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  1. Rovers Reminiscences

    Yes, now as you say the game as very limited contact. How would they go on coming up against some uncompromising Italian centre back of yesteryear or the likes of Norman (bite your legs) Hunter or Peter Storey, etc. Colin Bell was in my oppinion a superb footballer who had everything until one day he came across Martin Buchan and then his career was no more. A sad, sad, end.
  2. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    2 reds is a bad outcome but because of the circumstances a replay is good because that will be one of the games that the 2 who got reds will serve a suspension rather than an extra league game, as I understand. if I am wrong, I am sure someone will put me right.
  3. Excellent Kamy. I have now signed. Takes me back to a previous time when I used to play. Some awful pitches, dump kit in changing room never to be touched again until following Saturday when the smell would hit you as you walked in. Wouldn't have changed it for the world.
  4. Blackpool away

    Very well and articulately said. Sums the situation up in a nut shell
  5. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    We are in front against Fleetwood at home and end up sharing the points. Absolutely pathetic! Unfortunatly I was unable to be at Ewood last night to see this debacle but looking at the posts during the game, it was obvious that Fleetwood would score their second equaliser as was eloquently observed by Wing Wissard Dusty Miller a few minutes before it occurred. With all due respect to Dusty but if he can see it, why can our coaching staff not and take measures to negate. Maybe there we have the problem?
  6. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Just looking at the teams some of our posters have put forward. one common denominator in all is that we lack pace. Don't know too much about Harper but if he does have any speed then he must play?
  7. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    Many people on tonight asking for Mowbray to go, not surprisingly. However in my very humble opinion it would not matter a toss, who is manager as in any walk of life or certainly in business the management structure is vital to the success of the company. Our management structure is non existent and has not been since the Indians took over the running of the club, which used to be held as an example of how a club should be run prior to their take over. Until this issue is resolved then we will continue to slide and slide. In short, be prepared for another relegation because until Venkys go or change radically there is only one end. I don't expect that they will change as they have had many opportunities to do that and not shown the remotest indication they will or I don't think they will go as it is in their psyche to be arrogant and stubborn. very upsetting and sad.
  8. Wilcox

    Not often I don't agree with your posts Tyrone but I thought both Wilcox and Ripley where magnificent during our premiere league win. When the defence where under pressure, one or both of them where the outlet. Absolutely invaluable. IMO of course.
  9. Oldham away

    Why Chaddy? Please give some reasons, as Antonsson has been scoring. Not questioning your opinion but follow it up with some reasons as you can't just leave like that as the reason maybe you just don't like him? I am sure that is not the case but give us your reasoning.
  10. Rochdale Away

    Thanks for that Tyrone. The only thing I would say is that at last we have the nucleus of a promising team bearing in mind that they are still all relative strangers. From your posts, I think you probably played at a reasonable level and if you think back to that time, it was always difficult at the start of new seasons when a couple of new lads came into the team as it took time to understand their strengths and weaknesses? At Rovers we are starting with a virtual new team and it will take time to gell (13 new players ?). For that reason, don't be too harsh on Antonsonn. The jury is still out but once everything settles, it may end up ok? We will have big disappointments this season for reasons above but I would expect them to become fewer as time goes on and as players begin to understand their colleagues.
  11. Season Expectations

    I agree with the analysis but if we now go on a run and players hit form I do worry that our esteemed owners won't be able to help themselves and cash in on them in the Christmas transfer window and that will change the complete characteristics. In short I just don't trust them.
  12. Transfers Part 3

    I think that post hits home as too how far our club has fallen in the last 7 or 8 years. Venkys out, now!
  13. Transfers Part 3

    Agree but we need a central defender. "Desperatel".
  14. Rovers v Burnley

    Yep. In the grand scheme of things this game matters not one jot. We should not play anyone carrying the slightest knock. At the end of the day we have zero chance of winning the trophy and we should concentrate on the league, that is far more important than playing our six fingered neighbors in a early round of a cup that we or them will not win. Play some of our young lads, as it's them (can't say their name) and our youngsters will be up for it!
  15. Transfers Part 3

    Yep: Billionaires my ar$e