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  1. Must admit quite keen on DIY, well the bit were you plan everything then go on a shopping trip to the DIY store to buy nice shiny tools and materials, then put everything nicely stacked in the shed , then my enthusiasm subsides Just wished I had paid more (any)attention to my Dad. One of those self taught blokes who could do most DIY and things like make his own window frames etc. Usually I would bugger off somewhere or have something else to do when he came down to my house to "help" me do some DIY because I didn't have the right tools etc. Lot of humble pie was eaten when I move
  2. Just confirmed , 10 Republicans voted for , so far . 13 votes remaining - 228 to 194
  3. Looks like the 30 pound voucher is coming back. Well done to the leader of the opposition Marcus Rashford, can anybody remember the last time the leader of the opposition had to dash off to prepare for their participation in a football match
  4. https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/34746-tony-mowbray-stick-or-twist/&do=findComment&comment=2158189
  5. Marine just announced they have sold 17,175 virtual tickets @10 quid for the game against Spurs.
  6. Unless he stands up in at least 50% of those games , then he can carry on according to some members of his fan club.
  7. Don't think so, only been there under a month, his tech team won't have unpacked all their stuff yet
  8. No Wonder Anderson was fired up for this game and had a good one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Anderson_(footballer)
  9. They were pretty good today, won nearly everything in the air
  10. Some interesting h-t scores Blackpool 1 WBA 0 Burnley 0 MK Dons 1 Bournemouth 1 Oldham 1
  11. Whats the song ? F*** the Cup, we are finishing mid table
  12. Is the picture you are getting not full screen? looks like pan and scan from a 80's video Better than nothing I suppose
  13. Anybody had any luck with ESPN? can get all other games to work except Rovers
  14. Officially it looks like ESPN VOD in a lot of countries , Viaplay for Scandanavia, Just scroll down this page gives a list of countries and which station is showing it https://www.livesoccertv.com/match/3858879/blackburn-rovers-vs-doncaster-rovers/
  15. Think that honour should go to the Birmingham side in fairness , they worked hard at avoiding it
  16. No fear here , ok slight fear of a Rovers own goal, because there is no way Birmingham will actually score Yes Dack 2-0
  17. More to do today with both teams , players falling over, running into brick walls, crap passing, lots of hoofing, just needs a dog to run on and have a shit in the middle of the pitch , and you would think its was a Blackburn combination bottom of the table clash up Blacksnape
  18. Don't think the EFL will be using this game to promote the Championship , worldwide.
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