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  1. This window is absolutely crucial and going in with knee jerk reactions on recruitment could be an absolute disaster. Better to take some time and get it right. As far as I am aware, we have not lost any potential signing due to the wait unless you consider the guy Bolton have just signed, forget his name, a missed opportunity. Have patience.
  2. Sorry to bring up the untouchable name up but now recovering, so back to transfer speculation. i see Stephen Ireland has just been released at Stoke. Anyone fancy a punt on him, big risk admittedly but still in his early 30's and can certainly pick a pass. Maybe too injury prone but just a thought.
  3. Yes, Steve Kean just turned up for a pint. God I have just made myself puke up!
  4. Do you think that maybe the reason we haven't heard anything from Mowbray is that he may have gone on a family holiday before the real work begins at the start of June? If he has, I for one believe that he fully deserves a break.
  5. In fairness, when Hoilett was here, we didn't have a manager or coach to make the best of him and his pace. Same can be said of King and possibly Barrow. If we had those now, it may be a very different story?
  6. Hi Mercer, I understand what you are saying but I think Mowbray is being very canny. I have done business in India for many years and I know how their minds work, in a cultural sort of way. IMO I think Mowbray is playing it exactly right and we will see where it leads.
  7. Just reading the Scottish papers. Apparently McGeough is out of contract so available for next to nothing. McGinn is also available but still has 12 months left so Hibs looking for around £5,000,000. Also rumoured Rangers are interested in him?
  8. Anybody know anything about this lad from Hibs? Dylan McGeough. looks like we are linked.
  9. The transfer saga around Ferguson was never right. If someone who is as thick as two short planks with half a brain while living in Glasgow , then he will still have half a brain and be as thick as two short planks living in Blackburn or Birmingham or Blackpool. Ferguson was and I guess still is being manipulated by unscrupulous agents.
  10. 4000Holes

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Isn't this the pub where they are going to run the competition "Burnleys got talent"? I hear a guy who can tie his own shoelaces is favourite to win.
  11. 4000Holes


    Hi Dan, I fully understand what you are saying but at the end of the day it does not matter to me if we win it or not but being promoted does matter. Remember when we where promoted to premier " first time" via play offs. Would be surprised if 50% of people on here can remember who was promoted ahead of us. What does matter is how we can build for next year. That is why I believe we should play our better youngsters in the remaining couple of games, to see if they can perform at a higher level and allow the manager to decide where he really needs to improve personnel next season. Winning the thing at this time would be a bonus but don't let that moron Cook wind you up, the future is far more important.
  12. 4000Holes


    Just about coming round after a very good night. In my view it would be nice to win the league but in the grand scheme of things, its job done and it doesn't really matter.. More important is next season and in the remaining games I don't see any reason why we should not give 2 or 3 of the youngsters, who have just won PL2 the opportunity to perform on the big stage. It would also give Mowbray a chance to assess them and subsequently his needs in the transfer market ready for August. just a thought.
  13. 4000Holes


    I think he is poorly but the guy is a football man and even if he was at deaths door he would have celebrated as I would and suspect you would given Rovers promotion. Don't forget he played for us and still has a private box, or did until very recently, at Ewood. I hope that we can win the league 1 championship at the expense of Wigan but I still respect the guy!
  14. 4000Holes


    For all those who are getting their nickers in a twist re Paul Cook. Just ignore him, he is what he is. If we had won promotion today then I would not have expected our manager to make a comment on any other team as he would or should be so pleased about his own teams achievements. Cook is a moron, he will not change, so let's just accept that fact and get on with life. If he thinks that we will react then he will think he has won and maybe he has? In short let's concentrate on Rovers and leave Wigan alone, I am sure long term it will sort itself out.

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