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  1. Bournemouth capacity is around 11500. It should be full.
  2. Although I see your point and to see Ewood buzzing would be wonderful, there is no need for big crowds to survive in the premiere these days. Money from outside sources far outstrips money through the turnstiles. Look at Bournemouth as an example.
  3. 4000Holes

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    God I hope not. I think I said a central defender.
  4. 4000Holes

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    I think in an ideal world you are absolutely right but in my view we need a centre back as priority. Two reasons: 1 Don’t know what would happen if we got injuries in that position. Ok Williams can step in but no way is long term there. 2. Tosin is class and will be back at City next summer, so we need someone in place ready to take his position. Absolute priority for me
  5. 4000Holes

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    However, we still need to play with more width for 2 reasons. 1 we need an outlet for when the ball is won in mid or at the back, options are so limited it’s untrue. 2. Playing so narrow is extremely easy to defend against. Not sure we have the personnel to play there, but it must be tried. Armstrong not playing very well but has been asked to play all over at the front. Time to tell him to show some discipline and hug the right touch line, at least until the next window.
  6. For those of us who think Mowbray has gone beyond his sell by date. Hope and pray that Middlesbrough get turned over in the lunch time match today. I feel a Souness situation coming on.
  7. Meandering around mediocrity. At the moment we aspire to mediocrity.
  8. 4000Holes

    Preston Away

    Be angry with Mowbray Chaddy. He has proved that he has a total inability to affect and read games as they are occurring ie he just appears incapable or unable to react to situations until it’s too late. Yesterday, the game changed more or less at the beginning of the second half, directly as a result of what the PNE manager did. Did we react? No. Was it inevitable they would score? Yes. By that time our momentum had gone. He was going to react just before they scored their second but again too late. As they got that equaliser, you could see by the body language in our lot that we would be leaving with nil points. Due to poor or non existent recruitment during the last 2 windows, we are not equipped to compete. My view is we will be relegated unless Mowbray is replaced before the next window. As I said Chaddy, be angry with Mowbray, he is a dinosaur.
  9. 4000Holes

    Preston Away

    No surprise. No defence, no bottle. Pointless trying to shut up shop when you don’t have a defence or the personnel to do it. Comes down to recruitment, when you get rid of defenders, from an already porous team and replace them with midfielders, this is what happens. I can only see us being relegated unless TM is potted and replaced with someone who can organise a team. This must be done before the next window or otherwise it will be getting re-aquatinted with Shrewsbury, Blackpool, etc.
  10. Agree with that, our passing is painfully slow. But looking at the game last night, it is also obvious how easy it is to defend against us as we play so narrow. The opposing defenders don’t have to run very much to snuff us out which ultimately leads with no one available to accept a pass. Once in the first half just before they scored, one of our mids picked up a loose ball on the inside right area. It was perfect for putting it into the left wing but all our players were on the right not out wide and being marked by Birmingham defenders who were just jogging. Result, our mid gets caught in possession as he has nowhere and no real options available. It was notable that that not one Rovers player was on the left between our 18 yard area and their goal line. i would back myself to be able to organise Mill Hill third team to defend adequately against us while we are set up as we are.
  11. 4000Holes

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    A vacancy has just become available at Sunderland. Just saying.
  12. 4000Holes

    QPR Away

    Time to move on Tony. His recruitment has been awful (far too many in midfield)when everyone certainly on this board and even the Ewood cat who keeps the rat population down on the riverside was calling for defensive players His set up is abysmal. Players out of position, no natural wide men and not playing wingbacks who are capable of playing wide. Result is that we are so narrow it makes it really easy to defend against. I know our strikers are getting stick for lack of goals but I do have a deal of sympathy because there is simply no space for them. They are also being played out of position much of the time. The tragedy is that I think we have some very talented players but the team is so unbalanced that it is making life very difficult.
  13. 4000Holes

    QPR Away

    All talk of top 6 finished. Now hope that there are 3 worse than us.
  14. 4000Holes

    Luton Town home

    Defence not consistent enough. mid field is so narrow it’s untrue, just no width which makes it easy to defend against. Front line not clinical enough. Needs a change of formation and quick. Oh and a proper centre back come Christmas.
  15. 4000Holes

    Luton Town home

    Only West Country guy that I am aware of, playing for us is Gallagher who was born and brought up in Crediton. Cant see it being him.

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