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  1. Being realistic, I am sure Lenihan's agent will be telling him not to sign anything. at this point. If he has a good season and plays at international level then the offers will come from far and wide when his contract runs out. Unless Venky's come up trumps with a big new contract very soon I think he will be gone in 12 months.
  2. Are these rumours, stories or discussions ?
  3. I think you are right about Lenihan. I can see him running his contract down unless we offer a big rise which is unlikely. He has made the Ireland squad and a good season could give him a lot of options this time next year. It would be good to see Chapman and Armstrong return but I would think Jack Payne could possibly be a cheaper option. He has 1 year left on his contract at Huddersfield so they may want to get rid while they can still get a fee. Not as good as the other two players but I can see him being considered. Fits with Venky's 'young and hungry' mantra
  4. I have the same worries. Venky's share price has plummeted since Tony went to India. It's possible other issues will take priority over Rovers' transfer budget. Hopefully not.
  5. I would say cautious rather than negative - but thanks anyway. To me, a stated aim of being 'youthfully competitive' is not particularly ambitious. If we sign 5 youngsters who send us racing up the league table I will be more than happy.
  6. I sometimes wonder if Tony has been given a directive from above and doesn't have a free hand at the moment. Mowbray has also said he wants to give last year's squad a chance at playing in the championship as a reward for their great work and attitude last season. If we sign youthful players good enough for the first team then some of last years team will have to drop out. We have a few youthful players of our own who are knocking on the door. Last year we borrowed a couple of youngsters from the premiership who were no better than the ones we had ( from West Brom and Liverpool ?). I think the quote from Tony (above) is very carefully composed and it gives grounds for optimism but doesn't really promise much.
  7. Crimpshrine

    Players who never quite made it

    I remember Gavin Friday the singer from the Virgin Prunes. A fellow countryman of yours. Turning the thread on it's head, how did Emile Heskey get 62 England caps?
  8. Crimpshrine


    Another 5% wiped off today as soon as the market opened. Then suspended. Don't think they will be answering Tony's phone calls at the moment
  9. Crimpshrine


    Yes that's right. Cattle slaughter and the sale of beef were banned in many states in India. So Venky's made massive profits from extra poultry sales. Share prices rose accordingly. There could be indications of a change in legislation which will put beef back on the menu so speculators are selling Venky's shares while they are still relatively high. The worst that is likely to happen that the shares return to pre beef-ban levels ( when Venky's decided they needed to sell Cairney, Gestede etc !)
  10. Crimpshrine


    I honestly don't know what is happening. I have a friend in India who keeps me updated on these things. He works in financial markets and can't explain it either. Seems to be a rush to sell. Forecasts for the long term are mixed. Some analysts advise sell others say hold. Not many advising buy at the moment which suggests further falls. I think that report is from about 3 months ago when share price was maxed out.
  11. Crimpshrine


    Venky's (India) shares currently have a 5% circuit limit. That means trading is suspended when a change in share price reaches this limit on any given day. Today the share price dropped 5% in first 6 minutes of trading then suspended. Share price down 30% in 30 days. Expect a 5% drop each day for some time to come.
  12. Crimpshrine


    I notice Venky's (India) share price has been on a steady decline over the last month - almost 25% down since 1st May. May be a bad time to be asking for transfer budget.
  13. Maybe he fancies waiting for a chance back at his hometown club - Barcelona!
  14. Crimpshrine

    New Kits

    I'm sure they would sell plenty of shirts if they had the word 'OUT' underneath Venky's. I'd buy one for sure
  15. Crimpshrine


    It may not hurt them as such but how does it benefit them in any way at all? Even mega rich people don't like wasting large amounts of money on things they have no interest in. There must come a point when they say enough is enough

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