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  1. Crimpshrine

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Lovely afternoon to be at work here in Preston although a lot of my colleagues seem to be avoiding me for some reason. A lot of very unhappy, scowling faces today. Even heard a new conspiracy theory that Paul Gallagher gave the nod to Rovers when PNE were dithering over Dolan's future. Oh happy days!
  2. Crimpshrine

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    I have the misfortune to work in Preston and have been getting the expected levels of stick this morning. However, I can detect much higher levels of apprehension in the locals this season. Their team has been really poor at home this season and I think that is making them nervous. One thing they all agree on is that their players will be really 'up for it' which may be enough to swing it against our comparatively timid bunch. I've been trying to appear quietly confident but I'm actually thinking about booking tomorrow off!
  3. Crimpshrine

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    That is what really annoyed me about yesterday. Rothwell apart, there seemed to be no real desire or urgency until Luton scored. It's as if the players and Mowbray were happy to sit there at 0 0 for 90 minutes. We can list the excuses - injuries , covid, referee etc but there is simply no excuse for continued lacklustre performances.. We had 11 players on the pitch who were more than capable than beating the 11 from Luton but we didn't really look interested. Unacceptable. Some people saying it's a decent draw because Luton are above is in the league - well they really shouldn't be. When Mowbray took over they were in league 2 and have spent a fraction of the transfer fees and wages that we have since then. We should be out of sight compared to Luton by now. According to 'transfermarket, our squad is worth £42 M to their £14 M. Slow build my arse! The problem is endemic. Venky's have no interest, Mowbray and Waggott on easy street, and under no pressure the players are coasting. Not surprising though really - it's been like that for 10 years - no pride in the club or the shirt.. Depressing indeed.
  4. Crimpshrine

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    I hope the manager or the players don't approach any game with such an attitude. Every game is important at any point of the season although Mowbray's laissez faire attitude sometimes suggests otherwise. It will be an extremely 'slow build' and a very long 'journey' if we don't go to Luton expecting to win.
  5. I can't face listening to the podcast as it will only dredge up ten years of resentment. From what I've read on here, it doesn't add too much to what we already know. I'm more worried about the future, not the past. I refuse to recognise their continued financial input as any proof that they actually give a damn about the club. They have no interest at all in the club, the community, the history or the fans which, to me, are really more important than results on the pitch. Supportung Rovers has been a massive part of my life but for the last 10 years the relationship has been conflicted. It feels like the club is being occupied by an 'enemy' and the fans are being suppressed but, in the main, submissive. However, we will always want the club to succeed. Surely, one day they will decide to leave but what state will the club be in by then? Given that they will never get their outlay back, why do they continue? May as well cut their losses and go sooner rather than later. Given their total lack of communication, can anyone have a guess at their next move? What does the future hold? I can't imagine just treading water under Venkys for another decade. Will they just continue ignoring the situation until everyone is just too fatigued to care any more.? We want our Rovers back.
  6. Crimpshrine

    Rovers v Middlesbrough Tuesday 3rd November

    So what you are saying is that our squad isn't really good enough to compete at this level ?
  7. Crimpshrine

    Rovers v Middlesbrough Tuesday 3rd November

    I was impressed by the way Corry Evans can self isolate while being on the pitch.
  8. Crimpshrine

    Swansea City away

    Look at the players with have out injured We are playing good attacking football - it will pay dividends eventually Wait until the new lads settle in Wait until Dack is back Can't really judge due to covid Victims of 'new manager bounce' against Forest Watford have a £30 million player Play like that every week and we will win more than we lose Reading are flying - excellent team Look at the stats - very even game Swansea are second in the league and we matched them for the most part. Anyone got any more excuses to add to the list??? Mowbray out, Venkys out.- they've both had long enough at our club.
  9. Crimpshrine

    Swansea City away

    Get Damien Johnson on!
  10. Crimpshrine

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    We have beaten three very poor teams this season - great to watch but probably giving a slightly false impression. In two of those matches the oponents had 10 men for a fair chunk of the match which helped the goal difference. We have failed with every other challange we have faced this season. Home form is bad - even failing to beat Cardiff when they went down to 10 men. We seem to play into the hands of the opposition every time by not breaking down defensive sides and being too open against better sides. Tony says we are on a journey - yes it's a never ending roundabout. Been here before! Personally I wouldn't give Mowbray much longer. A change of manager could galvanise this squad into something more productive than it currently is.
  11. Crimpshrine

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Should be an interesting game. We should be full of confidence. However, Reading seem to be able to keep things very tight and then take full advantage of the few chances they create. Exactly the sort of tactics we struggle against. Very difficult one to call.
  12. Crimpshrine

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I never knew he had played for Burnley previously! I only remember him at Stockport and Rovers. Was one of my favourites too. Sadly passed away at 51.
  13. Crimpshrine

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    A very bold statement. Reading are top of the league and playing well
  14. Crimpshrine

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    I listened on the radio and Evans was mentioned twice. Once in the first half and once when he was subbed. As many have mentioned, we may play some 'nice' football now and again but we just don't have the winning mentallity. We have a soft centre. We have beaten Wycombe and Derby who have accumulated 3 points between the pair of them this season. all the other games have been a big disappointment.

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