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  1. License to print christmas money
  2. He is.
  3. I just wish he'd stop talking now. His BS is too much. He talks more garbage than Coyle. It's not his fault that Whittingham can't cope, it's Whittingham's fault. After all Whittingham signed himself. Nowt to do with Tony your honour. And he looks bloody good in training.
  4. Last week at the Supporters Consultation he said if we didn't get promotion with the players we currently have he wasn't much of a manager and would expect to be sacked. Today he's coming out with:- "In my opinion we’re doing okay from where we are, where we started, the team we have put together and I think it’s wrong for people to think that we were going to run over the top of this league,” Sadly, for all the talk of integrity and being an honest man, at the first sign of criticism he has reverted to self-preservation mode. The backtracking and excuses have begun. They are all the same in that respect.
  5. He played his first 45 minutes of the season last night I think, so no. Not sure Nyambe is either. Just thinking out loud really on a way to inject the tedium of our performances with a bit of vim and vigour in the future
  6. Raya Nyambe Wharton Mulgrew Doyle Bennett Smallwood Evans Chapman Dack Samuel We've not tried the Christmas Tree yet so might as well give it a whirl. It could be an unmitigated disaster but at least it might be fun to watch for once
  7. 'Positive from the off'.... 'high-energy'..... 'gamble the game'.....'the dice will roll'.....'on the front foot'....'high pressure' A) BS bingo, B) a manager under pressure trying to appease the fans, C) a realisation that after 4 defeats already he might as well go down trying to win instead of trying not to lose?
  8. He's played at least 4
  9. Trouble with Mowbray is that he is constantly in defensive/consolidation mode. Get men behind the ball, stay in shape and stay solid. I thought we only played like that last season because we were battling relegation with a struggling team. I didn't realise that's how he plays all the time. Essentially he always plays like we're in a relegation battle and the league leaders are in town. Fooled again by talk of expansive football. There isn't a Plan B either, which is why we will struggle when we go behind. There is no imagination in the way his teams play beyond chucking a load of subs on when we inevitably come under pressure because we are too deep. Then we he does go for it we get done on the counter because the defence is too slow. Apart from that it's all good.
  10. Somebody like him would probably be perfect. He might also score enough to get us near 80 goals.
  11. We could certainly do with a Keeley and a Branagan...and a Barker and a Brotherston. Here's the complete highlights (and some blasts from the past) from that game in two parts:- (Part 1) (Part 2)
  12. No idea Chaddy, that's Mowbray's job. But we do lack a left footer with a bit of pace down that side.
  13. 'I can. You can't'.
  14. Pearson is passively-aggressively insane!