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  1. Uddersfelt Blue

    Academy & U21s

    Rovers u23’s are at Brighton today 2pm kick off it’s live on Brighton’s TV channel for those of us with time on our hands or (not) working from home🤪
  2. Uddersfelt Blue

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    It’s unlucky but maybe Ayala wasn’t up to full fitness when he was rushed in to replace Lenihan and Williams. It certainly seems that things are going against us this season.
  3. Uddersfelt Blue

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    I am awake Barry but seem to have lost some (more) brain cells since my op! Lets hope we do have a defence in place and no own goals
  4. Uddersfelt Blue

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    Much depends on player availability (again). Defensively we could be struggling. Kaminski? Doubt it if he’s in Belgium isolating until Friday. Nyambe? injured? Play JRC there if Douglas and/or Bell available for left back. Williams/Ayala? if neither fit then Wharton again (hope he doesn’t score for them again)
  5. Uddersfelt Blue

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    This the Luton who are 10th in the table and 3 points ahead of us?
  6. Uddersfelt Blue

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    Remember making the trip down to Luton in the 70’s. A frozen pitch and with Rovers losing 2-0 the Rovers players started skating and dropping like flies with the referee abandoning the game in the second half. We lost the replayed game 4-0
  7. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    It’s possible that a safe return will have a positive affect on attendances across the board. Hell, I think we’ve all seen too much of our own four walls and football on TV. That’s not what watching football is about. It’s about being part of an overall match day experience. Unfortunately it’s going to be a while before large numbers of fans are allowed back
  8. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    Not sure that Johnson is available according to the LT. if not then Evans will probably replace him. Can’t see Armstrong being risked until after the international break
  9. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    I hope you're not being serious Gregg? We may be struggling but we're not even a quarter way through the season. Predicting a Rovers win I see. Now I know you're not serious😀
  10. Uddersfelt Blue

    Swansea City away

    Lots of reasons why we're not winning games but maybe the biggest one is that we just aren’t physically strong enough to compete with other teams. OK we play some neat passing football and create chances but when it comes to the crunch we are too easily outmuscled by stronger players. Players who aren’t afraid to take a booking either when it matters. I’ve watched the first Swansea goal and Lenihan just wasn’t strong enough to hold off Cabango. Disregarding Nyambe who is a bit of a beast, how many players can we put in the same category? Not Evans, Holtby, Trybull, Elliott, Dolan or Armstrong. Gallagher who is probably the biggest player in the squad is a pussy cat and too easily knocked off the ball. We’ve lost Graham who could mix it up a bit and even Smallwood who could get stuck in. I’m not even sure that Barry Douglas adds that physical strength to the back line. Rankin Costello is a decent footballer but not what I would call a beast. We have missed Johnson who does give us a bit more physical presence. If we have a one slot left in the squad and there are any big players available Who are out of contract then maybe we need to fit one in.
  11. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    So which of the 15 goalkeepers we seem to have on the books WAS ready to play for the first team?
  12. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    It seems that this season the Red Button is no longer available for Sky subscribers on the Virgin TV platform.
  13. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    I understand that and you must somehow feel shortchanged but that was a club policy decision taking into account the unprecedented circumstances it found itself in. All season ticket holders found themselves in the same boat and maybe felt somewhat aggrieved that they had paid for something they didn’t get. Personally I was happy with the iFollow option as an alternative and know others who felt the same. Sometimes you just can’t look at the financial angle but I understand that some may choose to do so. This season I’ve taken the decision to again buy a season ticket but certainly don’t advocate that everyone should do the same. Personally it suits me to have games on iFollow as I won’t be attending Ewood for some time. I’ve also bought Match passes for several away games.
  14. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Waggot stole your season ticket money? What, because we weren’t allowed to watch games in stadiums due to a world wide pandemic?
  15. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    We need to be patient as I recall from our previous game in July they are a different team in the second half. I’m sure they will be happy to soak up any early pressure and then come at us. I don’t want another game where we have 65% possession and 17 shots but no points. A hard fought 1-0 win will do me and failing that a 0-0 draw will be OK

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