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  1. England World Cup Campaign

    Southgate put together a really imaginative side that played very well tonight. Very impressed. I withdraw my skepticism about 3 at the back as it worked tremendously well with the players involved.
  2. World Cup 2018

    Watched the game tonight. Have to hand it to Southgate. It was an innovative set up which paid off. The back three were excellent on the ball and totally controlled the game. The passing quality they had negated the need for a deep midfield play maker. Also playing Walker on the right of the three created an interesting dynamic with Trippier too. Only downside was lacking goal threat up front.
  3. World Cup 2018

    I'd agree with what you say at the end. All the top players are vastly well paid. England are hardly different in that regard. To be honest it's not the case that the English players aren't up for it, or lack pride. It's just that they are not as good. The Spain team that dominated 2008-2012 were stuffed full of Catalans who had little affinity for Spain. But that hardly mattered as what led to their success was supreme talent and a great team system and ethic. It's not about trying hard. It's about being good players. England have never been in the top tier of talent globally as long as I have watched the game. You could point to substandard teams have won tournaments (Portugal and Greece spring to mind) but they won through luck and good tactics. Not because somehow they wanted it more.
  4. World Cup 2018

    Had a read of the expected team in the article. Good goal threat, a lot of athleticism, decent pace and quality out wide. But defensively very weak at centre back and goalkeeper, and no one who is a proper passer of the ball in midfield. Probably player for player one of the worst sides of the last 30 years.
  5. World Cup 2018

    Also - agree Dier is over rated, but he is our only true holding midfielder. All the others are box to box (Henderson, Ox, Alli etc.) and considering our squad is very attacking orientated we need a proper holding player. And those who think Cahill, Smalling and Jones won't go when everyone else at centre back has virtually no international experience - prepare to be disappointed!
  6. World Cup 2018

    I missed that. I can't really see why we would to be honest. It takes a man out of midfield or attack, and I don't think our defenders are that good in a flat back four, let alone a three. Hmmm. I suppose if we did it --------------------------Pickford --------------Gomez----Stones----Cahill Walker-------------------------------------------Rose ----------------------Dier-------Wilshire -------------------------------Alli --------------------Sterling-----Kane Yeah I don't get it. Basically we would be losing one of Sterling, Alli, or Rashford for an extra (Probably quite rubbish) centre back. Any smart team that uses space well (Argentina, France, Brazil, Spain yada yada) will get down the sides of us too I think. 4231 seems a better use of our assets. Despite what Southgate may have said my money is on 4231.
  7. World Cup 2018

    Stuck on a train and bored, so my guess for a team if we do go is --------------------Pickford Walker----Stones---Maguire---Rose -----------------Dier------Wilshire -----Sterling------Alli-------Rashford -----------------------Kane A lot of decent attacking players in there but only two who are top class in Kane and maybe Walker. Key individual is Wilshire for me as he is the only real passer in the frame. If he can perform we will be a much better team than with another workhorse alongside Dier. That said irrespective of Wilshire Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain all clearly superior to us. Think it will be out in the second round. Reaching the quarters would be a good performance.
  8. World Cup 2018

    My gut's telling me that England will pull out. We're going through a massive diplomatic incident at the the moment, we've squarely blamed Russia presumably as there is solid evidence which will filter out over time. It's lose-lose. Either we ultimately withdraw because of the political dispute, or we withdraw due to fan safety as Russia ramps up as the dispute escalates. Can't see it happening.
  9. Rovers v Blackpool

    We'll I thought Payne would kick on but he wants to play a totally free game and you can ever only afford one of those, and that's Dack's role. Agree with Stuart's analysis that it's Dack's physicality allied with skill that makes him so good. Payne doesn't have the physical side. Dack really is a top end Championship player, we did very well to get him. If we get up we should build around him. If we can sign Chapman and Armstrong we will be well setup.
  10. Champions League 2017-2018

    Spurs are one of my least favourite teams (big club attitude, small club success, more money than sense, went through a long period in the 2000s of ruining promising English players including Bentley) but even after all that I'm gutted for them. They played brilliantly over two legs, and look a superbly balanced and skillful team back to front. You have to wonder when it will happen for them. Soon Barca and Real will be sniffing round in force and they'll start losing key players.
  11. Rovers v Wigan

    Thought we played very well first half. Second half we got it tatically wrong with the subs and sat too deep. Nuttall was isolated, Antonsson ineffective, Payne came on very late. All in hindsight etc but the change we needed second half was to go two up front. We couldn't get on the front foot, I think it would have actually helped us to go for Armstrong's pace up there with a few long balls over the top. Instead our midfield five got pinned and Nuttall couldn't hold anything up.
  12. Rovers v Wigan

    Don't understand Evans playing at all
  13. Rovers v Wigan

    I can't really see how Whittingham gets back in the team to be honest. Chapman on the other hand seems a shoo in, but then you would have to drop one of Dack, Payne or Armstrong. Pretty good squad for this level...
  14. Premier League Stuff

    Arsenal have a lot of good players. I don't really buy that they need a player clear out. What they need is a new manager. I have a feeling Wenger wont go though. He's stubborn and always has that optimism that next season he will recover the team to former glory. Someone will have to have the balls to push him. Not sure who that is.
  15. Walsall v Rovers

    Haven't we got a good experienced keeper on the bench in Leutwiler?