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  1. Pedro


    Pick apart what I said would happen before lockdown Gav (Page 45/46). You've even been afforded the gift of hindsight now, which I never had...so that should be easy. It's all well and good calling people idiots, but six months down the line the facts are there and they support the likes of me, not the like of Joey Big Nose and Jackanory etc. who called me out. The majority has already happened, I don't doubt the rest will...and more. Why? Because it's so bloody predictable. So here we are now, subjected to countless, ridiculous laws, absolute contradictory bollocks, £10,000 fines for family gatherings, human rights breaches, £200+ fines for not wearing a pointless bit of old cloth or for sneakily checking on your parents. It is isn't mismanagement or trial and error. It is simply control by fear. Control through fining. Control through confusion. Dividing, conquering and demoralising. Nothing to do with controlling a virus and creating the world's only ever viable vaccine for a coronavirus (Why don't they just knock us one up for the rhinovirus whilst they are at it?). The permanent social change and longterm economic disaster that I said would happen, is taking hold - to be honest, it's barely even got going. Businesses will permanently shut in their droves. Places of leisure, will permanently shut. Professional football clubs will fold (possibly our own) and people will be permanently forced apart. But hey, we're the idiots because we noticed that the tv and politicians often tell fibs and thought best to do some research. We don't fit in because we're not the ones hanging on the words of Boris and that pathetic cretin Hancock. And that somehow makes us delusional. OK. I'll be honest, going off your stance regarding the darkest days of the Venkys, I honestly thought you'd be one in uproar. Possibly even rallying the troops against all this utter nonsense that we've through over the last 6 months.
  2. Pedro


    I don't know how things have panned out on here or which stance people have taken (including Bohinen22) but what are your thoughts on the death figures? Accurate or purposely packaged in a manner to increase the apparent severity of the virus? Personally, I favour the latter. A lot of effort has gone in to designate as many deaths as possible to this virus. That shouldn't be necessary at all. Regarding the cock up. Do you agree with the treatment of the elderly in care homes? Is it a shock that so many died when they were locked up, amongst the infected (who weren't allowed out or welcome in hospital) and denied basic treatment, other than what the women who work there gave them? I think that is disgusting and people aren't aware of what actually went on in those environments. It wasn't a cock up imo and those poor workers will speak out eventually - they won't get the limelight though. Now, we are the start of round two. Will we see a repeat of these 'mistakes'? Absolutely we will. Not only that, families are kept at arms length from the word go, to 'protect' them.
  3. Pedro


    Why do you think politicians are in control? They come and go, climb the ladder in the fastest way they can, tread on toes, shit on each other then scurry and fight for survival like sewer rats. They don't often blow whistles because they are self-serving at best and at worst, don't want a closet full of skeletons and poor morals falling out onto the front pages. Skeletons often collected by the likes of Mr Epstein, who coincidentally has been hanging around (no pun intended) like a low-morality Grim Reaper. In my opinion, major corporations are in control of this world. Individuals, willing to exploit, with vast amounts of money and influence are in charge of this world. People who want to exert power and control, are in charge of this world. They have their fingers in every pie and a seat at every meaningful table and they don't have to vacate it after four years. Unlike the seemingly most powerful people in the world, like the orange guy off The Apprentice, the actor Ronald Reagan, the highly intellectual George W. and our own TV personality PM. If you doubt where influence and power lies, right now, 90% of world governments are doing whatever the W.H.O. tells them and when it tells them to do it...not the other way around. Personally, I hope it is coincidental that some of the richest people in the world, happen to fund the W.H.O. (the vaccine obsessive Bill Gates is by far the main backer) and the very same people fund Neil Ferguson's Imperial College, so they can continue to provide the world with drastically incorrect projections, all used to instil fear and impose freedom-ending sanctions. These very same rich folk from overseas, even funded the ironically named Chris Witty, when he used to vaccinate Africans. All factual. All very alarming to me. But don't take my word for it, do some research and come to your own conclusions. I'm not here for a lengthy debate with anyone, my opinions are just that, my opinions. So I will be off again for another 6months or so because in this world, football has lost its shine and to be honest, life is utterly demoralising - mainly through observing the dismantling of society, togetherness, courage, common sense, seeing kids in masks, witnessing previously bubbly people cacking themselves in the aisles and colourful arrows and lilypads on the floor in every shop - it all stresses and weakens me. I honestly fear the proof will be in the pudding but I will be absolutely delighted to be wrong and be laughed at...but it all seemed so very outlandish 6months ago! As a heads up though, if you want to know what to expect, just check the changes to laws on the government website. Unlicensed vaccines administered by unlicensed people ARE on the way. That means, you can't complain or claim when it damages you - most likely, it'll end up sterilising many of the young (like the anti-cervical cancer vaccine did in India...whose was that one I wonder?? Have a Google). The new laws will mean that just your child being present in school, will be permission enough to jab them - so if that isn't a chance you want to take, clarify your stance well before they drop by. Don't get ttoo angry and wacky though, since March, it'll only take one dodgy dr to sign anyone off as insane, especially if they dare to complain or point out what's going on. That'll be my fate, no doubt. Stay safe. Stay alert. Especially after 10pm, near your family or away from work.
  4. Pedro


    Thank you for backing me up. Sometimes, some people don't have it in them to admit they are wrong, but they are quick to scoff. 100% the processed food plant/disruption to the supply of goods thing is coming, as are power cuts. I have no doubt the army will be on the streets (they have been to a degree since April - albeit testing) but soon it will be with far more aggression - it amazed me how compliant people have been. Drones will be used for people contravening the rule of 6, more so than harassing people walking in the Peak District. Forced vaccinations are on the way. Initially, people will accept it in order to get more freedom but please think long and hard about the implications. I am of the era just post thalidamide, so I am very wary of injecting anything where the long-term implications cannot possibly be known. Ultimately, people will be refused travel or employment without it. No doubt about it.
  5. Pedro


    Original post. Not wide of the mark, even down to IKEA. Not long until the army are on the streets and power cuts. I hope you are all well.
  6. Pedro


    You were saying???
  7. Pedro


    My opinion makes the situation worse for myself? Wow - the power invested in my foolhardy fingertips is unreal. I am very aware of Occam's razor. It is overused throughout the wonderweb every time someone tries to disparage an opinion that someone finds outlandish in the opinion that they think it supports their viewpoint. The simple answer isn't always the correct one...but it could possibly be. Why have you automatically jumped to the ridicule mode and patched in dark forces, illumunati and mental health - all regurgitated internet buzzwords? Are you suggesting my mental health is at threat - I can assure you I am just fine thank you. One thing you are right about is the seriousness of the situation. Unfortunately you are underestimating it - the economical and social sense that is the biggest danger, not the illness.
  8. Pedro


    The flip side is, there are plenty of people who flap about on here, they skirt around facts, fear Brexit and regurgitate selective statistics and fortune tellings, they tended to fear Venkys, fear the flu, see past comparative statistics of other diseases, believe everything on the news and quote it, listen to one side of science and disregard the other and don't actually ever do their own research...strangely throughout the world they form the same group but tend to have a collaborative back-slapping, safety in numbers desire to sneer at the others. Not an oncoming rant at you by any means - just a general stick up for us loonies/sceptics. Someone cliche posted that conspiracy theorists believe Elvis is alive and man never stepped on the moon - that is batching everyone together - unfair in my opinion. There are crazies out there for sure but personally I like facts, not projections. Funny though, I do 100% I believe Elvis is dead - a drug taking unhealthy man dies young shocker. Moon landings though, I am a massive sceptic. Certain things don't stack up at all - eg. Men who said they'd been to the moon personally gifted royal families moon rock - which turned out to be petrified wood. That's scientific fact. Make of it what you will but I'd be expecting something extraterrestrial at least - unless the moon used to be rich with life. About those landings and us crazy folk - from an opinion point of view, there is plenty of slowed-down footage of people bouncing about - even getting hoisted up like toddlers on baby-reins by cables etc. Lots of evidence of set lighting. Again, people should make of it what they will - but to sneer and dismiss is naive. My opinion doesn't count though as much as the man on the other side of the fence; despite the fact I've been a professional photographer for nearly 20years, having worked as a TV camera operator after my degree and other higher education, after working in radii and newsrooms etc. - so I suppose I don't understand the media or lighting and can't spot some obvious shit - because strangers on the internet tell me otherwise. But I'll crack on and happily side with NASA and accept that they can't replicate what they did fifty odd years ago because they somehow lost all of the technology and data, along with original footage. Sounds perfectly plausible. Throughout our lives, nothing bad ever happens if we pipe down and comply. No lies are ever told by news corprations and politicians and rights are slowly retracted...are they? As a final point of interest, despite it being voted for, I said Brexit won't go through because something very big will stop it - personally I thought it would be more war based or terrorism, meaning that we needed to work alongside the other countries in Europe... it's overdue by how long so far? Who knew the weakness of the average mind compared to the power of the flu and 24hrs news and social media bombardment though?
  9. Pedro


  10. Pedro


    It's the, "Let's invade Iraq for the imaginary weapons of mass destruction!" syndrome.
  11. Pedro


    The Military Games were held in Wuhan in 2019 🤔
  12. Pedro


    Operation fear is going full steam ahead. I've no doubt there is an illness doing the rounds (there always is) but as I said in the early days - there's so much more to this situation and it is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage - if that is something the hierarchy want. Who knows, maybe a pre-planned massive economical and social change is on it's way. Laws ARE being adjusted around the world to more controlling ones with extremely blurred boundaries and they have the potential for dire consequences for our basic freedoms and privileges. So these are my barmy or informed predictions: I predict it won't be long until the army are on the streets followed by drones in the air (10days-3weeks) Private phone data will be relinquished to 'use technology to help fight this virus by tracking interactions (1-2months) and it will eventually be used against us down the line and basic opnions can be categorised as hate speech. A supermarket type building/Ikea will be on the news and appear to get converted into a hospital and will be told to be mainly manned by retired NHS workers (who don't mind being interviewed) and probably accompanied by some celeb with a history as a nurse. The lights will be going on and off in homes (3-6months)...during interesting/entertaining TV events. A hot summer with rioting. Longer term travelling will be severely sanctioned and limited (no way the majority of airlines are surviving this - so don't accept vouchers). Air travel will become for the rich only. The forced vaccinations will start to be rolled out Autumn/Winter and they will be welcomed with open arms. Some prick like Cliff Richard/Piers Morgan will get it done on live TV. Then over the months/years, we will be told not to eat meat and live a vegan lifestyle because scientist discover that livestock is contaminated by this or a 'mutated strain' . Domestic pets will be deemed a health hazard as they can carry and transmit disease (nothing new there). Some dude like Alan Tichmarsh or Chris Packham (although something tells me he is dead or it's the Nigel Kennedy hair that is throwing me off)...will promote vaccinations for pets whilst others will promote a cull of animals. At best, after a failed attempt at re-opening, businesses will close or be bought by the government or major corporations. The high street and corner shop will become a thing of the past and restraunts will be multi-national corporation ones. With everyone's economy shot to shit the nations will unite with a solution - possibly with a single currency (probably cashless because the plastic money transfers the virus). The real reason, greater control, shared laws with instant fines. Social distancing will be engrained and feel normal. People will gradually become susceptible to illness due to the over use of sanitisation products. ...and the only weapon used was a virus (man-made or not, real or not) and the power to disrupt and separate people, make them worry about their next meal, fear the invisible, be wary of coughing, of contact with their loved ones or whether they'll be able to wipe their own arses. I'm not even sure how tongue in cheek this post is or how serious I am trying to be! If we look back in a year and see how much of that can be ticked off I reckon a heck of a lot - but I sincerely hope I am talking utter bollocks 😂 Look after yourselves, don't bombard yourselves with news, it has lied to us before and will do again. Question things and keep an open mind.
  13. Pedro

    Favourite Kit Manufacturer

    Kappa, but it should have been tighter fitting.
  14. Pedro


    Most teachers won't get time off. They are going to be teaching from home using online systems. Some have already been primed to create home-learning packs and make sure the children have passwords etc. It wouldn't surprise me if the schools shut this week.
  15. Pedro


    Made me laugh when I noticed there was no pasta - apart from full boxes of organic pasta. The end of the world has a price - approx 99p.

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