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  1. blueboy3333

    Academy & U'21's

  2. blueboy3333


    @chaddyrovers is the one that has repeatedly said Waggott has answered the question and given reasons for the surcharge. Chaddy has yet to provide a link. I can't remember Waggott addressing it either.
  3. blueboy3333

    Danny Graham

    A integral part of our promotion season. His goals at Ewood were vital. You wanted him gone last summer. Disgraceful
  4. blueboy3333

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Cheers mate. Coming from one of football's great thinkers that means a lot.
  5. blueboy3333

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    With the ability to head downwards Rotherham could have been 2 up at half time. So could Millwall if they could shoot straight. We are where we deserve to be. Every team has a sob story.... Deep, man...
  6. blueboy3333

    Ep 102 - Revisionist Rovers - The Souness Years

    The guy in the away kit looks like he wants to kill Souey. His mate is telling him to leave it. Probably for the best.
  7. blueboy3333

    FA CUP

    Saw the highlights of the Chorley game. Ex-Rover O'Keefe with the opener for the Magpies and then Matty Unwin pulled off some fine saves. That challenge from Challinor though was a disgrace.
  8. blueboy3333


    Aye, cos it went really well after Bowyer was sacked. Bloody ruts.
  9. blueboy3333


    I hope @JAL's his agent. He'll be minted soon.
  10. blueboy3333

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/17215664.blackburn-rovers-1-rotherham-united-1-player-ratings/?ref=mac Fair assessment .. especially on Palmer.😁
  11. blueboy3333

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Joe, is that you?
  12. blueboy3333


    ...and he didn't leave because he wasn't given money either, like was speculated at the time. He was well backed in the January transfer window (loans don't come for free) and, as he said when he left, budgets for the summer had not yet been discussed. He left (or so he was overheard saying after a press conference) because he was expected, in the absence of owners and boardroom structure, to be the spokesman for the club like he was at Villa, which he didn't want. Probably fair enough because the Villa job took it's toll on him. I think he also thought there might be a better job on the horizon for him too. You don't put a 'break' clause in your contract because you really, really want to be at a club. I was delighted when he left, he was relentlessly negative. Then Coyle happened, he was relentlessly positive. At least Lambert got the players fit.
  13. blueboy3333

    Ben Brereton

    I hope it's not advice on finishing.
  14. blueboy3333

    Championship 2018-19

    I get the impression you're up there because of Biesla rather than because you've got the best players in the league. I think WBA have better players and a deeper squad than Leeds, mainly as a result of their Prem years. If Leeds go up it will be because Bielsa has played a blinder.
  15. blueboy3333

    Championship 2018-19

    I saw you had something like 78% possession. That suggests you can't defend if you're conceding 4 to a team that hardly has the ball. On the other hand I've got a mate who's a ST holder at the DW and he said you were the best team he'd seen for ages. The Championship is a brilliantly competitive league and a nightmare to get out of the right way..

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