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  1. den


    Went to an ashes test at Edgebaston a couple of years ago. Beautiful ground IMO.
  2. den


    I agree Matty. There’s no continuity of the stands and the point and other red stands look like they were brought in from another ground somewhere. I’m not a fan of overhanging two tier stands either - who wants to sit in darkness all day long? Not to mention the monstrosity that is the temporary stand. I find a lack of atmosphere at Old Trafford nowadays.
  3. den


    Over £2m profit for Lancs despite not having a test match. Got to wonder what they’ll do with it. https://cricket.lancashirecricket.co.uk/news/2019-news/lancashire-cricket-club-maintain-growth-in-operating-profits/
  4. den

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Alan Shearer should know that just because the ball touches an arm, doesn’t mean it’s illegal.
  5. Hope the hunchback is OK.
  6. den

    Brexit Thread

    Theresa May has apparently told the civil service to stand down it’s no deal planning with immediate effect. The M20 lorry park is being dismantled. So there you have it, this is a big move. The threats are gone, the hard brexit is gone, the ERG have been engaged the urgency has gone, the fight has gone. Has brexit gone?
  7. den

    ROVERS V Frank Lampards DCFC

    Don’t need to add anything to what’s already been said. Well done everybody. From a different angle - what exactly did hiding the Derby fans in the upper tier achieve? For me, nothing. It detracted from the atmosphere and the game. What’s the point in that?
  8. den

    Brexit Thread

    That can only happen if the EU won’t give us an extension. Even then, I think revoking article 50 would be more likely. also, Peston this morning reporting the EU will only give us a final, final short extension. Their position is that the U.K. will have to make the decision to leave with no deal because they want nothing to do with that. Revokation moving ever closer.
  9. den

    Brexit Thread

    Looking like we might have to democratically vote for our MEP’s to sit in the undemocratic European Parliament.
  10. den

    Brexit Thread

    Starmer saying that after two days of talks, May basically hasn’t moved an inch. Time for Labour to start opposing her and brexit.
  11. den

    Brexit Thread

    The EU won’t refuse us an extension.
  12. den

    Barrie Hole

    Yes Parson, a player who lasted in the memory. He could be the match winner. Like most, I too remember the screamer he scored at Deepdale. A classy midfielder, a popular player. Very sad to hear this news.
  13. den

    Brexit Thread

    Corbyn should talk to her, but he shouldn’t come to any agreement with her. How is propping up a failing Tory leader beneficial for an opposition party? Allowing May to get the U.K. out of the EU will only strengthen Theresa May and the Tories and weaken Corbyns Labour Party. It should be Corbyns first and only focus to get the Tories out and Labour in. That’s what the Labour membership should expect. Which is uppermost in Corbyns head? As an aside, Rebecca Long Bailey saying this morning that if agreement is reached with May, there would be no need to put it to the country. Not sure the Labour membership will like that one.
  14. den

    Barrie Hole

    Sad to hear Barrie Hole passed away aged 76. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/sadness-barrie-hole-former-cardiff-16055090

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