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  1. Cricket

    We’ve never had the bowlers to flourish in Oz, Chaddy and it’s unlikely we ever will. English conditions mean bowlers need to be able to move the ball around and generally speaking, when you up the pace, you lose control to some extent. Exceptional pace isn’t necessary in England.
  2. Brexit Thread

    You just lost the argument.
  3. Brexit Thread

    Gina Millers intervention was about the process, fact. Just as was the vote this week. You wanted sovereignty didn’t you? Anyway, why are you frightened that voters might have changed their minds?
  4. Brexit Thread

    Gina Miller has never tried to derail brexit. She was delighted that Parliament took back control earlier this week. That doesn’t have any bearing on what the outcome will be. She originally took the government to court because only parliament can/could invoke article 90 but the Tory party wanted the opposite, they wanted and still want full political control of the entire process. She was right, the government was wrong. I should be amazed, but I’m not, that some people - mainly brexiteers - see something wrong with parliament controlling brexit. The Tory party alone are making this whole thing political. They want a brexit that suits their own agenda. Let’s be honest, a brexit run by Labour, would have an entirely different outcome than this type of brexit being pursued by the Tories, likewise if the Lib Dem’s we’re running it.
  5. Brexit Thread

    She should have thought about that when she called the GE then. How long did that take out of the article 50 deadline? It was more important at that point, to get herself a bigger majority in order to bypass her opponents and sovereignty completely.
  6. Cricket

    Good day for England, but there’s a long way to go yet. Warns reckons 400+ will see a good contest, while the guys on 5live reckon 550 to give England a chance of a win. I tend to agree with 5live. However, I’ll be amazed and very happy if we get anywhere near to that score. Anything less than that will, I reckon, see the Aussies at least level on first innings and that would be a worry for me. We must have a sizeable lead of 100 or more to be able to put real pressure on them. But..... so far, so good. ps. What were the selectors thinking of playing Bairstow lower down the order? He’s a class act now, even if he is from the wrong part of England.
  7. Brexit Thread

    Davis has now had to agree to put the gentleman’s agreement regarding phase one into law, after telling the Tory party and the country that his verbal agreement with the EU “meant nothing”. You leavers should be shouting for Davis’s head, because far from doing a good job, he’s actually making getting the brexiteers a “good deal”* much less likely. * no such thing. We already have the best possible deal with the EU.
  8. While we are talking about the Tories and the state of the NHS, Bob Kerslake has decided to resign over the underfunding and the refusal to take its problems seriously. I’m quitting as a hospital boss: dire NHS funding problems give me no choice https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/dec/10/quit-hospital-boss-nhs-chair-kings-college-hospital-london?CMP=soc_3156&__twitter_impression=true
  9. You’re right, it is an absolute disgrace. good job it’s not Labour in charge. The press wouldn’t ignore it then.
  10. I’ve posted in the last couple of weeks about a family member being on a trolley in a hospital corridor for 17 hrs. The paras told us then, that the waiting time for an emergency ambulance was 1.5 hrs. The state of A&E is just not acceptable, but these Tories laugh in the face of their critics. Just by chance, you weren’t waiting in the Debenhams car park in Preston at 7pm were you? There were a few people there tending to an elderly lady, looking like they were waiting for an ambulance.
  11. Brexit Thread

    George Osborne believes that the current agreement will be virtually how we finish up. https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/evening-standard-comment-the-eu-deal-is-a-victory-for-a-softer-brexit-a3714136.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true Evan Davis suggests the same.
  12. Brexit Thread

    Even the media are trying to work out what’s changed. To me, we’ve capitulated on the money, are staying par(ish, yet to be seen) on citizens rights and have just kicked the Ireland problem down the road to deal with if and when we agree on everything else. At the moment, we’re leaving the EU in name only. We are however paying c£50b, continuing to pay into the EU and accepting their jurisdiction. You need a crystal ball to try to understand where we’ll finish up. or, like Jim, have I got it wrong?
  13. Brexit Thread

    SDLP have contacted May to say they need to be consulted on any brexit text. They say they won’t stand for one sided negotiations. you can see their point as NI voted remain. You can also see how Theresa May is being asked to deliver the impossible. still, leavers will know the answer because they know what they voted for.
  14. Brexit Thread

    What kind of answer is that Vinjay? It has nothing to do with the discussion. I won’t have blood on my hands - and if leave voters take to riots then that just highlights their anti democratic stance. To be honest, ive never heard one logical reason from any leave voter, as to why there shouldn’t be another vote when we know the full facts. The truth is that these people are not democratic at all. They don’t care what happens to the country between now and the time we leave the EU. They don’t want to know. Their prejudices mean they’re blind to what’s happening.
  15. Brexit Thread

    Well that’s not very clever. Gina Miller took the govt to court and won. That court case decided that only parliament could implement article 50. Parliament could have voted against article 50 being implemented. In other words, the referendum wasn’t legally binding, it was advisory - and all sides accept article 50 can be revoked.