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  1. den


    Care in the community thrown out because of brexiteers and their silly immigration system. Who’s going to do that job?
  2. den


    Giant lorry park in Kent confirmed. Another so called project fear becoming project reality. To maintain any credibility we have to be shown how we’ll be better off.
  3. den


    You just made your position worse Gav.
  4. den


    Not true Gav. we had page after page where most people were complaining of the governments inability to get the PPE out to where it mattered, with you arguing endlessly that there was no shortage. we also had you defending the governments decision not to join the EU’s scheme to abstain PPE on behalf of all its members. The result was the U.K. paying out a billion pounds for what we eventually obtained. Germany paid a mere fraction of that price. lets not rewrite history here.
  5. den


    I’ve read that the U.K. government are now moving towards allowing chlorinated chicken into the U.K. but putting tariffs on them. That should tell us they can undercut British chicken farmers. It also says the U.K. sees it as a threat to U.K. poultry farming industry. It looks very much like chlorinated chicken is on the agenda. behind a paywall but can see the header...... “Britain ready to allow import of chlorinated chicken from US” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/06/03/britain-ready-allow-import-chlorinated-chicken-us/
  6. den


    You can bang your head against the wall as much as you like Chaddy. Brexiteers told us all sorts of things like there will be no checks on the Irish border. Like there will be £350m/week for the NHS. Like we won’t leave the single market. Like this would be the easiest trade deal in history. I have good reason not to believe a word brexiteers say. Just like I don’t believe anything that the current government, dominated by MP’s elected only because of their willingness to support those leave lies tell. Jim dealt with your latest claim about chlorinated chicken and supermarkets above.
  7. den


    Cheap chlorinated chicken will be sold in the shops here. A trade deal with the USA will ensure that deregulated foodstuffs will be on British shelves Chaddy. That’s what trade deals are for... we sell them our goods and they sell us ours. What else do you think trade deals are for?
  8. den


    I already do. Chances are brexit will close a lot of them. Cheap, substandard food through the USA. We told you what would happen and you couldn’t see it.
  9. den


    So much for brexit then. We don’t have that problem in the EU.
  10. den


    Excess deaths take account of those that “would have died anyway”. They would be part of the average deaths for the time of year line. I would love to know how it’s now believed that coronavirus wasn’t as bad as we first thought? Based on what?
  11. den


    Is it as safe as you said mass gatherings were?
  12. den


    If you ARE concerned about job losses and the economic hit from brexit, why do you want to leave? Ive been discussing the farming job losses with Chaddy recently which he accepts will happen.Trying to understand why he wants to leave as well.
  13. den


    Roger Federer opening the bowling for England.
  14. den


    Totally off the point. nobody wants to see any thriving industry fail, especially those remainers who are very concerned about the UK’s economic welfare after brexit. It’s the brexiteers who are prepared to throw millions of jobs and billions of pounds down the drain - all because they have let their phobias and hatred of anything not English get the better of them. If the fishing industry has sold off its fishing rights, well that was their choice. I would prefer that they hadn’t done of course. you still haven’t explained why a tiny industry should be saved, yet you laugh off the huge economic jobs losses elsewhere? Why?
  15. den


    last paragraph The government has hit back against Jolyon Maugham’s pre-action protocol letters issued in June against Health Secretary Matt Hancock concerning multi-million pound contracts for personal protective equipment (PPE) awarded to Pest Fix Ltd of Littlehampton and Clandeboye Agencies Ltd, a chocolate wholesaler in Antrim. Maugham challenged their lawfulness on the grounds that there was no evidence that either company had experience in supplying PPE and that the “extreme urgency” which dictated single-bidder contracts was of the department of health’s own making through a lack of forward planning........................ There is no suggestion of wrongdoing, necessarily. What this story seems to expose is the chaos and panic at the highest levels of government brought about mainly due to lack of forward planning. This can surely be the only reason why Germany, with the second-highest number of contracts for PPE garments in Europe on the TED website and not all single-bidder, spent less than €20m in total on them, while Britain was reaching close to £1bn. Spain used single-bidder contracts just twice, spending under €915,000 in total. https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/ppe-procurement-the-government-responds-to-legal-action/

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