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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2017/december/tony-pleased-with-another-win/ Sounds like he will. A few were off the pace today.
  2. Rovers v Charlton

    Well, we won and that's all that ultimately matters but we got a bit of a football lesson 2nd half. Fortunately, David Raya is a shot-stopping genius. Looking forward to seeing the double save again. He was better off his line today too, although he did flap at one 2nd half from a corner and they could have scored. I thought Nyambe and Williams were both excellent defensively. We all know Nyambe struggles with the ball at his feet but I thought he had his hands full with the left side of Charlton's team (I thought their left-back was the best player on the pitch) and he coped really well. Williams was a lot better than he was earlier I the season, he looks a lot more confident and did well against the tricky Marshall. Mulgrew and Downing struggled a bit with the physicality of Best and Magennis (sp) but stuck at it. The midfield were all pretty poor. Evans failed to make any impression and Smallwood just seemed to be fire-fighting. Charlton had a cracking player in the middle of the park, a talented left-footer who controlled the midfield 2nd half. Conway tried manfully but he just seemed half a yard shy of where he should have been. Antonsson didn't see much of the ball. Samuel was poor. Couldn't hold it up and couldn't stay on his feet. Dack tried but Charlton won the battle in midfield so he was crowded out. Graham looked sharper and took his goal well. He hurt himself soon after coming on so it slowed him down a bit. Nuttall looked like he was on sedatives half the time, he just didn't seem with it. Always on his heels, even a touch of laziness. He woke up a couple of times, thankfully once for the goal. Great little cross for Graham. Tomlinson did ok when he came on and played the pass of the match to put Conway clean through. All in all a microcosm of our season as a whole at Ewood. We lacked tempo and ideas but unlike earlier in the season we are starting to grind out wins at Ewood when playing poorly. Long may it continue. It seemed a bit busier today. Hopefully a few were there to buy a half-season tickets in time for the New Year promotion push. Cheers Leon. COYB!!
  3. Rovers v Charlton

    Two teams cancelling each other out. Leon the difference
  4. Rovers v Charlton

    Stay bitter
  5. Rovers v Charlton

    They are winding samuel up and he's starting to bite.
  6. Rovers v Charlton

    Dreadful game but we did just hit them on the break and the ball skimmed across goal. Just got down the line again. Its warming up....
  7. Rovers v Charlton

    Best on the bench for them.
  8. Rovers v Charlton

    My post was quite specific to the weaknesses you levelled at Chapman. i just pointed out Whittingham displays the same weaknesses. You now seem to have gone off on a tangent. It's no surprise you find posts confusing, you don't understand the discussions you're involved in.
  9. Rovers v Charlton

    And I'll repeat myself for a third time, it's the only evidence we've got. Ignoring it debases your argument. As does ignoring the fact Whittingham is guilty of all the things you accuse Chapman of but has been a regular fixture in the team.
  10. Rovers v Charlton

    cold and damp. no chance of it being called off.
  11. Rovers v Charlton

    And I'm assuming you ignored my point about Whittingham as you could be describing him there. Whittingham plays in a far more responsible position on the pitch too and I'm yet to see him track a runner. There was never any justification for leaving Chapman out at home based on your criteria. His performance against an attacking Pompey team proved it. One start for a man of his ability was nothing short of a disgrace in a team that was struggling to break down the opposition. His dancing feet were a joy to behold. They would have warmed today up. Enjoy the match today, COYB!!
  12. Rovers v Charlton

    We only have one example to go on because he only started one league game, which resulted in a clean sheet. Other players in that team are 'suspect' without the ball, especially Whittingham, and he's played lots of games and also created virtually nothing. That argument doesn't stack up. Stick to emoji's
  13. Rovers v Charlton

    What are you 'confused' about re the above post @Biz?
  14. Championship 2017/18

    Very true. Makes you wonder what Mowbray was scared of earlier in the season I think we'll do ok in the Championship if we get there, we can hit teams on the break home and away because teams will attack us more.
  15. Rovers v Charlton

    That's easy to say when he's out injured for 3 months! Mowbray was quite adamant Chapman didn't do enough defensively. Then he started him because we were struggling at home and we won 3-0 and got a rare clean sheet at home. Chapman made the difference that day. He then dropped him in the next game at Wigan where he got injured. Mowbray's opinions on Nuttall flip-flopped as well when it suited him.