his players to rise up for the games that he targetted as winnable. It wasn't always pretty, or fun, but he turned us around from relegation certainties to mid-table, and on a negative transfer budget. Allardyce wasn't inept, that's the point. Those wanting neither Allardyce or Bowyer out are not acting with any logical consistency. They simply are totally different cases. Therefore, they want stability for stability's sake, rather than because of the managers having the same qualities. It's a valid point to have, to be fair, but equating the Allardyce and Bowyer cases doesn't really work. I don't particularly want Bowyer out of the club, but he's not got the experience to be the manager yet. A revamped managerial setup with an actual manager in would make more sense. Still, who's every had sense from Venkys?
  9. That doesn't negate what I said. If he is the manager, he still needs experienced staff, regardless of whether or not he should be manager. For me, I'd tell him to be Assistant to an actual manager. Build experience that way.
  10. I don't think anyone could deny he needs some experienced backroom staff, and fast...
  11. FourLaneBlue

    [Archived] IT'S A BAD DAY!

    Would this have hurt more if we hadn't been so numbed and desensitised after years of Venkys? It wasn't much fun, but it all just seems yet another kick in the guts under these lot. It's so commonplace that it's become the norm...
  12. This site has been the number one place for all Rovers fans since the 90s. It's been an invaluable resource for many, many things outside football as well. The work out in by Ste B, Glenn, cn174, Paul, Ricky, den, SAR, Tom, El Tombre, Beta Ray Bill, Alan75 and the many others has led to a great place enjoyed by many. All the best of luck to Wen y Hu, who has always been a quality poster and many of his podcasts are still memorable. It's unsurprising it has been a different place over the last 4 or so years, ultimately since Venkys we have been an angry, unhappy bunch instead of before when different emotions could compete. The club is now a shell of what it was, and no wonder if fans find it difficult to even check on Rovers, never mind post about them. Hopefully, there will be more positive things to look forward to in the future. Having a club in the Premiership is no big deal, but having one that you can be fully proud of - including those that own it - is far more valuable. Thanks Gents, it's been a blast all these years.
  13. They aren't up yet. However, that is the next stage in our humiliation. Playing in a lower league than burnley for the first time in four decades.
  14. FourLaneBlue

    [Archived] Bowyer

    I'm all for Bowyer getting more managerial experience, but the answer would be to have him as an assistant, rather than being up there on his own. In a league full of canny, wily operators like Davies, etc., his inexperience is costing us. He did well for the club last year and so deserved a promotion, but not all the way to the top job.
  15. FourLaneBlue

    [Archived] IT'S A BAD DAY!

    Tin pot league, SG194?!? We'll be aspiring to be in this league before too long, mark my words. It'll be a long road back to recover from the Venkys mismanagement debacle, i think most of us realise that. it'll get far worse before it gets better, btw.

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