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  1. joey_big_nose

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not sure why you think this when he has played a very aggressive 433 against Bournemouth and Newcastle.
  2. joey_big_nose

    Summer Transfer Window

    Starts to a season like this are a double edged sword. Im sure those in Pune will be looking at us and say "why do you want X million, you just battered Wycombe 5-0".
  3. joey_big_nose

    Armstrong Signed

    I think like Dack we've got a good chance of keeping him and tying him down long term. Neither player look standout Premier League quality, maybe worth a gamble at £5-£8m to a Prem team but not the £15-£20m we would want to let them go. Armstrong could try and run down his contract, but we will probably offer him +50% what he is on and it would take a strong man to turn that down. If he tried to ride it out he is running the risk of getting a significant injury or falling out of form. He's in contract to August 2022, I think we could extend that to 2024. Flip side is do Rovers want to do that just now or wait till early 2021 to see how things develop. I personally would just get it done now.
  4. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Phenomenal result. I guess the question is does it really tell us much about future games? For mid table and promotion games probably not. Wycombe have a dearth of quality which those teams will not. But then again we have really struggled against relegation battle teams in the last few years. They've tended to be physical, play direct and we have crumbled. So if it is a very positive sign that the players and the 433 not only stood up to the aerial bombardment - it actually thrived. The midfield and front three all seem to enjoy the formation more than a 4231 or a 4411. Dolan, Rothwell, Armstrong, Johnson, Holtby were all excellent and we were relentless and ruthless. Although we have only won 2 from 4 competitive games I think we are shaping up well for the season. If we can replicate last terms mid table and leading pack results but add significant improvements to games against the bottom six-eight team we should make the playoffs. That said Derby and Cardiff - 2 teams with similar ambitions to us and good quality - will tell us a lot more about where stand. If we win both those I will start getting excited.
  5. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Rothwell has been exceptional. Dolan is going to be a top player.
  6. joey_big_nose

    Summer Transfer Window

    Depends how many are in for him. I reckon we will spend money on a LB and a GK and get loans for CM, CB and that will be it. How many loans can we get? If we can get a third maybe a loan striker. Although that would be a stunning indictment of Brereton and Gallagher.
  7. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    From what Mowbray said it sounded like next weekend probably.
  8. joey_big_nose

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes - in the whole squad you've only got two real goal scorers (Armstrong, Dack) who are guaranteed to get over 10 a season should they be fit, and only maybe four who have "chip in" status (Johnson, Lenihan, Gallagher, Rothwell). And by chip in I mean will score 3-7 goals. We've got to get one more player in to the +10 bracket (only candidate for me is Gallagher). And get most of Ayala, Dolan, JRC, Holtby, Buckley into the 3-7 bracket. If we cant do that we need to bring in another 10+ striker pronto.
  9. joey_big_nose

    Summer Transfer Window

    We aren't struggling to create chances. We are struggling to defend. I think that tells you where our priorities lie!
  10. joey_big_nose

    Ben Brereton

    I'd bet good money Vale and Butterworth will look more promising than Butterworth if the get some game time.
  11. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    I am not that concerned about goals to be honest. We scored pretty well last season and are continuing to create chances. Weve already scored 5 goals in 3 competitive games. I am more concerned about the other end of the pitch.
  12. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    To be fair if we have to change our style to accommodate Wycombe we are in a lot of trouble!
  13. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    If Davenport can't offer a physical dimension I really cant see what he offers. Buckley is going to understudy Holtby so where does Davenport fit in?
  14. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Wow with all those out I think your team is probably the best we can put out. Personally I would drop Brereton for Rankin-Costello but I don't think Tony will.
  15. joey_big_nose

    Summer Transfer Window

    Andrews was brought in by Ince. So it couldn't be Souness. Either Ince or Allardyce as Warnock left while Sam was here. I thought Warnock was quite good in midfield when played there. Andrews on the other hand....

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