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  1. donnermeat

    Bradley Dack

    No neither do I, his agent may as well link him to Barcelona next time to boost his client's confidence! Second part I agree for sure.
  2. donnermeat

    Bradley Dack

    Ok, it's just in the next breath you said it will give him confidence that a big club are interested in him, but then go on to say they aren't.
  3. donnermeat

    Bradley Dack

    So you don't believe it but Bradley does believe it?
  4. donnermeat

    Bradley Dack

    A player being potentially recalled by his parent club isn't the same though is it. If a player is performing well anywhere, across the whole spectrum, they will be linked with moves away and I don't think Dack is any exception really.
  5. donnermeat

    Boxing Megathread

    Conor has looked in great shape this week and Khabib has a history of struggling with weight cuts too. I tend to agree with McGregor getting to him mentally because he left at the earliest conceivable opportunity last night, it was a shame they didn't share the stage though. For me also Khabib doesn't set up his takedowns using clever footwork and striking, but a combination of a fundamental set up and then wading in and grabbing hold of something. It helps when his opponents aren't on their full striking game because they are wary of his stellar grappling game. I feel he will need to be a lot cuter than that against McGregor whose judgment of distance, timing and coupled with his accuracy are as good as anybody in mixed martial arts. That being said I still think he will take him down at some point in the bout. But this is combat sports, anything is possible! I could be talking out of my arse!
  6. donnermeat

    Boxing Megathread

    2nd round stoppage for McGregor.
  7. donnermeat

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    For what it's worth I felt Bennett didn't look fully fit last night, he certainly looked to be moving awkwardly at the beginning of each half anyway.
  8. donnermeat

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    A number? You mean one? Well beaten in every aspect of the game last night. Thought Fleck and Duffy ran the game for them, in particular Fleck. I struggle to see what Bell brings to the team. Poor positionally, in the air, with the ball at his feet and never commits to anything. He jockeys a man but never close enough to prevent a cross or put a tackle in, in fact I'm convinced the lad doesn't like tackling full stop. I can only assume he's been instructed not to overlap the wingers and you could probably count on one hand the number of times he's done it this season. He came in as an attacking full back and bar his debut, he certainly hasn't been one. He got to the byline a few times once he played wing back last night, which to me lends credence that he's being told not to overlap. Rothwell must start against Bolton for Smallwood, drop Reed into centre mid.
  9. donnermeat


    I can't quite remember where I heard it, it may even have been on here, but I once heard them referred to as 'a classless club with classless fans'. It stuck with me anyway.
  10. donnermeat

    Rovers vs Forest

    Before their second I felt Armstrong wimped out of chasing the ball with the keeper, he should have carried on and knocked it past the him instead of pulling up and letting the keeper take it. 2 minutes later they equalise. And Lenihan needs a word, that's three penalties conceded in his last three games. I don't know what he was thinking, a blatant shirt pull today, terrible. I like Lenihan but he needs an organiser playing alongside him at this stage, Downing certainly isn't that. After some of the yellow bellied performances in the last 8 years or so, it's really enjoyable to watch this team though.
  11. donnermeat

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Don't know how that quote was attributed to me but hey ho!
  12. donnermeat

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    The permanent transfer of Brereton is pretty much set in stone according to various sources. It will most likely be something silly like if he makes 3 league appearances then the permanent transfer will go through. Possibly if he suffers a serious long term injury it might be able to be cancelled though I don't know.
  13. donnermeat


    Seconded with regards to The White Swan.
  14. donnermeat


    I'd steer clear of the Butlers for a little while, it's most recent food hygiene rating was 1.
  15. donnermeat

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Think that could have something to do with the commentator repeatedly calling him Harrison instead of Reed. And it's his bloody job to know about players!

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