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  1. den

    Brexit Thread

    Swindon voted leave I believe. Do these people have no common sense at all?
  2. den

    ROVERS v Boro

    Picked wrong team again.
  3. den

    ROVERS v Boro

    They don’t see football like this every week at Man City, do they.
  4. den

    ROVERS v Boro

    So - lay down or fight like men?
  5. den

    ROVERS v Boro

    Our midfield is woeful. That’s where most of this is coming from.
  6. den

    ROVERS v Boro

    We are very weak in midfield. If I were boro I would stick 5 in there.
  7. den

    ROVERS v Boro

    Only Reed and Evans are true midfielders. Those two are going to need Brereton and Armstrong to do a lot of defensive work to give cover for the full backs. There lies a potential problem. That’s a worry for me.
  8. den

    Brexit Thread

    There is a deal available to be negotiated that takes us out of the EU and would be supported by Parliament. The problem is that Theresa May decided to back a parliamentary minority in the ERG and she’s still doing that. isnt that the bottom line?
  9. den

    Brexit Thread

    The way this Tory government is dragging this country backwards is staggering. I will add though, there’s no way we’ll be leaving without a deal. Cabinet members will side with parliament for something that might even bring the government down.
  10. den

    Brexit Thread

    We have a pretty heartless Prime Minister Phil. You only need to follow the windrush story and what’s happened to them - and what’s still happening. Not all of the Tories are like that, but there’s a big chunk of them that certainly are. hope everything works out well for you.
  11. den

    Brexit Thread

    Take care Paul. In times of need the NHS and it’s workers are top class. You couldn’t have been anywhere better.
  12. den

    Brexit Thread

    Latest defeat for May, although not legally binding, weakens her and brexit even more. Difficult to see her getting anything including no deal through commons. Extension of article 50 almost inevitable. Could well be that it will be a long extension at EUs insistence.
  13. den

    Brexit Thread

    That’s pretty much all you get from brexiteers. One of them on TV this morning going on about focussing on trade with the commonwealth for goodness sake. I’m absolutely certain he couldn’t give any sort of definitive outline as to how the countries finances will improve after brexit.
  14. den

    Ben Brereton

    He’s got to be able to make a position his own Parson and at the moment he doesn’t look like he’ll ever be able to do that. That’s what I think you’re saying and it’s what a lot of us on here think. Being able to run with the ball does very little towards that.
  15. den

    Reading v Rovers

    We need a bit of Howard Kendall’s approach. The first thing he said he would do - and did do - was make us hard to beat. In other words he concentrated on and succeeded in keeping clean sheets. We are far too easy to score against. The two goals we conceded last night were down to firstly awful defending from Bell and then poor marking in the box - and for the second goal people are blaming Rodwell. If you get the chance to look again, see if you can spot any cover from the midfield. There was none. Far too many midfielders caught chasing the ball upfield. Why - we had just got back level, we weren’t losing. That all comes back to player discipline and being hard to beat. still, I personally put this defeat down to Mowbray. I can understand PL clubs leaving some of their better players on the bench against inferior sides, because they would still have the fire power to beat these teams. For Rovers though leaving a host of our better players on the bench away at another Championship club? Do me a favour, we’re not that good yet. Starting under strength then going behind possibly because of it is giving the opposition an immediate advantage and like I said, were not that good yet. Start with a strong side then if things go well change it if you have to. Don’t give them the advantage before we kick off.

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