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  1. I would largely agree with Kamy but I am sure he will have to answer to some questions regarding recent form 3 defeats in a row and 2 abject performances against Bolton and last night to top off a derby day defeat leaves our season being another write off. Although you do have to question what is going on at Brockhall Rhodes has gone off the boil somewhat, constantly playing a negative midfield pairing of Williamson and Lowe selling Scott Dann without a competent and trustworthy replacement You have to give GB some credit he has steadied the ship somewhat opted to shift players he felt would not contribute the team.
  2. yessssssss get out of our club Orr yeah shame it is only 'til January
  3. not sure we've got a good record with wee scottish midfielders called Barry
  4. Nothing makes sense at this club anymore. You are made chairman of the community trust last month and now you are walking or made to walk out the door. His rise to where he got to Press officer to director is unheard of He probably didn't help himself backing Kean and Venkys for so long but what can you do when that is exactly what you were paid to do by your employers. I am not disputing he is a lifelong fan but any other fan given the opportunity would have the balls to speak up and say something isnt right in the running of the club.. MAYBE HE HAS SPOKEN OUT Who knows who will ever know. Goodbye Mr A
  5. hooray!!!!!! couldn;t pass to save his life glad he is out the door albeit temporary but hopefully he is less crap and Ipswich want him full time
  6. my money is on Berg now.... purely because we shouldn't be wasting anymore time on chasing Blackpool for Holloway
  7. Eddie, can i point out that Mark Hughes only had the Wales job behind him prior to taking the BRFC job. I wouldn't be so quick as to discredit Berg in any shape or form. Is he the only least qualified for this job because of his only management experience is outside the UK and worldwide scope of the media?? It's who Berg surrounds himself with as in terms with an assistant and coaches and change of management style with the players. Does anybody know Berg’s style of management and how he wants his team to play football he achieved win percentages of 45.8% with Lyn Oslo and 31.4% with Lillestrom still better the previous manager of BRFC by a country mile (28.3%). Yes different league and different circumstances but still managed to win football games. Whilst Hughes was left to get on with it in terms of player recruitment and talking with John Williams and Tom Finn and working with a strict transfer budget. The new manager whoever he maybe is going to have to contend with Shebby and Derek Shaw and Paul Agnew (good help him with Agnew, still have no idea what the old PR guy brings to the table in such an important decision and time for the club, should of gone with Kean in my book) Out of the three mentioned . Harry would get my vote it’s what role Shebby plays if Harry took the job. Harry doesn't have a good track record with DoF people his Southampton days were overseen by a egg chasing coach if I remember rightly. If Harry took the job I would imagine Shebby’s role would have to change which I believe it should do anyway the position of global advisor is unheard of and he should be streamlined into a official title he is not listed as an official of the club of any sort (i.e. Director,board member) Don’t get me wrong I really like Shebby he is straight talking says what he thinks and has presented a door for communication between supporters and the club’s owners he leaves himself out for some flack of sections of the media and fans but generally he is a great guy to have around.
  8. out of all the bad things that Venkys have done getting rid of John Williams AND Tom Finn and replacing them with people like Paul Agnew has to rank amongst the worst ever that and keeping Steve Kean on the payroll for 21 months
  9. he said that he said that he said it sound like to me. come on guys lets just let Shebby and Shaw get on with getting a manager in for the Derby fixture all this witch hunt stuff is embarrassing. Shebby should know and has acknowledged that this is big decison and it doesn't need to have a side show about action groups and other organisations intefering and putting thier two peneth in. I support the action group but i am not a member i support the idea for BRFC trust but have not pledged i support these causes on my twitter feed because i feel they are good at bringing fans toegther ina time of crisis at our beloved club i rely on the info that Kamy and Glen posts on twitter and on here as reliable as they are getting it from inside the club. lets all go back to having a frank and open discussions about the prospective new manager. Yes i have Tombo on my twitter his tweets can be a little brash sometimes but he is just passionate about BRFC as we all are in our own unique way keep smiling people
  10. Bala not arriving until after the weekend as he is attending the Lord Ganesh Festival
  11. any body know if there was a pre match press conference scheduled for today????
  12. ok i hear people talking of boycotts and such what use is that to people who have purchased thier season tickets in full....
  13. Venkys can not afford NOT to sack Kean. there is a huge financial black hole from lost season tickets and sponsorship revenue nobody apart from an electronic cigerette company is coming anywhere near us
  14. Hello, Welcome to my new blog right here on BRFCS firstly i would like to thank Glen and the BRFCS team for allowing to start viewing and broadcasting my views on this site. some may already know me from twitter @theewoodeagle in which i try to express views and opinions although sometimes 140 characters is not enough So why another blog and what will make mine so different?? I don;t know to be honest, hopefully lots. I want you to get involved as much as possible, view and attach your own comments and maybe email or PM me a topic to discuss and I'll make sure that I try and cover it fairly. so here it goes through the eye of an eagle.
  15. listening to it now it's great to listen to Shebby again talking straight as it should be