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  1. Absolutely delighted with the signing of Ayala. I'd argue that's the best bit of business we've done in years. At the start of the window a CB of his quality (& suspected wage demands) seemed out of our reach. Fair play to the club for getting it over the line.

    LB is absolutely the priority now. I'd love to see Cunningham back if a reasonable deal can be done. Given the quality of the Kaminski & Ayala signings on the face of it, I'm happy to give the club the benefit of the doubt that they're lining up someone decent for LB. Fingers crossed!

  2. Just now, briansol said:

    It was said he rejected us for an offer to go to Saudi Arabia. I guess he went there and found out that money isn't everything. That also fits the quarantine aspect of the story.

    I don't get the comment on twitter about it not being exciting though. Obviously his opinion, but if it is Ayala, I'd find that very exciting.

  3. The team were let down today by the lack of transfer activity to date. I said to my partner at the end of the game that if we'd recruited a LB and CB, we win that game. 

    I actually don't care what Mowbray has to say after the game. He's let the supporters and the club down by not having us prepared for the start of the season. On the whole, the lads turned up today and played a decent pressing game. But with Bell and Williams in the starting 11, we will concede goals and that's been our undoing today. 

  4. 1 minute ago, bluebruce said:

    Not at all. I had wondered if Magloire might be used so we have the pace to cope with King, but from TM's comments it will be Del, and Wharton is next in line if not.

    King won't be playing tomorrow.

  5. 48 minutes ago, J*B said:


    My bad, he went to Saudi, Kim Jin Su

    That's some scouting network we've got then if we were tracking the Korean league. I guess him being a full international helps in that regard. Shame we missed out. 

  6. 1 minute ago, bluebruce said:

    TM says we are light on numbers so he can't go on loan yet.

    Dedicated CMs: Travis, Evans, Johnson, Davenport

    Optional CMs: Bennett, Rothwell, Holtby, arguably JRC.

    Dedicated AMs (for one position): Dack soon, Holtby, Rothwell

    Optional AMs: Armstrong, JRC, Dolan

    Emergency AMs: Brereton, Chapman, Bennett has been used here before albeit crap.

    Light in numbers in Buckley's position? Nope we are flooded for numbers there, whether you see him as CM or AM.

    Get him out on loan. Stop collecting centre mids like you're filling out a Panini Midfielder sticker book and stagnating too many of their developments by having them all play bit parts. Taking Buckley's cameos away for a while means better game time for others, and helps us figure out who is really up to it. TM obviously doesn't see that much difference in current contributions with the others, or he wouldn't be entertaining sending JB out on loan. If he is looking good enough to stamp his mark as a regular starter here by January we can always recall him.

    Stop pissing about, these League One sides might have filled their spot by the time we bring in another CM or Dack is fit again, and we already have more numbers here than we need even when you take Buckley out.

    I know some of you rate him for right now, but come on he is still a bit part player at the moment. If you want him to show he can be more he needs to show he can play 90 mins of men's football week in week out. These are key development times.

    I agree 100%. I think he's looked decent in flashes. He needs regular game time to show that he can be consistent, but I think it would be a risk to give him that here at the moment. Getting that game time at a lower level should highlight his quality if he's genuinely as good as people say he is and he'll come back stronger for the experience. 

  7. Wouldn't have thought we'd want to pay much more than £1.5m to bring in Cunningham. Cardiff need to be a little more realistic there I think.

    If it's a loan to buy arrangement, whatever fee we agree is to effectively sign him this season, as opposed to paying to loan him for a season and then he's free to speak to whoever in the summer. As we've already seen with Downing & Bauer, we can't hedge our bets on signing up players when they run out of contract. If he's the guy we want at LB, we're better off getting it done now.

  8. 5 minutes ago, roversfan99 said:

    The Downing approach makes no sense. Surely he himself would have provided that competition in central midfield, in a 3 which would have suited him more, had he been involved from the start of pre season.

    Now it shouldnt even be considered, at his age playing catch up would be even harder. Its this indecisivess, surely you can try and fill all positions simultaneously, if Downing ticks off CM before the CB comes through, so be it. If a deal that was financially worthwhile couldnt be agreed, then dont flirt with going back to it after the season has started when he isnt fit.

    Im guessing reading that, maybe a second CB and sub keeper isnt in Mowbrays mind either.

    We dont need competition at left back either. We need someone to come in and play. Bell is dreadful.

    I started to get triggered by his interviews last season but now I take them all with a massive pinch of salt. Whenever he talks about competition, I genuinely think he means he wants to improve the starting XI, but doesn't explicitly say it so that he doesn't piss anyone in the squad off. It's annoying, as it just ends up pissing the fans off instead!

  9. 1 minute ago, chaddyrovers said:

    I feel like he's the one missing out there. If he'd signed on, he'd probably end up playing the majority of the season for us. If we recruit well at LB & potentially a CM if funds allow, we won't have a need for him in those positions, plus we have plenty of young lads coming through (Chapman, JRC, Dolan) that can play on the wing. 

    I'll go out on a limb and say that he won't be signed up by anyone before the end of the transfer window.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Bbrovers2288 said:

    I said the other day a signing was close, that was Cunningham back in. There was a breakthrough the other day in that Cardiff were happy to let him go. We now have competition for that deal however

    Would love him back. 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Swanson said:

    Who would people prefer, Lindsay or Kipre, if they had to choose ?  Is Lindsay still an option btw ?

    Based on current reputation & perceived value, I'd prefer Kipre. If we went for Lindsay and could get a tune out of him, he could be a shrewd signing. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

    Mate, our wage bill is over £20m a year. He doesn't mean total budget. He means summer transfer budget INCLUDING wages. So of that GK costs £500k and he's on £10k a week that's another £500k = GK costs £1m for the year. We then have £2m left. 

    Definitely the way I understood that. It's tight but hopefully enough to sort out the GK, a CB and a LB.

  13. 1 hour ago, JoeH said:

    Would like to see Gallagher through the middle tonight. Not because I enjoy watching his play much but mainly because people often discuss his "out of position"ness as an excuse for his goals and assists record. Through the middle, up top where he should be, against League One opposition, let's see how he does in my opinion.

    Sounds like you're banking on him having a poor game. If only to justify your views on him. 

  14. 7 minutes ago, Ossydave said:

    He's a LOT better at centre half than left back that's for certain. He would also make a good backup option, but the side issue there is he's forever picking up injuries. No point having a backup player who's a crock himself, especially when he's on a few quid too.

    If we can get a few quid for him, thank him for his efforts and move him on. You'd imagine that would be a decent wage saving if you replaced him with Wharton. 

  15. Just now, Admiral Nelsen said:


    Purely speculatively, if we were getting several hundred thousand for him then I think that we could probably put that to better use - not least because he picks up injuries a bit too often for me. Otherwise, perfectly decent back up option. 

    Yeah I agree with that. He does tend to be out a fair bit of the season. We probably wouldn't be worse off if we got a small amount of money to play with and have Wharton step in as a back up CB.

  16. Just now, Bigdoggsteel said:

    So Swansea, a team who got in the play-offs, want Williams? Probably another that isn't as bad as people on here make out. I would keep him as a CB option. 

    I wonder how much they bid 

    I think he's better than most people give him credit for. I think as a back up, he's a decent option.


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