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    I agree in terms of the frequency of the games and the point on training versus match days - perhaps the most likely hindrance in the fixture congestion is the lack of time to recover from the knocks and niggles, more likely that players may miss games through not being fully fit, or picking up more serious injury by not having recovery time. Ultimately becomes a function of the depth and quality of the squad - if that's big enough and good enough, they'll go up!!
  2. Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    you are right, of course we did ! - he at least therefore has no excuse Mowbray [for all his faults] has been the right man at the right time for this club, he's mended it from the bottom up and you cant but admire the bloke for the challenge he's taken on. Would have been so easy for him to walk away but he looks like he made a plan, identified the type of player he wanted and engendered an obvious term spirit and togetherness that hasn't been evident for very many years. It looks like he has the 'good bits' Gary Bowyer had, but a bit more steel and directness. Mowbray is not perfect by any stretch, but in retrospect we struck lucky - things could have been very, very much worse.........
  3. Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    I'd say Evans based on performances this season, maybe Samuel
  4. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Yep - for some reason there has always been a bit of niggle and more than a few kamikaze tackles flying around. Can still picture Glenn Keeley sitting up on a stretcher pointing at a Pompey player and reminding him what to expect when they next met. They always seem to have had a few self-professed 'hard-men', Mick Kennedy, Mick Tait, Noel Blake and a few other nutters, and Rovers weren't shrinking violets either - in some ways young Travis is keeping up traditions, but then again football is now a non-contact sport.........
  5. The January 2018 transfer thread

    In the case of Ward stating that it is guaranteed not to be invoked until either the expiry of the contract, or the freezing over of Hell
  6. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Wholly unrelated, but the name sounds similar, Jack Rodwell can’t find a club, just had a trial cancelled in Dutch league. Cheeky loan bid may better value than another young prospect. We do have a track record in resurrecting wayward careers and this lad could play a bit - I know he’s on mega bucks, but Sunderland want shut of his contract, he wants to play.
  7. The January 2018 transfer thread

    My guess (totally uninformed) is that if Norwich we’re going for league 1 players, Marriott and the other bloke from Peterborough would be higher on the list than Bradley Dack.
  8. Rovers v Charlton

    had to chuckle at one of the Charlton forum comments "Charisma By-pass Mowbray............."
  9. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    nah........ the Rao's had a look and they'll swap the headless horseman for a few headless chickens and swap the meat pies for Monster Munch. They'll really push the boat out for Diwali though....................
  10. Mowbray stays as manager

    its Worzel Gummidge !
  11. Mowbray stays as manager

    wonder if he fancies buying a club closer to home with the cash from Newcastle sale? he could offer the Rao clan a free shell suit and trainers as a sweetener.........
  12. Not seen any content on here yet, but surely if Carlsberg brewed inept and not fit for purpose they would call it 'The 'English FA'. OK they may have badged it as 'just women's football', but when Martin Glenn, the latest well-paid unfortunate admits that a document available to him prior to the appointment of the NATIONAL team manager, wasn't read until 2 years later; and that this document now forms the basis of the case to then sack him it beggars belief. [This by the way is after paying a £80,000 gagging-fee to one of the players who lodged a legal case against the manager]. Are these people really so stupid, or are they just so set into a Victorian mill-owner management structure that doesn't allow the CEO to actually do anything? It does seem that the charge sheet is building, we've seen the fit and proper persons test and the diligence with which the FA applied it to Rovers [and others], there have been a series of crazy appointments and subsequent dismissals of board executives and national team managers but the hush money seems to flow unabated. It appears the FA are to be hauled before a parliamentary select committee to be quizzed on their governance processes very soon - the chair of the committee was on the radio yesterday and seems up for giving them a 'seeing-to' - he was talking of a revised structure with compulsory expulsion of board members at 60 or 70, and/or conditional sanctions on government funding of the FA if they don't. Sounds fair enough to me,
  13. Season Expectations

    First sentence agreed, second sentence not- IMO the team/squad should be good enough to make the play-offs, I think it probably will. I would worry about the quality of the current squad to compete at Championship level, and that the additional revenue wouldn't be enough to update the squad by acquisition. Past performance suggests that Venkys won't directly finance purchases other than from increased revenues or player trading, it looks likely to be a bit of a punt that the youngsters either purchased or loaned to buy come good, and that the more experienced, supposedly higher level players,[Graham, Evans, Bennett, Williams, Ward, Conway] are more motivated to play for Mowbray. A failure to get out of league 1 this season may leave a very bleak future indeed.
  14. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    probably not, but likely risks all around - Bristol City supposedly interested should they lose Aden Flint during the window, Brentford look likely to be losing 2 centre backs and Ipswich maybe knocked back on a loan from Brighton that's falling apart - even 12 months ago we wouldn't have dreamed that our players would see those clubs as advancement, but sadly probably true now........... wholly unrelated, but Birmingham signing Jason Lowe and allegedly chasing Alex Song - Redknapp maybe pulling off a deadline day Song and Dunce act..............