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  1. Not to pour the misery on but it will be 5 more years I think. As to the bank holiday proposal - I think it is a very very clever move and makes total sense. Its economically legitimate as most other G7 economies have equal or greater numbers of public holidays and perform just as well or better than the UK. And it is a policy that will genuinely reach across party boundaries, and - crucially - it will bring out the youth vote in a big way. Strong work. The Conservatives have an interesting challenge on whether to oppose it or co-opt it. I suspect ultimately they will do the latter because there is not really an effective opposition argument to it except to highlight the potential costs to small and medium businesses. They might do that - its the instinctively Conservative thing to do - but many many working families will be enthused by the idea whether conservative or Labour, and are the small business costs that large? I am interested to see what the Mail and Express columnists make of it, as they will be confused about how to respond I think. I had an internet search and for such an eyecatching policy it is remarkable how little they have written about it. A sure sign they are worried they can't find a decent angle to attack it. Corbyn has actually found something difficult for May to respond to. Good on him. First time for everything!
  2. I don't think we'll stay up now. All we can pray is that this leads to Venkys packing up.
  3. In a way this sums up where we are today. Voters are inured to risk - we have seen stable governments for decades, combined with steady rises in living conditions up to the 1970s, and while income growth stalled for the majority from the 1980s onwards stable government has persisted through Centrist and Internationalist politicians (Thatcher being an obvious exception). We have maintained stability through multilateral agents like NATO, the UN, the EU, and used these tools effectively to manage the modest crisis situations of the 1970s onwards. And as the generation that fought in WWII, and that which experienced the terror of the Cuban Missile crisis, dies off, to be replaced by those raised in the hyper-safe post cold war period of 1990-2017, awareness of political risk has been replaced by an insidious complacency. Disgruntled voters - angry at the long period of stalled income growth, rising asset prices and reduced social mobility since the 1980s - increasingly deem it appropriate to make radical choices to express this annoyance - Brexit, UKIP, Trump in the US, Front National in France - in the name of nebulous change. But the sense of how risky these options are is lost on so many people. Unilaterism, nationalism, isolationism, protectionism. These are the pre-conditions of conflict. They always have been, they always will be, and that is the road the world is collectively travelling down. What makes me sad is that for the root cause of the issue - stalled income growth for the majority of the population - no one has any answers for on Left or Right, and the issue is likely to deteriorate further due to macro-economic trends.
  4. That looks alright to me, though a bit harsh on Mahoney. We'd have to change system to bring him on . Ooh unless we did this... ---------------- Raya ---------Hoban Lenihan Ward Bennett -Lowe---Mulgrew--Conway -----------Emnes---Mahoney ---------------Graham I reckon that could work. The Chelsea formation.
  5. The one thing that could make an impact is if there is a co-ordinated anti-Tory tactical voting strategy. Britain's never really seen anything like that before, but potentially it could happen. It would be a bit of a game changer if so. Will be interesting to see how that develops over the coming weeks.
  6. Well it would be as it would be the greatest upset in the history of British politics. But it is not going to happen, so a totally academic point.
  7. This will be the most interesting element of the election. Its possible that a huge swing to Lib Dems could be seen in relatively wealthy suburbs and cities. I will vote Lib Dem personally over Corbyn, sad as I am to say that. It really is that bad. On the other hand even if there is a big swing there is absolutely no chance the Conservatives will weaken their grip on government. They are likely to extend it as most of the switchers will be Labour rather than Tories. Shambolic.
  8. It shows how desperate the country is when we are going through low growth, huge division on Brexit, global insecurity and deteriorating public services yet the governing party will face the easiest election in a century if not more. It is totally unprecedented. I don't blame May or the Conservatives, despite forcefully disagreeing with virtually all of their policies. They have just acted as any competent party would to further their agenda. On the other hand Labour and the Lib Dems have let the country down through pure nativity and idiotic policy.
  9. It would but Corbyn has totally ruled that out. One of his many many tactically daft decisions.
  10. It's a bit of an odd one. Delusional as Corbyn is I think even he knows he stands zero chance of winning. Sad really as if Corbyn had stood down six months ago there could be a new leader in who could recover some ground on the Tories. As it is the Labour position is likely to weaken. I wonder if someone will announce a new centrist party? Macron in France has set the formula. Others are bound to follow if they can't get centrist representation in the main parties.
  11. This alone is probably enough to ultimately lose Trump his job. Staggering hypocrisy.
  12. To be fair to him he could just be looking at rovers and the owners and deciding he is better off at a club with a proper plan and a future.
  13. Are tickets still available?
  14. Id say a cult hero is someone loved, had a great season or two but was not actually that good. By that definition in recent years it really is hard to look past Jon Stead. Steadinho has all the ingredients. Oh and Kuqi another. Ooh and Shabani Nonda, mainly as he had a great chant, as well as being fantastically mediocre yet lovable.