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  1. Crimpshrine

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Reading through this thread and looking at the poll figures it is plain that the majority of Rovers fans want a change of manager. It also seems that many fans who are advocating sticking with Mowbray are doing so on the basis of fear of getting someone worse - better the devil you know. It's interesting that at the time of this post 8% of voters don't care what happens - and those are fans who are involved enough to use BRFCS. Imagine the thousands who really don't care any more. That is a really damning reflection on the state of the club. What is common to all 3 camps is the lack of any optimism at all. Nobody seems to think we could be a successful, ambitious, well run club any time soon. The current situation may be slightly better than in some previous years but that is mainly due to Mowbray's Mr Nice Guy persona. In reality he has pulled off a masterstroke by installing Waggott and sweet talking Venky's. The club seems stable because there are no internal rumblings - no wonder really. Owners, board, manger all reasonably happy and totally secure. Who cares what the fans feel? This period of calm could have worked in the club's favour as Venky's were happy to loosen the purse strings for Mowbray but, unfortunately, he has blown that golden opportunity with appalling signings on long contracts. Can you imagine John Williams allowing any manager to gamble such a percentage of the budget on unproven players. The scouting system seems to be non-existent and we all suspect certain agencies still rule the roost.I doubt we will get that opportunity again. The whole club seems to be on easy street and the players don't know the value of the shirt. We are missing a Bill Fox behind the scenes reminding the players how privileged they are to represent the famous Blackburn Rovers. So if Mowbray stays or goes will it make any difference? Is there any plan whatsoever to put the club back on the right track? When will the debt stop spiralling out of control? No wonder there is no optimism. Does anyone truly enjoy following Rovers at the moment - pre/post match in the pub apart ? The only route back to having a club to be proud of is if the owners leave. It may take administration or relegation or any other unforeseen scenario but i'd take any of those to get the club back to something like it used to be when it was a privilege and a source of pride and actually fun to be a Rovers fan. If Venky's suddenly change and start showing a serious interest than I will hold up my hands and say 'fair play' I was wrong. It's not going to happen is it? The only way I can show my disapproval of the owners is by boycotting home games which I have done since the appointment of Owen Coyle - that was the final straw for me. If more fans boycott then they may get the message. The club is currently soulless and hopeless and a shadow of what it was pre-Venky's. Mowbray stays or Mowbray goes - that's not really the problem or the solution. The club needs saving. It's our club not theirs. It's painful to watch it limp along in it's current state.
  2. Crimpshrine

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    We don't need polls we need protests. We want our Rovers back.
  3. Crimpshrine

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    an endangered species
  4. Fans on the board would be ideal but I don't think Rovers really have a functioning board at the moment. It's a dictatorship by absent occupiers. In terms of protest, we still have the boycott option, well not at the moment obviously, but when things return to normal. Mass boycotts of home games would eventually start getting the message across that we are not prepared to put up with Venky's lack of interest/ambition/respect..
  5. Exactly. And it has been like this for a many years. It's about time we started making our feelings known a bit more vociferously. ( in my opinion )
  6. It's Rovers under Venky's. Nothing makes sense.
  7. Radio Lancs confirmed Armstrong did have Covid and had to isolate despite having no symptoms. I think it was before Bennett confirmed he had it.
  8. Isn't Mulgrew on 99 appearances and may trigger some sort of extension or bonus if he plays again ?
  9. Bit hard on Rankin Costello with him not even on the bench. Or is he injured ?
  10. Yes I would - with people in charge who actually care about the club, the town and the community.
  11. Thanks for the advice! They don't miss the money and I doubt it causes them any angst at all. I would swap all the money they provide in return for the club's soul.
  12. Could be useful for snowball practice in the winter
  13. I hope they paid their £25 each
  14. Just thinking back to the first match of the season and a home defeat to Charlton. All seemed doom and gloom. Considering we haven't really set the world alight this season we are in an amazingly good position after the first match of the restarted campaign. Genuine hope building up some confidence for the final push. I presume most people watched on Ifollow. I used the traditional method and listened to Radio Lancs. Andy Bayes mentioned that Brereton looked to have beefed up a bit and looked stronger for it. Kevin Gallacher replied with a comment I am still trying to unravel. He said "name me nobody who has not gained weight during the lockdown". Class commentary.

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