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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    Two proud clubs playing in league 1 due to incompetent and irresponsible ownership. Very sad. At the start of the season there was talk of a joint protest but I guess fatigue has set in and nobody can face trying to organise anything. Also success on the pitch pushes these matters to the back of most people's minds which is probably right as nobody wants to derail the promotion push. Anyone know Charlton's current situation with respect to Duchatelet? There were reports he was willing to sell. As for the match, a quick comparison of the respective squads and I think we look superior in most departments but I'd be more confident if it was an away fixture. I think we will win but make hard work of it 2-1
  2. Did Venky's win owners of the month?
  3. New CEO at Ewood

    Fake news - it's all the rage. LT get their info from BRFCS. When was the last time a story from Nico became reality. That leaves Alan Myers and Meadows who probably got it off each other.
  4. New CEO at Ewood

    Not sure if there is any substance to this 'rumour' as it seems to be based on a couple of tweets, surmisations and a woolly quote from Mike Cheston (made in September). Nobody naming any real sources. But if the theory that Mowbray may be pushing for a new CEO is correct, he must realise that it will be reduce his budget for players. Don't think the V's will provide extra funds. Saying that, a proper structure is desperately needed, so if Mowbray is encouraging it for the good of the club then good on him.
  5. I think you will be keeping your underpants on. Stroll in the park for Rovers today. Even a club with no board, absent uninterested owners, diminishing fan base, massive debt and a bleak future won't mess this one up. 4 - 0
  6. Blackpool away

    Dear Marj, I have a very hard decision to make. I was looking forward to going to watch my favourite football team play an away match next week. I don't like to buy tickets from my club because I refuse to pay money to the thoughtless owners who have neglected the club over recent years. So I decided to buy a ticket from the opposition club on the day of the match. My friend has pointed out that the owners of the other club are just as evil and corrupt as the owners of my club. Will it be hypocritical to buy a ticket from the other club and fund these nasty people. Should I, on this occasion buy a ticket from my own club and go against my principles? I was really looking forward to a day at the seaside and an entertaining football match. What should I do? yours, conflicted of Blackburn
  7. Blackpool/Oystons

    Exactly what I was thinking. I thought both Ians were big Rovers fans. I am sure Battersby is. But if they just fancy owning a football club then Blackpool are probably a better proposition as they would start debt free and a probably a have a wealthy and willing partner in Belokon. Why go for Rovers with the a massive debt hanging over the club. That's even if they had the option
  8. Blackpool/Oystons

    Ian Currie must have given up hope of Venky's selling https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/business/millionaire-businessman-admits-interest-in-blackpool-fc-1-8870000
  9. Venkys 7 years on...

    Bob Coar ?
  10. With respect to Venky's massive share price increase it's all down to the 'Beef ban' in India and a massive increase in poultry prices. I think they have been really lucky. However, this is a big political issue in India and the whole situation could change overnight with a policy change or a change of Government. I think their share price is currently false due to this issue and may well come crashing back down again at some point but not for 12 months or so. https://www.foodnavigator-asia.com/Article/2017/07/20/Venky-s-gains-from-beef-ban-despite-recent-suspension
  11. you forgot to say "neh neh na neh neh"!
  12. Thanks a lot - but I'm afraid I am being extremely stubborn these days and won't even buy tickets for away matches from Rovers in case the Vs get a percentage. I'll only go if it's pay on the day.
  13. Anyone know if you can pay on the day?
  14. I think this says it all about the owners. Imagine the brownie points they could have gained by agreeing to the proposal and announcing that they really do want to protect Jack's legacy. But no , they would rather upset every single Rovers fan and make it obvious that their own interests come first. I believe there are covenants regarding brockhall that will make it difficult to sell for development but they clearly want to keep all options open. They really need to explain their intentions at the next 'supporters consultation' meeting. I know people will argue that Venky's are not asset strippers in the true sense of the phrase but they are doing a bloody good impression!
  15. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    As I have said many times before, and I apologise for repeating myself, with the club in the state it is I don't think any manager will succeed at Rovers. However, if Balaji or Suhail or someone? decided to pot Mowbray how would the recruitment of a new manager even begin? We know that after Lambert left it was nominally Cheston who was entrusted with the job of hiring a new manager - we all know what happened there. Post Coyle we had Senior who was probably employed specifically to handle the managerial recruitment. So if Mowbray goes now, who is even capable of securing a new manager ? We don't even have anyone capable of speaking to the press to announce an appointment. The vacancy would instigate an agents free-for-all advertising their clients' availability and someone (Madam Rao? Suhail ? Balaji?) would have to pick a manager based on the advice of God knows who ? So, stick or twist ? I think we are stuck on Morton's fork