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  1. donnermeat


    Seconded with regards to The White Swan.
  2. donnermeat


    I'd steer clear of the Butlers for a little while, it's most recent food hygiene rating was 1.
  3. donnermeat

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Think that could have something to do with the commentator repeatedly calling him Harrison instead of Reed. And it's his bloody job to know about players!
  4. donnermeat

    Club Revenue Generators

    Vampire Vape AND Totally Wicked? Local businesses sponsoring the club can only be a good thing though.
  5. donnermeat

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Yes it's true, it cost me a tenner last season when I misplaced (lost) it during a house move. Granted that's my own fault though. And of course it turned up a couple of weeks later.
  6. donnermeat


    Though I agree with the final sentence, they were still pretty poor crossers, Martin in particular was dreadful (no idea if he still is or not). Marcus' crossing certainly improved during his time here at least.
  7. donnermeat

    Premier League Stuff

    His best bit of business has to be at Liverpool when he got Antonio Nunez, Real Madrid's cleaner, in part exchange for Michael Owen.
  8. donnermeat

    Loan Window

    Edinho Junior says hello. Though I don't disagree with your last sentence.
  9. donnermeat

    Loan Window

    Leon Worst, got to say that made me laugh that. I'll be using that from now on.
  10. donnermeat

    Thursday deadline.

    They all look the bloody same these places don't they?
  11. donnermeat

    Thursday deadline.

    Rovers Klinch Kasey.
  12. donnermeat

    new senior management team

    Thanks for the link, didn't know about this website and looking forward to reading some of the articles on there.
  13. donnermeat

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I made a direct debit payment on 5th July, had to check myself after reading your post, didn't even realise! I tend to put off checking my account, for fear of crying.
  14. donnermeat

    World Cup 2018

    Matuidi is a great player, more than just a water carrier and would still get in the England team even if he was.
  15. donnermeat

    New Kits

    Is that a new crest they've got? It's terrible that. Seems to be all about creating 'the brand' these days unfortunately.

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