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  1. Dack sounds like a quality signing. I look forward to watching him. As others have said I can't see how Mulgrew will stay. He's a full international. He can't play in League One.
  2. While he/the Tories done f all to implement it the "Northern Powerhouse" idea from Osbourne is the right direction. A lot of the reason London hoovers up the investment is that other cities and regions are too fragmented in their governance to effectively lobby for cash, or produce integrated plans for investment. Larger regional investment bodies will be able to deliver more effective investment projects. Andy Burnham and the other northern mayors need to lobby in unison for cash, and propose integrated plans across the region.
  3. The whole immigration thing is farcical. It looks very likely we will stay in the customs union now, and that means we will not actually have any improved control over immigration compared to when we were in the EU, plus we will still contribute to the EU budget. What an absolute mess. No one on either side of the debate is going to get anywhere near what they want.
  4. I don't think they would take a risk on blocking UK banks/billing address as plenty of custom will be from expats who live abroad but will pay via UK bank accounts with a UK billing address.
  5. Well the US were doing something about it until they defunded family planning clinics.
  6. I think keeping a sense of proportion is crucial. In Northern Ireland during the Troubles hundreds of people were killed every year, and both sides were well armed and organised on a war footing. This is a long long way from that. These remain incidents, in my opinion, to be handled by the police.
  7. I sympathise with your point of view, but to limit the internet in the way Tiering suggest would entail effective locking down the technology easily available to people and accepting a massive productivity impact on individuals and businesses. I can't see that happening. The internet is the most radically decentralised network ever created. Any effective regulation of it is doomed to failure. May will have some success in getting Google and Facebook to moderate content, but she we will get nowhere in terms of blanket denial of access.
  8. If I understand it correctly it is virtually impossible to counter a VPN without a total register of all IP addresses. For example - say the government made Wikipedia illegal. They could ask all ISPs to block wikipedia. But the ISPs would not know you were connecting to wikipedia if you are on VPN as the only address the ISP would see is the VPN IP address, not the end website (wikipedia) IP address. Even if they did manage to work a way around that, immediately - due to demand - someone would quickly mirror wikipedia at a new IP address not blocked by the ISPs. Then the government would need to find that new address and block it. Continue ad infinitum. The only effective way to lock it all down would be to somehow register, track and audit all IP addresses as we do - for example - with number plates and cars. The government does not have the resources to do that, and cannot do that for overseas sites, and it would be a huge productivity drain for all businesses and individuals to constantly register websites with the government and sign off on content. In my opinion the government, if it could, would have closed down Torrents, Hate Speech sites, extreme pornography etc years ago. It isn't a lack of will to do it. It's just that it isn't technologically feasible. I recognise you are more technically able than myself, so look forward to being corrected, but that is as I understand it above.
  9. I can't see how they can do anything about the VPN issue. The Chinese government can't do anything effective to stop citizens using VPN, so I think the EFL/club is not going to have much hope.
  10. It will be interesting what happens as the service provider and clubs must know a huge number of fans in the UK will vpn it, plus a flurry of websites will start up and mirror the streams for free. Ultimately they must have decided that its worth the risk. To be honest for circa £10 a month even fans who go to all the home games will probably pay this on top.
  11. In Chaddy's defence JAL is a total waste of time, you can't disagree with that surely?
  12. I think this has been pretty well explained. The huge liability of rovers only becomes material to Venkys when they either sell off the club or write it down on the books. Until that point the massive loans to the club remain assets, ludicrous as it sounds, on the balance sheet. It's just a case of putting it off. From their point of view they may as well keep on loaning to the club in the hope we get promoted back to the prem, income becomes huge again and they can recover the loans.
  13. To be honest it looks a good young squad to me with a lot of talented players. It should do better than the 2008-2014 vintage. Kane, Alli, Dier, Rashford all quality. Like the full backs and decent wingers. Keepers and centrebacks an issue. Don't think we will win anything - Spain, France, Germany, Brazil and Argentina all too strong - but should be looking to make quarters and semis in tournaments. We've always lacked the very best players in international tournaments. Never had someone of the Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, Baggio, Maradona, Iniesta sort of level, which means if we do win something it will be by luck and grinding it out rather than sparkling through.
  14. Ultimately he lacked consistency, and he peaked at such a late age no big team fancied the outlay required to get him. If he'd been even 3 years younger at rovers someone would have made a big bid. However he was widely recognised as a fabulous player by all, including Ferguson and Beckham amongst others.
  15. Pretty certain if the Conservatives change leader (which surely they will) Boris will be a shoo-in. He can win in London - showed that as Mayor - and he appeals to the casually interested in Politics. The main barrier to him is the Conservative Party establishment not trusting him... but desperate timed demand desperate measures.