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  1. I think thats what they are a novelty, although my Rovers Mcewans lager must be worth a bit now with inflation
  2. I must be getting old lol, no not heard of IPA , Each to their own, think wife would flip if i ordered 24 to come saturday for £84, Get a nice whiskey or 2 for that
  3. New rovers beer, the size of a can of coke, £15 for 6, or £63 for mixed pack of 24, Seems a lot, But then £4.80 for 3 day delivery on a pack of 6 or £7.20 delivery for next day Or £21 for Saturday delivery, which most who work and can afford these would need. Nearly £6 a pint, does anyone know of another carry out beer in a can more expensive. At a time when our local pubs are closing through no real brewery support, i think this is an own goal. I'd rather support my local pub or shop, but i'd never pay £6 a pint either at home or the pub. We are going
  4. Many Thanks for everyone who has voted, your support means a lot
  5. Hello All, I was wondering if I could get some support at the upcoming elections for FSF National Council? I previously spent time on the National Council during the period I was involved with the BRFC Action Group and Rovers Trust. When I stood down from both organisations to concentrate more of my efforts on work and family, I also stood down from the National Council. We are facing challenging times as supporters, with talk of breakaway leagues, empty grounds due to Covid, Clubs having a real threat of going out of business and many issues around our national game. I feel I'm
  6. Great things happen when you "Think Big" As the great man once said. Who would of thought we would of enticed King Kenny to Ewood, when at the time we had on offer. A man's dream, lots of lumps of Dog poop to kick around at Pleasington, A ground falling to pieces, Large meetings in terrace houses, and a long long absence from England's Top Division. Yes at the time he was unemployed, but that being said we are a big club, so do we have to just look at unemployed managers? 1. We have rich owners, despite the negatives, as a club we look a far better proposition then a lot of clubs at
  7. Great post Philip, Your help throughout the investigation was invaluable, In will not forget the day you had Scudamore looking for the ejection chair as he was physically shook up, at how deep your knowledge was and how far the investigation into the club had gone from the supporter angle. As I said in the interview, we are heavily reliant on the current ownership especially with the COVID Pandemic. They have showed even with all that's gone on, they can write a cheque when needed, as Illustrated when the personally funded the Rhodes signing, which was not part of the agreed the transfer
  8. To be honest, i dont think anyone of us had a clue, we had all called for manager sackings before. This didnt appear any different bar the world of social media to collaborate far more. 10 years on and the way at look at football and rovers has been ruined.
  9. Sounds crazy listening back to this, what a basket case things really where, hopefully people are finding it interesting and not too angry for me speaking out on some of the things I know and experiences
  10. Fully enjoyed doing the podcast with Radio Rovers, Was quite long, hopefully managed to get some things in there that people did not know. Can be difficult remembering everything, during one conversation. I thank Duncan for giving me the opportunity to discuss the last 10 years
  11. Another classic, from the Man involved in trying to takeover Burnley: Dear Shebby, I thought I would send yourself and the owners a summary of the Judge’s verdict on our application to remove the admission of liability to pay Henning Berg a salary calculation over 2 1/2 years. You will recall Derek Shaw and Brabners admitted liability for this sum without informing the owners. This can be evidenced by Derek Shaw’s conversation with Brabners which is on the file where it states “she will not like this but will have to do it and ease it into her”.
  12. Hopefully will touch on that subject, as it was the trigger to finding out something much deeper, which was happening when the Kentaro agreement was no longer in place
  13. Was going through some of my notes/correspondence this morning and came across this, It was questions posed to Shebby Singh by a media outlet during the Berg turmoil, which eventually ended with his departure. He does not answer all the questions, but the ones he does answer are quite astounding: 1: Can you tell me what's happened these past few days in Pune, a flavour of the meetings, and the outcome.? A lot of begging and apologies from a confession aided by a mate. Manager dragged to India in support but did not work as Manager is strong minded.2: Who is in effective day to
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