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  1. 4000Holes

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    A vacancy has just become available at Sunderland. Just saying.
  2. 4000Holes

    QPR Away

    Time to move on Tony. His recruitment has been awful (far too many in midfield)when everyone certainly on this board and even the Ewood cat who keeps the rat population down on the riverside was calling for defensive players His set up is abysmal. Players out of position, no natural wide men and not playing wingbacks who are capable of playing wide. Result is that we are so narrow it makes it really easy to defend against. I know our strikers are getting stick for lack of goals but I do have a deal of sympathy because there is simply no space for them. They are also being played out of position much of the time. The tragedy is that I think we have some very talented players but the team is so unbalanced that it is making life very difficult.
  3. 4000Holes

    QPR Away

    All talk of top 6 finished. Now hope that there are 3 worse than us.
  4. 4000Holes

    Luton Town home

    Defence not consistent enough. mid field is so narrow it’s untrue, just no width which makes it easy to defend against. Front line not clinical enough. Needs a change of formation and quick. Oh and a proper centre back come Christmas.
  5. 4000Holes

    Luton Town home

    Only West Country guy that I am aware of, playing for us is Gallagher who was born and brought up in Crediton. Cant see it being him.
  6. 4000Holes

    Luton Town home

    Not so sure about needing the two holding mids. Luton score plenty goals, granted they concede plenty as well. I would start with the two and change it in second half.
  7. 4000Holes

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    He is determined to play the little known formation of 1, 8, 1 How many midfield players do we need?
  8. 4000Holes

    West Brom Away

    Size has nothing to do with it. Once took my girl friends father who was destined to become father in law, poor sod, to watch Derby v Chrystal palace when Brian Clough and Bert Head where respective managers, as we happened to be near Derby at the time. Teams came out for warm up, Palace players big, sun tanned and looked like proper athletes. Derby team, small, pale and looked totally unlike athletes should. Girl friends father said Forrest are going to get murdered. Just wait said I. Game began and little Archie Gemmill, John O’Hare and Kevin Hector just ran the show. Couldn’t stop smiling at the final whistle. None of those where hardly massive stature.
  9. 4000Holes

    Mike Ferguson RIP

    So privileged to see a forward line like that. Ferguson, Douglas, Pickering, McEvoy, Harrison. RIP Mike
  10. Excellent. I am really enjoying these views.
  11. 4000Holes

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Realistically, he cannot leave 10 or 11 million quids worth on the bench, certainly in the championship. Even if this was the correct decision, he just can’t. In any walk of life Just imagine if it was you telling your boss, thanks for spending the money, it hasn’t worked so I am going back to what I had last year. it ain’t going to happen.
  12. 4000Holes


    He likes narrow, that’s why one or two shots on target in 2 games has happened. With no overlapping full backs who can’t put a cross in to save their lives, I could sort out a system to defend against it. Simple.
  13. 4000Holes


    Very true. You can change virtually anything in life, your job/career, the country you live in, your religion, your wife or partner even, but the one thing that is impossible to change is your football team.
  14. 4000Holes

    Fulham Away

    Maybe he met Mulgrew when he was on his way out of the door and got a Glasgow kiss as a final gesture.
  15. 4000Holes

    Fulham Away

    Rigger, I agree but I think that was a set up issue combined with terrible substitutions that took momentum away just at the time we were making progress. Tomorrow, we need to look very carefully if the team or certain players are up for it. Just my view but I am very worried.

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