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  1. Rovers v Wigan

    Yes. I agree with this.
  2. Social Media

    Social media is clearly a wonderful thing that helps bind individuals together in a warm, sweet and non offensive online nebula. I can only congratulate Blackburn Rovers for embracing this platform, and hope that this exciting development can continue into the future. Is that better ?
  3. Blackburn

    Fair enough, best to leave it where it is. Perhaps the mods should close this thread, Blackburn clearly doesn't matter.
  4. Blackburn

    I am from, but don't live in Blackburn. Haven't done for 15 years. Thought this might be a place to come to to get some reaction to what is a sensitive issue. Just think it is strange that not one comment has been made. Don't worry though, there are 15 pages of discussion on this on programme on pne online.
  5. Blackburn

    I believe that there was a Panorama program on telly the other night that was exclusively devoted to Blackburn. I didn't see it myself, however I am mildly surprised that it hasn't been discussed here. Why would that be ?
  6. Toilet breaks during lessons.

    This person has started the same thread on pneonline and backhenrystreet.
  7. I do know that following his departure from P.N.E., Derek Shaw was a regular at Everton games - the pne fans (on pneonline)used this fact to highlight their opinion that he was some sort traitor. I would not be surprised if Shaw is using his new contacts. Well done Derek.
  8. Currie lines up new bid?

    Gotta agree with that, however unpalatable.
  9. possible transfer targets summer 2013

    Heard that myself, but like you I wasn't taking a great deal of notice. Although I thought I heard liverpool, not mboro
  10. David Dunn a Blackburn Legend

    A couple of years or so ago, I went to a snooker club in Preston to play a tenner freezeout poker tournament. 40 or so players. Pretty standard stuff. But who should turn up. Its only dunny, matt Derbyshire and a couple of others. They entered the tourney, chatted to the lads, drank orange juice and lemonade. I knocked matt Derbyshire out of the tournament. For all the lurid stories, there are other examples. Dunny, legend ? Yeah.
  11. Next Rovers Manager

    Wouldn't be too unhappy with Simon Grayson. Seems to know whats what at this level.
  12. Horrible things have happened to our club in the last couple of years. Seeing the blue and white halves (quarters) at Wembley in the cup semi-final might go some way to healing the deep wounds that have been inflicted on our proud club. Should the opportunity arise, I will find the funds, I will attend.