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  1. den


    Forget about death rates because without far more testing they’re meaningless.
  2. den


    There are plenty of people still working who shouldn’t be.
  3. den


    8000 people with influenza die in this country every year. The government were told that coronavirus if left to its own ends would kill 500,000 and on the governments original “herd immunity” plan would still kill 250,000. Its hoped that with the current partial lockdown it can be kept to around 20,000. Does that not tell us everything we need to know?
  4. den

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Right, gotcha. Thanks. So Suter didn’t even play in that final versus old etonians - amazing. However the history of those days was basically correct and still fascinating. Love it.
  5. den

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Well just finished watching it and really enjoyed it. I don’t think we’ll ever see anything again based around the emergence of the professional game, certainly not focussing on Darwen and Blackburn. Even though some of the facts might not have been too precise, the overall story was and this was the only time I’ve ever come close to really understanding what those times might have actually been like. some of the posts on this thread have also brought some reality to those days, so thanks to those that helped there. It’s the nearest I’ve been to feeling any kind of reality to our history, even though it was just a TV production. I also took the time to refresh my memories of Lord Kineard, Old Etonians ( who still play in the Arthurian league), the Wanderers and the Engineers. I would recommend anyone who’s interested in the evolution from the amateur game to the professional game, or is simply interested in the early days of football to watch it. why did they never call us Blackburn “ROVERS”? That baffles me.
  6. den


    At least 13 of today’s figures were healthy adults. Dont think you’re all safe from this, you’re not. still think government are too slow. Unessential workers should be stopped from going to work.
  7. den


    I’m surprised by some of the posters on here, I really am. This virus is killing thousands and thousands of people - yet some apparently don’t care. Grow up guys.
  8. den


    Temporary mortuary to be built at Birmingham airport.
  9. den


    Didn’t know you hadn’t been feeling well Rev, I was commenting on you surviving your horrendous shopping trip. Hope you’re okay.
  10. den


    Matt Hancock has it now. These guys are telling us all how to avoid it.
  11. den


    You survived Rev. Be grateful.
  12. den


    Maitlis asked him very simple questions that only needed really simple answers, but he swerved, evaded and tried endlessly to change the question. You could see Emily getting more and more frustrated with him.
  13. den


    Only you are playing party politics Chaddy, only you ever mention the Labour Party. Others are commenting on how the government are handling the crisis. You have little answer to the comments so try to make it political. however, since you mention how the Labour Party are completely behind the Tories, that’s not true. In case you missed it, Corbyn, several Labour MP’s and the mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham have been fighting the cause of the self employed workers for a while now. Get that, - Labour MP’s backing the plight of the self employed. So far they’ve been hung out to dry by the government, but hopefully they might get some kind of backing tomorrow from Sunak - and not before time.

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