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    Shrewsbury v Wimbledon on live over in Aus , so no doubt available elsewhere ;), if people fancy keeping an eye on one of the rivals
  2. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    This is the group https://www.australianfc.com.au/ and this is the main man supposedly behind it http://www.andrewmuir.com.au/personal/
  3. Gillingham complaints.

    April showers? best take a mop and bucket just in case there is a tsunami (Southern speak for a few spots of rain)on par with alpine avalanche that fell on the scaffold on Saturday as it seems Gillingham seem to lack household basics like brushes and shovels
  4. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    To be fair as well as the world record snowfall and the scarcity of yard brushes in Kent, just seen a picture of a coke can blown over down there, so obviously a tornado present as well. Also sightings of Jadis the white witch on the not so temporary away stand , and Dorothy flying over the ground. Both of which featured in stories a lot more believable than Gillinghams reason for the postponement
  5. Premier League Stuff

    Steve Kean ordering his pudding in advance to walk out in the middle of in disgust at the treatment of his mate
  6. Premier League Stuff

    Yes I imagine the investigation will go like this. FA Integrity Unit (ha ha yes I know) : Now then Trev , what did you see on Saturday ? TB: "Bobby Moore, the west ham way, jellied eels, knees up mother Brown, 66 world cup winners, I know under which carpets the FA sweeps problems " FA Integrity Unit"Thank you Trevor, so 50 k fine for Burnley for scoring and inciting the trouble, Sherry Trev? ""
  7. Rovers v Blackpool

    Scunthorpe equalised 47th minute
  8. Rovers v Blackpool

    1-0 Dack
  9. Rovers v Blackpool

    Lots of huff and puff, Rovers lots of early possession, Blackpool slowly creeping into the game, atmosphere sounds good
  10. Rovers v Blackpool

    It must be a bloody big corner that their blip is around !
  11. Rovers v Wigan

    oh FFS 2-2
  12. Rovers v Wigan

    FFS 2-1
  13. Rovers v Wigan

    Will Griggs a bottler ,of smallwood he's terrifed- na na na na na na na na
  14. Rovers v Wigan

    Getting a bit nasty , who's first for a red?
  15. Rovers v Wigan

    Think the commentator was wrong about it being a foul by Dack, looked to me like the Wigan player was leaning on Dack and Dack moved, hence he fell