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  1. Season ticket revenue is a drop in the Ocean in terms of debt, operating cost , money needed. I have renewed today purely because I was passing on my way to Doctors. It was never in doubt. Supporters have spent years trying to remove Venkys and if we spend more years the fight will never stop until they are gone. That being said, I wont let these charlatans run me away from the club I love . The club may be broken , but we have fallen on hard times before. When I first started watching Rovers we had nothing , since then I have seen two promotions , a premiership title , a league cup, a full members cup, European football, some of the best players to wear those famous blue and white halves and also witnessed the heartbreak of relegation. My appetite to remove Venkys and see justice done will never falter , my beliefs will never change, but I'm rovers til I die and always will be
  3. Never took to Teflon senior, What will he be remembered for? Sacking Coyle, appointing Mowbray, cocking up January transfer window , result = relegation Got himself a tidy wage for 6 months, not bad work if you can get it. I have never been comfortable with players being signed by anyone bar the manager, it's a wage we can do without and will hopefully give TM more say in squad rebuilding
  4. Statement quicker than expected , more front than blackpool promenade. That being said, hopefully it means they will pay the bills for the forseeable as that's my greatest concern at this moment in time.
  5. This is all covered in my blog and more, with Nick now putting more out there via National press, perhaps the noose which has prevented exposure is finally being lifted, especially as companies are liquidated and don't now have the funds for injunctions and legals. I still think a book should be written regarding the truth at Rovers and the FA should be target number 1, for going great lengths to bury the truth
  6. I will be a little controversial here, Anderson is always the main target, however he was just a puppet of the bigger machine of Crescendo. HUBER AND SELLA DA MONTELUCE Are the kingpins of the operation, the men who brought Venkys to the table, the men who have other business interest with the Rao Family. Anderson was just the middle man who did the negotiating on their behalf and was ditched as a human sacrifice, whilst Crescendo lives on. Anderson has no involvement with the club anymore , can the same be said of his associates and their shared business interest, they hold with the Rao family? There's always a puppeteer and a puppet, Anderson falls under the latter
  7. As someone who presented a strong case to the sports minister 4 years ago, winged with all 3 local MPS I actually share your view. The government won't regulate the FA, they will often raise the flag and support for supporter ownership, but in terms of getting rid of Venkys, I strongly feel this is a case of been there, done that , and it's a waste of time. No one has found that magic key to forcing Venkys to sell, that magic key will never come from pressure from the likes of MPS or the football authorities. As hard as it is to take, they will only up anchor when they get bored, or it it starts to affect their other industries
  8. It's not with criticism to you or the other nominees I have posted what I posted, it's also not the time to reel out personal CVS too. Throughout the supporter base there is lots of doers , lots of opinions (they all count). I see this as a great opportunity for more doers to quote you, to work together to make the trust as powerful entity and viable alternative. The trust needs like minded people to join those who for 6 years have given their all to get the trust to where it currently is. Fresh people , bring fresh ideas , but that should be to add to what we have, not reinvent it. Venkys came in , dismantled the club from top to bottom and that's why the club is where it's at. If the infastructure of the trust is totally replaced, I see this as a step back, regardless of who comes in, what's on their CV etc. I remember the trust before it was taken over by BRSIT, I'm sure the likes of Mark Fish, Paul Keogh remember too as it was going nowhere . They even filled the application form to supporters direct in a red pen and held a piece of paper which nearly killed the trust ever getting off the ground. It then merged with BRSIT and became a different animal. As someone who has crossed swords with some of the trust board on many occasions and also been the secretary a couple of years back, I can assure you, the ones standing down are the driving force on anything that the trust has achieved to date, which is actually quite a bit. A few years ago other key people like Paul and Brian stepped down, they too have never been adequately replaced. 5 nominees for the trust is fantastic if there is not more, as that's the first time since the trust formed that there has been anyone step forward at election time to help and get involved. This is a great opportunity for the joining of hands, remembering it's not a popularity contest , you don't have to like one another to work with one another for a common goal. It's just my opinion and certainly not aimed with any criticism
  9. A very good post Dan and one which I hope all read word for word. Committees , constitutions , legislation are not just a walk in the park. It takes some real effort and staying power. That ability to have an opinion somewhat gets taken away and diluted. In my time at the action group I think the first election had 10 on the committee , within 3 months that was down to half that, whilst many others have come for a few weeks and found its not for them. As a former secretary of the trust, I also found it hard trying to get some of those involved in simple mundane things , I found it less proactive than the action group in terms of how much they met up, how much they communicated and how pro-active they were. That being said , the core of the board were a bit more proactive. Staying power is important , it's not just about passion , or being on a committee, it's a full time responsibility to a paying membership board. It's taking public criticism which often gets personal and having the ability to not bite. It's having to be squeeky clean always ,especially in public in the way you act, speak and who you associate with. It's about keeping a level of professionalism and keeping your head, when others lose theirs. Have you , Wayne and Neil considered re-standing and is there still time for you to re-stand? Are the trust still taking candidates given there has been no election? Is the intention to send a mail out on the AGM, tell members of who is standing , and extend the invitation for others to stand who perhaps don't know that it's election time? Not everyone uses emails , social media and I'd of thought that an open invitation would perhaps have gone in LT? I can't help thinking this is not the time stand down, but is the time to welcome more onto the board with you to make the trust stronger?
  10. I hope the old board reconsider , the skills within that board are not easily replaceable. I'd hope the new nominees join the existing board members to make the trust stronger and take it forward together. It don't need the passing of the baton , it just needs more pushing on all fronts to help those isolated in their efforts
  11. I don't see too much of an issue with this tbh, WEC and Rovers have had a relationship for many years, with WEC making things for the academy , WEC's own academy and community work often comes hand in hand with many of rovers own community work. The sponsorship wouldn't of cost much and gives WEC some local and national recognition as they branch out new offices around the UK. As a business owner, I find some of rovers sponsorship deals good value, and have sponsored games, been ball sponsor to entertain our customers at sensible money. The BRFCAG and the Rovers trust also have sponsored players up until last season, which is pretty much the same , and something I endorsed also when a member of both. Wayne ain't everyone's cup of tea, we personally don't speak, haven't done in two years. Probably one of the reasons I did not put myself for the Rovers Trust this time , despite him stepping down. I'd still hold small hope that the current trust board will remain and the new candidates join together with the old guard, to get that movement and desire moving again. Being on a committee is hard, but is even harder without the correct structure and skills. Grabko has his financial skills, Wayne has a high portfolio of business and figurehead contacts. In business what he touches turns to gold, Neil Thornton is PR by trade and this vital free service is something that would now need funding. WEC'S own marketing team so so much for free to promote the trust , whilst Wayne himself has probably put around £10k of his own money into helping fund various movements by other groups which are not trust related , and has also put a lot into the trust cash wise. Above that he has put hours and hours of personal time, which time is money into so much to fight the supporters corner. Over 6 years , that time wouldn't add up to a directors salary if looked at on a hourly rate basis Am I happy with the trusts stagnation ? No , it's been terrible, but these guys don't need replacing , they need fresh blood, fresh ideas and help. Just my opinion
  12. Relegation would suit Venkys and Cheston. At the supporters meeting Cheston harped on about the home grown players . The reality is in league 1, you can pay 10-15 Mahoney's for the price of a Danny Graham. If one blossoms you sell him to a championship club and find the next one. I agree we may need to go back to go forwards. If we are to sustain championship football for a season or two, or push for promotion , then we need investment. If that money in not forthcoming , regardless where we are next season , it will be another season of struggle
  13. Rovers supporters are too nice in the main, too predictable and as a group of supporters we have not evolved in terms of method. It's good to watch the games with ewood rocking, but i cannot accept this slow death Venkys have instilled on us.
  14. Had a chat with a fellow supporter earlier in week regarding this. Talking to a couple of well respected journalist their opinion was as supporters we turn the tap on and off too often and our case is very much yesterday's news now. Our message is too mixed and too reactive on events on the field , which dilutes any ultimate goal
  15. Does anyone have the full low down from the trust AGM today please , Heard it all kicked off and it ended with no new board being appointed, quite embarrassing if true?