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  1. lsp82

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    Cue the collapse
  2. lsp82

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Found it in two articles which also stated managers can get yellow cards as well.
  3. lsp82

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    New this season
  4. lsp82

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Yellows only count in the competition they are received in therefore in the league lenihan is still on 4. Reds count across all so Williams is banned in league
  5. lsp82

    Bradley Dack

    I agree JacknOry the table is pretty much insignificant after 5 games. My point was that they are no better than us so as you say it comes down to wages. My hope is he values team spirit and what TM is building over wages.
  6. lsp82

    Bradley Dack

    If this 15 million pound bid is indeed West Brom I can't help but think Bradley will be thinking why the hell would I go to another championship club who are below in the league. If it was a prem team then his mindset would be different. It's not the step up he would want. It would be a sideways at best step. Sure brad can see that.
  7. lsp82

    Thursday deadline.

    Let's hope so as we are seriously lacking upfront.
  8. lsp82

    Thursday deadline.

    Rather spend the 4 mil on a striker though.
  9. Bein Sports 11 for English commentary
  10. Should be 3 Palmer with poor finish
  11. lsp82

    Pre Season Matches

    Apparently Rovers fans met the players at services and whilst rest of team chatted to fans Evans was heard saying why do we fucking always meet fans at the services. Or something to that effect.

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