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  1. rebelzero


    BLACKBURN v READING Blackburn: Raya, Nyambe, Smallwood, Armstrong, Rothwell, Graham, Mulgrew, Bell, Lenihan, Evans, Bennett, Subs: Leutwiler, Samuel, Nuttall, Downing, Travis, Hart, Conway Reading: Mannone, Yiadom, McShane, Moore, Bacuna, Baldock, Aluko, Meite, Bodvarsson, Blackett, Kelly Subs: Walker, O’Shea, Meyler, Swift, Barrow, Sims, McNulty
  2. rebelzero

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    as much as I enjoy watching this MB consume itself with opinions grand and weak, I would think by now any discussion piece that questions success or not is meaningless without a poll... 😁 that said, while I will reserve my opinions (for now) until the end of the month, as far as I'm concerned, NOT signing Jason Lowe again is by far the best news of the entire window
  3. rebelzero

    Thursday deadline.

    From Skysports football transfer centre BLACKBURN LAUNCH FREEMAN BID Blackburn have launched a £4m bid for QPR midfielder Luke Freeman, according to Sky sources. Middlesbrough and Sheffield United have previously showed interest in the player.
  4. rebelzero

    Thursday deadline.

    WIl Trapp MLS info some comments from the MLS world: 1) MLS transfer window shuts at 559 AM GMT on Thursday, so any deals need to be sorted by tomorrow 2) he's an academy graduate for his current club, which is rather rare on this side of the pond 3) he does have 6 caps for the US, but surely that raises questions about a work permit. He has, however, captained the national side for the recent friendlies before the world cup 4) the team he is on is rumoured to be changing cities (Owner threatened to move if the city didn't build a new stadium). it is possible the player has told the management he does not want to follow them
  5. rebelzero

    Hypothetical Flying Chickens

    question - what would be the appropriate musical accompaniment to such a display? Ride of the Valkyries (as in Apocalypse Now), or the Chicken Dance song?
  6. rebelzero

    Mural Outside Ewood

    almost to 750 now
  7. rebelzero

    Leeds Away

    sure. as much as MLS tries to make things interesting, in a single table format, Houston were 15 out of 20 (so near relegation bound if the Americans could stomach it), or 8th out of 10 teams in their conference. And since Americans like their playoffs, his side were 9 points out of a playoff spot. I suppose he may be out of a job again before it gets too cold. Maybe the Jamaican league will be his next destination... (or perhaps Brunei - hear they have a great set up down there)
  8. rebelzero

    Vs. Wigan Away

    the only positive from today is that the dingles lost
  9. rebelzero

    Transfers Part 2

    Dom Dwyer plays for Sporting KC - he just turned 26 yesterday http://www.sportingkc.com/players/dom-dwyer (admittedly he's one of the better strikers in MLS and fights well. granted he may perform well for (an English) side that passes well) please note the last line on his club bio... Favorite celebrity encounter was speaking to former Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle.
  10. rebelzero

    Transfers Part 2

    http://sbisoccer.com/2016/07/atlanta-united-sign-tt-striker-kenwyne-jones not that he's been mentioned since we signed Stokes and Graham, but Kenwyne Jones just signed for an MLS side. They're a new club that doesn't play until next year, so they're looking for him to play on loan until January. But since he was a name bandied about, at least by some of the people on this board, I figured it was worth mentioning.
  11. rebelzero

    Summer Transfer/discussion Thread

    I've seen Zelazem play more with the US national team (and Under-17 and U-20) sides where he looked class in his passing and set up play. Spent last year at Rangers (admittedly did not see anything more than highlights here and there) and started well, becoming a starter within a month. He was then injured in the winter, and once healthy again, did not feature prominently in their squad, but was in off the bench here and there. Part of the reason he went to Rangers was to "toughen" up a bit. He was potentially a long term replacement for Santi Cazorla with his vision and passing. Given Arsenal's depth, i would expect him to go on loan again, but not sure if that would be to a Championship side or a lower side in the Premiership. Very likely in our wage range, especially on a loan. No clue if he's being considered.
  12. rebelzero

    Transfer Window - January 2016

    note to the Jermaine Jones posters - suspension aside, part of the reason he has not re-signed at this time in MLS is because he wants a multi-year deal, and no one has been willing to offer him one (at least at whatever terms he would accept). The news reports are that he would accept less than his previous contract (again, no one really sure how much less that would be), but the multi-year aspect was the critical part. In the last several US national team matches, he's been playing center back and not as a midfielder. I do not rate him as a starter, even in the championship at this point. I think he could do 45, especially if we are leading, in a bit to hold and settle the midfield. But I don't think the current version of Mr. Jones is the answer. One US player who could possibly adapt (although would probably need half a season to adjust to the style/pace of play) is Perry Kitchen, currently without a club and available on a free transfer. Has similar energy and drive, but hasn't really played the pace of the championship. In MLS, there were matches where he was brilliant one week but would disappear the next. Part of that came from the very defensive system he was playing in. But with the right players around him, would definitely step up from the MLS play - last I heard he was looking for opportunities in Germany. He may be worth a punt on a trial though.
  13. rebelzero

    Transfer Window - January 2016

    heavily linked with a move to MLS (Chicago - which has a serbian manager)
  14. rebelzero

    Transfer Talk Part 4

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/29145/10091838/italy-world-cup-winner-luca-toni-set-to-retire-from-football the dream is over. For those of us who have wished, hoped, or just recycled the name year after year in the transfer window threads, it appears our chance to have Luca Toni in blue and white halves is now just that - a dream (or consistent running joke, take your pick)
  15. rebelzero

    Steve Kean Millwall bound

    the real question here is (presuming this does happen) - will it feel better to beat Burnley next year or Milwall?

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