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  1. joey_big_nose

    Rodwell signs

    I think we'll probably stick with 4 at the back as we've won the last three with that. If that's the case Mulgrew will definitely play if fit ahead of Rodwell due to his goals and he's the club captain.
  2. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    I still can't see how we can progress without extending article 50 and a second referendum. Just more messing about. My latest guess is May might resign when amendments are forced to preclude a no deal brexit on 29th Jan. Then the madness will turn up another notch. Though if she did go then she'd be opening the door to Corbyn which would be a big risk for the Tories to take.
  3. joey_big_nose


    I think if we somehow manage to keep our current squad together (including Lenihan, Dack and Rodwell), sign Reed, add a winger, a left back and find a genuine 20+ goal striker we will go into next season as expected to make play offs. Think we will really struggle to keep Dack and Lenihan though. Likely to get major bids. If Travis keeps performing we will be fighting to keep him also. Also finding a top striker is very difficult. On the other hand Reed looks doable as while very good he doesn't seem out of our league, but depends on the sort of fee Saints want.
  4. joey_big_nose


    As for Rodwell, it's likely there is some sort of extension clause in the contract but probably non binding on either party. That said the chances of him sticking with us are pretty high. He's playing well, obviously gets on with the manager. I doubt after his checkered past he will be looking for a new move that could be disruptive to his rehabilitation. I'm sure if we offered him he will stay. While good his performance have not been so amazing to tempt a prem team to swoop in and take him. Could be with us a while I think.
  5. joey_big_nose


    I just don't really think Rotheells a wide player to be honest. Like Armstrong and Bennett he can do a job there but at best he's an inside forward sort of player. It's horses for courses sometimes, and reasonably regularly we need some genuine width.
  6. I know what you're saying but Tugay was a genuine world class player not far off the likes of Pirlo and Scholes. Mulgrews got good technical ability, but he's absolutely no where near the likes of them. Most crucially he's slow on the turn, as if you not blessed with pace you can mitigate that with turning neatly away from danger. Tugay was absolutely exceptional at that. I think Mulgrew would get caught with the ball a lot in midfield.
  7. Yeah, Mulgrew way too slow for full back. When Mulgrews fit again he has to play as he's club captain and for his goals. Also I can't see Mowbray wanting to drop Rodwell. I think we could well see three at the back and two up front to fit them both in. ------------------------Raya -------Lenihan----Rodwell---Mulgrew Bennett------Travis------Reed---------Bell -------------------------Dack -------------Graham-----Armstrong
  8. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    I would say a whip is a necessary part of party politics. Without the whip a government or opposition cannot guarantee adherence to the manifesto or current party policy. While I think free votes are needed from time to time (and I would certainly say the current Brexit shambles has to be a free votes as there isn't a party line to adhere to in either side) generally whips are a good thing as otherwise it becomes very difficult for voters to have confidence they get what they voted for from their representative. Also to get rid of whips is kind of impossible as essentially all they say is "if you don't vote with us as we demand we will throw you out of the party and at the next election you will be on your own". This obviously is likely to lead to that MP losing his/her seat as most MPs win elections on the basis of constituents voting for them as representatives of their party and their manifesto ratherer than them individually. It's not really something that can be changed as it's not a point of law, as it's just the expression of the ability for a party - like any organisation - to decide whose its members are and are not.
  9. joey_big_nose


    Reed and Travis would be a superb central midfield, and to be honest we could just move Bennett up to wide right and play Nyambe right back to facilitate it. Think that's where we will be in around four or five games, as Mowbray moves on these thing slowly.
  10. Good summation that. Weak opposition today, but Travis offers a real step up in quality in the middle, and that has big benefits for everyone in every position. I'd stick my neck out and say best all round midfielder we've had since we were in the prem. We are both more dynamic with him in there, more composed, and defensively more solid. Like Dack he had Premier League player written all over him. It's mad that we seem to have been thinking to loan him down to League 1 a month ago. As for Nutall he's a much more basic player but to his credit you can see from the off what his game's about. He unsettles defenders with his strength and pace, and gets in the box and scores goals. Like Night and Day compared to Brereton. The emergence of those two is a great help to us. Is there a left back in the undrr 23s we can elevate to solve another problem position?? Seriously with Raya, Lenihan, Nyambe, Travis, Dack, Armstrong, Rothwell and Nuttall we do have a very promising young squad which - if we somehow keep it together - we could enjoy watching for years.
  11. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    No, to change it is turkeys voting for Christmas sadly. I guess of either of the main parties splits that may change matters.
  12. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    Corbyn stands a much better chance as he's already leader, and he commands control of the labour membership voting system via Momentum. Reckon he's got around a 20-30% chance with a fair wind. Which is kind of mad really as any oppositiona leader in this cluster shambles should be almost guaranteed the job. It's really First Past The Post letting us down again. If we had PR or something similar it would mean there would be a credible chance that a third party could win like the Lib Dems. But as it is it's virtually impossible in our system. Which means if the two main party leaders are duds youre buggered.
  13. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    He has the press against him, but he just lacks tactical nouse imo. Fundamentally he is a purest who seeks to establish a new orthodoxy (similar to Rees-Mogg on that front). To be a successful leader you need to reach out, not close off. It's a problem for all leaders from far wings of parties. They inherently have not carved out their position brought compromise. It's a big behavioural change to prioritise consensus.
  14. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    I think there is minus 30% chance of Rees-Mogg being prime minister. He has the loyalty of around 100MPs. Rest of conservative party dislike him. If Conservative party had a grass roots membership election like Labour it's possible Eurosceotic activists could invade the party and elevate him a la Momentum and Corbyn. But the Conservatives do not. So not going to happen Im afraid.
  15. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    Its a two step process - 1) rebel cross party group of MPs - led by Nick Boles Conservative - to propose and pass an amendment to the next Brexit vote scheduled 29th Jan which explicitly allocates time to debate and vote a subsequent private member's bill that rescinds/defers article 50, 2) use the anti no-deal majority in commons to get that private members bill passed. It's pretty audacious, but I think it will work. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/17/nick-boles-tory-mp-plans-bill-make-no-deal-brexit-legally-impossible

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