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  1. Pedro

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Who is injured today?
  2. Pedro

    Ben Brereton

    I found him really frustrating. I can't believe that someone with such terrible judgement could work their way up to that level. What a fool he was.
  3. Pedro

    ROVERS v qpr

    We protected the keeper brilliantly yesterday. Apart from the shot from range, they didn't get close. Excellent result, frustrating match ruined by a terrible referee.
  4. Pedro

    Glenn Hoddle

    Surely you keep up with current affairs and the improper practices of those hypocritical scumbag hacks? It was just one of many stitch ups/hatchet jobs that pretty much every England manager has been subjected to. Glenn Hoddle's views were known and aired well before he took the job - he was an easy target. Sadly, sections of the media make it their mission to throw people under the bus to influence as much as they can and masses of people are too weak minded to see through it. If only a fraction of print space was/is dedicated to dealing with the deeper issues in society, the world would be a better and safer place.
  5. Pedro

    Glenn Hoddle

    Although extremely low in percentage, I'm sure there are also people with disabilities who share Hoddle's opinions and believe they did something wrong in a past life. Personally, I think it's a shame he was hounded out of his job by the holier than thou hypocrites in the media.
  6. For all of the opposite reasons, that's why I enjoyed League One so much. You can't beat team spirit and passion!
  7. Pedro

    Glenn Hoddle

    Don't knock it. Think of the money you'll save on shoes.
  8. Excellent result today. We weren't outclassed and there is life in the old club again.
  9. I've hated them ever since they turned up at Ewood and chanted their way through Matt Busby's minute of silence. I dislike them even more after listening to them whine and whinge their way through the game on Saturday. They claimed to be hard done to for every decent decision the ref made. ...I do like that Leeds fan on the Undateables though.
  10. Pedro

    Bolton vs Rovers

    He did some fantastic 5 yard backwards passes
  11. Pedro

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Super result. Decent start to the season. Fantastic decision by the linesman. I love it when Rovers win 🤗
  12. Pedro

    Rodwell signs

    I think he is making sure he is wholly mentally ready and resilient. Reading between the lines, his love for the game had gone (like Bentley) and I think that Mowbray is nurturing him back into things in a similar way that Jansen was when he was physically better - sadly that never worked out. The stresses of match day football must be immense at professional level and the Carabao Cup match had very little riding on it.
  13. Pedro

    Stoke vs Rovers MOTM Poll

    I keep seeing a couple of fans on here questioning Bennett's ability and doubting his Championship credentials. I have absolutely no idea what they are seeing.
  14. Pedro

    Championship 2018-19

    Grayson/Moyes for Preston. Allardyce Stoke/Villa (whoever pulls the trigger 1st). Followed by Pardew. Lambert Ipswich.
  15. Pedro


    The way I see it is we aren't by any means the best team but we've certainly got one of the best team spirits. Who knows where it can take us. Maybe conceding very late at Ipswich and against Villa could be a good thing (to keep fan expectation in check - for now). Had we not let those goals in against the run of play, we'd be at the top.

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