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  1. joey_big_nose


    Ive come round to Gallagher on the right. I can see the point of it, I think it's been a key part of our wins. Bennett on the other hand is makeshift. However not convinced Nyambe is any better. I would sign a right back if at all possible.
  2. joey_big_nose


    At RB like Bennett and JRC he'd be another non defender at full back. If we bring someone in it should be a proper defender. At RW or LW as we have half a dozen players trying to get in there. I think we'd be better off trying to get Rothwell, Buckley and Chapman into the side than just adding another number.
  3. joey_big_nose


    Not necessarily, we will have the long relief ball into Gallagher on the wing so that opens up a quicker striker to play on the shoulder of the Cardoff Centrebacks. Could be difficult for them.
  4. joey_big_nose


    I was pretty certain Hoilett would progress into the CL. Don't think he really wanted it enough unfortunately, plus maybe I over estimated his quality.
  5. joey_big_nose


    Reckon Bell deserves a shot. Not playing alongside Mulgrew will improve him imo. He actually had some decent games towards the end of last season alongside Williams.
  6. joey_big_nose

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    I think in the run in - April and May - it became clear that Williams was a decent centre back. I agree before that it wasn't very clear. But he rarely got a game as Mulgrew was first choice.
  7. joey_big_nose


    Trump has just cancelled his trip to Denmark because it refuses to discuss selling Greenland to him! What an absolutely mental thing to do.
  8. joey_big_nose

    Hull (A)

    I'm not really sure if Gallgher is even really expected to score goals? He got in the box incredibly infrequently. Think we are looking to Dack primarily as our goal scorer, with a few chipped in from other areas in the team, mostly from set plays. Goals are going to be a problem for us. Mulgrew who scored 10 for us has left, and Graham who scored 15 is now on the bench. None of the players who have come in are scorers. I think we will probably do well to score 55 goals this season. For context we scored 64 last year. Top six scored 69 to 93. Though equally on the other hand I think we will concede less - around 50ish this year, down from 69 last year. Probs good enough for around 10th if we hit those numbers. But if Dack gets injured we could really be in the shi**er.
  9. joey_big_nose


    I'd be very surprised if we changed anything except a straight swap of Cunningham for Bell or Hart. Switch to 3 at the back would be very disruptive when the side is just settling down and we don't really have the personnel challenges to justify it. Plus it would mean playing much narrower up top, and I think Tony is wedded to the Gallagher at right wing thing. We've only really radically changed formation before when going through a major injury crisis.
  10. joey_big_nose

    Hull (A)

    I think the idea is if you have Armstrong or Chapman out there you need to hit them accurately which in turns means waiting for the right moment and right position. With Gallagher you can play that ball into him any time from any position. It's always on. Hence causes major headache for opposition defence.
  11. joey_big_nose

    Rovers new style of play and how we play it

    Thought I'd bump this as it has proved almost 100% accurate.
  12. joey_big_nose

    Hull (A)

    I think after watching the last few games I really get the Gallagher on the wing thing. It's not an offensive move, it's actually a very smart defensive move. It almost entirely negates the opposition's ability to play a high line and get on top during a match. Essentially we are saying to the opponent - "if you push up as soon as we turnover possession we will ping a long ball out right to our 6ft2 forward who will win it 80/90% of the time in the air, oh and also he is likely to actually be quicker than your full back. So if you want to push up, go on, make my day". Net result is opposition play 20m deeper and their left back and left centre back are taken almost entirely out of the game. It totally disrupted Boro and Hull. Also while the actual effective knockdowns to one of our players are few, it creates a lot of chaos and second balls we can profit from. Not pretty but I think it will work consistently as Gallagher has all the attributes. Think the likes of Rothwell, Buckley and Chapman will be restricted to subs appearances.
  13. joey_big_nose

    Hull (A)

    I don't think anyone has said he is bad (apart from Reveridge...) but he does have a tendency to lose the ball in very dangerous places. I can see him developing into a problem for us if he can't cut it out.
  14. joey_big_nose

    Hull (A)

    If we go three at the back and wing backs Gallagher can't play where he has been. We would probably go two up top in that scenario.
  15. joey_big_nose

    Hull (A)

    Huge upgrade over those two. But the bigger impact in my opinion is dropping Mulgrew, Bell and Raya. Means that we are not vulnerable to simple balls down the channel which is where we conceded so many late goals last year.

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