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  1. lsp82

    Thursday deadline.

    Let's hope so as we are seriously lacking upfront.
  2. lsp82

    Thursday deadline.

    Rather spend the 4 mil on a striker though.
  3. Bein Sports 11 for English commentary
  4. Should be 3 Palmer with poor finish
  5. lsp82

    Pre Season Matches

    Apparently Rovers fans met the players at services and whilst rest of team chatted to fans Evans was heard saying why do we fucking always meet fans at the services. Or something to that effect.
  6. lsp82

    Rovers v Peterborough

    For anyone watching overseas the game is on Bein Sports 7HD
  7. lsp82

    Ipswich Town Vs. Rovers - 14/1/17

    Someone drug test him!!
  8. lsp82

    Ipswich Town Vs. Rovers - 14/1/17

    Same @#/? different day!!
  9. lsp82

    Qpr Vs Rovers Fa Cup

    When I saw Feeney has scored I thought it was a sign of the oncoming Apocalypse. Thankfully Qpr scored 2 minutes later and it was a false alarm.
  10. lsp82

    New Sporting Director Rumour

    Venky's have been reading the website and this guy has been hired to find Pasha, who is lost amongst the undersoil heating pipes.
  11. lsp82

    Newcastle Away 26/10

    Was sat on the throne when the goal went in. Haven't dared move!! How many minutes left?!
  12. It seems that WARS greatest achievement to date is creating a logo. All the momentum of the last few weeks has disappeared quicker than Paul Pogba's talent. This stagnation has allowed all old wounds over protesters vs non protesters to rear it's ugly head again thus diverting everyone from the protest itself. To me their are 4 groups of fans at the moment. 1. Boycotters who won't enter but will be out protesting outside E.g Abbey (respect). 2. Those who attend but are full educated on the happenings and will protest 1875. 3. Those who have the facts but have made the decision to not get involved and will just watch the game E.g Parson (I respect their decision). 4. The most important and biggest group those not yet in the knowledge of the protest itself or the information that has come out. These people still attend but could join the protest if educated. Knowing this then the solution is simple. @#/? WAR and it's pissing contest, we need to target group 4 not group 3. These are the ones who will help ensure the success of this protest. We have enough brains and expertise on this site alone that if we put our heads together could get a leaflet designed made and printed off with all relevant information and links before next home game. I'm also sure we would have many volunteers to distribute it at the game and around town. Let's not stagnate let's get the momentum back now!!! This website got the ball rolling let it be the place where it's kick-started again

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