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  1. Anyone see the May interview on sky news? totally flustered, it was embarrassing watching it. She's gone into this election believing that she only needs to mention Corbyns name to walk it. She had the run on all the other parties by her surprise announcement of the GE, yet she has gone in with a manifesto that's collapsing around her. She cant say what the cap will be on the dementia tax, what the means rested level for the fuel tax will be, where the money from the health service will come from. She can't even say whether taxes will go up, or whether last years planned - then scrapped - budget rise in NI contributions will be revived. awful.
  2. NHS Trust deficit running at £700m NHS sources have confirmed the deficit figure to Sky News "just days after the Department of Health ruled that official accounts for 2016-17 could not be published until after the election because of their political sensitivity."
  3. Does anyone at Ewood really have a clue what they're doing?
  4. Discussing players on a football message board? That'll never do, will it. apart from that, if people can't say what they think - about anything - how are the fans who read, yet don't/can't go supposed to get a balanced version?
  5. He did. He said all bombing has to be condemned.
  6. Arsenal have enjoyed 18 straight years of Champions League football, still haven't won it. What exactly are you gonna miss? The anthem?
  7. Damian Green: 'our manifesto is not uncosted. We just haven't costed it yet' #marr
  8. The health service is better under the Tories Chaddy? Is that it? Anything to back that up? the health services problems are down to the buildings not being big enough? Jeez, give me strength. Well waiting lists started getting bigger from the moment the Tories took power in 2010. Did the buildings shrink at that point somehow. the extra 10 billion Cameron promised still hasn't been given yet. At the same time care has been cut resulting in people not being discharged when they should be. sorry for the tone of my post, but that's the biggest bit of garbage I've read in a long time.
  9. All parties raise tax Chaddy. The Tories lied to us last time out when they said they wouldn't raise VAT, then did. What's your views on their dementia tax and their refusal to commit to not raising taxes again this time around? What's your opinion on them finding tax reductions only for the rich? Is that OK? but yes, people are becoming delusional about austerity - and rightly so given where we are. Governments HAVE to invest in the "right areas" - that's the key.
  10. Sounds like you're still looking forward to the restructuring Chaddy.
  11. I do get the impression that the people of this country are fed up to the back teeth of austerity. Years of cuts to services, health, education etc,etc - and still they're telling us it's now going to last until the middle of the next decade, when according to the government it would all have been sorted in the next couple of years. It hasn't worked has it. Cuts on their own with nothing being put back in, no investment hasn't worked. It's hard to ignore the feeling that austerity fell right into the lap of a government that's fundamentally against state provision. A decent opposition would walk this election.
  12. He needed more money to spend over and above the the total cost of the 35 players he brought in, some of whom cost fees as well as wages? What would the total cost of all those deals including loan fees, signing on fees, transfer fees, wages and agents fees add up to? A small fortune to a club massively in debt. He was very fortunate to get that kind of backing.