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  1. joey_big_nose

    Millwall Away

    That was terrible. Think Millwall watched a few videos of us and knew what to do to nullify our setup. They should have won by another goal on balance of decent chances.
  2. joey_big_nose


    What do you mean about Antifa supporting goons?
  3. joey_big_nose

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    Would be interesting to give him a run of games playing up front with Armstrong I'm a two. Might suit him better. ---------------------Walton Nyambe----Lebihan----Tosin----JRC ------------Travis-----Davenport --Rothwell-----------------------Downing ---------Gallagher------Armstrong
  4. joey_big_nose

    West Brom at home

    Don't really agree with this. Armstrong has always looked a threat if he could smooth a few kinks out of his game. A bit like Josh King you could see he has the potential. Gallagher and particularly Brereton are just not like that. They struggle to perform on a basic level game after game. I'll be delighted if they do pull it together but both look a lot closer to a Grabbi or a Best than an Armstrong or a King.
  5. joey_big_nose

    West Brom at home

    It's not the worst thing in the world to keep Mowbray, he's got some plus points. But if we had a decent amount to invest you would look for someone better. The squad is all over the place and we wasted a huge amount of money on Gallagher and Brereton. He's signed some good quality - Armstrong and Dack principally - but his recruitment on the whole hasn't been of the standard to get promotion, and he's been lucky to get a few top players through the academy to help cover some major holes. That said I think we are weeing with the willy we have so we have to hope Tony learns a few lessons and make a better fist of whatever budget is provided next time. If he signs another wide striker, holding midfielder or number 10 I might weep but won't be surprised
  6. joey_big_nose

    West Brom at home

    The most important thing about today I think is the result - along with Cardiff - have cemented Mowbray in the job. We lost three on the spin before cardiff and if we had gone on to lose the last two games as well Mowbray could have been potted. However 2 good results and there is no doubt he will be here for next season. So question is how do we kick on? We've got to find 5 quality first team players minimum. Principally a goal keeper, a centre back, a left back, a left winger, a striker who actually scores goals. We need to sell Brereton and figure out what to do with Gallagher. We also need to balance the squad out with much better cover. We have 4 number 10s (Dack, Holtby, Rothwell, Buckley) and 5 holding players (Travis, Evans, Johnson, Davenport, Smallwood) in the squad but only 3 centrebacks (2 if you exclude Tosin on loan) and one left and one right back. Which is absolutely crackers. We can't go into next season with wingers playing at full back and strikers on the wing. Big big decisions required.
  7. joey_big_nose

    Cardiff away

    I'd keep him over Gallagher or Brereton.
  8. joey_big_nose

    Cardiff away

    To be fair Graham did play as a false nine and spent a bit of time on left wing....
  9. joey_big_nose

    Cardiff away

    All of that true, plus Gallagher, Brereton and Bennett are all awful and they didn't play. Samuel, Graham and Rankin-Costello was a significant improvement. I think same players we would have won at least one of those games.
  10. joey_big_nose

    Cardiff away

    Oh well...
  11. joey_big_nose

    Cardiff away

    We're looking decent. I'd bring on Davenport for Johnson. Travis looks fitter and Rankin-Costello can get up and down which makes a big difference.
  12. joey_big_nose


    I would say his ego and self regard are exactly why he would quit of he knew he was going to lose.
  13. joey_big_nose


    Personally I think Trump could pull out of the election in September / October if he's getting a kicking in the polls. That would be unprecedented but right up Trumps street .
  14. joey_big_nose


    Sad as it is to say that sort of blandness is the true sign of winner. Blair, Cameron, Clegg, May, Johnson were/are all politically very bland and moderate and willing to go whichever way the political winds are blowing. You get ideologues like Trump, Thatcher, Corbyn etc but broadly speaking it's more of a hinderence than a help to be too wedded to particular political positions. And Keir is a good guy in my estimation. Got way more integrity than Johnson, and just as smart. I think he's nailed on to become PM eventually.
  15. joey_big_nose


    Was walking in Hertfordshire today and stopped for a pint. Very orderly and well prepared. I think as long as the weathers good and people are outside there isn't really a problem. What we do come September is the question. Don't think anyone has a real answer to that yet.

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