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  1. Interesting article. We really were 'big' for a while back there. Still, Div 3.....
  2. Rovers fans line streets in huge show of support as players arrive early for Villa game.
  3. Good preview, Andre. For me, one of the greatest sights in the history of British football has always been the Gordon Cowans cross-field pass skimming the top soil as it fizzed to the feet of a teammate, and lesser mortal. An effortless midfield maestro. It was a pleasure to see him in a Rovers shirt. Some Villa fans comments. I especially liked:- 'I don't care what team we put out, so long as the Football League fine us for it' A Villa ladies team* and a Cowans-esque performance from J-Lowe and we could scab a win. 1-0 Rovers *The captain of Villa's ladies team...and possibly Mercer's friend/colleague.
  4. Vince Grella had nothing on this fella.
  5. Do the frickin preview, Andre.
  6. We'll beat them too!
  7. Is that Tony's sister? Did she refuse to give her seat up on the team bus?
  8. Done the predictions with a 'can-do' attitude. 6 points. Chill out, relax, have a Lambrini, I've got colleagues at Villa, license to print money, etc etc We are staying up!
  9. Glenn with a double 'n' won't be happy.
  10. That's my fear. The cuts next year, if we're relegated, will be savage. And they won't be the good 21 year olds that we hang on to.
  11. That Villa game from 1988 is amongst this lot.^
  12. This was on BRFCS in 2016. Last year's news.
  13. Mahoney linked with summer move to Sunderland. He's created a lot of chances. You'd think we'd offer him a decent contract. He'll be worth a lot more in a year or two. Football Management for Dummies. Could some computer whizz do a mock-up of my potential new book.
  14. I think the rules are to take the personal stuff to PM's. Glenn made a post about it on this very page.
  15. So the person responsible no longer has anything to do with the club? Is the 'Venky's were just naïve theory' now back on the table? Have they been robbed by a clever agent? If so what are people actually boycotting? Should people start supporting what is left of a rotting club? Honest questions, not trying to start the usual row.