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  1. den

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Everyone can form an opinion. It might be right or it might be wrong but we can all form an opinion. Blimey, you can form a general opinion of a players technical ability after just one or two games and you wouldn’t be far wrong. His technique isn’t going to change a lot. The way a player can adapt that technique for the benefit of the team is generally the unknown bit. I think most fans on here are judging his technique and most of them including myself just don’t see it. So if you don’t see the players technical ability, it’s very difficult to see how he’s ever going to succeed - especially for a striker.
  2. den

    Old Rovers Footage

    You must know someone who is Tyrone. They would show you the photos I’m sure.
  3. den

    Old Rovers Footage

    I can help a little here. I don’t have videos, but if you are on Facebook, join “the Talbot archive” group. On there you will find some great photos of that game plus other wonderful photos of rovers, football in general and all things Blackburn.
  4. den


    It’s very likely that the next PM won’t get their brexit plans past parliament - and Johnson’s tax plans won’t either. It’s crying out for a GE. johnsons tax plan to give tax breaks to those earning over £80000 are obviously aimed at the rich Tory pensioners who will be deciding the country’s fate. Democracy eh?
  5. den


    100000 Tory party members are going to elect the next prime minister, hence the UKs strategy on brexit and everything else. The leading candidate Johnson is making tax cuts for the rich his priority. Democracy eh?
  6. den


    Well we either take the word of Cormack who owns the company and knows the reasons, or we take your word for it who doesn’t? Is that right?
  7. den


    hows that going to happen then? Parliament won’t allow a no deal brexit and there’s no deal acceptable to the hard liners. Democracy 😂. You brexiteers haven’t given anything that Parliament could possibly pass.
  8. den


    Silas needs to look the other way as well. Remoaners, losers, idiots and many more such like comments have been made towards remainers on here. personally doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is the lack of substance behind the brexiteers arguments. As you said, soundbites really is all they have.
  9. den


    I see leading brexiteers are seriously considering prorogueing Parliament in order to get brexit through. isnt one of the main points of brexit that we take back control - that we restore “sovereignty”? These are dangerous people and have no interest in people power. These people only want power for themselves. now what do we call brexiteers who’s aims are thus?
  10. den


    😀 his mate Farage told him to retract it because it was doing so much damage to his campaign? it was crystal clear what Trump said.
  11. den


    President Trump says that the NHS will be part of future trade negotiations, but Theresa May adds that both sides would “negotiate... about what should or should not be on the table”. hmmmm? Well to be fair that’s exactly what the likes of Farage, Johnson, Rees Mogg and the rest of that clan would want. The brexiteers are being mislead something rotten and they don’t see it. They’re blinded by prejudice and are being used by people who don’t have their interests at heart. So anyway, which side has the bargaining power in that scenario - the United States of America or the United Kingdom which has left the EU without a deal of any kind?
  12. den


    The brexit crisis - it IS a crisis - is reflected in the Tory leadership race. There are so many candidates because all of them can see no one else has a real answer to the brexit problem. If one of those candidates were to have the answer they would be dominating the discussion, but none of them have the answer. They all stand upon policies that either won’t get through or have been tried by Theresa May. No deal brexit won’t get through Parliament, there is no will in Parliament for that and Bercow will enable the will of Parliament to be done. Walking away with no deal is effectively tearing up the good Friday agreement. Renegotiating the WA has been tried by May and she got absolutely nowhere and the EU certainly aren’t going to move on that either - unless the U.K. govt slacken their red lines - which again won’t get through Parliament. theres nothing any of these Tory candidates can offer that’s new. That’s the problem those candidates face. It’s the problem that brexiteers in general and on this site can’t offer an answer to. The basic cause of all this is the lies of leavers and the media over many years and the fallibility of the brexiteering British public to fall for it.
  13. den


    😀 not the old “they need us more than we need them” argument? Patently obvious that they don’t.
  14. den


    Shouted down or challenged?
  15. den


    You don’t reply because you can’t give us any details of the benefits of brexit. Soundbites yes, details no.

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