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  1. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    I completely agree with you on Mowbray's record and suitability as Rovers manager - there is no question that he is the right man and doing a great job. I also agree that nobody can judge Brereton yet as he hasn't had the chance to prove himself. This thread exists purely because he cost a vast amount of money. I am just not sure that any manager would have chosen to spend 80% of his transfer budget on a player that is unlikely to get a starting place in the first team. That's why I think Mowbary was perhaps not the instigator of Brereton's signing. Having said that, it is not necessarily a bad signing - it could turn out really well - who knows?
  2. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    Maybe this is a Venky signing and Mowbray didn't have much say in it?
  3. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    I think you are right with this assessment. Maybe it wasn't his decision.
  4. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    I was talking to a Rovers' scout a couple of weeks ago. His remit is to report only on young (23 or below) British players who are proven at their particular age levels ( ideally international appearances), will accept a reasonable wage ( he didn't know what this figure was ) and will increase in value over a 2 year period. That's it - Rovers will not permanently sign anyone who does not fit this description. That is what he understands ( not sure if Rothwell or Bell fit completely !) He was not aware of any Rovers scout watching Brereton or any reports sent directly to Mowbray - but he admits he wouldn't necessarily know this anyway but sometimes he hears things on the scouting grapevine. He thinks the fact that Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea definitely had scouts watching Brereton last season made it a bit of a coup for Rovers to get him but he was not necessarily Mowbray's choice. He just ticked all the boxes and was seen as an investment. Loans and free signings are entirely in Mowbray's hands but permanent signings, so he has been told, could be more of a club decision based on the above.
  5. That's the way polls work Chads. You ask a number of people and extrapolate to give an idea of how a larger number of people might vote. 14 out of 70 IS significant. Especially on a message board for dedicated fans. I'm not one of the 14 by the way. I don't have Sky and a red button would never keep me from a Rovers game if I could possibly attend. On the other hand, Venky's ARE keeping me away from Ewood and it's still away matches only for me.
  6. It's only a small sample but the poll tells us that over 12% of fans are already influenced by the red button and 6% are undecided. Assuming the undecided are obviously wavering because they feel they may be influenced at some point, that's a large percentage of dedicated fans who may not go to a game at some point due to the availability of the red button. Over 18% in total. When you consider that the people who spend time on this site are probably Rovers 'addicts', that says a lot. The figure is probably higher than 18% among fans who have an interest in Rovers but only attend now and again. So it looks to me like the red button may have a big influence on attendances at all clubs given those figures.
  7. Crimpshrine

    Venkys 7 years on...

    Wow, £120. Be interested to know how many takers there are at that price.
  8. Crimpshrine

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Managers should never be rewarded for selling players at a profit. How would anyone trust that their transfer activity was for the good of the club and not self motivated?
  9. Crimpshrine

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    A 6 year deal is of benefit only to the manager not the club. If the manager is sacked he will receive a massive pay off. If he fancies a different job he simply resigns from his current post. He doesn't have to commit to staying the full 6 years. 3 years is enough to give security for the manager and continuity for the club. If that then leads to another 3 years then thing must be going really well and everyone is happy
  10. Crimpshrine

    Venkys 7 years on...

    Nearly eight years already ? Time flies when you're having fun!
  11. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    Patrick Bamford?
  12. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    JHRover also stated that he didn't think 4 x £2million would have been authorised. Maybe we should be asking which available £6/7 million player would have been a good signing and an immediate impact at Rovers?
  13. Crimpshrine


    Anybody pay the £3.00 last night ? It would be interesting to know if the club feels the extra revenue is worth it when considering the possible deterioration of fan satisfaction. If one fan decides to stay at home due to the £3.00 late fee, it will take 10 late payers to replace the income of that one fan. False economy
  14. Crimpshrine

    Bolton vs Rovers

    The exploitation and control of certain aspects of our lives by VENKY'S continues largely unchallenged by those who buy their products.
  15. Crimpshrine


    For an evening match that starts at 7.45 pm, how many fans are at the ground by 6 pm ? Especially if you work until 5 or 5.30 pm. I would say the majority of 'walk ons' for an evening match will have to pay the (post 6 pm) £3.00 extra. I believe the intention of the hike is to try and get people to the ground early so they spend money there ( food, drink, club shop) rather than go home for tea and turn up just before kick off. The surcharge also discriminates against fans who travel further and can't possibly make it for 6.00 pm after work. It would be more honest to advertise the tickets as £31 ( JWU ) with £3.00 discount for early birds. It is nonsense to compare the surcharge with theatre thickets and other events because they normally have no problem selling out. Rovers have thousands of spare seats each match to try and fill.

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