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  1. Pedro

    Free Football Autobiographies

    I'd fall out with him too. We already had one of the best holding midfielders in the country in Tugay.
  2. Pedro

    Free Football Autobiographies

    Do you have 'That Tackle' by Myles Anderson?
  3. I reckon there's a virus in the squad.
  4. Sounds to me like Tony has tinkered way too much. Hopefully we have got our bad half out of the way now. Tinker for the cup games, play settled sides in the league - simple. It might be that we've got a sickness bug running through the squad again though.
  5. Pedro

    Burnley in bother.

    I don't read them often but he's one of the reasons I don't. Just a sad lad.
  6. Pedro

    Burnley in bother.

    Does he still post? He seem to mysteriously disappear at the same time some numpty was in the Telegraph for being guilty for sending harassment posts. I hoped it was him.
  7. Pedro

    Bradley Dack

    I think It's more a case that he's a time-served bullshitter. He has one of the easiest jobs in the world. Pluck an idea from thin air, type it up and reply to a few tweets in a cryptic, non-committal manner. What a life.
  8. Pedro

    Bradley Dack

    Dack will play in an England friendly this season. ...there, I've said it.
  9. Pedro

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    For all of the criticism Mowbray gets on here, I can't think of another manager in my lifetime who has guided Rovers to 12months unbeaten at Ewood. After years of farce, I love going to the games again and that is all down to that man and the squad of battlers he has pulling on the Rovers shirt. I'm disappointed with the result because I think we deserved more but nevertheless, I enjoyed the game massively today.
  10. Pedro

    Random Songs You Love

    I remember when that was on MTV. Well up there for worst track ever. As for the girls, chlamydia on legs.
  11. Pedro


    Mystifying how anyone can be so wide of the mark. He has developed and improved massively. It's not a difference of opinion, It's a bone fide fact.
  12. Pedro

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    I agree with most of that but Lenihan was woeful. He was our biggest liabity today - in fairness, mainly in the first half. He looked petrified and is making some daft mistakes. Kind of like when Dann and Hanley kept slipping about and gifting the ball away for no reason.
  13. Pedro

    Loan Window

    Very nervous about this one. The last lion to pull on a Rovers shirt brought us a lot of bad publicity.
  14. I used to create makeshift splints and place them behind my knees to keep my legs rigid because a mate of mine suffered a career ending injury after he crouched down a bit too fast for a photograph.
  15. My favourite quote today (forgive me but I don't know who said it) was someone complaining that Dack was bending his 'injured' knee for a photo. Absolute gold and why I love this site.

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