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  1. unleaded

    Brereton goal!

    7 million on that ! Hope TM is well chuffed with himself .... Still looks a very awkward on the eye type of player ...
  2. unleaded

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    In a normal club TM would have been sacked by now with all the backing he’s had !! He handed out contracts to deadwood who all turned out not even fit for a bonfire night and who snookered him in the end ..... Venkys are too loyal to him and that’s the problem as he’s hoodwinked the lot of them .... Reminds me so much of the Kean time with all his pals in the right places ... His style of football is just boring like his personality....
  3. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Al Muhammedi was close to joining Rovers as well as Mido .. remember Rovers looked a lot in Egypt.. .. Imagine if we had stuck at it could have had a few nuggets there .... Valencia was a done deal until Wigan came in last minute.... John Carew came scored a hatrick and still we never signed him ... Now it’s just TM and his local area ... Brentford is a club you gotta admire .....They go all over Europe .. as well as Lower league ...
  4. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    This thing about scuppering a deal by naming a player your into is cobblles imho if it’s on fans message boards .. Agents / players and other clubs are in different worlds .. I remember BB was all over the board for weeks yet he still ended up here ..... Players names come and go ... TM is a dinosaur stuck in a time warp ... He likes the Brentford model but you need guts to go down that route and it means giving powers and trust to people in recruitment which he never will ..... More money spent is more pressure on him and why do that when he’s on a cusshy number .... Venkys are not the problem in this case ....
  5. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Like TM keeps saying I usually need to calm the owners down when they want to splash the cash .... The Recruiting department is still building so meanwhile we sit with a begging bowl and hope X or Y get knocked out of the FA cup ... Elliot and Jones are young pups ! Here’s hoping jRC gets his long overdue chance ..
  6. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Interesting that TM said one of the players we are after is a club who have progressed in the FA Cup .... wonder wonder .....
  7. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Josh Laurent was immense ... well worth it as he’s free in summer ... Probably end up being snapped up by Brentford!!
  8. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Polish Media Take .... Like most of Ekstraklasa's leading clubs, Lech Poznań also tries to earn several million euros for winter sales of one of its best players during the fight for the Polish championship. The closest departure is Kamil Jóźwiak. The activists would like to transfer the player to MLS because they got the most advantageous transfer offer from one of the American clubs. However, the player does not want to go overseas. That's why he chooses between Derby County and Blackburn, who play in the English Premier League. Americans put money on the table, English bargain. According to our information, if Jóźwiak goes to England for no more than 3 million euros. As we have heard, this is an absolutely acceptable amount for Lech. In Poznań, they remember that in the recent past the club had an offer for another of their ace Robert Gumny for EUR 5 million, but he wanted more, the transfer did not take place, and today due to the health problems of the side defender, it is difficult to talk about any of his transfers. Jóźwiak and his managers approach the topic of club selection very carefully, because the next few months will decide whether the player will go to Euro 2020. The 22-year-old, who plays in the youth team, has already made his debut at Jerzy Brzęczek in the qualifying match against Slovenia and hopes to continue. Staying in Lech, where he plays systematically (4 goals, 2 assists), would have an easier task. From England, where the requirements are higher, a possible loss of storage space could be equal to closing the road for Euro. The more so that the Championship games are considered one of the most intense in Europe. Football probably Jóźwiak could do it easily, but the necessary motor skills there is not a great advantage of this player. He is not the type of player who does not stop. He will need time to acclimatize. On the other hand, the club's determination in which the ticket office is empty will probably be of key importance here. If the winger went to Derby (currently the 15th club in the table is the most likely direction), he would join his junior friend Krystian Bielik (he will not return after the injury next season) and ... Wayne Rooney. A 120-time representative of England has just returned to his homeland from the USA and has already played three matches in Derby.
  9. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    See Hart has left the building !! What a waste of money .. this time last year our manager did exactly the same thing then 4 months later handed him a new one year contract ! is there nobody above him to stop this crap ...This manager knows sod all and is doing what ever he wants ... I feel a Elliot Bennnet extension coming .... just to rub salt in the wound... is it too much to ask Radio Lancs and LT asking some serious questions to this clown ...
  10. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Can just imagine TM saying tomorrow that CM needs to wait as the current defenders have been great and he needs to understand how his might team play !! He handed out Big contracts to these players and now he’s stuck ! The quicker this manager leaves our club the better ! Do the right thing and go btw hope he doesn’t get a single penny from Venkys ... what he’s done with the signings of BB and SG for a club like us Is sackable !
  11. unleaded

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Venkys Wakeup and get this manager out of our club !! Boring Boring Football ....
  12. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Yup looks miserable just like his style of football and his favourites are even more miserable... How has he lasted so long !! Our owners are half asleep or dam care !!
  13. unleaded

    January transfer window 2020

    Taylor was head and shoulders one of the best players whilst we were in L1 we missed the boat on that 3 times .. first when he was playing in the same league second when we opted for BB then again when we went for the useless SG !! TM and his crew know Jack about Finding gems ... and by the time they know they are well out of our price range ... These 3 strikers we have must be go down as the worst ever in my memory ... No excitement No Movement No Nothing Surprised Venkys not held anyone to account for this wild wild spending ..
  14. unleaded

    Brum FA Cup

    Buckley is no where near to be on that pitch .. came on and was twice brushed off like a snow flake from the Birmingham Midfielder once in the opposition penalty box and once for the last minute goal .. looks nothing special at this stage of his career ... just like BB Who Looks anything but a footballer.. Just looks weird SG was at Birmingham and they must be laughing at us to spend 5/6 million on the guy ! The Recruiting Department needs sacking along with TM who heads it ... 15 Million wasted on these 3 strikers !!
  15. unleaded

    Brum FA Cup

    This Football club is in shambles but TM only cares about his pension ... needs putting out of his misery ASAP ... Handing contracts to crocks as it’s the right thing to do .. How about you do the right thing and say it’s far as I can go and it’s the right thing that I step aside

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