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  1. perthblue02


    Visit ye olde healing well in the woods nearby , restores all eye conditions if legend is to be believed
  2. perthblue02


    Only one winner in this episode, Barnard Castle , The local council would have to spend a fortune in advertising for worldwide publicity like that.
  3. perthblue02

    Football League Suspended

    If it is going down that route, at least make it entertaining, the electronic device also transmits a electric shock to the player as well as alerting the ref . The more out of position a player is when not performing social distancing the higher the voltage.
  4. perthblue02

    Football League Suspended

    Of course, but the PL have not flashed the fiver yet
  5. perthblue02

    Football League Suspended

    The FA will do what they usually do. The Premier League will flash a fiver and the FA will get out the lube and bend over.
  6. perthblue02

    Football League Suspended

    Agree, it is going to be interesting to see what happens with the Rugby League on the East Coast once it gets up and running. I would hope the WA Gov if they are seriously considering the PL thing , will be monitoring it , as it could possibly be the blueprint but on a much larger scale with 20 teams and officials from outside the border instead of one It does seem at the moment that stringent checks are being carried out, at least one player from the NZ team was stopped from travelling because he had a cough. Obviously no one can account for human behviour, particular for those involved in sporting codes with a reputation for out of office activities.
  7. perthblue02

    Football League Suspended

    That is one of the reasons why I'm against it. As for the Australian federal government they don't give a shit (see cruise ships) they just want the economy back on track and are busy bribing people to download their 3 million dollar placebo ,but as for the Western Australia State government, if they give the go ahead I would be hopeful considering their actions so far ,that they would have measures in place for the above scenario not to happen. It is the measures by the State Governments that have helped drop the curve NOT the Federal Government who have been brought to the table kicking and screaming
  8. perthblue02

    Football League Suspended

    bit more info on the idea https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/premier-league/australia-is-ideal-premier-league-clubs-in-talks-to-finish-season-in-perth/news-story/8a02c3defcf68f621f65cb3663a668b8 *Just to add to the above , the State Premier said in his press conference yesterday that he had not been approached by either the agent trying to organise it , sport west or the premier league. As silly an idea as it sounds , I'm against it by the way, some points in my view as to why it is being proposed and on paper could happen Currently the Weather (we are in late Autumn, Winter starts in June) is ideal for football. Occasionally a day in the top 20's c / lower 80's f) but the rest is moderate think early UK summer, winter nights it very rarely drops below 0) Perth is pretty isolated as it is, borders are locked down (External and Internal) and has a low population per sq kilometre in the Greater Perth area. We have low transmission rates (excluding those from cruise ships) https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/Articles/A_E/Coronavirus/COVID19-statistics The WA covid response is being driven by the state premier and state government , not the knobheads at federal level. So it as been fairly successful and sensible There are more than enough bases available to use as training bases and currently empty facilities (, other sporting codes ,hotels) etc to accomodate squads and staff. At a push these could also be additional venues that could host games to shorten the time span. For instance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Australian_Athletics_Stadium Not ideal for spectator viewing of a footy match ( went to a FFA cup game there couple of years ago) but would work behind closed doors. The infrastructure is very good . For instance to get from the main City roughly the bottom of the Greater Perth (Mandura )area to the one at top (Joondalup) on a good day is an hour by coach on a bad day an hour twenty.(our speed limits are slightly lower here than in the UK, Motorway works out at 62 mph) Broadcast facilities are already in place and currently not being used . The return of the Rugby here would still leave enough available They would probably use the model that it is currently being used in the rugby League for the New Zealand team and the Au teams on the East Coast. Two week isolation upon arrival and daily checks https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-02/coronavirus-new-zealand-warriors-nrl-australia-travel-permission/12208602
  9. perthblue02

    Celebrity Deaths

    Just woke up to this news, very sad. Very talented keyboard player which along with JJ's Bass gave The Stranglers that unique sound that set them apart in the early punk scene and over the following years.
  10. perthblue02

    LT Website in Paywall Shocker!

    It was in one of the first articles about Paul Senior . Wonder what he's up to these days, covid-19 healing crystals my best guess .
  11. perthblue02


    Touching on shortages of protective equipment and supplies, don't know about the UK but there was a massive increase of daigou changing from the usual of baby formula and vitamins going on in Australia in January and February, CCP funded "businessmen' and businesses in Australia got the instruction and acted accordingly, this coupled with the current minister for border affairs Peter the spud Dutton (department responsible for the Ruby Princess fiasco) being the person who did the last Pandemic stockpile review and cut millions from it, leads us to the shortages in Australia now.
  12. perthblue02


    Yes, some little things I've personally noticed, some taken for granted and not really thought about them ..Some are coming about because more people are working from home. The effect on nature, in just a few weeks in my local park, bird numbers are increasing to levels I have not seen before. Although normally not noticeably polluted, the air seems a lot fresher . More dogs seem to be getting a walk People seem to be a lot more friendly/wanting interaction , having a chat walking their dogs (obviously observing social distancing ), probably to do with having a common subject - the virus In my immediate neighbourhood people interacting more (again observing recommendations about distancing etc) with the elderly and other neighbours ,for instance checking if they are running short of anything , Collectively offering to share stuff like hand sanitiser etc, helping out a couple who have both just been made unemployed. Although obviously there will be a few bad eggs , it does seem that people are looking out for each other a bit more. Found out the names of people who I regularly see at the park when previously only knew their dogs names . Quite strange really thinking about it that you have said hello to somebody for the last few years nearly every day and didnt know their name, nor them yours. Reassuring that now the other half is working from home as well, knowing that we can spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the same space and not kill each other (joke), bodes well for a few years time in our retirements One downside, having to shop for the Mother and Father in Law as they are under house arrest , and their reluctance to try other brands of stuff making completing their weekly shopping requirements a nightmare.
  13. perthblue02


    Unfortunately when you have politician's family and members of the Prime Ministers "Religiou$" cult aboard a cruise ship riddled with the virus, that is somehow allowed to offload without checks and its passengers allowed to spread the virus freely to the majority of states within Australia those strict border controls are useless. *For further reading just type Ruby Princess in google, criminal investigation currently going through the motions because of a public outcry. But yes , if the failed marketing man that is in charge of Australia had locked the borders down in a reasonable amount of time maybe those strict border controls would have been useful, . Still he has given Australia to God in one of his private happy clappy group video chats (on tax payers time and from a tax payer funded office) with members who are apparently being protected from the virus by the blood of Christ ,and he has been working his preying knees hard , so we are safe now . Luckily each State Government in AU is now acting independently in implementing its own restrictions, must say ours in WA as been quite pro-active and very impressive in both its actions and promotion. WA borders are now closed except for essentials . Unfortunately from what I have seen this Easter holiday so far (from news reports, social media etc ) will I think lead to greater enforced restrictions in the next week, because it seems people can not be trusted to act on advice. I can only look across the Tasman Sea in awe at what a real leader of a country has done to protect its citizens, I and wider family have been implementing what the NZ PM and lately WA state Premier have been advocating, and completely ignoring the advice of Australia's Pentecostal Moron. Stay safe everyone
  14. perthblue02

    Rovers vs Stoke. Fifa 20

    So blew a two goal lead to Forest Green ended up 2-2 , Replay going on now 66 minutes gone 2-0 down - Dack Out ! Edit now 3 down Edit 2: now 4-0 Edit 3"Now Dack sent off !
  15. perthblue02


    For small cracks (insert Frankie Howard image ) flour, salt (3to1 ish ratio) a drop of paint (water based) mix it into a thick paste : Source: old decorator who i served part of my apprenticeship with, didnt believe him but he brought some in and showed me .* Amazing how the memory is jogged when something like this crops up *Edit, he used it to fill between skirting and wall and cracks in the door frame, can't attest for its longevity though

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