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  1. Glosrover

    Meanwhile over at Deepdale....

    Thats almost exactly what happened.......except Ferguson retired....................
  2. Glosrover

    Ben Brereton

    I would have thought it a wind-up too. technically I suppose the £6M is only being spent in January, hope he's managed to get a game by then..........
  3. Glosrover

    Ben Brereton

    Begs the question why he hasn't had game time with the u23's - surely better to get some match practice than just to train and to get 10 minutes here and there in the first team. Since he signed, the only full game I reckon he's had was with England u21's, the longer it goes on like that, the less likely it is that he'll make an impact when he is called on. The lad's almost being set up to fail
  4. Glosrover

    Bolton debt

    interesting times - BBC Sport website recently ran an article about Birmingham City maybe facing points deduction for transfer misdemeanours - would be strange to see 2 clubs put in a position of almost certain relegation so early and potentially only one relegation spot in the championship this year.
  5. Glosrover

    Loan Window

    18 year old from Walsall....... unlikely to be starting in the first 11, must be more to come than that surely
  6. Glosrover

    Loan Window

    which given that Boro's crest has a lion might indicate that he's staying put, as a Lion-cub as it were
  7. Glosrover

    Bradley Dack

    In the news for sadder reasons ATM, but didn’t Lenny Johnrose take a drop down the leagues to Burnley??
  8. Glosrover

    Thursday deadline.

    Blimey - he must be well into his 40's now.................
  9. Glosrover

    Thursday deadline.

    Got to be an Italian then........ welcome home Corrado
  10. Glosrover

    New Kits

    It looks like a schoolboy has tried to draw a black atomic bomb in felt tip on a faded football shirt
  11. Glosrover

    Thursday deadline.

    perhaps he's a regniw...........
  12. Glosrover

    Thursday deadline.

    Maybe the contract is being interpreted by one of the parties as the relegation clause being automatically reversed due to promotion??
  13. Glosrover

    Championship 2018-19

    Expect Uncle 'Arry will be lurking in the background to set up a deal or two and do some back-seat-driving.
  14. Glosrover

    Thursday deadline.

    Tom Cairney ??
  15. Glosrover


    slight correction needed

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