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  1. Uddersfelt Blue

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Never a red card. A foul but hardly serious foul play or dangerous. Whilst a bit rash, those kinds of challenges happen all the time.
  2. That’s unfortunate. It can be a bit daunting setting these things up even for those who do this regularly. There must be someone who can help you with this and get you up and running for the rest of the season.
  3. Uddersfelt Blue

    Season Restart

    Me too Rigger. Will just miss sitting with my mates and of course the pre-match pint in the pub.
  4. Uddersfelt Blue

    Season Restart

    You’re making it sound as if the club are deliberately screwing the fans to make a profit. Its unfortunate if anyone can’t get to watch on iFollow and maybe they should be given an alternative deal. However, I hardly think that those fans will take their bat home because of it. If they do, in the current situation, then that’s very sad. Personally I would love to be able to watch Rovers next season but after 56 years it looks like I’m not going to be able to attend as I’m not going to risk my health. Many others will be faced with the situation. I sincerely hope that, regardless of what happens, we continue to have a club to support and are able to watch either in person or online. Kids buying me a cardboard cutout for Fathers Day. I know it’s ridiculous but I honestly can’t think of a better present.
  5. Uddersfelt Blue

    Season Restart

    Of course we would prefer to be at the ground watching games, but we can’t. Of course we would like a refund on our season tickets or a discount off next season. Of course we want to watch games on iFollow as an alternative. As it stands the club are trying to finish the season without Covid making a bigger hole in the finances than it already has done. No match day income, money for testing, players wages etc. Let’s not have a go at the management for doing what they can, to try and ensure we still have a club to support next season and those following.
  6. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    No doubt Preston will now be pressing for the season to be decided on a PPG basis given that they are just hanging on to a play off spot.
  7. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    It may be entertainment but it is also a job for many involved in the game. There are risks but sooner or later we will all have to go back to work as government money can only last so long. If not, then we are all well and truly screwed. Providing adequate precautions are taken to ensure those involved do not have the virus, then those risks are going to be small and probably not much different to working outside on construction sites etc.
  8. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    Maybe there could be a new rule introduced whereby players are not allowed within 2 metres of each other and an electronic device fitted to alert referees to the infringement. A free kick would then be awarded. I suspect this would lead to a more free flowing game with none of this shirt pulling in the box but unfortunately lots of free kicks!
  9. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    Surely, we’re not just talking about the professional game being missed. Millions of people watch and play football at all levels. Hell, I’m missing playing 5–side once a week with my mates. We may not be able to visit Ewood or wherever for some time but being able to watch Rovers on TV would be a godsend at the moment, providing it’s safe to do so.
  10. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    A fan rather than someone who is indifferent to football. You know what I mean Arbitro. Just as I’m not missing golf because I’m not really a golf fan
  11. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    Not missing football in general? Really? I can’t believe any genuine football fan would say that!
  12. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    Isn’t the furlough scheme for companies that can’t afford to maintain their workforce? That surely means that they cannot afford to keep their workers on and would normally have to let them go? if a club like Liverpool can’t afford to pay all their employees for a few months then football is in big trouble.
  13. Uddersfelt Blue

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Watched it over the last couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed it (as did the Mrs who’s not really into football).
  14. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    The football authorities, TV companies and clubs will need to be imaginative to ensure football is affordable and attractive.
  15. Uddersfelt Blue

    Football League Suspended

    There could of course be an upsurge in attendances as a sort of solidarity with the clubs. Everyone has taken football for granted and never had to go through anything like this since the World Wars. Whatever happens, things won’t be the same

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