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  1. chor808


    Hang on when has talking about immigration been racist? Leaving the EU will reduce the number of white people moving to the UK will it not? Please don't mix the two things up having a debate on the number of people that come in and leave a country is not the same as a debate on what colour they are. The EU shot themselves in the foot with their complete inflexibility when 'dave' headed out there to get us a deal. You are right in the fact that limiting EU migration or having a cap I'm sure would have seen a very different result, however again being concerned about the scale of immigration does not make you racist.
  2. chor808


    Glenn sorry to add but bigotry and internet abuse etc (terrible by the way) again what has that got to do with Brexit? Did that not exist long before? People need to stop assuming voting leave for a political union means you are a bigoted, racist scumbag, you may be wrong or right but people need to stop branding people or sterotyping. There are plenty idiots on both sides lets not make it worse. Both sides need to stop the hype.
  3. chor808


    All valid points Glenn and the most valid being on both sides for each example you picked there is a valid left wing example! The sad fact is now that you and I are talking abouts 'sides'.
  4. chor808


    Fair enough. Just shows how crap yes no referendums are. Talk about stereotypes and putting people in buckets. Both sides lied in the campaign , take your pick 350 million or punishment budgets. My view is Cameron and Osborne fought a terrible campaign and a lot of mps backed remain for no other reason than they knew how much work was involved in leaving and as in Scotland they a ready made scape goat in the eu/Westminster. Glen is right not to trust any of them. Also the papers in my view are being irresponsible on both sides, the guardian for one is a disgrace and of course the same can be said of the mail. The vote is long gone time people got on with it and stopped the hyperbole.
  5. chor808


    in a nutshell wrong. Lots of people voted either way for various reasons.
  6. chor808


    you see again typical responce with absolutly no idea what my family think. How the hell do you know if they are pro imigration pro refugee or even pro freedom of movement. You don't you just read rubbish and assume everyone is the same. We need immigrants, we should help refugees what have refugees got to do with brexit!! Pull the drawbridge, what a stupid response.
  7. chor808


    Glen 'I guess it comes down to the govenment we have', vote for a different one then, is that not the idea of democracy? I voted leave as I don't like the idea of more and more freeloading politicians, same applies to devolved administrations, it should be the MP's from that area that run the administration not a new set of them and all the people that go with it. Who says bigotry is acceptable? I'm sick of being called that so cheaply by people that voted remain. My wife, a refugee, voted out as did the rest of her family, what can I call them.
  8. chor808

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Terrible news again today it will never end. What makes someone kill for a cloud man I will never know.
  9. chor808

    Mowbray’s Future

    Coil averaged 1 point per game. After the last three games we would have to lose the next four on the trot to be as bad as coil. Coil was a disgrace. So far at least Mowbray seems to be a football manager which coil was not. Let's hope he keeps it going.
  10. chor808

    Mowbray’s Future

    Agree the most refreshing thing was just listening to him and not having to listen to captain spout, good job coil put a 'platform' in place so we can go and get those six wins
  11. chor808

    Mowbray’s Future

    Good read. You could switch coventry for rovers and reprint it ☺. Let's see what he says.
  12. chor808

    Mowbray’s Future

  13. chor808

    Mowbray’s Future

    Sadly it looks like they are going nowhere.
  14. chor808

    Mowbray’s Future

    Can anyone imagine coil or kean coming out with this: "The table doesn't lie," Mowbray, 52, told BBC Sport, following Wednesday's 2-2 home draw with AFC Wimbledon, which proved his final game in charge. "It's embarrassing to go 10 games without a win. I'm an honourable guy." Mowbray, who had City at the top of the table just 10 months ago, told BBC Coventry & Warwickshire: "I won't be a burden to this club. I know this club needs every penny. "I see some shoots of hope. The players work extremely hard, but it's a man's game," added the Yorkshireman. "They're babies in a man's league. "I probably let them down by not getting in the big 6ft 4in centre-half we were after, who could have been a man and help us keep clean sheets.
  15. chor808

    Mowbray’s Future

    This is the conculsion I am coming to.

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