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    With no Rovers to throw your support behind at the moment, throw your enthusiastic support to those working around the clock in secure facilities to develop a vaccine GET BEHIND THE LABS FFS!
  2. Just tell Rovers that you will charge anybody who logs in only two hours before streaming time three quid
  3. perthblue02

    Leeds April 3rd.

    If it is still on, we should be confident going into it on a 21 day unbeaten run
  4. No we want a realistic we are were we are event We can all buy a airfix plane kit, stick the front bits on the wings, the middle bits on the left and right tail section etc and throw the main pilot (captain) under the table after we have just started and for the pre and post match interview i.e tale of woe with a North east accent , we can watch an old episode of when the boat comes in
  5. Good way to get a capacity attendance (well ticket sale capacity ) for the remaining home games and get around ffp restrictions. Venky's purchase 150,000 cv-19 test kits and cover the salary costs of people to do the testing at home games , plus 150,000 hand sanitiser 50ml , 150,000 toilet rolls and donate to Rovers. Rovers offer free testing and 50ml sanitiser, toilet roll with every ticket purchased (3 quid Waggot tax for arriving only two hours before KO for tests.) Increase stock and sales of pies, snacks etc for all those hanging around the ground a couple of hours before kick off
  6. perthblue02

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Andy Holt offering Stanley season ticket holders refunds pro rata on remaining games if they don't fancy attending due to the covid-19 virus.
  7. perthblue02

    Rovers Trivia Quiz

    Alan Wright ? think he played a couple of times during the Prem winning season and played for Fleetwood at the end of his career
  8. "I'm not sure the balance was right" says Mowbray, who felt #Rovers had one too many attack-minded players on the pitch as Derby exploited spaces in the middle of the pitch https://t.co/34hr3dPKEI?amp=1 (Lancashire Telegraph)
  9. and that is why he should be starting , if nothing else he knows how to rough up/soften defenders. Regarding Bennet, would people be happy if he had told ToMo to F off when asked to play out of position at right back and just collect a wage for not playing for a season?
  10. Just showed it again on ifollow, just outside the box
  11. FFS, cracker of a goal though
  12. Lucky you, you have yet to see the derby penalty miss leading to our breakaway goal
  13. perthblue02

    Rovers Trivia Quiz

    Ian Pearce?
  14. Yes , saw it a few days ago not long after they opened that morning, since then when I've popped into the supermarket (two different ones at around 6pm) the shelves have been bare
  15. Oh I don't know , some I've seen walking out the supermarket here before the x number of rolls per person was introduced, they will need three shits a day for twenty five years to use up what they were buying
  16. But think of all the stocked up toilet paper that people will have to find a use for when the panic is over , coupled with a possibility of not being able to attend a game for a few weeks . Could be a return to the toilet roll on the pitch escapades of the seventies and eighties
  17. perthblue02

    Swansea City home

    Well done Rich Sharpe, it worked
  18. perthblue02


    Australian universities offering Chinese students a cash incentive to return to Australia and encouraging them to circumnavigate the travel ban via a third country . https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/australianz/more-australian-universities-offer-cash-to-chinese-students-stranded-due-to-travel Interesting seeing the empty shelves in supermarkets over here where the hand sanitisers should be. The big DIY chain out of here struggling to keep up demand for n95 and P2 masks. But there does not seem to be much panic visible in daily life , Iive close to two suburbs with a high Chinese/ Asian concentration and we share parks and sports areas etc and people just seem to be carrying on as normal. Can't say I have noticed an increase in face masks among the dog walkers or those attending sports events considering ScuMo the PM declared implementation of a emergency response plan (which will probably consist of tax payers cash finding its way into mates pockets and lots of thought and prayers from his Hillsong cult, whilst him and his family bugger off on holiday again.) and is pushing the pandemic line. A cynic would think its just trying to distract from the current spot of bother his government is involved in at the moment.
  19. perthblue02

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    TM: Waggers have you seen that piece on Gally in the LT? W: Yes thought it was pretty fair TM: you do realise it was criticising me , don't you W: Shit, your right, Lyndsey , get onto the flag company we need two more of the Mowbray ones and a big Sam Gallagher one before the next home game, and piss in Sharpes coffee next presser.
  20. perthblue02

    When Sven Came, Then Changed His Mind

    Bloody hell, Dack's recovery training regime not going too well
  21. perthblue02

    The Riverside Stand Renovation Thread

    I take it the expansion of t' turd by terracing Pendle Hill idea that would be needed once you reached the Premier League is on hold?
  22. If it is 2-0 on 90 minutes you can go
  23. Under the cosh a bit, giving Brentford a lot of room around the edge of our box, but holding out , just!
  24. perthblue02

    Music Blackburn have run out to..

    Edit: Sorry just realised you were talking about the other one not the Frenzy one. Frenzy Rovers song LINK The A & B side of the 70's record is in this brfcs archive LINK
  25. perthblue02

    Tony Parkes

    Heart breaking videos. Such a horrible disease. A fantastic club man in all his roles, he must be very proud of how his daughter has turned out and that he will have a caring family around him at this time. When I was a mascot in the mid 70's and pre game going into the changing rooms , I got a bollocking off Tony Parkes because my boots were not clean enough and a lecture on how to take care of them, always did after that .

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