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  1. It will be on fees spent. I did look at Rhodes, then I looked at Woods, Hendrick, Brady, Cork etc and realised I was right...or will be when you go down this season
  2. They are buying the most expensive Championship side ever assembled.
  3. A Tugay special, a bit of Grabbi and a load of drummers
  4. It's all gone t1ts up at Cleavanage; Sicko stewards.
  5. I've made this point too. The NAPM crowd should be making a big song and dance about actually going on the games so they can try and save the jobs of those being potted. It's manna from heaven from an anti-Venky's propaganda point of view. I'm amazed the protest 'leader' that goes round on here calling our fans thick hasn't made the connection. As for the Burnley game, it's the 2nd round of the League cup with a good chance we'll both be playing our stiffs. This is on a par with the Manx Cup. (Tony Finnegan - 30yard screamer at t'turf!)
  6. What was the crowd last time we played Burnley at home, and what was the crowd when we played Liverpool in the cup? Then come and say sorry for being rude, and wrong
  7. I'm sure there are some but there aren't vast numbers of NAPM. The Liverpool and Utd games proved the crowds are still there for the right match. If we got back in the Prem tomorrow we'd be straight back to 15k-20k home fans.
  8. About to sign for AC Milan apparently. He's come a long way since SA tried to turn him into Kevin Davies.
  9. How many principled NAPM'ers are there? Their numbers must have increased dramatically since the Liverpool game
  10. Are you paying?
  11. Not sure how you deduce that? I've not decided if I'm going yet. It's extra expense I can't really afford after buying a season-ticket, plus I can't be arsed with the toxic atmosphere.
  12. A YouTube collection of our favourite games. Feel free to add your own:- Norwich home 92/93. Cowans, Richard Brown (!), terracing, halfway line flags, Wegerle, Sutton, Tommy Ball's adverts, proper challenges and going top of the league.
  13. 'You're not fit to wear the shirt' was loud and very angry against Doncaster.
  14. He came on against Doncaster and looked quite good. Nearly curled one in the top corner from the edge of the box. Maybe not the player to being on when you're trying to defend a lead.
  15. Mostly about grooming in Rotherham, which had no relevance to the video of a young white lad making racist remarks to an Asian taxi driver and trying to punch him.