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  1. perthblue02

    Brexit Thread

    Political Editor of the Sunday Times tweeted this 29 minutes ago Tim Shipman‏ @ShippersUnbound 29m29 minutes ago More BREAKING: A full blown cabinet coup is under way tonight to remove Theresa May as prime minister Plenty more detail in subsequent tweets https://twitter.com/ShippersUnbound
  2. perthblue02

    Brexit Thread

    Take a look at some of her (the organiser of the petition) facebook posts that luckily somebody saved, Threats to shoot May etc , Vermain remainers at their best Both sides have their nutters
  3. perthblue02

    Brexit Thread

    Probably not considering the moaning about having to spend a few minutes filling out a visa to travel to the EU bloc in the future. Saving the 5 minutes you have to spend changing currency from sterling to Euro will be seen as a plus.
  4. perthblue02

    Brexit Thread

    Surely people can wait for a referendum to join the European Union a few years after we leave (will be exciting and unique as it as never happened), after all people have been waiting for a vote about joining the EU since its formation in 1993 so a few more years wont hurt. By that time the march to a federal Europe might be further down the road with the Little Englanders and its vetos and opt outs not standing in its way, and we can all hum an ode to joy (might be changed to strength through joy by then ) with hand on heart and waving little blue and yellow flags whilst voting to jump on board in helping to build the next 1000 year realm..
  5. perthblue02

    News Thread Attempt 394

    He was all over the news in this part of the world after his latest rant about sending Australians and New Zealanders who are attending the ANZAC memorial events in Turkey back home in wooden coffins just like their grandfathers . Apparently the first world war was about islamophobia , nothing to do with them batting for the wrong side during Uncle Jerry's first attempt at a European ünion. What a nice chap (insert sarcasm emoji)
  6. perthblue02

    Mowbray’s Future

    A BRFCS love story in the making, future podcast material @Herbie6590 ?
  7. perthblue02

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    That was covered in part of the MCMC 1875 post that you quoted that said "This is of their own making" Every decision since November 2010 is on their heads obviously with a little help from their just like a family members. But still they had the final say, apparently. So keeping the mess they created afloat is the least they can do. Nearly a decade later, quarter of a billion for a 3rd division runner up trophy, and some worldwide publicity for being monumental bellends , Bargain!
  8. perthblue02

    Championship 2018-19

    Of course not, it was Rosie the Dog up to its old tricks again
  9. perthblue02

    Holiday Camp Mentality

    No, he still has to serve eight games .
  10. perthblue02

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Sounds like he thinks Rothwell has gone backwards from the time we signed him after chasing him for so long? Joe was a thorn in our side. He was picking the ball up and travelling with it. He travels with the ball very well and is a good athlete. He’s the type I like to add to the team. “He’s almost an inverted winger and if there are times where we are defending deep then we know Joe can carry the ball 50 or 60 yards and do it pretty quickly." “He’s a young player with lots of development in him and one who will improve as time goes on. I’m conscious that when we sign young players like Joe Rothwell that there’s not too much of a burden put on them," Tony added. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/a-player-weve-been-chasing-for-a-while/
  11. perthblue02

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    This is the Radio Lancs interview https://twitter.com/BBCLancsSport/status/1106974692110450688
  12. perthblue02

    Mowbray’s Future

    Cameraman : "I think Aldi chocolate digestives are better than Marks and Spencer ones"
  13. perthblue02

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Not seen one of these for a long time https://twitter.com/NicoHillkenberg/status/1105579752189054976
  14. perthblue02

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Dack 3-0 , less than 5 mins to go , relax?
  15. perthblue02

    ROVERS V Wigan

    He was holding his hamstring a good 5 minutes before he was subbed

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