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  1. glen9mullan


    Had the pleasure of playing against him for 70 minutes in Legends match, he walked through the game, barely broke a sweat.
  2. glen9mullan

    Loan Window

    If we get Brereton and Reed over the line , those two along with Rothwell, Armstrong, Rodwell, Palmer have all represented England at some level , As a championship club to achieve that from just 7 signings ain’t a bad summers work. English players , with great potential joining a team brimming with confidence with only something like 4 defeats in 60 odd games. We’ve got to be happy with this surely? given the other player is Davenport who City rated highly and we’ve nailed Lenihan, Dack and Raya down to new deals, I can’t remember us having a squad with so much potential
  3. glen9mullan

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    My thoughts to date: We have replaced Payne, Chapman and Antonnson with Palmer , Rothwell and Davenport . the question is, are these better than the three we had last season? Only time will tell on that front. We have tied a few players down to new contracts , although in football that does not mean an awful lot bar you can potentially get a better sale fee if the player has longer on his contract . After promotion last season I would of been shocked if anyone had been sold , given the momentum and positivity around the squad. last season we finished second in league 1 and pretty much have the same team this time around but now a division higher. I think 10 of the 11 who started Saturday started the first game of last season. We talk about budgets etc , but in today’s market what we have spent is way below what is needed for what is increasingly becoming a premier league 2, if the money was there to improve the squad with solid championship players , then we have failed miserably on the permanent signing front . i see a lot pointing at the loan window as the second coming and yes we may pull 2 or 3 out of the bag and end up with some top youngsters. However all in all considering the ever increasing rising in transfer fees we are just not at the races to compete on a level playing field. We need wide players , a couple of strikers, a centre back and a right back as a bare minimum. However instead of experienced pros , with proven track records , it looks like we may end up going down the route of sighing another teams potential on loan . The championship is going to be tough, we will need a good start and won’t have that bedding in of players period others who have signed loads have . This will hopefully give us an advantage in our early fixtures to get a few points. However as the season progresses and those teams get up to speed , I genuinely think we are going to struggle for clean sheets and scoring enough goals. The likes of Samuel were not good enough for league 1 and are certainly not good enough to spearhead us in the championship should Graham get injured. Armstrong is a class Act but will need to get the monkey of his back from his two previous spells in the Championship , I think he is more than capable , but still has it all to prove. The supporters did not set the expectations this summer, TM said he had a good budget , TM said we’d sign another 4 or 5, TM said we’d sign players with bags of experience and sprinkle a few young exciting players around them. on all fronts as things stand , this has been very underwhelming and we have until the end of the month to pluck some real competitive options from somewhere
  4. I went to the first meeting against my better judgement and have declined to attend either since. I have no appetite to become a statistic in a tick box exercise. Why we are still entertaining a jester court, with no power, no ideas, no clues and in most cases know less about our club than you or I is beyond me? Facts are my only interest and the only facts that matters at present is we are in league 1, whilst at any minute could have the rug pulled by absent owners. Anything within Ewood is irrelevant, There are child minders with more power or influence. As supporters we have gone backwards rapidly, lost any momentum or desire to fight, whilst those responsible have either ridden off into the sunset, or are sleeping easily knowing the stakes have never been more in their favour than they are today.
  5. glen9mullan

    ROVERS v MK Dons

    Thought the score flattered us, in what was a very dull game despite 5 goals being scored. William's goal was a stunner, looking forward to seeing the replay to that. MK Don's were very poor, their keeper will be kicking himself over the free-kick, it wasn't one of Mulgrew's cleaner struck shots but it somehow found itself past the wall and into the net. Chapman's introduction gave Rovers their best offensive passage of the game, with us looking dangerous the last 15 minutes. I think Raya had the most touches of any player on the pitch today despite not having a save to make, as we went backwards more than forwards as we lacked any real creativity, Its easy to look at 4 goals and think we must of created loads, but truth is it was completely the opposite. Surprised Gladwin was chosen over Graham to come off the bench which may signal that Graham is one of the players potentially moving on, with my guess being Birmingham if this is the case? Antonsson, was poor again, looked very low in confidence and offered very little. Samuel is going to improve with games, he is putting himself about and going looking for the ball, when it does not come, which is what we have been crying out for Both sides on show today Rovers and MK Don's will need to show a lot more as the season progresses if they want to challenge for a top six finish.
  6. glen9mullan

    Rovers v Burnley

    What I can't understand about a manager taking over Rovers, who spends all week with the players, watches the same games as us yet does not address the things staring him in the face. Goalkeeper - Steele was never a number 1 and finally we saw sense and got rid, Raya has potential , but wouldn't it of been a good idea to give the new Lad a game tonight if Mowbray's mind was made up to put out a weakened team? Centre backs - this club has been crying out for 2 Centre backs for 2 seasons , we are playing midfielders in Mulgrew and Lenihan at the back. Surely getting this addressed allows us to put Mulgrew into midfield given his delivery and use of the ball us better than anything we have in midfield? Full backs - no disrespect to Williams, Nyambe and Caddis, but none are very good. They offer very little offensively , defensively they are all suspect and when we play wing backs utilizing these three it's like playing with 9 men. Centre midfield - we pass sideways , backwards or hoof it hopelessly to no one in particular , often in slow motion, often with no game plan and more than often predictable. Forwards - when we do finally get the ball in the box, we often look second best. Our forward are often caught on their heels, slow to react and are easily picked off. Wide players - where have the days gone where a winger is direct , gets down the line into that last 30.yards and gets the ball in the box? Our wide players tend to get the ball too deep in our own half, go infield or backwards and give the opposition full backs and easy ride. There is some good players in this squad who are being made to look very poor by the way we set up, by the lack of game plan and pure lack of belief in what they are being asked to do. Square pegs /round holes. Mowbray comes across as a nice guy, but this is about winning football matches. We are a million miles off a team scoring 80 goals plus, creating 600 chances plus a season. We are so disorganised, and the football is bland and the least entertaining i have seen in recent years. We appear to have signed bodies, rather than targeted players to play a system. The magic word is "IDENTITY" and under Mowbray I can honestly say, Rovers are severely lacking one. Forget tonight's game, the gulf in class was there, and it does not matter which 11 we fielded, The result would have been no different. However it's about promotion and Rovers, with this squad and this manager will struggle to.finish better than mid table . Something needs to change quick, this squad is not good enough, whilst the man at the helm doesn't appear to have a clue on what's needed to compete in this division , let alone get promoted from it. We need in my opinion 5 players who have experienced football at a higher level and have tasted promotion . We need leaders and more so winners. Of the players brought in , 75% will spend most of the season out of the team as they are not good enough. Getting business done early in the transfer window is only good business if the players are the right players. I think many have been hoodwinked with the number of players we have signed, however when it's all stripped back, how many are setting the pulses racing? Anyway disappointed to lose tonight , but not unexpected, MK on Saturday far more important
  7. glen9mullan

    Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    I think you can over complicate football, Mowbray has spent weeks stating he will change formations and tactics dependent on opposition. Surely he should be letting the opposition worry about us instead of constantly changing things about? Today we was just all over the place with no single player coming out with any credit. Doncaster had a Team of honest footballers, playing for the shirt and enjoying being footballers. We rolled up smoking cigars and thinking we are a cut above. Take away the fancy training ground, the 31000 all seater stadium and we are left with a squad of never has beens who are overpaid and quite frankly the poorest shower of a team in decades at Ewood. It's going to take time for all these new players to bed in, however long before then , they need to find some heart , grit and determination.
  8. glen9mullan

    BRFC Blogs

    As always, a great gesture. I love reading these blogs, it would also be great if someone could do a fanzine too, with lot's of humour too, there is certainly space for one within our supporter base
  9. Good listen, well done guys However Rooney sentiment? 31 years old, England's record goalscorer, around the same age Tugay was when he joined Rovers, Simliar age to when Zola joined Chelsea and a year younger than Ronaldo. I think bagging Rooney on a Free transfer is incredible business for Everton and his wages may appear high, but in today's market are they really that high? He was first name on my team sheet for my fantasy football team, has got an incredible record of not getting injured a lot and has got a good 3 or 4 season's in him yet. Ibrahimovic is still flying at 35 and of all the deals done this summer I think Rooney to Everton will have Everton pushing for Champions League qualification, natural born winner
  10. glen9mullan

    Goin' up Goin' up Goin' up?

    I think the play-offs is a minimum requirement based on our wage bill. At present I think we need a few more players as our squad is very thin on numbers based on the amount of games we need to play, including having to field a strong side in that donald duck cup due to being in league 1. I think we have the right man in charge with Mowbray and he will get every last ounce out of this squad. Anything less than promotion is a failure, but we have no divine right to go up, this will be a tough division and I still think we lack that centre forward who is going to shoot us up. We are heavily reliant on Graham who suffers from fitness issues and any sort of injury or loss of form from him, and it could be a long long season. Samuel has it all to prove in my opinion, he has never played a full season and now needs to deliver something he has yet to do, a 20 goal plus season. If Rovers can get a proven goalscorer, keep the players we have then i'm going for 5th, if not 9th.
  11. glen9mullan

    Transfers Part 3

    Steele being slated comes as no surprise, despite me getting slated by some quarters for being pleased about his departure, and my opinion that he is the worst number 1 we have had in the near 40 years I have been watching Rovers (Seems nowadays if your opinion is not the same as someone else's then you get slated). Having watched all last season and the season before, He was always the topic of conversation during and after games. There were games where we had 2 or 3 shots on target against us, which always seemed to find their way into our net, (I'm not having he got beat by world class goals every week). I agree that we had/have many players and Managers who have under-performed and no one player can be held totally accountable for results, however I maintain last season, despite Coyle, we lost so many points due to very bad goalkeeping. A good keeper is worth as much as a good centre forward, especially in a team fighting relegation battles as we were last season. We can all pick out moments, where we lost valuable points and incidents, for example Gallagher piddling around with it in last minute which lead to an equaliser and 2 dropped points etc. However on the topping up count, Steele would run away with it, in terms of incidents where he was found wanting
  12. glen9mullan

    Transfers Part 3

    Beechwood Garden's . loved that place as a Kid, would go up there weekly to play on the boat swings, Not been in years, but drove past a few times. Looks a lot different to as it was then
  13. glen9mullan

    Rovers best Foreign 18

    I have been thinking of writing a blog over the last week regarding the best foreign players to have played for Rovers, after seeing some of the crazy amount of money being spent in World football at present. If you could pick an 18 from this lot, who would it be? It does not have to be based on their achievements at Rovers, but their overall career achievements. Of these in today's market who would cost the most? Some of these players obviously never really got a game at Rovers, but this is a comprehensive list of the foreign players to be under contract at Rovers, how many of these do you remember? Lorenzo Amoruso Italy Defender 28/06/1971 Anders Andersson Sweden Midfielder 15/03/1974 Patrik Andersson Sweden Defender 18/08/1971 Martin Andresen Norway Midfielder 02/02/1977 Osvaldo Ardiles Argentina Midfielder 03/08/1952 Benny Arentoft Denmark Midfielder 01/11/1942 Yakubu Ayegbeni Nigeria Forward 22/11/1982 B Markus Babbel Germany Defender 08/09/1972 Dino Baggio Italy Midfielder 24/07/1971 Modou Barrow Gambia Forward 13/10/1992 Yıldıray Baştürk Turkey Midfielder 24/12/1978 Benjani Zimbabwe Forward 13/08/1978 Henning Berg Norway Defender 01/09/1969 Eyal Berkovic Israel Midfielder 02/04/1972 Bruno Berner Switzerland Defender 21/11/1977 Stig Inge Bjørnebye Norway Defender 11/12/1969 Lars Bohinen Norway Midfielder 08/09/1969 Bruno Ribeiro Brazil Defender 01/04/1983 Pascal Chimbonda France Defender 21/02/1979 D Bryan Dabo France Midfielder 18/02/1992 Martin Dahlin Sweden Forward 16/04/1968 Neil Danns Guyana Midfielder 23/11/1982 David Raya Spain Goalkeeper 15/09/1995 De Pedro Spain Midfielder 04/08/1973 Franco Di Santo Argentina Forward 07/04/1989 Kaba Diawara Guinea Forward 16/12/1975 Diogo Rosado Portugal Midfielder 21/02/1990 El-Hadji Diouf Senegal Forward 15/01/1981 Mame Diouf Senegal Forward 16/12/1987 Youri Djorkaeff France Midfielder 09/03/1968 Georgios Donis Greece Midfielder 29/10/1969 Edinho Júnior Portugal Forward 07/03/1994 Brett Emerton Australia Midfielder 22/02/1979 Marvin Emnes Netherlands Forward 27/05/1988 Peter Enckelman Finland Goalkeeper 10/03/1977 Dickson Etuhu Nigeria Midfielder 08/06/1982 F Fábio Nunes Portugal Forward 24/07/1992 Roy Faulkner Canada Defender 05/08/1897 John Filan Australia Goalkeeper 08/02/1970 Per Frandsen Denmark Midfielder 06/02/1970 Brad Friedel USA Goalkeeper 18/05/1971 G Rudy Gestede Benin Forward 10/10/1988 Gaël Givet France Defender 09/10/1981 Hérold Goulon France Midfielder 12/06/1988 Corrado Grabbi Italy Forward 29/07/1975 Vince Grella Australia Midfielder 05/10/1979 Vratislav Greško Slovakia Midfielder 24/07/1977 Rostyn Griffiths Australia Midfielder 10/03/1988 Niklas Gudmundsson Sweden Midfielder 29/02/1972 Stéphane Henchoz Switzerland Defender 07/09/1974 Doneil Henry Canada Defender 20/04/1993 Junior Hoilett Canada Midfielder 05/06/1990 Hugo Spain Defender 30/11/1993 J Simeon Jackson Canada Forward 28/03/1987 Lars Jacobsen Denmark Defender 20/09/1979 Nils-Eric Johansson Sweden Defender 13/01/1980 Jemal Johnson USA Midfielder 03/05/1985 Jermaine Jones USA Midfielder 03/11/1981 Jordi Gómez Spain Midfielder 24/05/1985 José Dominguez Portugal Midfielder 16/02/1974 K Nikola Kalinić Croatia Forward 05/01/1988 Colin Kâzım-Richards Turkey Midfielder 26/08/1986 Marc Keller France Forward 14/01/1968 Tugay Kerimoğlu Turkey Midfielder 24/08/1970 Zurab Khizanishvili Georgia Defender 06/10/1981 Joshua King Norway Forward 15/01/1992 Bengali-Fodé Koita France Forward 21/10/1990 Oumar Kondé Switzerland Defender 19/08/1979 Shefki Kuqi Finland Forward 10/11/1976 L Amine Linganzi Algeria Midfielder 16/11/1989 Lucas Angola Forward 04/09/1993 M Dario Marcolin Italy Midfielder 28/10/1971 Benny McCarthy South Africa Forward 12/11/1977 Míchel Salgado Spain Defender 22/10/1975 Anthony Modeste France Forward 14/04/1988 Aaron Mokoena South Africa Defender 25/11/1980 N Steven N'Zonzi France Midfielder 15/12/1988 Lucas Neill Australia Defender 09/03/1978 Ryan Nelsen New Zealand Defender 18/10/1977 Shabani Nonda Congo DR Forward 06/03/1977 Nuno Gomes Portugal Forward 05/07/1976 Nuno Henrique Portugal Defender 19/10/1986 O Marcus Olsson Sweden Midfielder 17/05/1988 Martin Olsson Sweden Defender 17/05/1988 André Ooijer Netherlands Defender 11/07/1974 Egil Østenstad Norway Forward 02/01/1972 P Paulo Jorge Portugal Midfielder 18/01/1993 Tim Payne New Zealand Forward 10/01/1994 Morten Pedersen Norway Midfielder 08/09/1981 Per Pedersen Denmark Forward 30/03/1969 Tore Pedersen Norway Defender 29/09/1969 Sebastian Pelzer Germany Defender 24/09/1980 Sébastien Pérez France Defender 24/11/1973 Sergio Peter Germany Midfielder 12/10/1986 Radosav Petrović Serbia Midfielder 08/03/1989 Sacha Petshi France Midfielder 21/06/1992 Karim Rekik Netherlands Defender 02/12/1994 Maceo Rigters Netherlands Forward 22/01/1984 Jason Roberts Grenada Forward 25/01/1978 John Roberts Australia Goalkeeper 24/03/1944 Rubén Rochina Spain Forward 23/03/1991 S Christopher Samba Congo Defender 28/03/1984 Martin Samuelsen Norway Midfielder 17/04/1997 Grzegorz Sandomierski Poland Goalkeeper 05/09/1989 Roque Santa Cruz Paraguay Forward 16/08/1981 Florent Sinama-Pongolle France Forward 20/10/1984 Robbie Slater Australia Midfielder 22/11/1964 Yann Songo'o Cameroon Defender 17/11/1991 Hakan Şükür Turkey Forward 01/09/1971 Frank Talia Australia Goalkeeper 20/07/1972 Aaron Tumwa Antigua & Barbuda Midfielder 27/09/1993 U Hakan Ünsal Turkey Defender 14/05/1973 Sebastian Usai Australia Goalkeeper 28/02/1990 V Patrick Valéry France Defender 03/07/1969 Elrio van Heerden South Africa Midfielder 11/07/1983 Carlos Villanueva Chile Forward 05/02/1986 Johann Vogel Switzerland Midfielder 08/03/1977 Simon Vukčević Montenegro Midfielder 29/01/1986 W Roy Wegerle USA Forward 19/03/1964 Lee Williamson Jamaica Midfielder 07/06/1982 Richard Witschge Netherlands Midfielder 20/09/1969 Y David Yelldell USA Goalkeeper 01/10/1981 Yordi Spain Forward 14/09/1974 Dwight Yorke Trinidad & Tobago Forward 03/11/1971
  14. glen9mullan

    Transfers Part 3

    My new wheelie bin has just arrived, im sure I can send my old one to Ewood as as a more than adequate replacement
  15. glen9mullan

    Transfers Part 3

    Getting any money for Steele is a result, without doubt the worse number 1 keeper we have had at Rovers in my lifetime. I do feel he was the difference between us starting in league 1 or the championship this forthcoming season. Forget any good signings managers have made in recent seasons. This guy being between the sticks Imo makes those signings irrelevant as a number of Managers have played him, not replaced him and it ultimately cost us our championship status. I'd gladly drop him off anywhere he can fixed up. The amount of games I saw rovers dominate last season to then witness Steele throw the game away , I have lost count. I still remember the stupid penalty he gave away at home last season, it was like slow motion as the ball was running for a goal kick and he decided to just grab the players legs. Shocking player

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