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  1. Pedro

    The Big Summer Clearout

    But nowhere near as good as Nico Kalanic
  2. Pedro

    The Big Summer Clearout

    He gets the chances to easily be a twenty odd goal a year striker. Like I said, I like him but he has massive flaws to his game.
  3. Pedro

    The Big Summer Clearout

    I agree. Very Bowyer-esque. By being cautious, chopping and changing, playing for draws, not adding a couple of quality players in January we've missed a trick - again. Add to that LOADS of shite individual errors.
  4. Pedro

    The Big Summer Clearout

    King has done so well and made the most out of his only asset. Pace. An absolutely terrible finisher, woeful crosser, doesn't use his strength. But he was always positive and direct - so weirdly, I actually really liked him 😂
  5. Pedro

    Swiss Ramble thread on Rovers' finances

    What do they have to gain by us losing over £115m ? Nobody has ever given a non-tinfoil hat reason. All I can think of is there is a magical portal under Brockhall that leads to a land of oil, gold and diamonds. It is a land where sexually adventurous and frustrated beautiful women (with an obsession for average blokes) outnumber men 10:1 and every year is 1994-95. I feel that the Venky trips to Switzerland are actually to CERN (because they are cahoots with them) and we have likely promised them partial access rights to Brockhall but it is a necessary evil as we need access to their large Hadron collider to open up the said portal. We just need to run the club into the ground, lift the covenants to Brockhall and It's all systems go.
  6. Pedro

    The Big Summer Clearout

    I forgot Gladwin and Samuel existed.
  7. Pedro

    Mowbray’s Future

    That would be heaven for me. I loved our Bully Boy identity back then.
  8. For a statto: How many times have we scored 2 and not won under TM?
  9. Mowbray is really good for the club but as results are showing, not for the team. I would gladly create a role for him as a 'director of football' or 'groveller to the owners' and give someone else a go.
  10. Someone will dust off a stat showing how few goals we conceded during that time. It was quite misleading as Dann, Hanley and Duffy used to slip and fall all over the place. We never looked solid and I once remember Hanley and Duffy playing about 30yards apart and hissy fitting with each other. I'd have them back tomorrow though!
  11. And two of them are midfielders 😁
  12. They were all crap at the back and Evans and Travis kept handing the ball back to Sheff Wed time after time. We need some experience badly. Our lads are too nice and naive. I miss the days of arsey winners/grafters like Bellamy, Savage, Nelsen, Todd.
  13. Scoring two and no points again. Simply not acceptable.
  14. Utter shit. Invited them into the box, piss poor shot and yet another David Raya mistake.

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