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  1. Give 'Em the Axe

    Loan Window

  2. Give 'Em the Axe

    Loan Window

    It's all water under the bridge now. Or not, as the case may be. Poor chap.
  3. Give 'Em the Axe

    An Assessment of Player Performance v Millwall

    Enjoy your holiday! Listen, I'm not gonna reply to many of these threads but will be reading eagerly. The charts a quite fascinating, frankly. Let this message of gratitude suffice for the season, hahaha. Thanks for the effort, man, it's really appreciated.
  4. Give 'Em the Axe

    Loan Window

    Here's the story in full below in case you don't want to give clicks the f*kin' S*n: Cluck's in Blackburn make £6million move for Nottingham Forest starlet Ben Brereton as Venkys look to invest Tony Mowbray wants highly-rated England u-20 hitman after Rovers owners make massive profits in their chicken business BLACKBURN have made a remarkable £6million bid for Nottingham Forest striker Ben Brereton. The England u-20 starlet has been left out of Forest’s opening two Championship matches by boss Aitor Karanka. And Rovers chief Tony Mowbray hopes that will be enough to tempt Brereton, 19, to Ewood Park. But Forest are understood to want £12m for the highly-rated hitman, who scored five league goals last season. Mowbray has been given money to spend by owners Venkys, who are willing to make their biggest investment in a player since they bought Jordan Rhodes five years ago. The Indians have produced cash for Brereton, with sources revealing they are finally ready to splash the cash after massive recent profits in their chicken business.
  5. Give 'Em the Axe

    Carlisle Away

  6. Give 'Em the Axe

    Loan Window

    Think we've been reading the same things, haha! I hope we haven't been mislead, but I'm expecting a tidy ball-player. I'm really excited to see what he can contribute. Good point about playing with the little crafty lad up top on his own. But just like you, I'm really hoping for a battering ram to be added.
  7. Give 'Em the Axe

    Carlisle Away

    Goal and woodwork rattling highlights here for anyone that missed it. Interesting to note that's two starts in a row for Bell. Will that set the tone for the rest of the season, I wonder?
  8. Debate on my twitter feed about Eddie Guerrero and AJ Styles, as in who is better. Guerrero by a mile for me. My god he was amazing.
  9. Give 'Em the Axe

    Loan Window

    Maybe it's dead in the water, but how as ever. Over the weekend I was chatting to friend from home who is a Forest fanatic, so I asked him for the lowdown on Brereton. Because I'm a sad case and on a break I'll type out his message in full: So now. Take it with a pinch of salt if you must. Lord knows, if someone heard me going on about Bennett they might assume he was the second coming of Graeme Souness with the social conscience of Nelson Mandela. This part, 'Loves to run with the ball, and has the muscle to upset defenders' had me drooling all over my phone though.
  10. Give 'Em the Axe

    Hull away

    Same as. I honestly can't remember seeing any or reading the fury about it on here. However I do recall a couple of occasions where he was rather green and over-eager in possession in defensive areas of the pitch. Giving it away cheaply or attempting to dribble when a pass or clearance would have been more sensible. Not disagreeing with you as such, more augmenting your point. I haven't seen near enough of Palmer or Rothwell to gauge whether or not they'd be more defensively solid than Harry. Admittedly, the signs are there that they aren't.
  11. Give 'Em the Axe

    Loan Window

    I wouldn't be unhappy to see Gallagher back here. Sure, he had some howlers, some of them crucial, but I don't think the lad disgraced himself by any means. I know nothing about Brereton, but going off what the fellas above have been saying he sounds like he'd be alright. However, I might get slaughtered for this, but I really liked what I saw of John Marquis last season. Seems like a total warrior and would be able to lead the front line. Whether he'd be good enough for this level who can tell, but yeah. I'd like someone in like that. Can someone tell me when did the classic, bruising, battling British centre-forward become such a rare commodity?
  12. Give 'Em the Axe

    Thursday deadline.

    Is Freeman all that then? I've been hoping for Chapman all close season purely because he is one hot prospect. The cameos he made from the bench were almost always exciting at the very least. He still a little green, but man, the potential. I've never seen Freeman play, so I have to confess ignorance on that part. Suppose if TM wants him, that's good enough for me. Oh, as an aside, it would be lovely if our resident ITK folk could maybe lay off the 'oooh it's going down!'-style posts just for the day. Nobody is in the mood for crypticisms, and it reeks of wanton attention seeking on days like this.
  13. Give 'Em the Axe

    Thursday deadline.

    Judge for yerself 😛
  14. Give 'Em the Axe

    Ipswich away match thread

    Edwards' opener a looping header after poor defending was like the heartbreaking plop of sour milk in your first cup of tea after work on a rainy Monday. Graham's equaliser, pouncing on a loose ball in the danger zone after Ipswich failed to deal with a set piece, was like taste of salty fish 'n' chips after a night on the sauce. Dack tidy finish in the 6 yard box from a lovely William's cross following great hold up play and vision from Big Poppa Danny was like the first crispy fresh taste of lager on a balmy summer Friday. Hope that helps. Chin up in work, mate. You'll be a free man soon!
  15. Give 'Em the Axe

    Ipswich away match thread

    Liquid football!

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