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  1. That's not his. He rents if off DunnFC.
  2. Of course it's your wife. Definitely not you.
  3. Chris Brown is looking for a club. A solid 1-in-83 striker.
  4. How dare you?!
  5. Tony McMahon sounds like another with good League 1 experience who can also play at a higher level. Sounds like a plan from ToMo. You're a brave man linking that Gladwin story again
  6. Man City Boro Rovers Luton
  7. Don't be telling one of the resident Nobbers that. They're still giddy that for the first time since Finney (their only good player ever) retired they are in the division above us. Expect Grayson to leave and Coyle to take over next month and complete his 'Lancashire' set...and TAFKAP never to be heard of again...
  8. I hope Dack isn't put on corners. It could get messy.
  10. See you're point but Dack sounds like he could be a good un. I don't know anything about him either but if he helps us back into the Championship then he will be a steal. We're going for the double promotion in any case
  11. The 'smug face' was quite clearly in relation to spending money this summer when EO was hammered for saying we would. Not sure what you're going on about?
  12. @Speedie DivedThe transfer thread is probably not for you. It may involve people being happy about players we buy. You won't like that
  13. That would only make sense if we had some control over our destiny. We don't. The fact they are spending money on an apparently good young player is a tiny little ray of light. Like an English summer it will only be fleeting, so let's bask in it while we can.
  14. I've thought this. It's almost capricious. I'm guessing ToMo going over there has endeared him to the family and he's been rewarded with some big bundles of cash that the taxman missed,
  15. 10+ goals and Dack will prove a cracking (one off) signing. Just another 70 goals to find Big Bazza must have sold one of his gold chains to fund that. £750k in League 1 is crazy money. Moneybags Rovers are back!