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  1. Crimpshrine

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Overdraft increasd by about £3,000,000. Anyone got any idea why they would borrow more money from the Bank when they have declared the company has 'sufficient funds and is willing to provide additional financing as may be required'. Given the interest rate this seems a bit odd.
  2. Crimpshrine

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Share price still tumbling. Down 9.75% today. A couple of years ago when Venky's shares were rocketing there was a 5% daily cap on change in share price. I think it was to prevent them going arteficially high during the beef ban. This also meant that they were very safe shares as they couldn't collapse quickly so they stayed fairly steady. It appears that the cap has now gone and the share value is almost back down to pre beef ban days of 2017.
  3. You're a Rovers fan - There's no cure for that! At least in the 80s the pointlessness belonged to us and we were proud to be part of it.
  4. Definitely still there but doesn't like to appear in public.
  5. The manager appointed the CEO. The CEO is not going to sack the manager. Decision will be made in India only when it's all too late and things have deteriorated beyond repair. In Venky's eyes things aren't going too badly at all. Why change anything?
  6. Crimpshrine

    Swansea City home

    play Gallagher at the back - probably better there than he is on the wing
  7. Crimpshrine

    Swansea City home

    We've been infected by the virus for nearly 10 years!
  8. Crimpshrine

    Stoke City home

    Venky's treating our club like a hedge fund and tying the manager's hands at the same time. On the threshold of FFP because Venky's are playing their little games leaving no money in January when we needed it. Mowbray shouldn't put up with it and neither should we. No way to run a football club.
  9. Crimpshrine

    Slow Build?

    Not disputing Mowbray's influence but I have lost the ability to just concentrate on the football like I used to. I always have a feeling of resentment about the shadowy goings-on behind the scenes. Give me a penniless Bill Fox with lots of honesty and endeavour any day. Even if it means playing at a lower level. I was happy supporting Rovers back then.
  10. Crimpshrine

    Slow Build?

    No, I don't know anything you don't regarding Venky's. I could never pretend to understand why they are continuing to throw money away on a business they seem to have little interest in. Do they need to clear the debt before selling, you may be right? I just presumed they would have to negotiate a selling price that they would include an agreement on the debt. In theory, isn't the debt just what the owners have paid for buying more shares in the club. They can sell these for whatever they want but they will never get back what they have put in. The higher the 'debt' the more money they will be asking for if they decide to sell. There must come a point when they decide enough is enough and at that point the debt must become relevant. But who knows? I just hate seeing the figures going up year upon year and never any real statement of intent from the owners.
  11. Crimpshrine

    Slow Build?

    The debt is very relevant because it will put off potential buyers if Venky's decide to sell. I know you stipulated 'while Venky's are here' but that is so shortsighted. As for FFP, what makes you think we are safe? To quote SW, recorded in the fans forum minutes '"We are on the threshold and are very limited to what we can do". Do you know something the CEO doesn't ?
  12. Crimpshrine


    Everybody boycott the next supporters consultation meeting unless the owners send a creditable representative to listen to our concerns. Attempt to create some meaningful communiction. If they refuse then more fans will realise they just don't care.
  13. Crimpshrine


    Despite their wealth, this will continue while Venky's are here. Managers, players, CEOs come and go. The only people who really care are the fans. While the club is in a 'reasonable' position in the league people will put up with the situation but what we really need is positive action to persuade the owners to sell up. I know the arguments - Who would buy the club with the debt? we wouldn't get anyone better, Venky's pay the bills - I know I know, but as TBTF says the club is dying a slow death - look at the demographic of supporters at Ewood - where's the next generation of supporters coming from ? Action required!
  14. Crimpshrine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Why haven't we got enough quality?? Mowbray has had enough time and enough money to recruit a whole team of quality players. You should have lots of complaints!
  15. Crimpshrine

    January transfer window 2020

    How would the players know what Venky's would be prepared to spend ? Even Waggott only speaks to the owners once in a blue moon. I bet the players know about as much as we do!

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