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  1. den

    New Kits

    Horrible kit. Couldn’t have got it more wrong without ditching the halves.
  2. den

    Brexit Thread

    Big doses of reality from both Airbus and BMW. Both companies have been lobbying the government for almost two years, telling them that coming out of the single market/customs union will cause them very serious problems. Any friction or tariffs will lead to the likelihood of them moving out of the country. The government haven’t responded to their concerns - apart from today saying everything will be OK! Some of the brexiteers who used to call these concerns “project fear” are still doing so today. Their argument is that these companies are either lieing, or simply putting forward their politics. The head of airbus, when confronted with this said he was an engineer, not a politician. I know brexiteers don’t deal in facts or listen to experts, but the harsh realities are being put out there. Brexit is going to cost jobs and a lot of jobs. That’s just the truth. Airbus and BMW aren’t the only companies readying to quit if their businesses are badly hit. The Japanese have previously said that if their businesses don’t make money they’ll quit the U.K. as well. These are the harsh realities of business. Do brexiteers have any substantial answers to this? I don’t think so. They will still want to leave because the people (well 26% of them) voted to leave. Cameron has an awful lot to answer for. Putting the huge idea of leaving the EU to people who know nothing about it, but have strong views about, it was the politics of a madman.
  3. den


    Ridiculous isn’t it. How are players supposed to perform consistently at test level when the itinerary is composed like it is? There’s no way the England test team can challenge to become the best test side (which would be my priority) unless they play long and hard against the best teams.
  4. den


    There’s a lot of things that I’m not better than Chaddy. Trying to work out your post was better than I could be better than. Apart from which, your reply was for some reason in perfectly understandable English. anyway...... when you have two fast bowlers with the records of Jimmy and Broad, if they’re fully fit you play them. They’ve done it for a long time. They won’t lose their talent, only their fitness.
  5. den


    In English?
  6. den


    Thanks Bob. Wasn’t someone advocating dropping a couple of them?
  7. den


    Not seen much of the test, who’s taken the wickets?
  8. That’s Swansea then. They’re coming from everywhere. 😁
  9. That car number plate was registered in Norwich in 2011. Anthony Pilkington played there, that year. scroll down. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_the_United_Kingdom
  10. den

    Phil Jones

    I think he has improved JBN.
  11. den

    Phil Jones

    It’s strange how some fans don’t see a top player when they see one. A lot of Rovers fans didn’t see his abilities when he came into our first team, but virtually every top six side at the time wanted him. Some of our fans weren’t even convinced he’d make it at PL level. He was -IMO - awesome in his first and only season as an 18 year old with us. United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, spurs all wanted him which kind of shows the difference. 145 appearances and 24 England caps later, despite a terrible handicap with injuries shows he definitely wouldn’t have been better off staying here or going to some club like Stoke! And he’s still only 26 years old. yes he makes mistakes, all defenders do, but those picking on those mistakes as evidence that he’s almost useless are so far wide of the mark it’s untrue. He is and was way too good for us. He’s a regular at a top club and when fit, walks into their side.
  12. den


    You totally miss the point if you think this only had to do with team selection.
  13. den


    That’s quite poor Stuart.
  14. den


    When we beat Doncaster things changed. No matter what anyone on here thinks, as far as everyone at the club was concerned the goal was achieved, the job was done. For weeks previous and for a number of games it had been tough for the manager, the players. Most of them would have been feeling the strain both mentally and physically. Playing twice a week under pressure - which they were - isn’t easy. I have no doubt whatsoever that training had been minimal, - it would have been just a case of trying to keep as fit as possible without tiring players out even more than they were. It was very likely players were spending as much time on the massage table, treatment table as they were doing any kind of strenuous physical work. For fans to even think that things would go on like nothing had changed after the Doncaster game brought promotion, is just naive in my opinion. To think they would be training as intensely after that game, that they would or could be as mentally focussed, that they would continue playing through their injuries is for the birds. As far as everyone at the club was concerned, the manager/players could relax. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be trying to win their last two games, I’m sure they were, but the pressure was off and that makes a difference. It’s OK for fans to demand that they carry on as they were, but not that easy to deliver it.

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