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  1. den

    Brexit Thread

    Firstly you said you didn’t believe the heads of the car industries, now you do. Chaddy, what are you talking about? Do you believe them when they say they can’t accept friction to their just in time supply lines? Yes or no will do.
  2. den

    Brexit Thread

    How could they operate their just in time supply lines if there’s friction at the ports?
  3. den

    Brexit Thread

    Do you not believe the bosses of all the U.K. based car companies who are telling us that if there’s friction anywhere in their supply line they’ll leave the U.K.?
  4. den

    Ben Brereton

    Well, from what I’ve seen and from what I’ve read from the Forest fan on here, Brereton game revolves solely around being able to cause problems with his strong running. Reminds me of Brett Emerton in some ways. The problem with having very little apart from that, is that you’re going to struggle in the many games where the opposition doesn’t give you space - and that’s why I’m very sceptical about him, especially at the quoted price.
  5. den

    Brexit Thread

    Would you be happy to leave with no deal Chaddy - because that is a possibility at the moment? plus..... there is no fee for leaving. Any money we do pay upon leaving is for the contracts/commitments we have signed up to. Brexit could kill off entire industries says Jaguar Landrover chief. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/oct/21/brexit-industries-ralf-speth-jaguar-land-rover-cbi-survey
  6. What a good win. Hoped we wouldn’t have dropped so deep in last twenty, but bottom line was it worked. Unfair to pick a MOTM because I thought everyone played really well. Credit all round today. We are a very difficult side to play against and a difficult side to beat. Leeds found that out today.
  7. den


    Haven’t read much of this thread and only just seen Waggott comments about his disappointment at the attendances. Basically the problem isn’t at all down to the fans, it’s down to the owners and Waggott himself. The older fans on here warned the owners that once supporters stopped coming down here it would be so, so difficult to get them back. We argued that it would take a long time coupled with a lot of success. We know this club, the owners and Waggott don’t. That’s the problem.
  8. den

    Ben Brereton

    Your whole opinion of him Chaddy, seems to be that he makes runs but players don’t pass to him. Really? Players make runs to drag teams around all over the park, all of the time. They have to do that, but at the same time get involved and contribute. So this idea that it’s down to the other players that he’s not getting involved is ridiculous.
  9. den

    Brexit Thread

    The majority of MP’s know in their own mind that leaving the EU is going to cause great damage. They knew that before the referendum because the majority voted to remain. They certainly know it now as every piece of evidence reveals itself, but bar a handful, they hide. Labours position on this is every bit as bad as the Tories. What they should be searching for is a jobs first remain - not a jobs first brexit.
  10. den

    Brexit Thread

    Yes, it was obvious. Brexit was built on these kind of discriminations. You’re right as well, leaving the EU doesn’t address their concerns but they very likely take little notice of the brexit debate. How do you change people’s opinions when they only see one thing and don’t even try to understand what leaving the EU actually means? it should never have gone to a public vote.
  11. den

    Brexit Thread

    In Tenerife at the mo. We were talking to a Preston couple last night. They are retired, they own an apartment here, they spend approx 6 months of the year out here yet they both want to “get out” of the EU. They live in the new hall lane area of Preston. Any ideas what they base their views on?
  12. den

    Ben Brereton

    We’ve had loads of players making a first team position their own at the age of 19 or even younger. Playing up front basically comes down to natural ability. I also don’t think it’s too early yet to make some kind of judgement.
  13. den


    Tickets for next years old Trafford ashes - £84 or £67.
  14. den


    Lancs gained more bowling points than any other team in the division. That shows where the problem was.

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