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  1. den

    Hull (A)

    Possibly, but if Walton had made as little effort to get past Armstrong as their keeper did I would be up in arms about him. He was as soft as s***
  2. den

    Hull (A)

    Go on then, I’ll start with a negative. Why oh why did he start making his substitutions so early? Things were going well, just leave it alone for a bit longer Mowbray. It might have cost us. However, that was a good performance. The stand out player for me was Downing. Play him wide left and leave him there. He’s just what rovers need - experienced, still fit and with a bit of pace and he will be a threat in most games with that left foot. Good signing. Other stand out performances came from the much maligned - but much deserved on past performances - Williams. Thought he was dominant at the back. Very good in the air, put in some vital tackles, but does have a tendency to get caught out with the ball over his head. Johnson, a bit like Downing gives us the experience and extra bite/class in midfield, he played very well. Dack couldn’t quite find that final ball but always has to start - another player with a touch of quality and class. so still some concerns, but tonight is a good night. So it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from him.
  3. den


    Any chance it might rain again soon?
  4. den


    Roy quite clueless at this level. Doesn’t know when to play, when to leave. so frustrating watching him.
  5. den

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    No, it wasn’t right, something late on in the day happened. For me, Mulgrew must have asked for the move to Wigan and Mowbray was happy to lose his captain and first team regular. someone, somewhere was very angry about something and that’s not good. It’s not unique of course, but it does at the least suggest there might be bigger problems in the club.
  6. den


    Seems the potions are continued free trade with the biggest single market in the world and the high standards it demands, or a move towards a smaller market with lower standards. someone explain to me why we would choose America?
  7. den


    Quite right Tom. He knows what the games about, he knows what’s expected of a front man, he keeps it simple and he makes it look easy. When someone else comes close to being able to do that, then we can look at easing them into the side, but no one is doing. He’s our best front man and should still be first choice when he’s fit. It’s not his fault that no one can prise him out.
  8. den


    That 2nd rovers goal was put on a plate Oldham goal I meant
  9. den

    Fulham Away

    Not even sure he’s a finisher of any note Tyrone.
  10. den

    Fulham Away

    To be honest Philip, I don’t see anything in Armstrong that tells me he is a talent. Never have done and doubt I ever will.
  11. den

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    It’s only a few days ago Mowbray was castigating fans for being unhappy with mid table. In trying to cover their failures, they’re saying whatever needs saying on that day.
  12. den


    Australia better all round. I wasn’t expecting that before the game. Several players just weren’t good enough. Moeen will lose his place and he’ll know that. For me, Denley is no more than a good county player. Roy doesn’t look anything like a test player at this point. Burns will no doubt keep his place but I’m not convinced by him. Bairstow has struggled but I don’t think England will ditch him. He’s a quality player on his day. Plenty to think about and the Aussies will know they have damaged England and posed the selectors a lot of questions over this England squad. They have done more damage than just win the first test. this wicket didn’t suit England at all though. Prepare wickets with a touch of green in them. That’s a must.
  13. den


    Blue passports Philip. Nobody on here, including brexiteers can any other advantages.
  14. den

    Rovers v Charlton

    Good man Rev, that’s the attitude. The manager is an expert at dumbing down expectations. Makes it a lot easier for him if nobody expects that Blackburn Rovers (with multi millionaire/billionaire owners, superb stadium, costly strike force, great academy) can do any better than match the mediocre mid table championship teams.
  15. den


    We’ll find that Lyon will be everything Moeen hasn’t been.

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