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  1. perthblue02

    Rovers vs Stoke. Fifa 20

    So blew a two goal lead to Forest Green ended up 2-2 , Replay going on now 66 minutes gone 2-0 down - Dack Out ! Edit now 3 down Edit 2: now 4-0 Edit 3"Now Dack sent off !
  2. perthblue02


    For small cracks (insert Frankie Howard image ) flour, salt (3to1 ish ratio) a drop of paint (water based) mix it into a thick paste : Source: old decorator who i served part of my apprenticeship with, didnt believe him but he brought some in and showed me .* Amazing how the memory is jogged when something like this crops up *Edit, he used it to fill between skirting and wall and cracks in the door frame, can't attest for its longevity though
  3. perthblue02


    Not to worry the pope has asked his invisible friend to end the virus. Would think Italy will be one the first to receive the magic touch
  4. perthblue02


    Heard on the ABC in Au yesterday that the UK Gov were in talks to purchase land and buildings to use as burial and morgue/storage sites because cremations and other facilities will be stretched. so obviously not a big secret. Also mentioned using empty hotels as emergency testing / isolation centres. Is it not just forward planning in case it is needed.??
  5. perthblue02


    There is no evidence that dogs can get this particular strain of corona virus but can have secondary contamination. i.e infected stroking a dog and you stoke the same dog within a period of time WHO issued a statement on the 13th of March The Hong Kong dog has been released as it tested for secondary contamination from its infected owner and did not contract the virus
  6. perthblue02


    With no Rovers to throw your support behind at the moment, throw your enthusiastic support to those working around the clock in secure facilities to develop a vaccine GET BEHIND THE LABS FFS!
  7. Just tell Rovers that you will charge anybody who logs in only two hours before streaming time three quid
  8. perthblue02

    Leeds April 3rd.

    If it is still on, we should be confident going into it on a 21 day unbeaten run
  9. No we want a realistic we are were we are event We can all buy a airfix plane kit, stick the front bits on the wings, the middle bits on the left and right tail section etc and throw the main pilot (captain) under the table after we have just started and for the pre and post match interview i.e tale of woe with a North east accent , we can watch an old episode of when the boat comes in
  10. Good way to get a capacity attendance (well ticket sale capacity ) for the remaining home games and get around ffp restrictions. Venky's purchase 150,000 cv-19 test kits and cover the salary costs of people to do the testing at home games , plus 150,000 hand sanitiser 50ml , 150,000 toilet rolls and donate to Rovers. Rovers offer free testing and 50ml sanitiser, toilet roll with every ticket purchased (3 quid Waggot tax for arriving only two hours before KO for tests.) Increase stock and sales of pies, snacks etc for all those hanging around the ground a couple of hours before kick off
  11. perthblue02

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Andy Holt offering Stanley season ticket holders refunds pro rata on remaining games if they don't fancy attending due to the covid-19 virus.
  12. perthblue02

    Rovers Trivia Quiz

    Alan Wright ? think he played a couple of times during the Prem winning season and played for Fleetwood at the end of his career
  13. "I'm not sure the balance was right" says Mowbray, who felt #Rovers had one too many attack-minded players on the pitch as Derby exploited spaces in the middle of the pitch https://t.co/34hr3dPKEI?amp=1 (Lancashire Telegraph)
  14. and that is why he should be starting , if nothing else he knows how to rough up/soften defenders. Regarding Bennet, would people be happy if he had told ToMo to F off when asked to play out of position at right back and just collect a wage for not playing for a season?
  15. Just showed it again on ifollow, just outside the box

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