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  1. blueboy3333

    Free Football Autobiographies

    David Batty and Duncan Mackenzie weren't particularly complimentary about Rovers in their books.
  2. blueboy3333

    Stoke vs Rovers MOTM Poll

    I think he's been good since the Reading game. He protects the back 4 along with Evans. Talk of Reed and Rothwell 'controlling' games from the middle of the park (as suggested by a few on here) is fanciful IMO. They both look like players who want to get forward. That would put huge pressure on our defence who, as we've seen, are prone to crack a bit when put under pressure (probably because they are young).
  3. blueboy3333

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Guess who won a game!
  4. blueboy3333

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Just looked it up and you're right - 1935-36. What I didn't realise is he had a heart attack when he was managing Rovers during a match against Burnley. Died the same night.
  5. blueboy3333

    Championship 2017/18

    exactly...most people admit they talk boollox 99% of the time.
  6. blueboy3333

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    You may be more suited to ClaretsMad.
  7. blueboy3333

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Sharpe in the LT:- "Rovers face a long trip to Bournemouth in the cup on Tuesday, with Tony Mowbray expected to ring the changes. The likes of Charlie Mulgrew, Elliott Bennett, Bradley Dack and Danny Graham are unlikely to travel, with Darragh Lenihan, one yellow card away from a suspension, is also unlikely to feature. Corry Evans, and Harrison Reed who struggled with camp late on in the Stoke win, may also be added to that list" https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/16897033.stoke-city-2-blackburn-rovers-3-talking-points/?ref=mac Was Reed mincing round the pitch like Elton John late on at the BET365? No wonder we got sloppy.
  8. blueboy3333

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Interesting that Mowbray sees Rodders as a CB but Rodders has stated he can play in midfield too. He'll be a great asset if he's fit and committed to the cause.
  9. blueboy3333

    Academy & U'21's

    Jack Doyle has gone to Maidstone on loan.
  10. blueboy3333


    First time I've seen that save. Nerve-destroying!
  11. blueboy3333

    Championship 2017/18

    Making his debut for us on Tuesday apparently😄 He's a hero now and the Mackems can do one!
  12. blueboy3333

    Championship 2017/18

  13. blueboy3333

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    AFC Bournemouth - AKA 'The Cherries' - so nicknamed because of the colour of their original strip or because Dean Court, their original ground, was next to some estate that had various cherry orchards. Their current strip was nicked off AC Milan in the early 70's. The bloody nerve. Originally called Boscombe FC and then later Bournemouth & Boscombe FC, they only became AFC Bournemouth in 1972 at the behest of a certain John Bond (managed Burnley for a year and sold all their best players - Legend). The Dingle connection still persists in the guise of Howe and Stanislas, who felt sorry for them yesterday and let them win 4-0. They hold the record for the longest ever continuous stay in the 3rd division and have spent most of their existence in the bottom 2 divisions. They only reached the 2nd tier for the first time in 1987 under Harry Redknapp, and the top flight for the first time in 2015 under Howe. Josh King, and that winger we recently sold whose name escapes me, are the only two players I can think of who have played for both clubs. I have the memory of a goldfish not long out of a coma though so there could be thousands of them. Bournemouth are currently owned by Harry Redknapp's dog. Apparently we are resting a load of players (according to Rich Sharpe) and the likes of Brereton and Rodwell could make their debuts. Thread here from their forum on who they may select to play https://bournemouth-forum.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/blackburn-line-up.6914/ Tough game after a run of other tough games. It may be close, we may get smashed, jumpers for goalposts, may the best team win on penalties... We bested Howe when under the stewardship of Sir Gary back in 2014. More of this please:- Up The Rovers. Lets pip The Cherries.

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