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  1. Looks like it started the other week, the ifraud follow customer service said it is not technically possible for both the audio and video streams to come from the same account at the same time (although it was before they flipped a switch ) Looking around other clubs forums etc it seems I follow are blaming the clubs for the lack of commentary on the video and the clubs blaming ifollow, EFL keeping stum and taking their cut Of course no response directly from the EFL on their ifollow email address who are proving to be as much use as their mates at the FA Integrity committee Shame really the concept is good and if everything worked as promised at the beginning worth the money. Not seen or heard of any work arounds yet
  2. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    Both teams at times trying to play decent football, we are falling to bits when when we get it in the box (apart from a couple of early chances) , Dack is running the game for us. Personally think we are unlucky to be behind, but Peterborough look half decent
  3. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    Antonsson booked for falling over
  4. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    Just replayed it definitely not Raya at fault, btw are ifollow blocking you from running commentary as well as video at the same time?
  5. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    1-0 Peterborough header from a corner, against the run of play
  6. Cricket

    If anybody is in Perth for the test match at the WACA, and fancies going to watch Perth Glory v Wellington Pheonix on Sat 16th 7.00pm KO (WA Time) , got two vouchers with my PG season ticket that can be exchanged for FREE Match tickets on day of match. Just send me a DM if interested . p.s if you need more than two might be able to get a couple more
  7. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Had an early night so this morning started reading the match thread from the beginning and when it got to 3-0 stopped reading and went searching for the highlights , was not expecting that NOTE to self: read the full thread before watching highlights in the future, no nasty suprises
  8. News Thread Attempt 394

    A profitable night (day) on the tiles Link
  9. England World Cup Campaign

    Panama , Belgium and Tunisia in Englands group, could have been worse
  10. Brexit Thread

    Members are currently either members of the Deutschland superstate (1940's blueprint) or the EFTA.. There was previously a similar organisation the Joint Aviation Authority but it was plundered in 2009 and moved from the Netherlands to Germany (sound familiar? all for the benefit of the Fatherland ;)). Any country not a member of the EASA would have to apply for parts etc to be approved as is the case now Britain has taken a leading roll in the EASA previously and is responsible for a putting forward a lot of the regulations that govern the airline industry, it will be the EASA's loss if it showed the same kind of pettiness that that the Deutschland superstate negotiators are currently showing to one of their cash cows leaving Anyway onwards and upwards, Strength Through ( ode to ) Joy
  11. Transfers Part 3

    One of the chicken chokers might be useful in this instance, as it is reported in the article there is interest from I league clubs, Fat Barry can send his boys round to thrash persuade them their interest would not be the way to go. Wonder how that young second/ third choice keeper from Pune FC who played out of his skin against us went on in his career. Edit: Did not go on to do much according to wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shahinlal_Meloly
  12. Regarding the A League to stop all the negativity and uproar towards the VAR they Today the FFA / A League announced a diversionary tactic , by announcing a weekend of games to take place in December will be known as the Star Wars round sponsored by Disney(this is not a joke). Now it is officially a Mickey mouse league https://www.a-league.com.au/news/stars-wars-round-hyundai-a-league
  13. Blackpool away

    F-T 4-2 win
  14. Blackpool away

    Harper on for Whittingham anybody else''s ifollow throwing code up on the screen?
  15. Blackpool away