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  1. Because Lenihan isn't and never has been a defender, and having him as the permanent fixture is imo one of the biggest issues we've had over the past few years.
  2. Let's be honest we could have a prime Ferdinand and Vidic and Tony would have them looking like league 2 standard defenders. Utterly predictable.
  3. I wouldn't bother looking at that until we prove we can take a win off an even semi-competent team.
  4. Literally his job and he hasn't sorted it despite having years to do so. If he only has one player that wants to win a game then that is on him. He signed them, he motivates them. Get rid.
  5. He never looks like he can be assed win or lose, part of the reason he needs his p45 ASAP
  6. You know, after the Brentford fightback I was sure we actually had some fight in us, this time we drew 2-2 at Brentford not because we collapsed but because we were stronger... and the we follow it with another season of relegation level results. Time to go Tony, I'm near the point where this dirge is masking anything good you did.
  7. Please tell me there is no one left who is still under any delusion that we can make the top 6 when we can't beat anyone remotely close to the battle of promotion? Do one Tony.
  8. This is half the problem - we finally get a new experienced centre back and we just drop him and continue to play the CM turned CB and LB turned CB which have proven time and time and time again that they're at best lower Championship level as a pair.
  9. I have voted in a couple now, but to compare say, the Lib Dems selling out students as part of the deal with the Tories to the current government is absolutely daft. The current government won't even abide by its own ministerial code! Brexit is whole different beast, it has been a 4 year non-stop campaign of campaigning for one thing with a bunch of options and sabotaging it continuously to the point where only the worst case scenario is viable. In no other time (social media has probably helped this) has there been such a will from the powers that be to spread false information, muddy th
  10. The "democratic will of the people" was that BJ was voted in on the basis of having an "oven ready deal", not having no deal at all. I support democracy, I don't support the constant shifting of goalposts to change the definition of what they had told the public they voted for- because that is what democracy isn't. You can not have a functioning democracy where there are no repercussions for the constant lying to and misleading of the general public. And that goes for everything this government does, not just Brexit.
  11. Complete and utter dross. No cutting edge, no pressure on the opposition and yet again bottling it when we get anywhere near a decent position. This team has promise but will never be a good team with such a dreadfully outdated manager.
  12. Oh I can see how - but the club don't have the cajones to do it.
  13. Utter, utter dross from start to finish. Not a single attempt in the second half. Couldn't care less about the injuries - it's a squad game and an inability to rotate falls on the manager. Put Tony on the Boro team bus back to the North East and leave him there.
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