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  1. ruggles1995

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I would rather raya over this chap... hes old and poo. Not rated him for years. Seems like an easy option to me, we have struggled to afford anyone and hes going for a has been that's never going to get better but only get worse and is cheap and mowbary used to have him at WBA back in 2008. Not For Me.
  2. ruggles1995

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    heres a shout, what about Peter Crouch on a Free ? I think he would be a alright squad player. Forget Age, experience, and squad role I think he would do a job
  3. ruggles1995

    Transfer Links Only - No Discussion

    linked with Scott Dann - https://roverschat.com/crystal-palace-defender-linked-with-return-to-ewood/ Jacob Butterfield - https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/manager-reveals-jacob-butterfield-training-3063897
  4. ruggles1995

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Not really big news, but I know Ben Gladwin was meant to turn up for a mortgage meeting way down south today in Reading, and never showed up. The fact that hes down in Reading having that done would say to me hes more than likely out the door. (Hopefully!) Although he didnt show up for it haha
  5. ruggles1995

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    people giving there starting line-ups..... people saying we are weaker than last season....... Its the 27th June......
  6. ruggles1995

    Reading v Rovers

    We are unpredictable because we are a mid table side! Thats what mid table teams do, there inconsistent, can get any result (win lose or draw) at anywhere in the league. Were too good to go down, and were not good enough to go up. We will end up between 10th - 13th IMO. Am I angry about it? no... am I frustrated a bit with it? yes. I have NO idea what result to expect for this lol. I'm going to go with what someone else said earlier, a nail biting win, or a bad defeat. Prediction: 0-0 🤣 We should look to finish as strong as possible, then more league progression next season without spending big. Thats the reality folks. We haven't got Pepe in charge, its Tony Mowbray. I think since hes taken over hes deserved to have a bit of time to see what he can do with us in the championship. He is frustrating but its much better than the previous 7 years we've had.
  7. ruggles1995

    Brentford v Rovers

    thanks for your help so far but all those tickets are gone. Don’t suppose there’s another hero out there with any spare to sell?
  8. ruggles1995

    Brentford v Rovers

    Thanks! I will get onto this now.
  9. ruggles1995

    Brentford v Rovers

    Is anyone selling or need to get rid of any tickets for this game today? I can now go but rovers inform me I can’t purchase a ticket today at the ground. 1 or 2 would be fantastic. Cheers.
  10. ruggles1995


    I think we should be careful tbh, as much as i agree with the majority of comments regarding we need to improve on the squad we have, but i get a slight feeling were on the verge of sailing towards being unhappy at TM if we don't sign players that don't make us challenge for top 6. For me a club or manager should never really say give "me a certain amount of transfer windows and we will then start challenging for promotion", you cant guarantee anything in football. For me its keeping the club stable and to keep gradually improving the club and moving it forward. If it takes 5 years then so be it, as long as we are still moving forward. Lets be honest none of us work for the club, nobody really knows what the actual budget is, or wage limits are. TM doesn't have to come out and show our hand in for everyone to know and see (including us fans). This leagues proven time and time again budget isn't the be all and end all, you need a good group, and if that group clicks and works, then who knows what you can achieve in this league. I dont like Brereton, and Im not happy with the 7Million sum, but Im sure TM didnt get him in knowing he would of been this poor atm. Hes made a bad signing (atm), but hes also made a bloody good one in dack (which we will end up making a hell of a profit on). So lets stop moaning and get behind what we have, as like others have previous stated, this is miles better than what the last 7 years worth of rubbish we have had to endure. We are where we are, rome wasnt built in a day, and we are bloody long way off rome! I would take all TMs comments with a pinch of salt right now. Who knows what he really has his eyes on this transfer window. Its a funny old game. Come on you Rovers!
  11. ruggles1995

    Ben Brereton

    I went to notts forest v rovers in 2017, we won 1-0, and I remember telling my mates "hes an absolute donkey that bloke", i was refering to Brereton (I had no idea who he was at the time). then when we signed him, I said to my same mates, "we are about to spend 7 million! didnt realise we even had 7 million! and were spending it on some bloke I have never heard of?" To which they replied "hes the player you said was a donkey at Forest away"..... I havent seen anything to change my opinion. But heres hoping he somehow sparks into life and gets going. Tbh most stikers look at a young age show glimpses of primise...., so lets hope he springs into action. I would imagine we had already penned in a contract that said he was signing permanetly in january no matter what. Shame I would prefer to of spent 7 mill on maybe 1 or 2 players. But thats football, game of opinions, (and mine doesnt matter) and I would love it! love it! if he to be proved me wrong!
  12. ruggles1995

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Wow.... look dreadful. Look brain dead, tired, lack of quality. Brereton so far looks absolute shocking. Sheff utd literally just sat in till we gave them the ball and hit on the counter. Both goals were dreadful defending, we weren’t tight enough to the guys crossing it and weren’t even marking the goalscorers. Couldn’t defend and couldn’t attack. All we did was pass to reed or dack and hope they do something while every other player stands and watches, no movement. Then when sheff utd did go forward and we got the ball we took so long we let sheff utd get back in and sit. It was either a boring sidewould pass as nobody moved or a hopeless diag where we never picked up the 2nds. Bit more intensity was needed all round tonight, slow and sloppy. We looked so easy to deal with tonight sheff utd didn’t have to do anything special.
  13. ruggles1995

    Loan Window

    I wouldnt be suprised if this was just a bit of a publicity stunt from us to get the fans believing we have a bit of money, and get us a bit excited. Like someone on the forum stated previously we dont have to spend big to find quality or show intent. Purchasing and scouting quality can be done with out having to throw money on players. Its being sensible and getting the right player to help us keep progressing. Also Im happier weve spent zero on rodwelll than 8 + million on a player we never heard of a week or 2 ago, with the debt we still have. I would go on the track record of the venkys and think that we have around 5/6 million tops to play with, if loans and freebees are what we do then its still absolutely nothing new for us as a club, as its the way weve dealt in the last few years anyway. This is also a league you dont have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to get out of, its buying and spending smart that gets you out of it. We do obviously need to strengthen but im not too fussed if we dont sign this player. I think we should all stop 'hoping' we wil lspend 8+ million as lets not forget we got a huge debt still, and we dont want to over spend just finish mid table and pile on more debt. TM knows what hes doing.
  14. ruggles1995

    Loan Window

    Agreed, I also think 5/6 mill tops. I wouldnt believe everything we read in the press. Some 'fake' news gets put in the public just to purposley ignite a fire alsewhere. I imagine a lot of whats beeing leaked is untrue. I would guess we have put a bid in, and I would guess we have never bid for the player for over 8 mill, or any other player.
  15. ruggles1995

    Thursday deadline.

    either way dacks still on a contract... Whether he signs a new one or not. We only got him last season so I wouldnt be worried about it running down. The only reason they probably want to negotiate a new deal is so they can add in some new add on clauses and a minimum release fee.

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