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  1. den


    but lieing.
  2. den


    Hancock telling Marr that over 200,000 people are being tested every day. The governments own figures show only 82000 people tested every day. My belief is that they have never tested 100,000 people in a day yet.
  3. den


    @philipl youre kidding me surely? Brexiteers now in favour of Parliament being consulted about Covid decisions? The same Brexiteers who illegally shut Parliament out of the brexit debate? What a nerve!
  4. den


    I was reading Matthew Pariss in the times this morning and he was talking about exactly that. “It would help if our PM, who admitted yesterday that we are in a second wave, would tell us where we’re trying to get to in this pandemic. “Conquering” the virus? Suppressing it until a vaccine comes along? Or learning to live with it? The health secretary and perhaps his medical advisers seem to imply the first, sometimes the second. Some medical/scientific opinion (see the recent discussion by Peter Doshi in the latest edition of The BMJ) seems at least to contemplate the third.” Its a fair point. If the electorate can’t understand what the government are trying to achieve, how can they trust their judgement?
  5. den


    They’ve lost control again haven’t they.
  6. den


    Yes, we’ll. It was daft to say I only think global Covid comparisons can be made because I want to criticise the government.
  7. den


    Your ultimate aim isn’t to show all the governments failings. You can’t have comparisons with other countries if you want to do that.
  8. den


    Well I do think we should look at how other countries have approached the pandemic and how successful their attempts at saving the lives of their people has been. I can only think of one reason why you wouldn’t do that.
  9. den


    The R rate across UK now between 1.1 and 1.4
  10. den

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    It’s really sad reading this thread. Obviously the club are in desperate need of income - and yes the clubs future could well be in the balance if the owners pull the plug. So it’s understandable that the club seeks to bring in as much money as it possibly can. However.... as much as Waggott is attempting to do that, he is - in my opinion - completely misunderstanding how football fans from the poorer areas of the country think. They aren’t going to pay more money for a product that might not arrive, so in the short term the club will lose out. That’s a big enough problem in itself, but on top of that any fans he loses now, he could lose permanently. Once fans stop attending they don’t often return. So his judgement on this is out, in just about every way. Short term and long term, he’s put the club at even more risk that they were before he put his oar in.
  11. den


    It’s a brilliant video though, really good to see. Somehow it’s a bit different from similar football videos showing similar celebrations.
  12. den


    I’ll just Add, Root was absolute class. Head and shoulders above anyone else.
  13. den


    and when I’ve recently been saying that brexiteers don’t like anyone who isn’t “English” to have any influence in our affairs - even if it’s to our benefit - this is why. Even the Scots, Welsh and particularly the IRISH lately get met with the same message....... “who cares what you think, youre not one of us.” ingerland, ingerland, ingerland. Global brexit etc, etc.
  14. den


    I’m not pursuing this any more Chaddy, you’ll be pleased to know. It’s off topic and it’s impossible to debate with you.

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