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  1. Drover

    Hull (A)

    Definitely agree with everyone that Johnson is a big upgrade. Slightly cautious though. He got the ball tangled under his feet a few times tonight and made a few heavy touches which resulted in lost possession in our own half quite a few times. Will be punished for that against the bigger teams. Downing MOTM. Best footballing brain on the pitch tonight. Not sure what to do about LB on Saturday.
  2. Drover


    Sheff united away...
  3. Drover

    Loan Window

    You can see why the Sunderland fans hate him. An article says he cost them £4700 per minute on the pitch. Hopefully he'll accept a pay as you play. Can't be short of cash.
  4. Drover

    Loan Window

    Not a tantrum and glad to see it. Just saying not sure it was good for my health logging on and seeing those names! Not sure rodwell would add much myself. Would avoid
  5. Drover

    Loan Window

    Been up at the fringe festival for 2 days and so not seen what's happening. Just logged on, rodwell and anichebe. F*** me....
  6. Drover

    Loan Window

    Weird article isn't it. It's almost like an opinion piece. It talks as if he was sold for 10-12 mil. Fact was big clubs didn't go in for him so he probably wasn't worth that at the time. They obviously found better value.
  7. Drover

    Hull away

    Thought Travis came on and did well yesterday. He was actually playing in Dacks usual position and just chasing everything down and not giving their defenders a second on the ball (same with Arma to the point we're I lost count how many of their balls out from the back went straight out). Think this was wise. Full of running but needed experience in front of the back 4 to see the game out. I'm easy as to whether he goes out on loan or not. Think he could contribute if he stays but obviously want him to develop. Would really like a deep lying playmaker type of player. For me that would really make this exciting team tick and take it to another level.
  8. Drover

    Songs at Ewood

    And how did this not catch on?! (Unless it did)
  9. Drover

    Songs at Ewood

    As someone who hasnt been able to get to a match for circa 12 months I was impressed yesterday by the number of new songs (to me). Seems like league 1 has made us a bit more creative! What was the dack one? Something about tinder. Couldn't quite work it out. Was it to the same tune as Smallwood's?
  10. Drover

    Hull away

    Yep. Essentially an open goal
  11. Drover

    Hull away

    Great win and great backing in the away end. Seen a few people knock Palmer on here. I thought he actually did well first half, opened them up a few times, second half not as good but still. Also until graham came on the pitch he was Rayas only outlet. Every long ball from the back was aimed at him and he won a fair few. He is by no means the finished article but more positive than negative for me. Played well all in all and game should have been 2 or 3 out of hulls reach by 70 mins, Bennett's chance especially. Edit- also worth pointing out hull are one of the worst teams I've seen play for a while. Devoid of quality.
  12. Drover

    Hull away

    ALERT. Card machine in the stadium is down therefore no cash no pints/food!
  13. Drover

    Hull away

    Will a draw be considered momentum? Feel we need our first win in the next 2 games or heads will start to drop
  14. Drover

    Loan Window

    For 8 mil I feel he has to come in and offer something now. It's too much for potential alone. The example of Luke Murphy is a good one as someone pointed out.
  15. Drover

    Hull away

    First game for a while where I've been able to get down (thankfully a lot of Yorkshire clubs in the championship). Think it will be a close game but hoping we will nick it 2-1. Mulgrew and Dack to score. Heard it here first.

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