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  1. 4000Holes


    It’s the Sun. who works for the Sun who is always trying to sell our players? For those who want th3 answer, Nikko where is Chaddy when you need him.
  2. Exactly what I was trying to say but you put it far more eloquently than me.
  3. Spot on. The game was awful and that was how it was always going to be. From the kick off we where defending balls that where coming down with snow on them and every credit to both Lenihan and Rodwell who never flinched all night. Credit also to Nuttall who did his share of defending as well as running the lone striker. Don’t know how much ground he covered but it must have been very significant. If we had played tippy tappy, we would have been murdered. We actually played well under the circumstances and when we had mopped up the pressure and they had run out of steam by having to chase second balls from distance all evening, for once it was us who could pressure and score late on. yes it was a dreadful game but our tactics where dead correct.
  4. I agree but let me add to that; Nuttall, I thought was superb, I would like to see the stats of meters run, as not only was his movement up front exceptional he was always available at the back to pick up one of their “big lads”. yes it was a poor game but you can only play what is in front of you and we did ok.
  5. 4000Holes


    Just as an aside and to Chuck the muck in the nettles. Should there be a loan market at all? Its all very well for the likes of Chelsea, City, United et al to keep mopping up young talent and then send them on loan with the hope they will come good but is it good for the game? I think not. If no loans where available then these youngsters may just think again when joining these clubs with another 100 youngsters at the same time and the result may be a more realistic or equal base for all clubs.
  6. 4000Holes


    Been depressed reading this board but it could be worse. I see Forrest Gren have recalled Doidge from Bolton. He was on loan with Bolton who had agreed to due to buy him in Jan for £1,000,000. Forrest Green in the meantime have been paying his wages for the first half of the season. Bolton failed to pay first instalment on his transfer and subsequently now been recalled. And I thought we where in trouble.
  7. 4000Holes


    See we are linked with Henegan fro Sheffield Utd currently on loan at Blackpool. looked at him before but worried he has not made very many appearances at Blackpool
  8. 4000Holes


    Friend of mine who is a Blackpool supporter saw him play a Bloomfield road a couple of weeks ago. Reported that you would prefer to be playing with him rather than against you. Which I read as being a big uncompromising defender and just what we need.
  9. 4000Holes

    Bradley Dack

    As far as I can see, all the speculation is eminating from the Sun who constantly try to sell our players. In my oppinion it's about time we took a lesson from Liverpool and refused to buy this rag.
  10. 4000Holes

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    Just don't understand. 2 of 3 subs used before we start. Mulgrew being pulled out of position to cover for Williams leaving Downing who lacks pace to cover in the middle. Not happy but hope I am wrong.
  11. 4000Holes

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Tonight was important. Win we look at top 6. Lose as we did and much as it upsets me, we are now looking at scratching enough points to avoid the bottom 3. Maybe we have been found out and I only hope there are 3 teams worse than us? Sorry but facts, unfortunately.
  12. Yes but game against Wigan will tell. We have been poor today, lacklustre to say the least and initial team selection did not help but having said that we got caught early which didn't help. Our talisman, "Dack" is going through a patch, as all players do at times. Wigan is now a big one and we will see how big Mowbray is with his team selection bearing in mind Wigan are not in the greatest form. I fully expect Dack to be part of the starting 11 but if he plays as he has the last few games, I expect that Mowbray will bring him off after 45 to 55 mins. This will determine how big Mowbray is. If he bottles because of potential future transfer fee, then we will go backwards at a rate of knots!
  13. 4000Holes

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Looks a good team on paper but it leaves Nyambe awfully exposed?
  14. 4000Holes

    David Helliwell

    Leonard you may well be right but I only picked it up today. https://staceywest.net/2018/11/03/looking-back-at-david-helliwell/ sorry if I have mislead
  15. 4000Holes

    David Helliwell

    Very sorry to read about the passing of David Helliwell. Always thought that he had so much potential but playing at the time he did was probably too small to make an impact. RIP.

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