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  1. Pedro

    New Kits

    Surprise being, we'll be playing skins next season.
  2. I personally feel that the squad is much better. No journeyman at all. Only people who have proved that they play for the shirt. Above all, Coyle was the defining factor of our relegation. Thank God he'll be someone else's problem.
  3. I keep seeing this 'we are a League One squad' being banded about. We were way too good for League One; that's why we amassed nearly 100 points. Chapman (who I want) barely started and then didn't feature for months. Antonsson was generally poor but had a purple patch of goalscoring before long-term injury and losing his place. Armstrong (who took over from Antonsson) made a heck of a difference before his form tailed off at the end of the season (I would like to add him though). There's plenty of time to get the Chapman and Armstrong deals signed and I have absolutely no doubt that we will add quality via loans. Regardless, the squad, the attitude and everything Blackburn Rovers is in much better shape than when we were relegated. I see any additions as pushing us towards the play offs, rather than just keeping us out of the relegation places.
  4. Pedro

    World Cup 2018

    They didn't get very far.
  5. Pedro

    World Cup 2018

    Nonsense. Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, even Netherlands, Italy etc. got nowhere because they were shite. I'm gutted. We didn't seize the chance. It was great to love the national side again though.
  6. The stats and facts say Rhodes' goals dried up and he's been unwanted at his last two clubs. Hanley played a few games for Newcastle and was dropped. Marshall was on loan at Millwall whilst his parent club got promoted. King and Cairney on the other hand...
  7. Each and every one of them thought they were going on to much bigger and better things. They can't be happy with how their careers have panned out.
  8. 24?? He must have that Benjamin Button disease.
  9. Pedro

    World Cup 2018

    What AR is missing is that in recent years Greece, Italy and Portugal have won major tournaments with steady sides. You don't have to be amazing to win tournaments, just out-do what's in front of you.
  10. I think that due to us not being a hoofing side, there's a very strong chance of a couple of very decent loan signings. We will have to wait until late in the window though.
  11. Pedro

    World Cup 2018

    Like x 1000 Set of skanky tossers. I'm overjoyed that they've tasted despair via the penalties. They deserved nothing.
  12. Pedro

    New Deal for Darragh

    I'm very happy with this. Without that foot injury, i reckon he was on his way last season.
  13. 😂 I will never forget the first time I saw his YouTube montage!
  14. Pedro

    World Cup 2018

    The Japanese keeper was at fault for palming the ball around when he should have caught it. Prior to Belgium's third, Courtois shows any aspiring keeper how it should be done.
  15. Stuart's agreeing with you isn't he? 😕

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