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  1. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    I'd say the only thing missing today was finishing. Id get another striker in January if possible. Graham looks shattered one game in two. Brereton has improved but just doesn't look a goal scorer to me.
  2. joey_big_nose

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Great performance. Somehow only ended up with one point. Created enough chances to win two games, but just couldn't put them away.
  3. joey_big_nose

    ROVERS v qpr

    Im sure Mowbray will play Evans Bennett and Rodwell if fit, probs Smallwood and Evans in cm, Reed wide right, Bennett on the left. So Rothwell, Palmer and Armstrong all drop do the bench from that lineup imo.Quite a string squad really as all of them are very good options.
  4. joey_big_nose

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    I'm surprised we brought on Rodwell rather than Williams tbh. Then we could have kept Rodwell to tighten up midfield later in the game. Either way losing Lenihan was a big blow. Also same problem of not being able to retain the ball once Graham went off. Brereton looks like he should be a target man but I see why Mowbrays plays him wide as he drops deep, likes the ball to feet, and seems terrible in the air. I'm just so confused by why we signed him when we have half a dozen people who can do a job on the wing, but only one proper striker. Anyhow for next game I don't think Mowbray will be devastated, we just need to learn from that experience. Maybe we would have been better to put Armstrong up top when Graham went off and just played the long ball over onto his pace. Hmm. Genuinely don't get what putting Dack up there does for us. You could argue that part of the reason Swansea scores those three was previously Dack was dropping in to support Evans and Smallwood, and when Graham went off he couldn't do that any longer.
  5. joey_big_nose

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    Have to say we look a solid well balanced unit. Wouldn't mind seeing Rothwell get some game time second half. Not sure who will would take off though. Everyone's done their jobs.
  6. joey_big_nose

    Brexit Thread

    Certainly feels like the chances of there being a second referendum are going up at by day. Latest polling suggests now a 3-7% lead for Remain. Government could fall at any time. Could well end up back at square one. What an absolute mess. I'm a remainer but to be honest think any outcome and we are buggered, even if we stay in. The country is mortally divided on the EU question, and vast resources will continue to be swallowed up debating this topic back and forth for potentially decades - money and intellectual effort that could be better used looking at climate change, how to effectively tax international companies, the upcoming pensions crisis, how to manage the impact of AI to jobs, or any number of other rapidly approaching risks to our wellbeing. It's depressing. If one lesson comes out of this I think for major changes to the status quo there needs to be a super majority (ie. 60% or 66% support, depending how you define it) simply to make sure there is sufficient entrenched support to see it through. A majority of 1.5% is not really enough to give the government a secure negotiating platform, which is one of the major contributors to this unravelling chaos.
  7. joey_big_nose

    Premier League Stuff

    Maybe. I think he did fantastically well at Rovers. If the board had backed him and we signed Diarra or whoever there was an outside chance we could have pushed on. But then again in the 14 seasons since 2004 the only time any team outside the "big six" qualified for the CL was Everton once in 2005 and Leicester when they (absolutely outrageously in perhaps the biggest upset in British footballing history) won the league in 2016. Hughes would have to have done something incredible to qualify. Cups are such a lottery it's hard to say of we could win something, but we did get mighty close in 2007, so perhaps that is more likely.
  8. joey_big_nose

    Ben Brereton

    Basically that says he's either not fit enough or is not trying enough. Fair points from Mowbray. He did look well off the pace on Saturday.
  9. joey_big_nose

    Ben Brereton

    Id say it's still a bit early to say, but the signs are not great to be honest. That said most of the squad looks well stocked except for striker and winger. We've got a lot of centrebacks now - if you consider Rodwell can play there, plus Williams and Nyambe can slot in.
  10. joey_big_nose

    Bradley Dack

    Realistically if any PL team comes in for him - let alone a CL club like Spurs - he's a gonner. No point deluding ourselves. Our main hope is that he does seem physically a bit off the running compared to the Premiership so maybe no one will punt the 15M+ it will take to get him. There must be a chance West Ham, Southampton etc will give it a whirl though. We may be able to hold off other Championship clubs like WBA as he does seem very happy here.
  11. joey_big_nose

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Yes - we seem to have a very strong bench now with Palmer, Rodwell and Rothwell. Plus Williams is decent and we've got Nyambe coming back too. If we can add a quality target man then top six could actually happen I think. The spine of the team (Raya, Mulgrew, Evans, Dack, Graham) is great. Probably Reed and Rodwell will cement their places as well. It's a very hard working side with some genuine talent at this level.
  12. joey_big_nose

    Ben Brereton

    Even at the moment with the crazy fees, at Championship level £7M is money for a guaranteed top player. I don't think we paid/will pay that much for him. Just a hunch, but think it will be more like 3-4M with some unlikely to be triggered add ons to get it up to 7.
  13. joey_big_nose

    Ben Brereton

    I'd qualify that in that we look capable in a multiple number of systems as long as Graham is fit. Whether it's 343, 4231, 442, 4411 they all depend on Danny. Without him we lack the ability for the ball to stick up front and look very vulnerable. I guess that - obviously alongside the fee - is why Bereton is going to be under the microscope. He is going to be compared to Graham constantly.
  14. joey_big_nose

    Tugay- best rovers midfield ever

    Found this at random on YouTube today. Highly enjoyable!
  15. joey_big_nose

    Ben Brereton

    Want him to succeed but thought he was pretty poor today. Poor touch, slow, lost the ball, looked a bit lost. Won a couple of good free kicks and had a good run at the defence but that was it. I'm confused what the plan is for him. If it isn't to backup for Graham we need to sign someone who is. Edit - my view is Brereton was certainly signed to play central as a target man as that is the sort of player we are desperate for, and what he has the attributes for.

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