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  1. Give 'Em the Axe

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    Rovers ruin Christmas. I travel home once a year. Spent the 26th at my brother's house. Lovely food, lovely family...the works. He's a lifelong Leeds fan. Sickening.
  2. Give 'Em the Axe


    I'd imagine effective coaching, a coherent system, and a settled club behind the scenes helped enormously. He never had the chance to show his best at Rovers. Hardly anyone flourished in that era.
  3. Give 'Em the Axe

    Bradley Dack

    Wake me up before he go go!
  4. Give 'Em the Axe

    Bradley Dack

    "He who fights with Chaddys should be careful lest he thereby become a Chaddy. And if thou gaze long into a Chaddy, the Chaddy will also gaze into thee". Graeme Souness - Beyond Good and Evil, 1886.
  5. Give 'Em the Axe

    Bradley Dack

    Dunno about nativity, but the loose marking on Saturday was certainly an early Christmas gift.
  6. Give 'Em the Axe


    Hear hear! Yeah I was really hoping for the Marquis signing during the summer. Really liked what I saw of him last season. Bit of a warrior, like.
  7. Give 'Em the Axe

    Bradley Dack

    Yep! First day of the season versus Ipswich as well. The fella has a lot to his game. Still reckon he hasn't hit peak form yet this season, so I'm excited to see what he can from here on out.
  8. Give 'Em the Axe

    Bradley Dack

    That goal on Saturday perfectly illustrates your point. Bit of ping-pong in the box (no Thailand jokes, please) and who pops up at point blank to smack it in? He's a sly fox, alright.
  9. Give 'Em the Axe

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    From watching it through the laptop, I can only agree. Lot of huff, puff, and arm waving. The most significant thing he did was (unsurprisingly) pick up a completely stupid yellow card.
  10. Give 'Em the Axe

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Reed and Evans seems like down to earth, Johnny Normal kind of blokes, so it's hardly surprising. Theatrical preening like RuPaul? Dame Edna esque double entendre? I honestly don't think they could pull it off.
  11. Give 'Em the Axe

    Free Football Autobiographies

    Garry Nelson's 'Left Foot Forward' was one I enjoyed checking out of the library when I was a young fella.
  12. Yeah, totally. He was a livewire. Shame he had to go and blot his copybook with that stupid foul at the end, but apart from that I really liked what I saw.
  13. Give 'Em the Axe

    Bell vs Williams

    Because of Williams' injury , Bell finally got the run of starts that a few of us had been waiting eagerly for. Now that Williams back to full fitness, do you think that Bell has done enough to keep his place? I don't go to games so I know in the eyes of some that precludes me from having an opinion on it. Fair enough, to a degree, but regular game-goers, what's your take on it? However, going on the games I've seen online, I think Bell has done enough to warrant his continued presence in the starting 11. I thought he looked a threat when he was pushed further up the field after Williams came on. My caveat here is that I didn't see a kick of the Bristol City capitulation, so I honestly don't know how he performed there.
  14. Give 'Em the Axe

    Bradley Dack

    I see. Thanks!

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