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  1. Maybe the contract is being interpreted by one of the parties as the relegation clause being automatically reversed due to promotion??
  2. Glosrover

    Championship 2018-19

    Expect Uncle 'Arry will be lurking in the background to set up a deal or two and do some back-seat-driving.
  3. Glosrover


    slight correction needed
  4. Glosrover

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Used to live and work there for 18 months, definitely slag heaps and railway sidings instead of ivory towers. ........
  5. Glosrover

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    24th April 2018 - the night Charlie gave the fans VD (yes I know it’s the same joke as earlier today, sounds better with a name in it.....I’ll get my coat)
  6. Glosrover

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Spread it around.........
  7. Glosrover

    Rovers v Peterborough

    against a team with the League 1 select team's striker and a Championship- coveted winger, I'd worry that your back 3 would be suicidal! I cant see what Bell has done to deserve a place when he's had chances, and defensively Williams was ok-ish last game - I'd have no argument with Travis at RB, but stick to a back 4, Lenihan has to play, Downing to the bench, he proved again twice last Sat that there's a mistake in him. If he's recovered from playing 90 mins at Bristol, I'd far rather see Graham at CF [or anyone actually] than Samuel, Graham is a canny player, we shouldn't underestimate how good he is back to goal, and how important that is the way we're playing at present. He wins his fair share of free-kicks from the balls he gets shelled in his general direction. I don't think we have another striker that can do that role and unless we miraculously speed up the passes forwards from the midfield, [rather than launch from the centre-backs] or acquire some width, the front 3 you suggested might be struggling.
  8. Glosrover

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    I thought he was awful - he took up some great positions, but didn't know what to do when he got the ball in them. Tried to turn back towards his own goal and most often either lost possession or ended up turning his opportunity into just a throw-in and killing momentum. Contrast with both Payne or Armstrong who clearly aren't wingers either but have a game awareness that allows them to see options quickly, and they aren't afraid to be direct in their running while in possession. Actually what stood out for me was that in the first half Rovers' midfield did very little in terms of dictating the rhythm or tempo of the game - Smallwood was very effective as a stopper and giving cover, Evans didn't do anything wrong particularly, but he's too similar to Smallwood as a defensive shield, and while he will try to play the odd forward ball, he didn't seem very good at it, and often too late. A big contrast when Bennett was switched in there - he is more mobile and more direct, and gives more threat supporting the wider players. As a right back he did a decent job supporting Conway, and the 2 of them looked threatening- trouble being they weren't getting the ball quickly enough - it always seemed to need Mulgrew - having received a backwards/sideways ball from the midfield - to sling a long diagonal out to Conway. Conway did ok til he got a knock first half and put 3 or 4 really good balls behind their defence into the 6 yard box, with no-one really threatening them - Graham seems to go back post and Dack didn't seem to get there in time. Its nothing new though, Rovers midfield has been dysfunctional for years now, I can't remember when it last had personnel that you felt were bossing the game and could pick a pass that would open up a defence. I kindov hoped at the start of the season Whittingham could be the person to do that, but clearly isnt up to it - this season it may not matter, I still think we're more than good enough to see us through and get automatic promotion, next season would be a worry with the same squad. As a final thought - the Bristol Rovers fans I was sat with were terrified of what they thought Rovers would do to them, they were all adamant they would 'lose by 3' and were delighted firstly to score, and secondly to get a draw. They said there was a huge gulf in class and were amazed how pedestrian we were, they all agreed we were different class in the 10 to 15 minutes after the penalty when we played the ball on the deck, and should have had at least 2 more goals from open play. No-one could believe the Williams miss!! [I still cant]
  9. Glosrover

    Bristol Rovers away 14/4/18

    A few images of the away game at the Memorial Stadium. Rovers fans penned in the corner of what is in truth a pretty poor ground, with a pretty poor pitch and where we achieved a pretty poor result! Taken from the home stand just above the halfway line, which was pretty quiet throughout excepting the last 3 minutes of injury time when it just felt like an equaliser was going to happen.
  10. Glosrover

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    The pitch is terrible, was relayed in summer apparently and when they had no groundsman to supervise, the corners and edges were slippery all match and bit of turf were rucking up like a doormat. The touch line and corner run ups were sanded like a long jump pit. The ball bobbled when anyone carried it, or held up so it stuck between the feet - cost Dack possession at least twice - ditto Armstrong, cant say I agree that it was anywhere near a good pitch I’m afraid.
  11. Glosrover

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Bang on - from a view in home stand at half way, this lot are here for the taking rovers have zero flair In centre mid,Bristol playing 5 at the back only their left side looks like they know how to play football. A few half chances just is nt good enough
  12. Glosrover


    Off to the game on saturday (just down the road so it would be rude not to) strangely more nervous now than I was on Tuesday evening, will have to be on good behaviour as right in the middle of the home fans....
  13. Glosrover


    did they play a full strength team??
  14. Glosrover


    Because Walton is a loan player.... can’t therefore qualify for league team of the year. Raya is quite good, but not as good as Wigan’s Fella

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