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  1. Would love to see Hughes come back. He had a point to prove the first time he managed us and he would again this time. Worked well on a budget. Organised the team well. It's fantasy stuff really.
  2. Definitely take it with a pinch of salt, but we've been linked with Conor Hourihane on Twitter after Villa said they'd be open to loaning him out. Probably one from the Championship transfer gossip generator but he's a good player, albeit in a position we're quite well stocked in.
  3. True. You'd hope with time and a bit of effort, Buckley will bulk up a bit.
  4. Interesting comments from Buckley. I don't doubt that we could do better if we dipped into the market, but I think he's shown enough to be a regular member of the squad. I know a lot on here don't rate him but I actually think he's done a decent job when he's filled in due to injuries. I certainly see no reason why he should be spoken about negatively compared to someone like JRC who gets rave reviews whilst doing nothing of note.
  5. Some of my family have came down with covid quite bad recently, so this is the most real the pandemic has felt since March. With the number of players coming down with covid and game cancellations, it feels like we're a long way off being able to go back to Ewood freely. Happy that we're able to at least watch Rovers via streams, but what we're having to watch at the moment is so poor and frustrating, it barely feels worth it. Quite disillusioned with everything Rovers at the moment but am holding out a bit of hope that our fortunes turn once Travis & Dack improve their fitness with
  6. I swear Ben Whiteman is the new Marcus Maddison on here. Can we just move on from him. Blatantly obvious he isn't going to sign for us if we couldn't afford the deal in the summer and we're not even being linked with him now.
  7. He was signed from Carlisle and I think he came through their youth set up, so I assume so. Most likely Cumbrian at least.
  8. Really enjoyed the game tonight. Derby had a strong looking side out and we stood up to the challenge well. Davenport & Chapman grew into the game. Dolan a threat throughout. I was really impressed by Whitehall at RB before he went off with a knock. Dack got 45 minutes into his legs. Nothing of note from him; couple of nice passes and he was dropping deep a lot to get more of the ball.
  9. I'm more angry than elated after that. We were appalling and didn't deserve anything from the game. Fair play to the lads for getting the result though. Priority position to sort out in Summer (if not January) is left back. Douglas looks awful, with Bell not much better.
  10. Can't add much to what has already been said on here. So proud of the team today. Kept their heads after the sending off and took their chance when it came. I'm absolutely knackered after watching that. I was kicking every ball with them and probably haven't celebrated two goals sat at home more. Important that we back this up with 3 points against Bristol midweek.
  11. He's still effective in the wide role. I get he's banging them in at the moment but even during some of our recent games he has shifted out wide to mix things up.
  12. It's just for the balance of the side. Could switch Elliott over to the left and keep Gallagher wide.
  13. If he ends up being out for a prolonged period if time, he will be a big miss. He's been great for us this season. If he is out for a while I'd be tempted to play with the following trio in attack now that Gallagher seems to have found his feet a bit. Armstrong - Gallagher - Elliott
  14. I was really impressed with him last night and this piece of play in particular was brilliant. He looks like he's got a point to prove and he's starting to show a bit of what he can do. Thought he was unlucky to have his goal ruled out. He did everything you want from a central striker; being in the right position, getting across his man and applying the finishing touch. Just a shame that Douglas was offside.
  15. I can't believe we haven't had at least one free kick for the Armstrong & Brereton attacks. The standard of officiating in this league is an utter disgrace.
  16. Wharton is absolutely dire with the ball at his feet but he's looked really good at defending his man.
  17. Looks like Rankin-Costello has pulled his hamstring. Feels harsh saying it as he's going off but I don't rate him at all.
  18. The camera work on this ifollow stream has been shocking today.
  19. I've been quite impressed by Trybull before today. I think a lot of the players look off the pace in this game, including him.
  20. It looks like number 6 is Niklas Gudmundsson from the 96/97 season. Had to do some digging for it. Never heard of him in my life.
  21. If he's kept his fitness up, I'm all for this. Injuries/illness seems to be hitting us hard at the moment. He's an asset in the squad providing we don't shoe horn him in centre midfield again (the experiment didn't work). He was arguably our best player before Christmas and he actually keeps hold of the ball, which plenty of our players don't seem to be able to do at the moment.
  22. The comments at the time of his signing suggested that Douglas lacked pace.
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