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  1. Bradford City (home)

    I think Grayson will come for a 0-0 draw. Bradford have had a really bad run but can still make the playoffs. They will be happy with a point at Ewood after winning today. If they do come to defend it could be a tricky night

    You don't think Wigan will win the league ? ' 'All but won' may be a bit premature but they must be big favourites. So it's not nonsense.
  3. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    See what happens to Venky's shares when the beef ban is lifted in India. That legislation has been the reason for their share price rise over the last couple of years.
  4. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    You say the money has been 'pumped in' but what has actually happened is that they have issued new shares to the value of £3.625m I don't understand how these things work but by issuing shares does that mean they can always get this money back by selling the shares or taking dividends. It's not like a free gift and their money has gone forever. Presumably, as long as the total assets of the club are over £147m ( Ewood, Brockhall, players ) the money is just an investment and could, in theory, be retrieved by selling assets. Where do the Bank of India come into it - is the debt to them completely unrelated to any share issues ? I've never understood it. Are they currently being totally benevolent or are they just moving money around?
  5. Gillingham complaints.

    That happened in 7 and a half years ago. The club is now merely a business rather than a part of the community. They probably don't want to ruffle any feathers just to benefit us fans! Sorry. I know you've heard it all before!
  6. Gillingham complaints.

    Meanwhile, 11 miles down the road at Maidstone, this is how they prepared for their game ( posted on Friday on their website) "The south east is on standby for the Beast from the East Version Two after an amber weather warning was issued by the Met Office. If the white stuff does fall in significant quantity, we may need some volunteers to help clear the pitch and viewing areas ahead of kick off. If help is needed, announcements will be made on Facebook, Twitter and the website" Check out the video footage ( very professional by the way ) which shows the weather conditions in that part of Kent on Saturday afternoon. Match attended by 2065 fans http://www.maidstoneunited.co.uk/2018/03/stones-tv-sutton-united-highlights-4/ Maybe Gillingham had worse weather than Maidstone but I doubt it.
  7. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    That's what I thought too. Maidstone match just down the road is still on as are matches at Dover and Colchester not too far away. I bet they have uncovered stands.

    Ah! that is bad news. Poor lad.

    I guess it depends if he has already had surgery to fix the problem. If he hasn't then that would be the next step. It would mean a long recovery process but I think it is a generally successful procedure these days. Wish him all the best and hope we see him in Blue and White next year.
  10. Protest @ EFL HQ

    On-line Petition – Independent Regulator A quick reminder of the online petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/213108 which is now just above 8,500 signatures. …. The petition states ‘We urge the Government to introduce an independent regulator for English football, charged with ensuring the highest possible standards of governance for all clubs ….
  11. Rovers v Blackpool

    It's always a difficult choice when you have a decent player who can't get in the team in his 'natural' position. Do you play him out of position where he is less effective and may become frustrated. I listened to match on Radio Lancs and I remember hearing Payne's name once before he was substituted. Was he really that quiet ? Also - don't know if this has already been discussed, did anyone hear Gary Bowyer's interview after the match? He sounded like he was actually crying or about to burst into tears at any minute. Never heard him so emotional.
  12. Rovers v Blackpool

    If we don't score it is the maximum but not the minimum.
  13. Rovers v Blackpool

    Interesting idea. Anyone ever heard of this happening before? I presume they are attempting to attract the NAPM Blackpool fans who will not buy from their own club. Most Blackpool fans who don't mind giving money to the Oystons have probably bought their tickets already. However, it's also 'pay on the day' at £26.00 so they are actually reducing the income by £2.00 per ticket by offering sales in advance. At least it shows initiative.

    Crikey, I thought it was Chris Brown but it turns out to be Wes. As for Chris, I just checked, he got a 12 month contract at Bury last year and never got on the pitch. Now a free agent - surprise surprise.
  15. Wimbledon v Rovers

    May not be any indicator at all because I doubt the pitch is covered but Hampton and Richmond's match in the national league tonight has already been called off. Frozen pitch Similar standard of ground to Kingsmeadow and about 2 or 3 miles away. sorry, I see this has been posted already