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  1. Crimpshrine


    I've heard Brereton is a great centre half in training sessions !
  2. Crimpshrine


    Every window is an opportunity to improve the team. Mowbray stated at the supporters consultation meeting that money would be available in January if we were 'challenging in and around the playoff places'. So perhaps the owners assess each window based on our current league position and judge the chances of the investment generating immediate benefits. Since we are unlikely to go up or down this season they may not be too interested at the moment. This is not the way to steadily build for the future and - as previously stated - staying still will probably result in going backwards.
  3. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    Pretty sure it wasn't Mowbray
  4. Crimpshrine


    It would make no sense at all to loan Travis out at this point after he has just made an impact in the first team. I don't think Mowbray is one to put personal issues before the good of the club. Also can't see Travis pushing for it now given his current opportunity to impress. Don't think he is going anywhere
  5. Crimpshrine


  6. Crimpshrine


    Thought he looked really decent at Sheff Utd. Wonder if that convinced Bristol to go for him ?
  7. Crimpshrine


    Are Newcastle likely to fill the whole end ? They are not exactly in love with their team / owners at the moment. Even at £10, the first tie attracted 36,000 as opposed to their usual 50,000 for a league match. Not sure they will turn up in their usual numbers.
  8. Crimpshrine


    Who knows ? He also said Armstrong was only on the 'C' list and then bought him. Maybe bluffing ?
  9. Crimpshrine


    That contradicts what Mowbray said at the supporters consultation meeting. He said Boro were constantly on the phone asking if Rovers are still interested in Chapman. Mowbray then went on to point out that Chapman currently wouldn't get in our team and his contract is up in the summer so why would he make any commitment at this point in time. This may not have made the radio edit.
  10. Crimpshrine

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Another 3 or 4 months of current form and I think most people will be casting judgement. This season could be catastrophic by then.
  11. I think he has potential. His pace while in possession of the ball is amazing but may sometimes affect his ability to pick a final ball. He sometimes holds the ball too long but that will improve with experience. Overall he did well but diving when he had a clear chance to equalise really blotted his copybook. Got to cut that out.
  12. The last 3 games I've attended were at Preston, Wigan and Sheffield Utd. I've seen us concede 10 goals in those 3 games and the reaction by the players to each goal has been the same - look down at your boots and shrug your shoulders. Not once have I seen cross words between players, encouragement for each other, pointing fingers, no discussion about what went wrong, no communication of any sort. Just no fight at all in this team. I think they have inherited Mowbray's 'this is where we are' attitude. The team is spineless and leaderless. I think we showed in the first hour today that there is ability in the side - Palmer was good, Reed and Travis both busy. Rothwell seems to be more bluster than end product and that dive was a disgrace. I didn't see any real threat from Brereton at all I'm afraid. But the overriding worry I have is that this team is beginning to accept these heavy defeats as par for the course. The attitude in the last few weeks has been as bad as anything since we were relegated from the Premiership. I don't see any confidence returning to this side without a big change in personnel or a change of manager. I don't think we will go down but we can't plod along like this into next season.
  13. we've been quite lucky with lack of injuries and suspensions so far this season - they often have a big affect around Christmas. However, I really don't want to watch us plod along with Evans, Smallwood, Williams etc for the rest of this season but I don't think Mowbray will shuffle the pack unless he's forced to. No point keeping a settled team if we are not winning. I am hoping we are safe from any relegation scrap so why not experiment a bit?
  14. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    And why start Palmer instead of Brereton at Preston ?
  15. Crimpshrine

    Ben Brereton

    I don't really understand how the 'loan with a view to permanent transfer' works if it is outside the window for transfers. If there is a clause that states that the loan MUST be converted to a permanent move on a certain date then it is clearly a permanent deal made outside the EFL transfer window which is against the rules. Does it mean clubs can make permanent signings during the loan window and just call it something else while the authorities turn a blind eye? If it is just an 'agreement' then do we need to stick to it ?

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