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  1. Hasn't that always been the way though? I share your frustration at the plight of the club though.
  2. Don't forget that around 15000 fans "have" boycotted home and away games Stuart. That's the biggest "protest" open to anyone. Don't worry about what's happening with the remaining fans now, they're incidental to the future.
  3. Worth a read
  4. This is what David Davis believed. Proof enough that he's no idea what he's doing.
  5. Arguing that we don't need to fulfil our financial obligations because 34% of the electorate decided last June that they didn't want to be in the EU, is nonsense. Even this government accept we have obligations.
  6. It was the British Government acting on our behalf. Try telling the building society that you're walking away from your mortgage repayments because youre leaving that building society and didn't like them from day one.
  7. Not read very much about the reaction to our business, but yes it's good to hold onto the players we have held onto - although that doesn't actually strengthen us. Two young lads and an MKDons reserve doesn't seem to me to be the best way to strengthen the squad either. We still look a bit frail. Results will show whether we have the best squad in the league - as some fans believe. I'm not convinced about that at all.
  8. That's a strange position to take RTT. We made ongoing commitments as members of the EU. Could've, should've doesn't really come into it. The leave campaign found it easy to push their argument that leaving the EU would be easy, that there would be no exit bill and that we would be free to continue trading tariff free with Europe because those Germans wanted to sell us their BMW's. It was music to the ears of the leavers who had made their mind up about leaving based mainly on the lies peddled by media/politicians since the first day we joined the single market. The best advice I could give the government now is start being honest with the British people and start being honest with the EU. That's the best way to get the best deal. not that it will match in any way what we already have - and what we're currently desperately trying to hold on to.
  9. John Williams getting his own back? 😀
  10. It's not as though there are only a few items to work through though. It appears from what Barnier has said, the UK were part of a number of 7 year investment agreements that the UK now want no part in. 7 year investment agreements in other countries where the money has been spent by some of those countries and are due that EU money at the end of that 7 year period, leaving the other EU countries to pick up the shortfall. thats not right, is it.
  11. If I may step in..... football is about the team scoring goals, not just one man. We (the team) scored more goals after Rhodes left.
  12. It's an EFL initiative and they're based on the docks at Preston!
  13. Good on yer Matty. Should be great.
  14. It'll be a sad day for me when test cricket takes secondary importance to any form of one day cricket. Where you going Matty, I'm envious?
  15. Fans are angry Parson and I agree with you that abuse from either side isn't helpful, but I did ask you what abuse are you talking about? I also asked whether you support the EFL initiative.