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  1. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    The dramatically higher share prices were mainly due to the beef ban in India. All poultry companies in that part of the world benfited and Venky's are one of the highest profile so thet did really well out of it in terms of share price and profits.
  2. Crimpshrine

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Totally speechless !
  3. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    We've needed a class CB for so long that it's a massive relief to get Ayala. I'm hoping he will also bring the leadership qualities we badly need.
  4. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    I notice Ayala hasn't played since 1st Jan. Has he been injured ? Initially looked up Ruben Ayala who hasn't played since 1984!
  5. Crimpshrine

    Bournemouth away

    Really? please explain.
  6. Crimpshrine

    Bournemouth away

    I think the way Bournmouth play made for an open game and gave us, especially our two subs, the chance to play some good attacking football and we looked comfortable for most of the match. It could be argued it was a reasonable performance against a more expensive, experinced team. However, we may not look so comfortable against teams like Luton, Barnsley, Preston etc who have much less expensive squads than us. We are all in the same league and one thing is certain - any team that regularly ships 3 goals is not going top of it
  7. Crimpshrine

    Bournemouth away

    Asking at bit much really and it will only happen once!
  8. Crimpshrine

    Bournemouth away

    Very winnable but frustrating game. That was an ideal opportunity to get the season off to a great start. Bournemouth have some skillful players but they seemed to have a fairly soft centre and were there for the taking. If we got in their faces more we could have stramrolled them - especially after our second goal. We will have much tougher games against less fancied opposition. I always felt we would do just enough to lose honourably. Successful teams play badly but win. - playing well and losing is not a desirable trait. They had 5 or 6 meaningful attempts on goal and scored 3. We all know where are problem lies. With Bell. Lenihan and Willaims in the back 4 we will be bottom half at best. Keeper looked assured, Dolan and Rothwell excellent. Travis seems to be somewhat under par. We need a leader on the pitch.
  9. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    I think we have discussed this before. Nobody wants to pay agents, 3rd parties or 'suits' but what we do need is business savy, reliable, staff at the club to handle this sort of thing. It's not Mowbray's job or Venus' job. Waggot will obviously have some input but the whole operation needs to be more organised. Maybe that's how the other 23 clubs work.
  10. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    How on earth do you get to arrange flights and medicals without having hammered out the deal first ? Makes no sense. As many have pointed out before, our approach to recruitment is tin pot. Mowbray and Venus should be nowhere near this sort of thing. They should provide names to the 'recruitment team' and then get back to managing the football team. It's not the 1970s!
  11. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    That's good. I hope he is putting the hours in!
  12. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    Suhail wasn't in the UK at the start of lockdown so I doubt he has returned ( but don't know for sure). I spoke to 'Swag' at one of the fan consultation meetings and he told me that it can take a couple of days for Venky's to return phone calls or emails. Not exactly a well oiled machine!
  13. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    One day Venky's will pull the plug. What's the point in carrying on in this moribund state waiting for it to happen? I'd rather get it over with as soon as possible.
  14. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    My approach as chairman would be to tell Mowbray he MUST finish in the top 6 with the footballing budget allocated. Otherwise he's on easy street
  15. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    Boycott. Nobody buy season tickets when they are eventually available. and get more articles like this in the Indian Press https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/football/epl/top-stories/VENKYSOUT-Fans-want-Indian-owners-to-leave-Blackburn-Rovers/articleshow/53867212.cms

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