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  1. Lie_still_Rover

    Summer transfer window

    Assuming Dack stays.. I think we have an abundance of pace in; Chapman, Rothwell, Armstrong, Bell, Nyambe I would like to see a mobile hard-nut in our midfield. Not a deep-lying centre mid that just sits deep and looks busy but a proper box-to-box animal- I think we're a soft touch! Which brings me on to our defence, again, an ugly sod- I'd have loved to have seen James Collins in January, a leader that doesn't take prisoners and can marshall the other lads.. I think we need at least two centre halves- proper ones, not midfielders that you could plop there.. I think Raya needs competition- what's Shay Given up to these days? And finally another striker.. Think we'd be looking good then..
  2. Wow, that midfield leaves a lot to be desired.. Maybe Rothwell will link it all together but I'm not going to hold my breath.. This is going to be one dire game.
  3. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Deadly serious. Yes, he's made a few errors. But this season was all about consolidation. Which we're going to get. I think our start to the season gave us false hope - I think I even saw a tweet from, Nicko, tipping us for the play offs. Ever since we've fallen to bits The Newcastle at home and Brentford away games seemed to shatter us and we've not recovered since. I think Mowbray deserves the summer. He shot himself in the foot showing too much integrity towards the lads that took us up. Let's say he hadn't and had a massive clear out and bought a new 11 like Fulham and we were floundering people would criticise him for breaking up a successful squad, team spirit and momentum. I think he chose the correct path in giving the lads a fair crack. They've not let us down in as much as we're more than likely safe. But by starting so well they've set themselves and Mowbray up for a fall. I'd give Mowbray the summer to reshape things then make it clear he has a short window now to deliver and if he fails to do he's out
  4. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Mowbray will take us up next season.
  5. Lie_still_Rover

    Next Manager

    Wagner for me, but I think he'll be going onto bigger and better things.. I think Hughes would be a cracking appointment. I wouldn't be hasty in showing TM the door though, give him a few more games to turn things around.. But if this dismal run continues for much longer I do feel his job will become untenable.
  6. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    I love Mowbray and don't want him to go.. Think he deserves the summer to rebuild at least.. But was thinking, what would someone like Wagner do with a decent budget in the summer...
  7. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    But derogatory that.. He worked his arse off.. Great player. He's going to be another talented player like Rochina, King were.. Slip through the net and go onto bigger and better things..
  8. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    OK, I'll have a listen. Could you summarise?
  9. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    I've read a few posts talking about Mowbrays comments re: Rothwell but can't find anything.. What's he supposed to have said about him? I thought Rothwell was one of our better players.
  10. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    We will go up, back to the Premiership with Tony Mowbray. You heard it here first!
  11. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    How is he not? He's a seasoned manager with a decent CV that got us promoted..
  12. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    They all have a lot of potential, you're casting massive assumptions. Mowbray has publicly said Rothwell will get games..
  13. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Let's sack him them eh? Forget the project any momentum, any affinity etc. Bomb him out and gamble... Aston Villa, Stoke, Forest have all spent a fortune over the past few seasons and are struggling. Mowbray and Rovers relative to them have been a revelation. You're entitled to your opinion, as am I.. I recall people wanting Big Sam sacked.. Then we got Kean.. If that's not a cautionary tale I don't know what is.. Mowbray is the only good appointment out of fuck knows low many and you want to roll the dice when we're midtable championship on our guest season bank.. Madness..
  14. Lie_still_Rover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Chapman, Dack, Rothwell, Bell are all young players with bags of potential. He's nurtured young lads such as: Raya, Lenihan, Nyambe, Travis and as a result they're established first team players. You say he inherited half the squad. Which is correct. He almost avoided nailed on relegation. Got us promoted at the first attempt - something Sunderland and others such as Leeds and Forest struggled to do.. And he's now got us stabilised in midtable when other promoted sides are languishing and in turmoil.. Get a grip.

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