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  1. If we do win, then it will be great, as I believe that Brentford are by far the best footballing side (for want of a better description) in this division. Sure they come unstuck from time to time but who doesn’t. Win this and play offs are actually on. In fact draw this and and we can dream. set up needs to be right, Brentford can be bullied.
  2. 4000Holes

    Rovers v Hull

    I see JRC has pulled a hamstring. Makes you wonder about our training methods.
  3. 4000Holes

    Rovers v Hull

    I think we all know now, this match will be a bore as our esteemed manager will choose a team to negate Hull who are suddenly the best team in the UK with only Liverpool able to compete with them and only if they are lucky. We therefore need to concentrate on defence leaving no one in midfield to create anything going forward. Hull will score in the 70th or 75th minute. Mowbray will panic and substitutes will come into play, leaving 4 out and out strikers in the mix but no one to create anything for them. I am extremely fed up and don’t see a way out of it.
  4. 4000Holes

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    I would have like to have seen Davenport today because, let’s be honest, we are not going to get in the play offs, we are not going to get relegated, so now is the time to give youngsters a chance with an eye to next season.
  5. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    We do need to play youngsters, maybe not all of them but sometimes I despair that we appear so slow. This business of they have to fit into the system? At under 23 level there are great reviews of some who have obvious talent and potential but they stay at that level. I think the likes of Nyambe came into the team because there wasn’t an alternative at the time. If you look at the likes of Manure they have never had any qualms about giving youngsters a go, Mason Greenwood for example. i think Mowbray is far too conservative in this respect.
  6. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    I too appreciate your comments and your work but with regard to leaks do you not think that in the main they emanate from agents who have a vested interest
  7. 4000Holes

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    I see both Davenport and Buckley played at Preston in Lancashire senior cup this afternoon. I was hoping they would have been on the bench tonight. I think both are capable Davenport in particular.
  8. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    Would be interesting to put agents names alongside that list.
  9. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    We agree Mercer. However there are ways around it assuming that we want rid. Sorry Charlie but since you have been away you have lost your fitness, so we are giving you intensive fitness training for the foreseeable future. We will send you to the the Royal Marines for a month for fitness both physically and mentally. On return we will review and repeat if necessary, etc.
  10. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    Don’t think that it quite works like that. However this is interesting, both his very quick departure and very quick return, Why? Did he fall out with Mowbray, has he now fallen out with Cooke? If both, it doesn’t look good but having said that, Mowbray appears moody and he changes his set up as the wind changes and I can see Charlie not liking that and speaking his mind. With regard to Cooke, who appears to be a nasty piece of work, anyone could fall out with him, and Charlie who can be volatile maybe gave him a good kicking. If so I am with Charlie.
  11. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    For whatever reason Mowbray is so negative it’s untrue. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly but in our set up and by playing so narrow that I believe anyone with a very basic knowledge of football could choose a team of journeymen and set them up to adequately defend against us. Brereton and Gallagher have not been helped by pushing them wide in unnatural positions but having said that I think that there is enough talent in that squad to be effective in this division, all it needs is the set up to be right. Unfortunately I am coming to the conclusion that Mowbray is not the man to be able to sort it out.
  12. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    I have read many, many comments re Brereton on this board like he has no idea, he is not a footballer, he is a waste of money, etc. However in fairness to the guy I have never had the privilege of seeing him play in his correct position aside from the odd cameo. He has been played, extremely spasmodically, starting about once every 3 or 4 months and other times brought on as a sub and been asked to play on the wing. It may be correct that all of the above comments not a footballer, etc. but I can’t make that call as the situation he has been put in has been impossible. As a result his confidence must be shattered and if Pardew is serious about wanting him on loan then that should be taken for the sake of the club and Brereton himself. The way he has been treated by Mowbray is disgraceful and he is not the first. Mowbrays man management skills are appalling and something needs to be done about it.
  13. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    I see it is being reported that Pardew wants Brereton, in Holland, on loan for the remainder of the season. However it is also being reported that Rovers are not keen due to lack of striking options. In my view this is too good an opportunity to turn away as it would be right for Brereton as it could get the lad back on track and right for Rovers as he could come back a player as Pardew may actually play him in the right position not wasted on the wing.
  14. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    Johnson is a footballer, however he needs to move into the area because commuting from Blackburn to Derby is too much, too much for anyone let alone an athlete. For his own sake he must make up his mind if he should embrace us or simply move on.
  15. 4000Holes

    January transfer window 2020

    Alan Judge the third. This guy is such enormous stature that I can see Mowbray playing him as a target man.

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