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  1. den


    Not long now before the penny drops 😂
  2. den


    England allowing SA to bowl at them. Going at 2 runs per over doesn’t give you any control and doesn’t give the bowlers anything to think about. The best teams in most sports are the teams who are positive and continually push their opponents back.
  3. den


    It appears as though the Tories are going to change the way hospital performance is measured. The idea seems to be to move the targets to the performance, not perform to achieve the targets, which have already been downgraded from the ones NHS were hitting prior to 2010. In other words, let’s applaud what the government achieves rather than it be shown for its failings. Typical of this lot.
  4. den

    Preston (home)

    No, but they are very well organised and hard to beat, more so than us - just to add ..... whenever I’ve watched them. So I agree with Philip on that one.
  5. den

    Preston (home)

    What? You would if you lived where I live. They are THE rivals here. I’m making another appearance tomorrow so our lads better be up for this one. Question is, do Mowbray and the players realise how important these games are to the fans? I doubt it very much. It’s the most important game of any season for us Leylanders and a lot rests on this result. BTW, why are North Enders the only fans who only want to talk about attendances? Something wrong deep down with those guys. It’s an inferiority complex coupled with raging jealousy of how we’ve been better than them for something like 56 years out of the last 60. plonkers.
  6. den


    Q. If freedom of movement makes no difference to anyone, why were brexiteers so desperate to ban it? A. It does make a difference.
  7. den


    Talking about the Tories and the NHS, A&E have just recorded their worst performance in December - ever. why does the ordinary bloke in the street vote for them?
  8. den


    Here we go, this will appeal to many brexiteers for obvious reasons. I don’t want my country to behave like this....
  9. You’ve moved from “every leader has the right to take out any terrorist” to “they don’t deserve to have the law on their side”. Blimey Chaddy.
  10. den


    I’ve just told you, but you don’t read.
  11. No they haven’t. The Tories have spent the last few days talking to Irish terrorists responsible for the murder of British soldiers in the cause of brexit.
  12. den


    There really is no point in telling us what will happen in future - and not being able to back anything up. It’s a pathetic way of debating. ive produced many links in the past to Tory cabinet members and their views on workers rights and how it should be easier to sack employees.
  13. Trump shouldn’t be backing illegal attacks Chaddy.

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