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  1. This sort of mad thinking extends to public healthcare or climate change. It's essentially a prioritisation of ideology over data. I would personally say vastly higher threat of being killed in the US is a much greater infringement on liberty than whether or not you can buy a gun.
  2. It's an odd place the US. Its vast size, lack of effective central government, extreme power of lobby groups, and very old beaucracy make its politics very hard to comprehend. It's a huge battleship with a very wide turning circle that cannot respond to events. The power the president, Congress or state governments have to create effective domestic legislation is much reduced compared to virtually any other western democracy. To be honest even if there was the unified will to legislate gun control, to try and implement it in the US' chaotic system of governance is highly challenging. It's not really a nation or political entity in the way Europeans understand.
  3. Some second amendments proponents are beginning to amend their position. It's seems crazy that it requires an incident like that to do so, but there it is.
  4. Agree with this, talented players should get games. The whole team management thing where we play grafters over more mercurial players has hardly worked out for us. King, Cairney etc. were never properly tried. Quality like Chapman should get a regular game. We have enough water carriers like Smallwood, Evans, Bennett etc. to allow at least a couple of more risky ones in the team. Probably Mowbray sees himself as limited to one of either Chapman or Dack but I think we should try both at once. If it doesn't work he can sub one off.
  5. Yeah agreed, it was a stupid appointment to begin with and should never have been made. They would have genuinely been better off going for somebody like Mick McCarthy or Gary Rowett from the Championship. I'd have more faith in them keeping Palace up than somebody like De Boer who was just ill suited for the role in so many ways. I'm not sure its such a daft approach. Palace have a huge catchment area - South London doesn't have any major clubs and a massive population. Like West Ham in East London they have a real opportunity to set their stall out as a major top half Premier League team. De Boer the wrong choice perhaps, but how anyone can know after 4 games I am not really sure. Hodgson seems a terrible appointment to me. Exactly what they won't need. Allardyce will be swooping back into save them in February.
  6. He's one of those players that most weren't that keen on. Reminiscent of Rhodes in that he had aspects to his game that were very good, but his all round he wasn't quite the full package.
  7. I don't think that's bitterness. Its just a realistic appraisal of how Venkys are appalling owners and need to go. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. I don't think the balance was there really. We had a lot of good players, but no real wingers and no real defensive midfielders. Lampard, Gerrard, Scholes and Rooney all wanted to play in the same number 10 area of the pitch. We always looked narrow, congested and unimaginative with the ball. We could really have done with our best players being of a more varied type. Being forced to play the likes of Sinclair and Heskey on the wing tells you everything you need to know in terms of our options. Scholes playing deeper in midfield would have helped, but he didn't start doing that till later in his career, and it would have meant leaving one of Lampard, Beckham or Gerrard out, or playing them on the wing. All a bit annoying really.
  9. To be honest it's hard to argue with that lineup. Also telling that Scholes is in there, and the two players who kept him out of the England team and ultimately led to his retirement - Gerrard and Lampard - are not. Defense is not that great - none of those names except for maybe Cole was truly world class - but there isn't really many better names I can think of.
  10. For me Kane has to play - he's arguably our best player. Not that praiseworthy a statement when the rest of the squad is so average. Interesting that you propose bringing Carrick into the team. At 36 it would be a bit late in the day... also he hasn't played this season. Looking back - it's a shame really he got so few games for England given that he's been knocking around since 2001. If he had been in a different era to Lampard/Gerrard/Scholes he would have got many more caps. In many ways having Gerrard and Lampard at the same time prevented a good balance for the being found.
  11. I agree quality passer is required. Since Carrick went we don't have anyone. Hodgson tried to use Wilshire in the role at the Euros but it didn't work. No idea on this one as there is no one coming through who is a real midfield passer. Just work horses (Henderson, Dier) or quick technical players (Sterling, Lallana). A Carrick or Scholes type would go a long way...
  12. It's a genuinely shocking England team. We've been pretty average before in my time watching England, but never so weak in so many positions at the same time. When you look at the talent France are bringing through it makes you weep. Why can't we get it right?
  13. Who else would we get? There's times in the past where I think a good set of England players has been let down by a poor manager, but to be honest at the moment it's a poor set of players adequately served by the management. Alli, Kane, Sterling, Walker, Rose are all decent enough but none of the rest would get in a good international squad.
  14. Incidentally - what an unbelievable mess Arsenal are in. Ox has chosen Liverpool simply because he feels the wheels have come off. I'll be very surprised if Sanchez stays. Can't see Wenger lasting now. Really shoddy ending to a great managerial career, but then again he had so many opportunities to turn things around, and spent a huge amount of cash, and they've just kept on sliding for the last 4 years or so. I don't think the players will play for him, and the fans will want him out in force now.
  15. I've gone through the squad and - assuming everyone stays - in terms of numbers we probably only have a case for needing another left back and one centrehalf. You could stretch for a fifth striker but Dack and Whittingham are likely to play as second strikers I think. Quality wise theres a lot up for debate but numbers wise we aren't far off.