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  1. unleaded

    Rotherham away

    I voted get rid when the poll was first put up.. TM reminds me of Mourinho at United .. totally Defence minded and not even good at that .. he’s too old school imho ... Gambled in January and has been proven to have failed since then ... letting Downing go without replacing him and for a manager that likes to play 3 at the back on every chance he gets that decision was bonkers .. needs to go..
  2. unleaded

    Loan Window

    Gally is a waste of space .. Not for me ...He’s on big wages too ... his loan fee would be high too ...
  3. unleaded

    Thursday deadline.

    Rovers looking at Fodringham from Rangers ... as back up option
  4. unleaded

    Thursday deadline.

    The longer this goes on the further we going down the Alphabet list !
  5. unleaded

    Thursday deadline.

    Like I said TM wants to take the slow slow approach and “ Build” and wants to stay in the project ... Win or Bust is not for him and players who wear caps backwards! Managers are in it for themselves in the end just like some players.. The Rothwells might be clean cut looking wise but they are for the long term and big gambles and this team is basically the same that went down.....
  6. unleaded

    Thursday deadline.

    The blame lays at the door of the manager .. they offered a bigger budget but TM refused this for whatever reason ... now he’s messing about for PL Loans and Players he knows ... bigger budgets come with bigger pressures....
  7. unleaded

    Thursday deadline.

    Olli McBurnie for me ... good young strong player ... upwards turn on the worm chart ....
  8. unleaded

    Jason Lowe

    The fact all the previous Rovers managers are not touching him even on a free says it all ... How he managed a long career at Rovers is beyond belief... I first came across him at Brockhall on a Saturday morning many years ago Very Average .....Deffentally NO !
  9. unleaded

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Lowe Returning .... what a nightmare !! Hope it’s all Bull ... Terrible Player who thought 💭 he was too good for us and put his wage packet ahead of trying to help to get his club back to the championship... says it all ...
  10. unleaded

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I agree .. Fleetwood have accepted the Rovers bid and as the Fleetwood manager is saying it s up to the player now ...
  11. unleaded

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Interesting quotes from the Bradford City money men on losing out to Blackburn for Adam Armstrong! Bad Losers imho ... Abbott on Adam Armstrong potential signing: We were interested and in the running to get him. But I know what Blackburn are paying him and the clauses in his contracts and we can’t and shouldn’t be paying that or having those clauses.
  12. unleaded

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Bodin was a right sided attacker ... we need a chapman type winger ... somebody to create and cross Strange .. 🤔
  13. unleaded

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    So we could have Smallwood & Deadwood in the middle !! Please No ... He Left this Club thinking he would have a host of clubs chasing him but he was Finally found out .... Hope he never comes back ....
  14. unleaded

    Transfers Part 2

    The Greer signing should help even if we get 20 games out of him ... Proper leader & a talker .... Can't get enough of them ..... FEB not Signing ........Shame really I wanted a Free spirit as a super sub ....
  15. unleaded

    Transfers Part 2

    Dundee & Inverness Waiting in the wings and want to sign Faissal El Bakhtaoui .... Greer being kept waiting ..... Attacker signed for another club today .... Venkys still in there own world ....

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