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  1. What happened to Henley's form? He went from Welsh international who marked Stirling out of the game and turned into a clueless, shirt-tugging liability.
  2. Pedro


    Is he injured again? I thought he'd been ok for the last few months.
  3. Blackburn winning - take Graham off = Blackburn don't win. Blackburn not winning, bring Graham on = Blackburn win. Simple.
  4. What a performance. What a match. Bell MOM 🤗
  5. An hour in, I don't think we've had an attempt on goal. As long as we have the one that matters though 😁
  6. I'm sick of seeing his clearances get charged down.
  7. Bennett is ok cover at right back.
  8. Not sure why you rate him. He is one of our weakest links. Players like him are ten-a-penny and a like-for-like replacement could be brought in for a free.
  9. Scuff, panic. Scuff, panic. Panic, scuff.
  10. It can be right. 10% of passes were daft 👍
  11. I'd agree with that. He does the leg work then sends daft passes to the opposition's feet. He kept doing it a couple of games back too (his first start after a while).

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